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Lies and more Lies
Quote:BREAKING: This is quite a read. Woman who claimed Justice Kavanaugh raped her now admits they’ve never even met. She’s been referred to DOJ/FBI for investigation and could soon be in serious legal trouble.
Quote:The Honorable Jeff Sessions
The Honorable Christopher A. Wray
Attorney General Director
U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530 Washington, DC 20535

Dear Attorney General Sessions and Director Wray:
I am once again writing regarding fabricated allegations the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
recently received.

As you know, the Senate Judiciary Committee processed the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to serve as
an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, leading to his eventual confirmation on October 6,

part of that process, the Committee has investigated various allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh.
The Committee’s investigation ha
s involved communicating with numerous individuals claiming to have relevant
information. While many of 
those individuals have provided the Committee information in good faith, it unfortunately
appears some have not.

As explained 
below, I am writing to refer Ms. Judy Munro-Leighton for investigation of potential violations of
18 U.S.C. §§ 1001 (materially false statements) and 1505 (obstruction), for materially false statements she made
to the Committee during th
e course of the Committee’s investigation.

On September 25, 2018, staffers for Senator Harris, a Committee member, referred an undated handwritten letter
to Committee investig
ators that her California office had received signed under the alias “Jane Doe” from Oceanside,

The letter contained highly graphic sexual-assault accusations against Judge Kavanaugh.
The anonymous accuser alleged that Justice Kavanaugh and a friend had raped her “several times each” in the
at of a car.

In addition to 
being from an anonymous accuser, the letter listed no return address, failed to provide any time frame,
and failed to provide 
any location -- beyond an automobile -- in which these alleged incidents took place.
Burn the bitch
Burn the Bitch and the other Democrats that instigated this Bull-Shit!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
The rest of the link from Sky's posting.

Quote:'...Regardless, Committee staff quickly began investigating the claims as part of the broader
investigation, hindered by the limited information provided. On September 26, 2018, Committee
staff questioned Judge Kavanaugh about these allegations in a transcribed interview conducted
under penalty of felony.                                                       

They read him the letter in full as part of the questioning. In response to the anonymous allegations,
Judge Kavanaugh unequivocally stated:
“[T]he whole thing is ridiculous. Nothing ever -- anything like that, nothing . . . . [T]he whole thing is just
a crock, farce, wrong, didn’t happen, not anything close.”

Later that day, September 26th, the Committee publicly released the transcript of that interview with
Judge Kavanaugh, which included the full text of the Jane Doe letter.

Then, on October 3, 2018, Committee staff received an email from a Ms. Judy MunroLeighton with a
subject line claiming:
“I am Jane Doe from Oceanside CA -- Kavanaugh raped me.”

 Ms. Munro-Leighton wrote that she was “sharing with you the story of the night that Brett Kavanaugh and
his friend sexually assaulted and raped me in his car” and referred to “the letter that I sent to Sen. Kamala
Harris on Sept. 19 with details of this vicious assault.”

She continued: “I know that [‘]Jane Doe[’] will get no media attention, but I am deathly afraid of revealing any
information about myself or my family.” She then included a typed version of the Jane Doe letter.

Committee investigators began investigating Ms. Munro-Leighton’s allegations.
Given her relatively unique name, Committee investigators were able to use open-source research to locate
Ms. Munro-Leighton and determine that she:
(1) is a left-wing activist;
(2) is decades older than Judge Kavanaugh;
and (3) lives in neither the Washington DC area nor California, but in Kentucky.

In order to investigate her sexual-assault claims, Committee investigators first attempted to reach her by phone
on October 3, 2018, but were unsuccessful. On October 29, Committee investigators again attempted contact,
leaving a voicemail.

In response, Ms. Munro-Leighton left Committee investigators a voicemail on November 1, 2018.
Eventually, on November 1, 2018, Committee investigators connected with Ms. MunroLeighton by phone and spoke
with her about the sexual-assault allegations against Judge Kavanaugh she had made to the Committee.

Under questioning by Committee investigators, Ms. Munro-Leighton admitted, contrary to her prior claims, that she
had not been sexually assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh and was not the author of the original “Jane Doe” letter.

When directly asked by Committee investigators if she was, as she had claimed, the “Jane Doe” from Oceanside
California who had sent the letter to Senator Harris, she admitted:
“No, no, no. I did that as a way to grab attention. I am not Jane Doe . . .
but I did read Jane Doe’s letter. I read the transcript of the call to your Committee. . . . I saw it online. It was news.”

She further confessed to Committee investigators that
(1) she “just wanted to get attention”;
(2) “it was a tactic”;
and (3) “that was just a ploy.”

She told Committee investigators that she had called Congress multiple times during the Kavanaugh hearing process
– including prior to the time Dr. Ford’s allegations surfaced – to oppose his nomination.

