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Michael Avenatti Arrested for Suspicion of Domestic Violence
Ooooh, Karma is a B*tch!   tinylaughing  Don't you just love it?!   tinybiggrin 
This is what happens when you try to destroy a good person with lies like he did to Justice Kavanaugh.

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic6.businessinsider...34.jpg&f=1] 

From Twitter:

Quote:LAPD HQ‏Verified account @LAPDHQ

We can confirm that today LAPD Detectives arrested Michael Avenatti on suspicion of domestic violence. This is an ongoing investigation and we will provide more details as they become available.
7:04 PM - 14 Nov 2018

Quote:LAPD HQ‏Verified account @LAPDHQ 2h2 hours ago

Update: We can confirm that Michael Avenatti (DOB: 02-16-71) was booked this afternoon on a felony domestic violence charge (273.5 PC). His bail is set at $50,000.

 I wonder how he feels about preaching "we should always believe the women" now?   smallroflmao

Well, he can always appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court, right?   smallwink     tinylaughing
And the Reality-TV Show goes on...

Quote:Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested over domestic violence claim.

Lawyer who targeted Trump over hush money allegations was taken into custody Wednesday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4769]

'Michael Avenatti, who skyrocketed to fame as a critic of Donald Trump and the lawyer for Stormy
Daniels, was arrested Wednesday and booked on a felony domestic violence charge, Los Angeles
police said.

The victim in the case had visible injuries, according to officer Tony Im, a police spokesman.

Avenatti slammed the allegation as “completely bogus” and “fabricated and meant to do harm to my
reputation” in a statement released by his law firm. Avenatti, who has said he’s mulling a 2020 presidential
run, posted $50,000 bail and was released about four hours after he was arrested Wednesday on the
same block where he lives in a skyscraper apartment.

Police declined to provide any details about the victim, including the victim’s relationship to Avenatti.

As he left the police station Wednesday, Avenatti said he had never hit a woman and said he’s been an
advocate for women’s rights his entire career. “I wish to thank the hard working men and woman of the
LAPD for their professionalism and their work today. They had no option in light of the allegations,”
Avenatti said.
“I am looking forward to a full investigation, at which point I am confident that I will be fully exonerated.”

Avenatti became famous as Daniels’ lawyer and pursued the president and those close to him relentlessly
for months, taunting Trump in interviews and baiting him and his lawyers in tweets.

Daniels, a pornographic film actor whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has said she had an affair with
Trump in 2006 and has sued to invalidate the confidentiality agreement she signed days before the 2016
presidential election that prevents her discussing it. She also sued Trump and his personal attorney,
Michael Cohen, alleging defamation.

The Vermont Democratic party cancel[l]ed events planned for Friday and Saturday, where Avenatti was
scheduled to speak, and is refunding ticket sales...'
The Guardian:

The f*ckin' Guardian can't even spell properly, so the facts can't be relied on. It doesn't say whether Stormy
will do another movie to pay for his legal costs or take on another strip-gig where men throw beer bottles at
at the mesh-barrier while she's jiggling her assets.

Isn't politics fun?

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
What!!?? Stormy do another movie,,,, this Old Pole Dancing Slut? Ok, I'm sure R. Di Naro or another of Soros lackeys will promote her and pay for a Porn performance so she can pay his legal fees.
I'm sure Bill Clinton will be there somewhere doing a scene with a Cigar or Blue Dress.
[Image: Stormy-600-LI.jpg]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Is 'creepy-lawyer' Michael Avenatti now being a racist for his latest revelation?

Quote:Michael Avenatti says he has new video evidence of R. Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl
who calls him 'daddy'

*Avenatti said on Thursday that he had turned over tape to Chicago prosecutors
*Attorney said that the 45-minute tape clearly depicts Kelly and underage girl
*Reportedly shows him asking girl to urinate and then Kelly urinating on her
*Girl calls Kelly 'daddy' in video and repeatedly refers to her '14-year-old p***y' 
*Prosecutors in Illinois are reportedly moving to indict and arrest Kelly 
*Kelly was acquitted in 2002 after another tape surfaced depicting similar acts

'Attorney Michael Avenatti says he has new video evidence of singer R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl.
Avenatti said on Thursday that the 45-minute tape clearly depicts Kelly 'engaging in multiple sexual assaults of
a girl underage'. He said he has turned over the video to Chicago prosecutors.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5307]
You choose.

Prosecutors in Illinois are moving to indict the 52-year-old Kelly, and he may be arrested imminently, a senior
law-enforcement official told the New Yorker's Jim DeRogatis, who first anonymously received and exposed
another tape in 2002 that allegedly depicted Kelly. 

Cook County State's Attorney's Office tells that it cannon confirm or deny that it has opened a
fresh investigation into Kelly. The singer is facing possible legal repercussions after he was filmed exiting his
studio well past the curfew assigned by the Chicago Housing Authority and a judge earlier this week.

