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It's Not Much, But Things Might Be Changing.
No doubt, you're all aware that in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II is televised making a speech to the nation on Christmas day.
The many news outlets of Britain report the condescending rhetoric that doesn't mention her country's main production of arms-sales,
overseas governance disruption by the UK's security agencies and fake news that she hopes controls her subjects with.

The speech is actually recorded well in advance of Christmas Day and this year the Queen spoke into the camera on 12th December.
Many of the same medias comment on what 'she's going to say' and even stand outside of Buckingham  Palace when they present it
and it's accepted as something real.

I mentioned earlier in the year to a response from Wallfire that in the UK, there's a subtle changing of what came before in regards of
the 'Global narrative' and how we're supposed to perceive ourselves as European... citizens of Juncker's and Merkel's powerhouse.
Lately, there's been a push to promote Christianity in a manner that I haven't seen for a long time.

I use the word 'Christianity' loosely of course, Catholicism, The Kirk, Anglican, Church of England and Protestant all fall under this banner
in my view. If I've missed one, please forgive me!

One must remember that when all the racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Europe and islamophobic screeching has stopped, the media
will be left looking red-faced and their failing ratings will plummet even more. The name-calling will ease because Great Britain will need
to embrace another old faith that has been mentioned before -but never truly understood.
It's called sovereignty.

A lot of the mainstream media are beginning to drop in expressions that mildly oppose the narrative of the last two years.
The name 'Jesus' woud rarely surface when compared to the use of 'Muslim' or the lesser-used 'Islam'. Certainly Christianity would never
be spoken in the same discussion of incidents involving the Islamic faith tied to violent incidents and never be offered as an contrasting
fealty to the viewer or reader.

I've seen and heard the small awakenings of what the UK was before the EU became a place where laws were decided and my only
confusion was why those that direct the Royal Family never protested at it. Maybe there was a conduit between the EU Commission
and those who's supposedly blood is better than most and this communication may have been always conducive for both parties.

There's a style of Christianity in Britain that isn't unlike others in the western hemisphere, the religious adherence is not a facet of many
lives here in the UK, but it's basic principles are intrinsically entwined in the society of the country.
Sunday still holds some reverence in Britain, although stores and shops that used to be closed as a 'day of rest', are now allowed to open.

We -of course, still celebrate important Christian festivals like Easter, Lent and Christmas, although the general public tend to observe them
with actions that are more connected to the semi-paganistic rituals before Christianity came to Britain's shores.

Recently, a football team Coach was asked on a radio station about playing one his fixtures on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas day.
It's another one of those traditional non-religious dates during Christmas when soccer teams assist in getting the public out from inside the
turkey and grab some exercise.
Sadly, there's plenty of advertising money for television channels to tempt the supporter to stay at home and watch it on the boob-tube!
(Boob-tube...?! Another word from the past!)

Anyway, this football Coach replied that even though it was a time to celebrate Jesus' birth and show some reverence, football is played on
Boxing Day because it's a national tradition. And I must admit, I gasped!
There were other 'mentions' in the media in late-November and December, and I honestly don't believe it was just the media cozying-up to
the viewers to tune-in.

The Queen's speech may show what I mean.

Quote:Goodwill message 'needed as much as ever', says Queen.

'The Queen will say in her Christmas Day broadcast that the Christian message of "peace on earth and goodwill to all" is "needed
as much as ever". She will say the message is "never out of date" and can be "heeded by everyone".

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4978]

The monarch, 92, will also highlight the importance of people with opposing views treating each other with respect.
It comes as Parliament remains divided over the PM's Brexit deal, as the UK prepares to leave the EU in March.
However, as head of state, the Queen is publicly neutral on political matters.

In the broadcast, recorded in Buckingham Palace's white drawing room, the Queen will reflect on Jesus Christ's message of peace
on earth and goodwill to all.

"Even with the most deeply-held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first
step towards greater understanding." Her message, which was recorded on 12 December, includes highlights of 2018, from England
reaching the World Cup semi-finals to the weddings of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

She will also emphasise her own strong Christian beliefs in the broadcast, produced this year by Sky News.
She will say: "Through the many changes I have seen over the years, faith, family and friendship have been not only a constant for me
but a source of personal comfort and reassurance."

The Queen wore an Angela Kelly ivory silk cocktail dress, with a gold Scarab brooch, with ruby and diamond embellishments, for the
broadcast. The brooch was a 1966 gift from the Duke of Edinburgh.
She is sitting beside a framed black and white photograph of herself, Prince Philip and a baby Prince Charles, taken in 1948...'

It's another one of those subtle steps. Now, let's see if fathers return to the commercials, gambling is seen in a different light and the
bullshit about a second referendum fades from the mainstream media's regular oratory!!
Merry Christmas.