Regarding the false sexual-assault allegation she made via her email to the Committee, she said:
“I was angry, and I sent it out.”
When asked by Committee investigators whether she had ever met Judge Kavanaugh, she said:
“Oh Lord, no.”

In short, during the Committee’s time-sensitive investigation of allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, Ms. Munro-Leighton
submitted a fabricated allegation, which diverted Committee resources. When questioned by Committee investigators
she admitted it was false, a “ploy,” and a “tactic.” She was opposed to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

As I have repeatedly stated, Committee investigations in support of the judicial nomination process are an essential part
of the Committee’s constitutional role. The Committee is grateful to citizens who come forward with relevant information in
good faith, even if they are not one hundred percent sure about what they know.

But when individuals intentionally mislead the Committee, they divert Committee resources during time-sensitive investigations
and materially impede our work. Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal. It is illegal to make materially false,
fictitious, or fraudulent statements to Congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct Committee investigations.

Accordingly, in light of the seriousness of these facts, and the threat these types of actions pose to the Committee’s ability to
perform its constitutional duties, I hope you will give this referral the utmost consideration.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please contact a professional investigative
in the Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Unit at (202) 224-5225.

Charles E. Grassley
Chairman Committee on the Judiciary

....................................................................... The Fruitcake'sLetter ...............................................................................

From: Judy Munro-Leighton < >
Date: October 3, 2018 at 6:42:35 AM EDT
Subject: I am Jane Doe from Oceanside CA -- Kavanaugh raped me

To all Republican Senators, 10/3/18

My name is Jane Doe, from Oceanside CA. I am sharing with you the story of the night that Brett Kavanaugh and his friend sexually
assaulted and raped me in his car. Here is the letter that I sent to Sen. Kamala Harris on Sept. 19 with details of this vicious assault.

The Senate Judiciary Comm had a phone interview on Sept. 26 with Kavanaugh to ask him about my letter.
I refuse to allow Donald J. Trump to use me or my story as an ugly chant at one of his Republican rallies. I know that Jane Doe will
no media attention, but I am deathly afraid of revealing any information about myself or my family.

I watched in horror as Trump vilified Dr. Blasey-Ford. I will not allow this abuse to be directed toward me.

Dear, Senator Grassley, et al.
The current situation regarding the accusations made by Dr. Ford against Brett Kavanaugh have prompted me to write you today.
have moved on with my life since he forced himself on me as well.

The times were so different, and I didn’t expect to be taken seriously, embarrass my family, be believed at all. I was at a party
with a friend. 
I had been drinking. She left with another boy, leaving me to find my own way home. Kavanaugh and a friend
offered me a ride home.

I don’t know the other boy’s name.

I was in his car to go home. His friend was behind me in the backseat. Kavanaugh kissed me forcefully.
I told him I only wanted a ride home. Kavanaugh continued to grope me over my clothes, forcing his kisses on me and putting
his hand 
under my sweater. ‘No,’ I yelled at him.

The boy in the backseat reached around, putting his hand over my mouth and holding my arm to keep me in the car. I screamed
into his hand.

Kavanaugh continued his forcing himself on me. He pulled up my sweater and bra exposing my breasts, and reached into my
panties, inserting 
his fingers into my vagina. My screams were silenced by the boy in the backseat covering my mouth and
groping me as well.

Kavanaugh slapped me and told me to be quiet and forced me to perform oral sex on him. He climaxed in my mouth.
They forced me to go into the backseat and took turns raping me several times each.
They dropped me off two blocks from my home.

‘No one will believe if you tell. Be a good girl,’ he told me. Watching what has happened to Anita Hill and Dr. Ford has me
petrified to 
come forward in person or even provide my name.

A group of white men, powerful senators who won’t believe me, will come after me. Like Dr. Ford, I’m a teacher, I have an
education, a family, 
a child, a home. I have credibility. Just because something happens a long time ago, because a rape
victim doesn’t want to personally come 
forward, does not mean something can’t be true.

Jane Doe, Oceanside, California.

Except it wasn't true and she's a teacher, she's had an education, a family, a child and a home.
The jury is now out on the 'credibility'-comment.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
People who say false statements about sexual abuse should get the same punishment as the person who they are accusing would have gotten.

How are we suppose to believe the people who are telling the truth when we have all these people who come out and just lie "for attention"?  

A man has come forward saying he thinks Ms. Ford could be remembering an incident that involved him, not Justice Kavanaugh.  He states he even looked similar to Kavanaugh back then.

Read the article and notice the similarities.

Quote:A Senate Judiciary Committee report released Saturday revealed that committee investigators interviewed a man who described a sexual encounter with Christine Blasey Ford that shared similarities to the one she claimed she had with Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh.

