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The Shigir Idol, depicting the ‘ancient spirit world’, originally stood tall beside a
I wonder what the people who made this were thinking ??

Quote:By Anna Liesowska

26 February 2019
Wooden statue 5.3m high with eight faces gazed over the water for only two decades, but leaves us with a conundrum 11,600 years later.
[Image: information_items_7555.jpg]
The stunning idol is three times as old as the Egyptian pyramids. Picture: Olga Gertcyk, The Siberian Times
With its evocative main face and O-shaped mouth, its mysterious zigzag etched lines, the Shigir Idol is now accepted as one of the world’s oldest examples of monumental art. 
All the more remarkably, it is made of larch not stone yet still survives, thanks to it falling into a peat bog, once a paleo-lake, in which it was superbly preserved. 
Now experts who know it best are suggesting some intriguing new theories about this ancient relic found late in the 19th century by tsarist gold prospectors.
One is that it is believed to have stood tall over the long-gone Shigir paleo-lake.  
Another is that it held this position for a mere 20 or so years. 
While some scientists have suggested it resembles a Totem pole, experts insist the lower part of the Shigir Idol was not - as might be expected - dug into the ground to support it. 
Rather, it was propped up against a tree or perhaps more likely against a rock face on the shore of the water.
[Image: 5.jpg]


[Image: 8.jpg]
The stunning idol is three times as old as the Egyptian pyramids. Drawings: Nina Belanova, Sasha Skulova. Picture: Olga Gertcyk, The Siberian Times

The idol has already shattered our understanding of early ritual art by the hunter-gatherers at the end of the Ice Age, all the more so when tests revealed last year proved it to be older - it was created some 11,500 or 11,600 years ago - than previously understood. 
It reveals a depth of artistic talent unexpected before the onset of famers. 
Now Dr Mikhail Zhilin, leading researcher of the Age Archeology Department in Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, has told The Siberian Times: ‘Based on the the facts I can clearly say that it was not dug into the ground, like Totem poles.
’It was standing on a relatively hard, presumably stone, pedestal, because the lower part got flattened by strong pressure, and this sculpture was quite heavy. 
‘According to the dendrologist Karl-Uwe Heussner, the Shigir Idol stood like this on shore of a large Shigir paleo lake for about 20 years; then a large crack appeared in the middle, followed by a series of smaller cracks. 
‘The Idol fell into the water, floated for about a year, then sank to the lake's bottom and formation of peat around it began.' 
[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 6.jpg]
The Idol was made from a larch tree 11,600 years ago. Picture: Olga Gertcyk, The Siberian Times. Drawing: Sasha Skullova
The idol may have been tied by strapping to harness it in place but was not held by another structure. 
‘We did not find any trace of a counterforce,’ said Dr Zhilin. ‘If supporting beams or forks were used, it would leave clear traces, but we do not see them. 
‘There was an idea previously that the idol could be put on a raft and was floating on the lake. 
‘We have no data to confirm this. 
‘It was definitely standing on some stone base  in the open air and there were no supports.’
He surmised: ‘There are two options - it could be leaned against some rock or a tree. 
‘You just need to remove several branches from, say, pine or fir tree, to get the suitable space for the idol; a leather strap might have fastened it into place or something alike to rawwhide straps that would not leave any significant traces.
'I tend to think that it was standing near the water, in quite a secluded place.' 
[Image: 10.jpg]
The Idol is now kept at the Sverdlovsk Regional History museum in Yekateriburg. Picture: Olga Gertcyk, The Siberian Times

Dr Zhilin has also clarified claims based on earlier an scientific research publication that this Mesolithic Age idol depicts demons. 
‘I presume that some journalists caught the word 'demon' in our publications, and took it out of the context,’ he said. 'It actually has a very wide range of meanings even in English, from devil to good genius. Given the Idol was created 11,500 years ago, we can't yet, or possibly ever, say just what it depicted. We don't have enough context.'
'These could have been some kind of spirits - not deities, because we think that deities appeared later.’
'While we can't be sure on what the Idol depicted, we mustn't underestimate people who created it. 
'They had all the necessary tools and skills, plus a rather complex view of the world which to them was populated with spirits. Not only animals or trees, even stones were animated.  
[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 11.jpg]
The world's oldest wooden statue. Pictures: Olga Gertcyk, The Siberian Times

‘We think it was something close to animism', Dr Zhilin said.
'I see in these images unity and diversity of the world that surrounded the creators of the Idol, which clearly wasn't divided into the kind and evil spirits.' 
'We are a long way from unravelling the ancient code left by the creators of the Shigir Idol. There is nothing in the world similar to the Idol, no written data left. 
'There are interpretations that it could be something like a Totem pole, but it is only a suggsetion. It could have also been a hidden sacred place, yet there are not enough facts to support any of these suggestions.’
The Shigir Idol is on display at the Sverdlovsk Regional History Museum in Yekaterinburg
Thank you Wallfire, that is quite interesting and shows a construction-prowess we rarely think about.