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Once again BIAD, very well wrote, you understand what is happing and know how to explane it. There are bad times ahead for Europe, in France the yellow shirts have shown that the people can rebel, and the haterad people have for what islam has done to Europe is great, and I fear that soon the muslims will be at the wrong end of the sharp stick.
Only Christianity can perhaps dull the stick and make the whole thing less bloody.
But on a lighter note
Merry Christmas
(12-24-2018, 02:09 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Once again BIAD, very well wrote, you understand what is happing and know how to explane it. There are bad times ahead for Europe, in France the yellow shirts have shown that the people can rebel, and the haterad people have for what islam has done to Europe is great, and I fear that soon the muslims will be at the wrong end of the sharp stick.
Only Christianity can perhaps dull the stick and make the whole thing less bloody.
But on a lighter note
Merry Christmas

I agree with @Wallfire 100%.
Great Job @BIAD
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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One small step, yes!   minusculeclap 

I think all the Cabal leaders are realizing their plan isn't going to work. They have no choice but to step back or else be taken out.

At the very top of the chain of command to all these puppets is the Payseur family. They control everything and everyone around the world.  I think they are crawling into their hole for now; they see what's coming; they are losing control of the masses.
I don't know if we can take them down completely, but we can certainly stop allowing them to control us.

Together, united, we stand all across the world.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
Explanation: Give the Queen a break will yah please!

1] She is OUR Queen ... loathe her or not, show some goddamned respect!

2] She may be an alien lizard creature BUT she is OUR [The Commonwealths and Five-Eyes deep state intelligence agencies] alien lizard creature ok ... show some goddamned respect ok!

3] Despite being an ancient dragon, she has not given up on being Gods representative on earth and she has reiterated her faith by mentioning Jesus as a role model for us all!

4] Nothing is changing at all ... she may pass away and bonny King Charles [the umpteenth] will take her place but I assure you that the United Kingdom of The British Ilse's is in good hands,... God's Hands!

5] She is RICH BUT she  less FREE than the rest of us are ... she can NOT just go anywhere anywhen anytime she pleases by herself! Think about that the next time you freely go shopping on your own ok.

6] She loves horses and corgis and that is about it for her enjoyment in life. She doesn't love being the Queen .. that is just her DUTY!

7] Can anybody please find the comment of the Queen at one of her more recent [in past years] speech, where she mentions this will be OUR last year on earth? I recall it being said but I can't find it now!

Personal Disclosure: Now that I have taken care of business and set everybody straight ... I have some more musings on the Queen ...

A] As Head of The Commonwealth of Nations she has performed poorly on the international stage when it comes to places like that shithole called Zimbabwe! Its a basket case but she could do better in that regard! Lead for fucks sake oh mighty woman! Do Not sit idly whilst the old Commonwealth comes apart at the seams!

B] As Queen of England and Head of State, she only has this Xmas speech and the speech she gives in parliament as an enlightened warning to us all. There is little she can actually do to  make things better! However having said that she works very hard for her nation in appearing to do her DUTY on a daily basis and we can take comfort that she represents the best of what we have to offer the world as far as CIVILIZED CHRISTIAN people go.

C] The Commonwealth Games, which the Queen presides over and opens the ceremony,  are a both an economic farce and a poor pathetic sports joke but when compared with the corruption of the Olympics, it is a safe haven for western sporting types to compete internationally in a friendly manner and I support its existence fully into the near future.

D] What the hell is wrong with Arms Production? It was ONCE the BRITISH EMPIRE and still IS to some large extent! Face it our anglicized culture is born from waging wise wars around the entire world and I don't think that is going to stop anytime soon!

E] Bonny Prince Charles wont be King for long and his mother the Queen has seen to that and for that we can all be thankful, because he is a total TWAT! May King Williams reign be long lived. Long Live The Queen!

F] Remembering the  Queen of Hearts here ... Princess Diana! May she r.i.p!

(12-25-2018, 09:54 AM)OmegaLogos Wrote: ...Bonny Prince Charles wont be King for long and his mother the Queen has seen to that and for
that we can all be thankful, because he is a total TWAT! May King Williams reign be long lived...
I honestly think you're correct, but I'd propose that William will be the next king.
Having divorced-Camilla in such a position to the throne -and with two children to another man,
could complicate the fairy-story-for-the-public narrative.

Camilla's former-husband was courting Charles' sister after his marriage to Camilla is a bit of
a trouble too. She and Charles are from the same circles and with the public believing Diana
being 'The People's Princess', Camilla is seen as the wicked influence... although to be fair,
that view is waning.

With the current youthful outrage and yearning to be heard, it'll be interesting to see if the advisers
to the Royal family offer the idea of a trendy/young couple on the throne or stick with the natural
line of right.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I sure hope I look like that if I ever reach 92....

Well...without the dress and the make-up lol

Living here in Canada, she is our Queen. Not that I am big on monarchy (I'm not) but she does hit soft spots.

And when she does pass away, I am also for Billy to take the crown. Even though Chuck has gained some brownie points in the last few years.

Merry Xmas !!

Regarding the slow-change in the media in order to save their asses in the future.

Here's a little 'zinger' I've just seen on TV (I wasn't watching, my wife was watching a soccer match!)...
it was an commercial for a British Building Society.

Two women sitting on a settee and discussing Carol Singers.

The older lady said that she stopped the singers at her door when they began to sing 'We wish you a Merry
Christmas' and said that she wanted a Christmas carol if she was going to give them a pound for their chore.

The younger woman countered that 'We Wish You...' is a Christmas carol and she too, was stopped in her tracks
by her older friend. "No, it's not... it's just not" she replied and continued with examples "Good King Wenceslas,
Silent Night... do you want me-pound?!"

She -the actor was promoting Christian Christmas songs.
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