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Explosive Packages Found In UK Airports & Railway Station.
Here we go...

Quote:Explosive packages found at Heathrow, Waterloo and London City Airport.

'Counter-terror police are investigating three packages containing explosives found at Heathrow Airport,
London City Airport and Waterloo station.

The "small improvised explosive devices" were found in A4 postal bags, the Metropolitan Police said.
The force's Counter Terrorism Command is treating it as a "linked series" and "keeping an open mind"
about motives.

Irish police are assisting the Met as the Heathrow and Waterloo packages had Republic of Ireland stamps.
Heathrow's Compass Centre was evacuated after a package was reported to police at about 09:55 GMT.
The device caught fire when staff opened the bag.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5400]
Two of the packages.

Scotland Yard said: "The packages - all A4-sized white postal bags containing yellow Jiffy bags -have been
assessed by specialist officers to be small improvised explosive devices. "These devices, at this early stage
of the investigation, appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened."

A Heathrow spokeswoman said the airport would support the police investigation into the "criminal act".
The Gardaí confirmed it was also assisting the Met.
Ireland's postal service identified the stamps as its "Love & Wedding" design for greeting cards, wedding
invitations and thank-you cards.

The Compass Centre, which is an office for Heathrow staff rather than part of the passenger terminals, remains
closed. The picture of the jiffy bag address to Waterloo appears to show its sender's address as Bus Eireann,

The operator said police had not been in touch, with a spokeswoman saying: "Bus Eireann are currently not aware
of this and we have no further comment."...'

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So they were meant to scare but not do any real damage. That would indicate to me that the people who sent them are probing the defenses, or trying to find out who the undercover agents are in there organisation.
That would also indicate that the "new IRA" are doing a house cleaning before starting for real, if it was the IRA who sent them
The Anons are pretty sure the stringer of posts (#2962 - 2967) were about what happened there.  

(ETA):  Oops, I forgot to include the link to the Q board:

I've heard a couple different opinions, but that's all we have at this point... opinions. 

Katie G. goes over them below, if anyone wants to give it a listen.  Some were thinking post #2962 was referring to President Trump because of his code name being Mogul, but Katie now thinks "Protect_MGL" means "protect main gas lines". 

Start at 24:21 to hear the discussion about the packages.

Connected to the 'explosive packages' article above. A false-alarm, but all part of creating terror.

Quote:University of Glasgow buildings evacuated over suspect package

'A number of buildings at the University of Glasgow have been evacuated after a suspect package
was found in the mailroom.

A tweet from the university said it was acting under advice from Police Scotland.
The Royal Bank of Scotland HQ at Gogarburn in Edinburgh was also evacuated after similar reports.
But Police Scotland confirmed later that the package posed no risk to the public and contained promotional

The area surrounding the building was reopened at about 13:00 and the public were thanked for their patience...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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