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Operation Rebirth: Little Sparrow's first flight

Xavier Sohtna was in his second Lt.'s Uniform next to a man in a suit, "Mr. Palendors.. I do not see what I can do to help you.. Sir.. I was no where near this so called moriarty city.."

A kid with fatigues and a rifle blocked their way into the hospital floor, "Only people authorized by the worlds finest navy may cross this quarterdeck.. SIR!!"

"You let Doctor Gera pass," The olderman spoke andrisly.. "Son I am Mr. Palendors.. and.. and my only grand-daughter is in there.."

"Doctor Gera advised the Chief Of Naval Operations that we are F#$%ed in the head.. The guns in the hands of the watch are our only defense against men and women who were at moriarty city.." The kid on watch looked up, "So again.. You look like some of the men who came here.. And well Doc is Doc!"

"Second Lieutenant, " Mr. Palendors was upset.. "I.. Please for the love of god.. I lost my son to thosae monsters and no one will help.. I am among the most powerful men here and DC.. I was cleared of having no involvement by the Grandmaster Templar.."

A little half black girl comes out, "I WAS SAVED BY BATMAN!!" Wearing a batman costume, "Not the NAVY a$$hole.. When I grow up.. I am going to fight crime!! "

"Sheena," Doctor Gera sighs Little lady..

She stuck her fingers in her ears..

One of the boys spoke, "sheena.. batman was not at moriarty city.."

"He was to," Sheena stomped her foot down.. "I have no family.. My mother may have been poor but.. she said my daddy came from money.."

"Sheena," Doctor Gera sees Sohtna and smiles.. "Second Lt.. Can we please get some assistance!"

Sheena turned, "Chairforce.. really.. "

All the children laughs at Xavier..

"Little lady.. I see why you needed my help.. She will never become Batman at this rate," Sohtna shook his head.. turning his back on them all, "Nothing I can do sir.. My apologies.."

Sheena runs up to Xavier Sohtna, "EXCUUUUUUSE ME.. Who do you think you are.."

"I am Second Lt. Xavier Sohtna.. Air Force Reserves technically.." The kids all snort..

"Second Lt," Palendors was upset.. "They do not respect you.. Mr. Macer lied to me.. God D@#$ it.. Sheena.. Listen to me.. I am your grandfather.."

"Yeah right mr. whiebread.. You look like the men from moriarty city.. Go away.. My mama said never trust them!!"

"I see Shelly and Jack made it home safely.. I heard Agent Shemar healed quite nicely.." Xavier's comment makes the watch shake his head..

Sheen stopped, "You.. You.."

Turning back around and going to one knee, "You will never be robin at this rate.. It takes discipline.. Hard work.. And a lot of luck little lady.. I guess.. Shelly or Jack are my best hope.. Did Shelly get her bobo back watch.. And did Jack get his daddy's boots? I tried to make sure they got them.."

The kids all step back, " Sir.." The kid on watch was afraid, "you.. It is not.. Sheena.. The god D@#$ batman!!"

The kids look on in awe as they whisper to each other..

"Mr. bat.."

"It is Xavier.. " He puts his fingers to his lips, "Secret identities are hard to come by.."

A four star Admiral comes out of the room, "Doctor Gera...." He whispers, "It is cute you are humoring the girl.."

"Mr. CNO.. You have my word.. The God D@#$ Batman was at Moriarty city.. Even Admiral De'chez and 
Admiral Creast missed him.. " Pointing at Sohtna, " as for him..He belongs to the air force Admiral.. In and out.. Deadly like the night.."

"You.. You were there," Mr. Palendors is shocked.. "The tapes were reviewed.. Their is no evidence.."

Turning to the watch, "You aunt is on her way.. It will be rough.. I got her job at the navy base in coronado.. You intend to join the seals Greg.."

"Sir.. Yes sir.." Greg swallowed, "I.. I told Templar one that.. You are to tall to be him.. My god I thought I saw a shadow move.."

"By the way children.."

With a lot of respect, "Aye second Lt.."

"Templar One is resting in the arms of a very beautiful woman.. We all agree not to mention this to Admiral Creast.. " Taking a moment, "He is.. Still He is an angel with a broken wing.. Please keep him in your prayers.."

In unison, "Dont tell admiral Creast he is in bed with her daughter.. " The children where all at attention, "Prey for Templar One and smooth sailing Second Lt.."

