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Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation
It seems that the people here at RN missed this ( or perhaps I cant find it). It seems that Marine Le  Pen has been ordered by a judge to under go psychiatric evaluation for her posts about isis.
I dont much like this woman but if you think about the actions of some EU leaders, and they have not been ordered to psychiatric evaluation.
What worries me very much is the people in power in France are using the bias and fear that many people feel about mental illness to control and blacken people who they see as a danger.
" You cant vote for this woman she is mentally ill "
I have heard of psychiatric evaluation use to keep dissidents in jail but have never heard of it been weaponized for use in Europe and in our courts.
Seems that democracy is dieing very fast in the EU, but it does also seem strange to me the very people that are been "imported" into Europe are the people who hate democracy !!!
Only this week the the biggest mosque in Europe was opened by the monster Edrogan with Merkel to give him a  JB
Strange and very frightening time for Europe

I've also heard of "psychiatric treatment" being used to keep dissidents on lockdown, which is why I'll never see a shrink. I don't need the government using any psych records against me like that... and the US is not far behind the EU or even Soviet Russia in that regard. They are now pushing to use even the lightest psych records as an excuse to eliminate citizenship rights from Americans born with those rights. Lockdown for dissidents can't be far behind.

What would be the acronym for "The Union of Soviet Socialist European States"? For us, I think it would be "USSSA" for "Union of Soviet Socialist States of Amerika" or simply "Amerika" for short. I just don't know which language the Europeans would use, and that would affect the acronym.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
Another fine example of the assumed dumbing-down that global Elite -including the EU,
believe they're delivering to deplorable-public. Such an accusation taints her opinions and
party, but to those who no longer eat unicorn sh*t, it reveals their disingenuous mind-set.

European Establishment's mentality:
Le Pen is crazy because she posted the horrific photographs.
The people who actually performed the acts are not commented on.
Racist bastards!

Quote:Far-right French leader Marine Le Pen refuses court-ordered mental health test
after tweeting pictures of Isis executions

I'd like to see how the judge would try and force me do it', says former presidential

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4575]

'French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has refused to undergo psychiatric examination
that was ordered by a court after she tweeted graphic pictures of Isis violence.
The National Rally leader told a judge to “try and force” her to undergo mental health
evaluation, requested as part of an investigation into the dissemination of violent images.

Ms Le Pen posted three graphic images showing Isis executions, including the
beheading of American journalist James Foley, on Twitter in November 2015.
She was charged over the pictures earlier this year.

Medical evaluations are a routine part of French criminal proceedings, but Ms Le Pen’s
response fits the party’s narrative that it is persecuted by judges as part of an
establishment attempt to undermine it politically.

She tweeted: “I thought I had seen it all: but no!
For having denounced the horrors of #Daesh in tweets, the ‘justice’ is submitting me
to a psychiatric evaluation! How far will they go? It’s UNBELIEVABLE.”

She later told reporters she would not submit to evaluation. “I’d like to see how the
judge would try and force me do it,” she said.

The investigation is one of a series that have distracted her party, formerly known
as the National Front, as it seeks to rebuild following her loss to President Emmanuel
Macron in the second round of last year’s election.

Ms Le Pen and her party is also facing a probe into alleged misuse of European Union
funds. She was charged with distributing violent images in March. If the case reaches
trial and she is convicted, she could face up to three years in prison and a €75,000
(£66,500) fine.

She had posted the Isis images weeks after 130 people died in Paris in attacks
orchestrated by the Islamic terror group in November 2015.
As well as a photograph of Foley’s decapitated body, she tweeted images showing
a tank rolling over a man in an orange jumpsuit and a man being burned alive in a

“Daesh is THIS!” Ms Le Pen wrote alongside the images, using an offensive Arabic
name for the group.

According to a copy of a court document dated 11 September and published by
Ms Le Pen on Twitter, the court requested an evaluation to assess if she suffers
from any mental illness that could have affected her understanding of what she
was doing when she posted the tweets.

The results would also be used to determine whether her mental health could be
a risk to the public.

Ms Le Pen told BFM TV that totalitarian regimes used such methods against opponents
to “make them look like they’re crazy”. Her hard-left rival Jean-Luc Melenchon suggested
the evaluation was unnecessary because Ms Le Pen was “politically responsible for her
political acts.”

“This is not how we will weaken the far-right,” he said.

However, Italy’s far-right interior minister Matteo Salvini denounced the court order,
tweeting: “Words fail me! Solidarity with her and with the French who love freedom!”...'

Pssst, Marine... Tell 'em to f*ck off.

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