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Mars Has Ice... Lots Of Ice.
It's a bit late for Matt Damon's character in 'The Martian', but it seems a European satellite had the answer
all along. But at least we know where 'Dancing On Ice' will be filmed in the future!

Quote:Christmas card from Mars: Astronomers snap images of giant 82km-wide ice-filled crater.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4960]
The Korolev crater is an 82km-wide (50 mile) impact crater near the planet's north pole which holds 2,200 cubic kilometres of ice.

'The European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars Express satellite has sent home spectacular Christmas card images from the Red Planet.
The Korolev crater is an 82km-wide (50 mile) impact crater near the planet's north pole.
It contains an estimated 2,200 cubic kilometres of water ice, frozen up to an estimated 2km (1.2 miles) deep.

ESA's Mars Express mission launched back in 2003. It went into orbit around Mars on Christmas Day of that year, making this month the
15-year anniversary of the beginning of its science programme. The beautiful Christmas card image and two others are "an excellent
celebration of such a milestone", according to ESA.

They were taken by the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) and the view they offer of the Korolev crater is composed
of five different "strips" which have been combined to form a single image. Each strip was gathered over a different orbit, and the images
cover perspective, context, and topographic views, all of which ESA says offer a more complete view of the terrain in and around the crater.

The crater is named after Sergei Korolev, the chief rocket engineer and spacecraft designer, known as the father of Soviet space technology.
Mr Korolev worked on a number of well-known missions including the Sputnik programme -the first artificial satellites sent into orbit around
the Earth in 1957.

The pictures come just weeks after NASA's InSight rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars and sent back a selfie.
The spacecraft took the snap of the Red Planet using a camera fixed on its robotic arm. The rocky surface of Mars can be clearly seen with
the Insight rover in the foreground.
It had touched down after seven months and more than 300 million miles and at a cost of a billion dollars...'

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Excellent  minusculethumbsup2
This is good news for a future Mars Colony.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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W O W ! ! !
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 

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