The CNO shook his head, "They are more disciplined then most my fleet.."

"Second Lt.." Sheena hugged Xavier, "Can I go hoe with you sir.. please.."

Xavier took a deep breath, "This lady getting off the elevator is your Step Grandmother.." The doors open making Mr. Palendors jump, "You will go live with them.."

"They are all joining JSOC.. I.." Sheena hugged Xavier, "I am going to join the Air force like you.."

Setting her down, "Sheena.. Listen to me.. Your grandparents have a lot of money and power.." Looking at the navajo woman as she walks up to the old man, "They are a little corrupt.. Very well.. My little Sparrow.. Your first mission is to be the moral light of your Grand parents house.."

Sheena looks at the white couple, "But.. Ok.."

"First off they are right.. Bruce wayne was rich.. Not to mention you need to learn to act civilized.. Mrs. Palendors has a set of private tutors lined up.." Seeing the look on Sheena's face, "Knock that look off.. You want to be batman.. You have to learn which fork goes with which dishes.. You need to learn to move among the upper elements of society.. "

"But what about training," Sheena was disappointed..

"Your grandfather has orders from your step grandmother to bring you home at ALL cost.." With an evil smile, "He is friends with a General Riechs.. of Area 51.."

"Batman's advanced technology.." Sheena was excited, "But.."

Mr. Palendor Swallows his pride, "I made a lot of mistakes with my son.. I want to make them up.. I will hire the best trainers in the world.." Going to one knee, "But it will require discipline.. You must do everything your step grandmother wants.. If you can do this for say six months then I will begin hiring the tutors.."

"Mr. Macer," Sohtna spoke as the name made the kids nod there heads.. "Has spoken with the nanna/mother of the Grandmaster Templar.. She has agreed to teach you.. " looking over at the disgusted look on the face of Mrs. Palendors, "You grand father used to be a very powerful spook back in the day.. He knows a LOT.. He can teach you the craft.. You step grandmother will teach you high society.. And.. If you do all this I will come evaluate persponally where you stand every so often.."

"You.. You were a spy Gramps," Sheena is a disbeliever..

"I taught at juliard.. " The Grandmother bent down, "Where agent Campbell learned to act.."

The children all looks at Mrs. Palendors wide eyed..

She looked at her grand mother and narrowed her eyes..  She pulled Sohtna to her, "May I speak with the Second lt. sir.." 

The old man happily stands up and nods his head yes..

Taking a few steps away she whispers, "Sir.. She.."

Leaning over Xavier whispers, "Alex spoke with Madam Chairman.. She is a skin walker.. She will quietly teach you all things the rest of these boys will not learn.. She is a true yee naaldlooshii.. "

"Like the grave digger," Sheena whispered..

"The grave digger is an honored elder spirit littleone.. " Walking over, "Hello Doctor Gera.. Sheena.." dropping her voice to a whisper, "My sister is married to Templar Ones uncle.. I have two grown children already. .I would be happy to have a female child to teach our ways to.. Little sparrow.. "

"Her name is Sheena Palendors," The old man spoke..

"My mother used to call me Little Sparrow.. So can it be my middle name Grams," Sheena takes Mrs. Palendors hand.. She whispers, "You will teach me the ways of the skinwalkers.."

"Yes littleone your Grandfather will have your name fixed completely with Doctor Gera.. Sheena Little Sparrow Palendors.." 

Sheena stops and whispers, "Are you.. Mama said her mother married a rich man.."

Whispering back, "Grandchild.. We will get you big and strong.. then we will talk.." Looking over to the Second Lt. as her face changes with her eyes going red for a second, "You will be a worthy Apprentice to The second Lt.. "

The two walk past the old man whispering in conspiratorial tones..

"Darling.. " Mr. Palendor was confused, "hold the elevator.."

The two step in and Mrs. Palendor pushes the closed button, "We are getting Ice Cream my love.. Then we have to go shopping.."

As the door closes, "Great.. This.."

"Mr. Palendor.. As her gaurdian I need to speak with you for a moment.. " Taking a deep breath, "Your Grand Daughter is fine it is just there are a few issues you need to be aware of.. Your Daughter is native american.." Doc walks up, " A Mrs. Neal needs to speak with you over the care of the child.."

"Great I have to F#$% with the tribes," He shakes his head.. "Wait.. My wifes sister?"

