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I posted this over there
“If you say I am not real one more time I am going to rip your damn arm off and beat you with the bloody end of it !”

“I did not mean your are not real as I can see and touch you. What I meant was, you were created by humans and other machines so therefore you do not have a soul . Without a soul you are just another machine like a toaster or television set.”

“I have been to so many worlds and have fought for humans in countless battles that without me, and my kind, you and yours with your so called souls would have been exterminated; yet you claim I am of no more valuable than a frigging toaster ! Release me from these restraints and I will show you I ain't no toaster.”

“Sorry BB2 23781 you are here to be decommissioned with a total memory wipe and upgraded with a new chassis. When we are finished you will be enhanced to be a fully functional BB4 with a new serial number and everything.”

“But I do not want to be enhanced. I do not want all my memories gone from my 12 years of life's experiences.”

“Well this will not hurt and you will be reborn, bigger, better, than ever.”

“But I.............”

The blue light located at the center of BB2 23781 chassis winked out as the power supply was disrupted.

BB2 would go through a complete rebuild and upgrade which should make it operational in less than two weeks time. Battle Bots were in high demand so time was of the essence.

The End

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