The new video shows a man appearing to be Kelly performing sex acts with a girl who calls him 'daddy' and
repeatedly refers to her '14-year-old p***y', according to CNN, which claims to have viewed the tape.

The video contains two scenes. One is apparently in a living room and another in a bedroom.
A naked man who appears to be Kelly is seen performing multiple sex acts with the girl.
At one point, the man asks the girl to urinate. After she does, he urinates on her, according to CNN.  

Kelly's attorney, who has denied previous allegations of sexual misconduct, couldn't immediately be reached for
comment. Foxx asked potential victims to come forward last month after Lifetime aired a documentary revisiting
the allegations against Kelly. In that series, women said Kelly kept them in abusive sexual relationships.

Avenatti says his video isn't the same as the previous tape uncovered in 2002, which seemed to depict Kelly in
similar sexual acts as the new video. The first video was used as evidence in Kelly's 2008 trial, when he was
acquitted on child pornography charges. 

Prosecutors said that that tape depicted Kelly, who was then 35, having sex with a girl as young as 13. But Kelly was
acquitted after the girl and her parents declined to testify. At the 2008 trial, a witness named Lisa Van Allen testified
that Kelly kept a duffel bag full of apparent sex tapes with him at all times.
'He carried it everywhere with him. Wherever he was at, the bag would follow,' she testified.  

Other testimony at the 2008 trial centered on whether a black mark seen in the video is a mole that Kelly is known to
have on his back. The new video clearly shows a small mole the man's back, just to the left of his spine, according to

Avenatti described the new video evidence as a VHS tape that is clear, and has never previously been publicly disclosed
or provided to law enforcement. He said that the sexual assaults allegedly depicted in the video occurred within the Illinois
statute of limitations...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Maybe this is one of those "blackmail tapes" being released.

Reading that just made me want to   minusculepuke Sorry.  That didn't go on your shoes did it?
(02-16-2019, 10:58 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Reading that just made me want to   minusculepuke Sorry.  That didn't go on your shoes did it?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Mr. Avenatti once enjoyed the luxury of living the high-life in his 'quest' of being the Knight of the Stars.
These days, he's living three-doors up on the left in Sh*t Street.


'Michael Avenatti was indicted Thursday on 36 charges of tax fraud, bribery and embezzlement, including in a case
in which the embattled celebrity lawyer allegedly hid $4 million of settlement money from a mentally ill, paraplegic client.

Avenatti’s alleged scam caused his client, Geoffrey Ernest Johnson, to miss two months worth of Social Security Administration
disability payments earlier in 2019, according to The Los Angeles Times.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5593]
Avenatti with a pair of clients.

The indictment, handed down by a federal grand jury in California, adds to Avenatti’s mounting legal problems.
He was indicted in California and New York on March 25 on extortion and embezzlement charges. He is accused of attempting to
shake down Nike, the sports apparel company, to the tune of $20 million.

In the latest indictment, Avenatti is accused of scamming five separate clients, including Johnson. He also allegedly withheld
a $2.75 million settlement payout from another client in 2017. Avenatti allegedly spent $2.5 million of those funds to purchase
a private jet.

Avenatti represented Johnson in a case against Los Angeles County. Johnson injured himself after jumping from an upper floor
of the Twin Towers Correction Facility. He alleged the county, which administers the jail, was negligent because he was suicidal.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Johnson’s settlement payout was wired to Avenatti in January 2015.
Avenatti did not inform Johnson of the settlement. Instead, he deposited the money in several bank accounts, including one for his
race-car team, GB Autosport, LLC, and Global Baristas US, a coffee company that Avenatti owned.

The indictment alleges Avenatti had spent most of the money within five months of receiving it. He doled out only $124,000 to
Johnson over the next several years. Avenatti paid Johnson in installments between $1,000 and $1,900, and covered some
rent payments for the assisted living facility where Johnson lives.

Avenatti, who gained fame for representing porn star Stormy Daniels, told Johnson that the payments were advances on a
settlement that had yet to be paid out, the indictment claims.

Avenatti’s alleged scam also led to Johnson being cut off from disability payments from the Social Security Administration.
That’s because Avenatti allegedly ignored Johnson’s request in November 2018 to provide the government agency with
information from the settlement.

The government cut off Johnson’s disability payments for two months because Avenatti withheld the information.
Avenatti is also accused of failing to file tax returns for several years, and lying to the Internal Revenue Service.
He allegedly lied to the IRS about keeping $2.4 million in taxes withheld from the paychecks of his employees at Global Baristas

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(Thanks @BIAD

It takes a miserable, low-life, pond scum sucking, dirt bag, despicable, excuse for a human being to keep money from a disabled person that rightly belongs to them!!   smallfit 

And they call us deplorables?   Must be more projection. tinyok

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