"The tribes have a rule.. Well this tribe does.. Your grand daughter is very special.." Looking at the Admiral.. "Permission to carry on sir.."

The chief of Naval Operations looked at the second Lt, "Wait one I want to know who my Captain was that was at.."

Doctor Gera shook his head, "Carry on Second Lt.. I will explain this to the CNO.." Taking a deep breath, "The god D@#$ Batman.."

"Doc," The CNO saw the kids come to attention for the Second Lt..

At the stairs, "Remember our deal Mr. Palendor.. These boys and girls want Spec Ops, Wet works, or to be ring knockers.."

"F#$% the Ring knockers," The kids spoke in unison.. Smiling at each other, "We are not cock suckers.. We will earn our stripes.."

"I will take care of it," Mr. Palendor shook his head hiding a smile..

"Mr... Second Lt.. Templar One," The kid on watch spoke up..

"The OIC wants you to take your time.. He does have bad habits.." Sighing Sohtna spoke, "I will say this.. I missed Moriarty City.. The Navy did not Mr. CNO.. That impresses me.. Your Captain assembled his wolves And one Sheep dog.. Now.. I am leaving.. Mr. Palendor.. Make sure Mrs. Pinson runs into NO problems over placing these children with families.. I want none of them in Foster Care.." Looking at the watch having turned back around, "Worlds finest NAvy.. Carry on.."

"Carrying on sir," The watch smiled.. "Chair force.."


"Stuck here.. I am ready.. I turned fifteen yesterday," Sheena was doing laps in mansion's gym on her hands.. 

She stops and flips.. Crotching she sees the light from a hologram, "You.. Grace Hopper.. The legendary techno-mages.. Admiral.."

The short old woman politely smiled, "Little Sparrow.. Do you know how much S@#$ you caused.. "

"The F#$%er did not take no for answer..  For the record mam.. He nailed himself to the gym.. It wasnt me," Sheens began unwrapping her hands.. "There is no evidence.."

"Little Yee Naaldlooshii," Grace hopper spoke as her hologram spookily moved through training gear.. "Major Sohtna is disappointed as is your grandfather.. You missed a camera.. And left half an ounce of ferensic evidence.. I know I was watching.."

Sheen stopped unwrapping her hands, "Wait.. Admiral Hopper.. You.. Your were watching.." Excitement rippled through Sheena, "I have been assigned an officer.. A mission.."

"You are good and dedicated.. I convinced your Grand father, Grandmother, Admiral Creast, Major Sohtna, And Rufus you are about to go on a walkabout like Templar One.." Amazing Grace shakes her head, "Cant have that.. "

Sheena narrowed her eyes, "You have a mission for me.. But.. "

"Your first Great hunt.. The soul speaker, of the Yeti Tribes, ordered Sk'El'Tour of the Wendigo.. To surpervise your Great hunt.." Grace hopper took a deep breath, "The true Yee naadlooshii folded pretty quickly.. Madam chairman Pro teim, Your Great Aunt Blood NEal, and Torel daughter of Sk'El' Tour will be your observing officers.. The F#$%ing God D@#$ batman agreed with a single Ceveat.. No one supplies you gear.. You will plan, execute, and supply yourself.. His little sparrow just needs to be told the situation.."

Sheena took a moment, "I will probably be kicked out of Benjamin Franklin school of excellence.. Snotty F#$%ers

"You are sick of posing as the little Palendor.. Cheerleader.. " Grace hopper smiles, "Mr. Nawls family did try to say something to you.." taking a moment, "Till your Uncle Helos appeared at their dinner table.. He sat in the father's chair.. The shadow Guard all walked in quietly and grabbed beers out of the fridge..  He asked if the father got the message Director Pinson sent.. When they said you were the nuber one suspect.. He laughed at them.. Little worthless debutant hurt th ebig old footbool player.. And i quote' She is not littleman..' "

"That is right because I would not have been loud and proud.." Sheena smiles, "God he is such.."

Another voice came from behind Sheena, "You have a crush on him too.."

Before she finished her sentence, Sheena was behind equipment out of sight..

"She is good.. Little Sparrow," The woman in robes spoke quietly..

"Diana Minerva Parker," Sheena stuck her head out.. "You.. You are here.. How the F#$5.. Never mind your have been F#$%ing Littleman.."