According to the report, a man — whose name is redacted — told committee investigators in an interview on September 26, 2018, that when he was a 19-year-old college student, he had visited D.C. over spring break and kissed a girl he believes was Christine Blasey Ford. According to the report:

Quote:He said that the kiss happened in the bedroom of a house which was about a 15-to 20 minute walk from the Van Ness Metro, that Dr. Ford was wearing a swimsuit under her clothing, and that the kissing ended when a friend jumped on them as a joke. [Redacted] said that the woman initiated the kissing and that he did not force himself on her.

The man’s description of his encounter with Ford is similar to the one Ford alleged she had with Kavanaugh in three ways.
First, the man said the incident took place in the bedroom of a house that was near the Van Ness Metro station, which is located in Northwest Washington, DC, near the border of Montgomery County, Maryland. Ford claimed the incident with Kavanaugh took place in a bedroom of a house in Montgomery County.

Second, the man said Ford was wearing a swimsuit underneath her clothing, which Ford claimed was also the case in the Kavanaugh incident. Ford’s detail of wearing a one-piece bathing suit was so specific that Bustle recently dedicated a post to it titled, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s One-Piece Swimsuit.”

Third, the man said the kissing between him and Ford ended when a friend jumped on them as a joke. Ford claimed that with Kavanaugh, his friend Mark Judge had jumped on them, allowing her to escape.
Ford first publicly spoke about her allegations against Kavanaugh to the Washington Post on September 16, 2018, including the detail about wearing a one-piece bathing suit underneath her clothing.
According to the Post:
Quote:Speaking publicly for the first time, Ford said that one summer in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh and a friend — both “stumbling drunk,” Ford alleges — corralled her into a bedroom during a gathering of teenagers at a house in Montgomery County.
While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it. When she tried to scream, she said, he put his hand over her mouth.
“I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” said Ford, now a 51-year-old research psychologist in northern California. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”
Ford said she was able to escape when Kavanaugh’s friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School, Mark Judge, jumped on top of them, sending all three tumbling. She said she ran from the room, briefly locked herself in a bathroom and then fled the house.

The report also revealed that another man, whose name is also redacted, said that during that the summer of 1982, he had attended a house party where he “kissed and made out with a woman he met who he believes could have been Dr. Ford. [Redacted] said that based on old photographs of Justice Kavanaugh he has seen on the news, he believes the two of them share a similar appearance.”

The report includes the two men’s summaries but does not comment on whether Ford may have confused or mistaken one of the men’s identities for Kavanaugh.

The report said that the committee conducted interviews with more than 40 individuals with information relating to allegations against Kavanaugh.

“Committee investigators found no witness who could provide any verifiable evidence to support any of the allegations brought against Justice Kavanaugh,” it said.

Read more:  Senate Report Reveals Christine Blasey Ford Had an Encounter Similar to Her Kavanaugh Claim
I hope this B*tch finally gets what she deserves!  tinyok

Christine Ford May Face Investigation After Lawyer Admits Abortion Prompted False Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh

[Image: christineblaseyford4.png]

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis said a new investigation into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual misconduct against Justice Brett Kavanaugh may be appropriate in light of a new book suggesting she had political motives.

The North Carolina Republican, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Fox News that new video of Ford’s lawyer connecting her allegations with the broader fight over abortion rundermines Ford’s credibility and could necessitate the Justice Department’s intervention.

“This does seem to undermine what we all believed was a legitimate traumatic experience in her life,” Tillis said. “We’ll just let the process play out. But clearly, a misrepresentation before a Senate committee is a very serious offense. Hopefully, we can get past that.”

“We have to always make sure that when people come and give sworn testimony before any congressional committee that it’s truthful and accurate,” Tillis added. “Any time that you see something like this, it’s probably worth looking into.”

Speaking at the University of Baltimore in April, Ford lawyer Debra Katz said questions as to Kavanaugh’s legitimacy will linger far into the future. Diminishing Kavanaugh’s reputation is part of what motivated Ford to come forward, Katz said. News of her remarks first appeared in the new book “Search and Destroy: Inside the Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh” by the National Law Journal’s Ryan Lovelace.

“He will always have an asterisk next to his name,” Katz said of Kavanaugh. “When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade, we will know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him. And that is important, it is important that we know, and that is part of what motivated Christine.”

Katz also panned the “misogynist Republican” who confirmed Kavanaugh to the high court.
A dispute from Louisiana relating to state regulations on abortion providers is currently pending before the Supreme Court.
(09-07-2019, 06:21 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: I hope this B*tch finally gets what she deserves!  tinyok

She knew what she was doing and was supported by those who wished to tarnish
the Supreme Court with Trump's name.

I can only say there was no way anyone realised that all this hash-tag shit was set-up
well in advance of Blasey Ford's arrival and had seeded the wailing crowds ready for it.
Activists... they know no depths.
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