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Paranormal and Much More Caught on Camera
Whoa!  This is one of the best videos I've seen lately. It has some of everything!   tinyhuh 

There are ghosts, poltergeist, Bigfoot, UFOs, experiences using a spirit board, and even those strange metallic sounds that people were hearing a few years ago.

Watch it at night to make it better, unless such stories cause you to have nightmares. This is a good one!   minusculebeercheers 

Here's another one.  I believe I've seen a couple of the clips in this one, but y'all may not have. 

More chilling stories just ahead -------------->

Stories Of Glitches In The Fabric of Reality. (True Stories!)

Do you have a story to share?

Here's the latest ghoolie-shrinking video to make you shudder with fright... well, perhaps not.
It's from Tik Tok, whatever that is!

Quote:TikTok dancer ‘feels sick’ after spotting ‘terrifying’ figure lurking in background of his video.

'A Tiktok dancer’s video has gone viral after fans spotted a “terrifying” figure lurking in the background
when he was supposedly home alone. TikTok user known as @reubix_cube uploaded a video of himself
cutting some moves to Doja Cat’s song Say So.

But eagle-eyed viewers while no doubt impressed by dance moves also noticed a shadowy figure in the
background despite the fact that Reuben, the TikToker’s real name, claimed he was alone and didn’t have
any pets.

He wrote: “Lmao I'm home alone so I learned a TikTok dance. Love u Doja but what has my life come to?"

At around the four second mark of his dance performance something mysteriously appears watching the
dancer from the top of the stairs, albeit just for a second.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7497]

One commented: "The AMOUNT OF ANXIETY I have from his video. That's someone literally poking their
Another wrote: "Did ya'll see that?? In the background??"
Reuben replied to the comment to ask: "What am I supposed to be seeing?" before adding he could “see it now”.

Others were not so convinced anything spooky was going on, as claimed: "Ok so the fact that he had to post
'I'm home alone' and doing this oldish dance really makes me feel like it's all staged." While a debate raged online
whether it was genuine or not, some people appeared to be convinced the whole thing was real.

One wrote: "Bro call the police or someone and search the house! Especially now it's not rare for people to live
in hidden nooks of houses!" The dancer later uploaded an update following his original post to thank everyone
for their concern.
He said: "I'm kinda stomach sick right now and I was in and out of sleep all last night."...'
The Sun:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Looks like a  cat to me, or a set up.
(04-20-2020, 08:21 AM)Wallfire Wrote: Looks like a  cat to me, or a set up.

But why???!!!
Dear Wallfire, you're not cynically-suggesting that this young chap is attempting to glean adoration, fame and
followers by tricking the pliable public into believing there's something creepy on his stairs, are you?!
Why, that would be terrible and cruel... although, that sh*tty dancing of his does make one feel he enjoys being
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I couldn't see much of anything in the full speed, full screen clip.
In the slow-mo close up, it looks very much like clunky CGI to me. The "inertia" of the movement looks all wrong IMHO.

So, I'm leaning towards P O S setup attention-seeking hoax. ...Or a ghost.

tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
Actually, I was just looking back at one of my old music video collaborations that I did for a forum on another site (THE other site) and I think there may be a creature of some kind in the background.... 

Can anyone confirm please?
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
(04-20-2020, 01:19 PM)gordi Wrote: Can anyone confirm please?

I saw it...! Oh my, I was just tapping my foot to the version of the 1962 classic when I noticed the
skeletal-framed man being blocked from the recording device by -what I can only describe, as a brusque
-but bewildered, hirsute Celtic humanoid.

Over and over on the strategically-placed security cameras, this shambling brute appeared as if lost
and confused. At first I thought a drinks-cabinet had possibly been removed or a bottle-opener had
broken and hence the dismay of the creature's unkempt face, but a thought came to me that this...
this befuddled beast, might be trying to act dance.

As the music gave a false levity to the proceedings, my theory faded as I realised that -just as the
'Monster Mash' song purveyed, the man at the keyboard was a scientist and the being that wandered
room-to-room was merely a diabolical invention of his, a misguided experiment that was now facing
a future of uncertainty.

With Rachael Maddow-like tears, I wept... in fact, I remember murmuring "Jesus wept"
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
So, you DID see it!!!!
mediumfrightened mediumscotshowingbutt spoketoomuch
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 

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