One of the main problems we have when discussing Archaic humans of another time is that we perceive them as less intelligent.
We've become accustomed to believing that our ancestors with a smaller cranium, struggled with what we currently believe is the
correct manner to succeed in a competitive world. A smaller brain -we lazily conclude, equates to a poor quality in logic, problem
solving and a lack of self-awareness.

Neanderthal Man is describes as a cave-dwelling simian-like being with limited communication skills. The reality is that we don't
truly know how -as a communal being, he interacted with his own kind.

There's a mass of evidence that he used tools and existed in groups, but due to established education, we think that this indicates
a lack of intellect and the ability to choose an efficient way of performing a task. Again, we fail to accommodate the times he existed
in and his perception of the complex world he awoke to every day.

But comparing who we are now and the behavior of our ancestors in an entirely different environment is ironic in itself, as it
shows a lack of appreciation for the two different situations.
There's also the entrenched view that a brutish-appearance represents a callow mind-set, the simplistic idea that if a human
wears animal hides, lives in a cave and doesn't adhere to progressive ideals we deem correct today.

Those who came before:
He ate because he was hungry, he mated because it's a natural manner of bettering the collective species.
He killed for survival and food, he lived in caves to protect him and his family from the elements and dangerous animals.
He wore animal skins because fur and leathery coverings protect his flesh and hinder the coldness.

All the above are indications of pragmatism, a matter-of-fact manner of existing and overcoming one's environment.

He believed that any changes occurred due to some form of interaction.
The sun moves across the sky because...?
A similar shape appears later and doesn't shine like the previous one. Could it be same one but without the brightness?
A sign of problem solving where a incorrect conclusion has no bearing.

A fair, rational explanation is that these mysterious masses could be the same object and some type of power is possibly
moving them. If you cannot perform such a feat, the reasoning would be that whatever -or whoever, is making the bright
ball move is more powerful than yourself and could be deemed dangerous to one's well-being.
Placation via tributes is only a caveman's stone-throw away from worship, a logical line of thinking.

The diverse groups of our ancestors did progress in different levels that suited their environment, even to the point of skin
pigmentation and choice of name to describe the power that was assumed made the world go around.
We still eat, we still mate and kill. We live in a cave of a different name and wear clothes to protect us from the weather and
we still believe in Gods.

It seems we haven't progressed that far or the distance between the shaggy-haired caveman and ourselves isn't as wide as
we pretend it is. The only real difference is that feminism prevents males from dragging their female partner back to the home
by their hair!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
@Wallfire   smallawesome Find.
Now this again shows that Humans Civilization Predates what they want you to believe.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I have read and looked at the photos for the 4th time, I still cant get my head around that its 11600 years old
There have been some whistle-blowers who have described an ET race they saw as looking like this statue: A similar shaped face to a gray but with an nose that came down and turned under slightly.

Maybe this race was seen as a god by humans because they came from the sky, so they made idols in their image to worship. 

Interesting!   minusculeclap
This reminds me of some of the "venus figurines" from Mal'ta and Buret. Those figurines are much, much smaller and 4 or 5 thousand years older, but this reminds me of them. I don't know what the relative location is, but I note that a tribe can move a long way in 4 or 5 thousand years.

The zig-zag pattern usually denotes water, mountains, or lightning. I would think, with not much evidence at all, that in this case it probably represents lightning, because of it's vertical orientation. Water and mountains are usually horizontal.

I don't believe any aliens were harmed in the production of this item, nor do I believe any were involved in that production. Some times, a cigar is just a cigar, and 11.800 years ago, we certainly had the technology to produce it on our own, without outside intervention.
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 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
This video is embedded in this article, When the Government Gave Hollywood Footage of A “Real” Alien Landing, which also has some good reading to explore, but I want to bring your attention to the video at the 1:17:45 mark towards the end. 
It tells of a visitation that happened on a military base where the occupants came off their ship after landing. They appear very similar to this idol in the OP.
Could it be the same ET race?

The more I look at the photos the more it reminds me of something but I just cant remember what it is
(03-01-2019, 09:42 PM)Wallfire Wrote: The more I look at the photos the more it reminds me of something but I just cant remember what it is

Our memories were wiped for a reason. 
Possibly a long lost family (race) you belonged to before committing to trying out the human body?
(03-01-2019, 10:00 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
(03-01-2019, 09:42 PM)Wallfire Wrote: The more I look at the photos the more it reminds me of something but I just cant remember what it is

Our memories were wiped for a reason. 
Possibly a long lost family (race) you belonged to before committing to trying out the human body?

This could well be MW, I have a strange feeling looking at the pictures

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