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Disturbing Claim – US Officials Hold Secret UFO Investigations and Tests At Ranch
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Interesting
Quote:October 11, 2018 LUFOS ConspiracyLatest posts

[Image: ufo-ranch.png]
Alleged leaked documents have revealed that the US Department of Defence has done multiple undercover tests at the widely known UFO sighting area.
Skinwalker ranch has become the hotbed of UFO sightings with residents reporting a series of bizarre incidents.
In 2017, the former secret UFO study under the US Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was first made public.
Now, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) has presented documents revealing the programme also operated a secret investigation at the controversial Skinwalker ranch.
The BAASS manager said that their investigation offered new lines of proof showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more than machines that military aircraft encountered.
BAAS claimed that the phenomenon also involved mysterious creatures, invisible entities, poltergeist activity, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more.
Jeremy Corbell of Extraordinary Beliefs revealed the more extensive investigation of Pentagon looked into mysteries far more disturbing and profound than alleged alien aircraft. Jeremy explained that Pentagon’s other research focuses on a living laboratory and paranormal hotspot called Skinwalker Ranch.
Last year, American investigative journalist George Knapp revealed the secret document but claimed they left out some critical information.
Mr Corbell and Mr Knapp have produced an exclusive documentary “Hunt for the Skinwalker’ recounting Mr Knapp’s series of investigations at Skinwalker ranch.
Mr Knapp said that the documentary was like a paranormal Disneyland, focusing weird activities that took place on and around the ranch for hundreds if not thousands of years. Sightings include poltergeist-type activity, animal mutilations, unknown creatures, orbs, UFOs and several other inexplicable events.
tinywhat I cant believe I'm able to reply!  This is the first time the top menu has come up for me in weeks!  YAY!  I wonder if I can get the others to work too?

Well, anyway, what I wanted to say is, over on ATS, Springer went to the Skinwalker Ranch back in the spring, and the people with him made a new documentary that is due to be released soon, if not already.  He said they got new evidence on film. I've been waiting for it to be released.

If anyone is still a member there, the title is My Visit to the Skinwalker Ranch, 2018  by Springer. 

Just went over there to see if it has been released. 
Springer posted this: Vimeo, Amazon, or iTunes... Search for "Hunt the Skinwalker" 

I think you may have to pay to watch it.
(10-11-2018, 05:35 PM)Wallfire Wrote: ...Mr Knapp said that the documentary was like a paranormal Disneyland, focusing weird activities
that took place on and around the ranch for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Sightings include poltergeist-type activity, animal mutilations, unknown creatures, orbs, UFOs and
several other inexplicable events...

I believe that if all or some of what was reported at that ranch is true, it's a very important factor
when approaching the subject of travelling off-world.

We currently perceive that leaving this planet involves rocket-propulsion, seat-belts and space helmets,
but what if the way we see reality isn't full the story?

We know that there are particles that slip in and out of our accepted existence, certain experiments are
affected simply by observing the outcome, possible outcome of phase-space and we're now tentatively
looking into using time-travel.

So can we travel into different 'places' simply by thinking of them...? Are we sure that what we imagine is
only electrical activity inside an organ that's designed to keep the lions from eating us?
Fundamentally, how does this thing we call everything really work?!

Wolf-men in raincoats smoking cigarettes on a farm-track, spheres of light dancing around and avoiding
cameras and creatures climbing out of holes in the air... what was Bigelow looking for?

The sad-part is that with our reality relying on acquiring fiscal wealth, obstacles will be always put in the
way to keep us in the mind-set of materialism.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Skinwalker Ranch.

I really wish that someone could actually get a picture or a good recording of the sounds that these creatures make.

Just because there are CCTV on the property doesn't mean that a Shady Government Experiment or Site is there.

I've watched videos of people who've spent the night and all weekend following the fence line and getting as close as the can to the property and Not catching anything Weird, not even Men in Black or Strange sounds.

I just watched a video from July of this year, all they can talk about is, This Happened and That happened and they heard stories of This and That, of Cattle mutilations, We live in Az, I can take you out and show you Cattle Mutilations all day long.  
Don't know what to think.

Edited to Add......
I found a person who paid the $15. dollars to watch the video. Here is what they had to say.
Quote:I just watched it. And I gotta say, was kinda disappointed.

Quote:30 hrs of unseen footage my ass. It’s actually 30 hrs of people talking about their experience. No footage of the entity or what. Because its smart enough to know where the blind spots of the camera. Just wasted ny 2 hrs of my life. Thank god I only watched it for free. I would be more disappointed if I paid for it.

Quote:DO NOT PURCHASE THE MOVIE IN THE LINK. It is stupid and this YouTube video does a better job covering the content and story of the Skinwalker Ranch. My husband and I spent $15 on the stupid Hunt For The Skinwalker movie and it showed NOTHING new. The trailer is misleading, and these people are literally robbing you. The movie is awful, we watched it for 30 minutes and all they did was show a bunch of crappy stock footage, and talk about things that people on YouTube have already covered time and time again. We stuck through till the end and watched the entire movie and sad to say the entire movie was like that. I was excited and stoked to see this movie since I first saw the trailer months ago but this was the biggest letdown of the year. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Save your $15 and do yourself a favor and watch the videos on YouTube for FREE regarding this subject matter!
Quote:FlamexGazer I wish I read your review before I wasted my money. At 30 minutes in my father told me "So they have nothing, it's all bs" Never again. the trailer was misleading.

Quote:I watched it for free online and i still feel ripped off. I can imagine how shitty people must feel who actually wasted money on this. It's practically a scam, the trailer totally leads you on acting like they have all this interesting information and never before seen footage, when in actuality they find nothing, discover nothing, and tell you nothing new that hasn't already been talked about for ages now.
Quote:YES. I agree. It was such a massive disappointment I couldn't believe it. There's zero footage of anything and only boring witness testimony. When it ended, I looked at my friend and said, "that's it?" There are some beautiful shots in the film, but who cares? This was a total waste of time and money. Super boring.
There were many more Very Disappointed people.

To be honest, I don't think this is the video from ATS.
He did state that they didn't see or witness anything strange or out of the normal.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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