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Censorship is in Full Swing
As of today, You Tube will tell us what we can and can't watch on their platform.  If THEY deem it as "conspiracy", it will be pulled.
They even listed 9-11 as a "conspiracy theory" if people go against the story offered by the MSM. 
I mean, really?!   tinybighuh
Are there still people out there who believe that lie after everything that's come out to prove it wrong? 

They (the Deep State) know too much truth is getting out to the public; they want to shut us up.

It won't work.   tinytongue 

Many channels already have backup platforms to go to, and some are even making their own websites.
We will continue to spread the truth, with or without Deep State controlled platforms like You Tube, Twitter, and Face Book. 

We will never give up, we will never give in, we will FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!! 


(For those who need a place to chat your truth, you can always come here to RN. We don't censor.)

Quote:YouTube will recommend fewer videos that “could misinform users in harmful ways”, the company announced on Friday, in a shift for a platform that has faced criticism for amplifying conspiracy theories and extremism.

The change concerns YouTube’s recommendations feature, which automatically creates a playlist of videos for users to watch next. The recommendations are the result of complex and opaque algorithms designed to capture a user’s interest, but they have become a locus of criticism when YouTube directs people to potentially harmful and false content that they would not have otherwise sought out.

The company did not provide a clear definition of what it considers to be harmful misinformation, but said that some examples were “videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the Earth is flat, or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11”.

Can't allow those "natural cures" to get to the mainstream population, now can we?   smallnotamused
Flat Earth?  Okay, I don't care about that, but why remove it if people are entertained by it?
9-11?  I've already discussed this.

Quote:The changes will also affect “borderline content”, or videos that come close to violating the company’s rules for content without technically crossing the line.

A YouTube spokesperson did not provide additional details on what it would consider “borderline content” and said the company did not have statistics on the extent to which users discover videos through the recommendation feature. The shift would apply to less than 1% of videos, the company said.

Who determines what is "borderline content"? 

Isn't this denying me the right to think for myself?

Quote:YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms have faced growing scrutiny in recent years for their role in hosting and amplifying political propaganda and abusive content that spark real-world consequences and can lead to violence.

No shit Sherlock!  Well, if you would balance your Far-leftist content with some Right-wing Conservative content, I think we'd see much less violence, which seems to always come from the left because they've had lies pushed down their throat by every media outlet out there. They think everyone on the Right are evil, but in reality, it's the Far Left who is evil. The Right can show them how they are being manipulated and mind-controlled. "They" can't have that!

Quote:In 2016, the conspiracy theory that became known as “Pizzagate” – a popular rightwing fake news story alleging that the Comet Ping Pong restaurant was linked to a child sex ring involving the Hillary Clinton campaign – motivated a gunman to fire a weapon inside the restaurant.

Oh yeah, there it is; the Pizzagate "conspiracy".  Anyone who has done any deep research into this knows this is NOT a conspiracy. They are trying to keep the truth from the masses.

Quote:“It’s an echo chamber. It’s a feedback loop,” Mendrala said of YouTube’s algorithms. “It creates an insular community that is continually fed misinformation that reinforces their prejudices.”

Yes, just as I stated above.
I have a feeling they are referring to Republicans in that quote above, but it's the Democrats who are "continually fed misinformation" because they never see our comments.  Republicans are the ones being censored, and the major social networks are going to make it even worse as the 2020 election draws nearer.  They only want people seeing the Democrats viewpoints.

Read more, if you wish: Source

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