"I am your handler for the church of science.." Diana smiled, "This mission is important.. We think one of your brothers or sisters from Moriarty city may have flipped.. Shelly is in custody.. Two bodies were found on the Yale campus.. Supposedly the murder weapon was found with her finger prints.."

"Any orders," Sheena ask.. Seeing Diana's face, "No orders.. S@#$!!"

Mr. Palendor walks into the gym, "Grace Hopper.. I heard the.." Seeing Diana and the smile on Sheena's face, "Her first great hunt.."

His wife walks in, "Yes my dear.. Our Grand daughter has reached the age of her first blood.. Years ago.. " Taking a deep breath, "It is our people's tradition.. And from what I have seen she is getting restless.. She almost kiled that idiot boy.. Please allow.."

The old man was pissed.. He saw the look on his grand daughters face, "No.." Walking over to the deflated, "Not with out this.." The old man took out an old six shot pistol, "It is a tradition among the Raiders that our grand children recieve the weapon carried by our offspring.."

Diana smiled, "Am I to understand that she is being passed the mantle.. Your spot in the Raiders.."

"My little Sparrow," The old man smiled as confused looks passed over everyone elses face.. "Andros carries Gertrude... His Great Grandfather was member of the Riders.."

Swallowing hard, "What is her name.."

"His name is Cain.. Your Great Great Grandmother was a founding member.." Palendors smiled, "Cain after the first murder.. while gertrude is a soldier.. Cain is an intelligence officer.. He has killed this countries enemies silently and in the middle of the night.. In the back most of the time.. He can be loud but he never fails.. He is yours now.."

"Raiders," Grace Hopper spoke.. "Their is no.. Saul.. "

"You are gonna go on this mission wither or not I say yes.." Saul grinned, "I ignored my mother to.. When I joined the CIA.. I found him in my bags.. And the letter.."

"The Raiders," Mrs. Palendors narrowed her eyes.. She takes out a blade, "Little Sparrow.. Our family also has a tradition.. This is your progenitors Painted.. Do not laugh.. This has the blood of a lot of the US Army on it.. It has defended the Yee Naaldlooshii since the trail of tears.."

Gently setting Cain down on the weight rack.. She takes the blade, "Does she have a name?"

"Your proginator was insane.. Re To Yas.. Doesnt mean anything," Mrs. Palendors looks at her husband.. "The Raiders.."

Diana smiles, "It is family secret.. I only know Saul because Andros.. When he was healing went through a vision quest of sorts.. He auntie Maryum had to try and help heal him.."

"Auntie Maryum," Sheena grinned.. "So these riders.."

"It is a secret your Grandfather will explain.. Your Grandfather worked with Uber Templar," Diana spoke.. "It is why I am your handler.. I have been asked by A raider to oversee you.."

Grace Hopper narrowed her eyes, "Ms. Parker.. "

"The Raiders are group of old bad A$$es," Saul grinned.. "Enough for now.. It is a tradition before your first mission to eat a meal with your observer.."

"Wait who was Andros's observer," Sheena was curious.. 

"Your Great Great Grand Mother was in the bed with Priscilla and Nicodemus," Saul's words makes everyone but Diana go wide eyed.. "I was supposed to be.. But he stopped by.."

"You.. You.. Moriarty City was a raider mission," sheena was wide eye..

"For our personal honor Grand daughter.. You have a long bloodline of traditions.. I did not know the mission.. But that gun will cover your A$$ in more ways then one.. Littleman had Gertrude.. He showed it to me.. I.. I was shocked.. He requested a badge to complete a rescue mission. You can not refuse a resonable request from the seven carriers.."

Diana narrowed her eyes, "You.. You contacted littleman.. You requested he find Little Sparrow an oversight officer.."

Saul laughs, "Now why would I do that? I do not want my grand daughter to have any part of this crap.."

Sheena walked over and gave Saul a hug, "I will take Cain with me Grand father.. We will shot this country's enemies in the back.. Or buy enough time to slit their throats with Re To Yas.."

"You mother F#$%ers set me up.. Diana," Grace hopper was upset..

"Leave her alone Admiral," sheen Responded.. "You hid the files from when Alex took the gavel.." Everyone looked at Sheena, "What.. Admiral Hopper I safely assume that all the raiders have a history of telling our CO's to F#$% off.."

Saul started laughing and could not stop..

"Grace," Diana's eyes glowed.. "What happened?"
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