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Propaganda watch
(09-01-2018, 04:22 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4407]

I'm not a fan of Bill Clinton, but he's actually doing what most men do, admiring the female form.
I vaguely know who Ariana Grande is from the UK-Manchester concert bombing and she seems to
hold a current style of attractiveness for males.

I would like to write that Clinton is probably play-acting to indicate his marvel for the alleged singer,
but he's always been one for perceiving women as mere vessels for his lust and has no regard for their
status as a human-being. 'You better get some ice on that.'
I know that it isn't in vogue at the moment and there's a level of decorum that we're supposed to adhere
to, but Bill Clinton in the above image is doing something that is built-in to the male-psyche, checking for
fat-distribution and being mentally-held by the age-old approach to mounting a female in a way that is
deemed normal in the natural world.

It's coarse to speak like this -I know, and it also dilutes the in-group, out-group situation on discussion sites
such as Rogue Nation, but it's real and what concerns me-personally is -not only the belligerent manner that
Bill Clinton interacts with females, but his assumption that he can do it and get away with it because he simply
believes he's better than his victims.

Maybe Amaterasu Solar was correct when he called them all psychopaths!

We need to to get out of this pretentious sphere of being outraged at the basic make-up of men and
women and get back to what a civilised society takes as 'normal'. The whole dichotomy of sexual behavior
has been compressed into pockets of innuendo and maybes, a corralled system where real sexual predators
can enjoy the foggy hunting-grounds of 'How-Dare-You'-ness where the bleating weak roam.

I agree an ex-President should hold himself to a higher standard than a leering cigar-case-wielding freak who
married something that's supposed to be a woman, the post of a leader has qualities that demands the bearer
to carry them for the rest of their lives. Clinton -both of them in fact, degraded his position just like many noted
leaders have all around the world.

Men are men and women are women. For the media, anything in between usually has some-sort of lurid sexual
connotation to it for ratings-value only. The problem with this is it promotes negative conduct and debatable
practices for the sole reason of keeping the media employed and by doing so, implies it's acceptable.

You'll notice that they never bring a guy onto the stage that's called 'Joe' and he's a mechanic who's married with a
couple of kids and hasn't done anything outrageous or holds what they consider intrigue. 

Being a standard part of a community isn't sexy... isn't 'news' anymore. Being a male in a dress visiting one of Target's
unisex toilets is. It's simply because people with a certain view on the world think everyone else around them thinks
that way. But it's never worked like that, some are good and kind, others prey on the blindness to evil actions.

People can be good and people can be bad, there's no divine system that can stop us from crossing the agreed societal
lines. All we can do is try to get along with each other in a non-destructive way.

Hence my Username, it confuses people on the internet with what reality really is! I ain't a boy and I don't wear a dress!
(But Bill is still a pervert.)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(09-24-2018, 11:27 PM)Armonica_Templar Wrote: ....I think that the comic book industry has adapted to appeal to wider audience that includes more minority
characters in order to survive...

Right there is the true reason why the 'Comicgate' and the 'Gamergate' situations arose.
But if you tell the buyer the real reason it might effect ones livelihood and so a supposed
'higher' reason was created.

Of course there are people who can latch onto the idea that comics were catering for a certain
select group and they were catering for a select group, but it had nothing to do with gender or race,
it was to do with their market location.

Girls bought girl's magazines because the contents were for a generic girl to appreciate. The same
went for 'action' comics and boys.
A simple struggling medium used a blown-up outrage-provoking narrative which saw the opportunity
for a power-grab to salve their undeveloped emotions and the comic-industry ran with it.

The same comic-businesses believed that for a short time, it would promote their products in minority
sections, develop their characters to cater for these communities and the die-hard regular readers would
assume it's just part of a changing paradigm and continue to purchase their favourite comics.

What they didn't figure on was that for large sections of their customers, they'd see the 'take-over' and
openly rebel or just move-off to another interest. The indifferent and neutral owners of comic companies
were hoping that the change may initially take-up any shortfall and then quietly move their story-lines back
to near where they were and just encompass a larger 'diverse' readership.

What they also didn't take into consideration was the actual power-grab by certain parties that was based on
a belief and not preference.

Peter Parker was a character, he wasn't white or black, gay or straight... he is an imaginary persona that was
used in exciting adventures that offered the grey-areas of decision-making in adulthood that lay ahead for the
young reader. That's it.

If he'd been Peter Parker, the scrounging photographer living hand-to-mouth, getting only part-time employment
from The Daily Bugle and struggling to get Mary-Jane to put-out for him, the bored customers would've moved to
something more interesting and Ditko would've dumped the character.

However, if you're a young person with emotions that don't fit into the accepted norms of Parker, The Reeds and
Bruce Wayne, then melodramatically -you're the outsider with the natural need to be part of a group.
What better way than taking a group, demanding via emotional taboo of certain prejudices and discrimination that
this group conform to your own beliefs without any resistance.
And quickly adding that to resist this change proves you adhere to accepted negative societal norms.

It enforces your own confidence that you're correct and offers a section of villains that you can fight for your 'cause'
with. It ensures that you will be a 'comrade', part of something and as the adult-world awaits, you no longer feel
Yer' know... the way young people have always felt when they're told to put their toys away and be an adult.

Bolstering ones doubts brings great benefits to a kid who sees the daunting prospect of failing in a world where
you're told you're supposed to succeed in.

Comics never dealt with real life head-on, the world on those pages spoke of heroism, bravery and gaining faith in
oneself through pious actions that helped others. It had nothing to do with immature confusion about a changing
body and adolescent concerns of how the world works.

It's just sad that make-believe has become believe.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
At the request of Mystic Wanderer, here's a fine example of two things... media manipulation
and the hoped-for influencing of the dumbed-down public by using a deceitful argument.

Whatever the preferred narrative is, those on platforms to deliver their one-sided opinions
believe that their viewers/readers accept will not perceive the obvious chicanery.
It's small-minded, schoolyard outrage, Jerry Springer used to do it years ago and it's called

The obvious narcissism of the subjects are used by CNN to maintain the divisiveness of the
masses. This network is basically the a propaganda outlet, a funded group to assist a preferred
political party and broadcast biased information.

Governments will never get it correct for everybody and with the assistance of managing
trigger-words, speaking over each other to imply intrigue and subtle camera positioning,
many of the mainstream medias won't acknowledge that their failing ratings are due to to
entering the arena of entertainment.

Advertising themselves as bastions of the truth and yet -offering false and misleading information,
they can be accused of being 'the enemy of the people'. But remember, many of the presenters
do it just to pay their bills, they don't care about what they broadcast and neither should you.

Governments come and go, but these guys will always need your eyes or be out of work.
Hence they bombard their customers with figures that the MSM believe are victims of being alive.
These known are the 'good' people.

The presumed -and constantly proclaimed villains are Nazis, the Klu-Klux Clan and any male with
white skin. A narrative that would look fine in one of Stan Lee's comics. Which again, shows you
how the media perceive their customers as children who cannot distinguish between reality and

Youtube, Google and others are private companies, it would pay a person to realise that at
some point, these outlets will also fail due to their ever-changing terms of service.
Maybe not in China or other countries where free speech is harnessed, but things will change.

One day, Rogue Nation will called upon to help those lost in the maze of managed-confusion!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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