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Eight World Leaders Saved, Thanks to President Trump
You read that right. Thanks to our great President Trump, eight world leaders who were fighting globalism are still alive today.

From what I've learned from the videos below, terrorists were supposed to attack all these leaders concurrently, possibly igniting WWIII, on Christmas Eve. This is why he didn't travel to visit the troops until Christmas night; he was working on saving these people.

You Are Free TV went into this topic a bit too, starting at the 6:46 mark.

There was a tweet (below) that was posted on Twitter by US Strategic Command on December 31, 2018.  They took it down shortly after, which in my opinion, meant the post was a message to "someone" who may have been planning another attack.

Twitter post

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5064]

So, while the far left and Fake News Media were bashing our President for not visiting the troops on Christmas Eve, he was busy saving lives and protecting our world from evil.

They should all be ashamed!

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