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Names of the Human Child MURDERERS in the NY Senate
(02-04-2019, 07:29 PM)Ninurta Wrote:
(02-04-2019, 01:12 AM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Sacrificing babies and drinking their blood after torturing them is one of the greatest "gifts" Satanists can offer to their god, Baal. 

Now I am well and truly confused. If they are "Satanists", why are they worshiping Ba'al? Shouldn't they be worshiping Satan? Now admittedly, I've only known a couple of Satanists, but of that small number, Never once have I heard them mention Ba'al.


Now you're messing with me.   smalltappingfoot 

This is how it was reported in the research I found, that's all I know.  Satan, Lucifer, Ba'al, Moleck...  they are all evil gods. It's just that Ba'al is the one they give babies to as an offering.

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