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Man Murdered Woman During Sex
I have been known to be quite outspoken when it comes to the state of the UK's criminal justice system and in particular with regards to the inadequate (IMHO) sentencing of criminals...

Well, here is a case that caught my eye.

A 41 year old guy (I won't call him a Man despite the article headline) strangled and smothered a 33 year old woman to death during sexual intercourse at his flat in Birmingham, England.
They had met just a few hours earlier.

[Image: dims?image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fcontent.ass...e832bd5d36]

He pleaded that she had died accidentally whilst being choked during consensual "rough sex".
She had suffered several injuries to her mouth and neck including a bone fracture, and he had subsequently scattered pornographic materials around his victims body and left her lying there dead in his flat for EIGHT DAYS whilst trying to use her bank cards to buy food and drink in local fast-food restaurants & bars.

This scumbag met his victim after she left a nightclub in the early hours of the morning, took her back to his flat and violently murdered her, then tried to use her bank cards over the next eight days as she lay dead in his flat.

He has received a "Life-Sentence" with a minimum of 29 years in jail, which you might think is "fair enough" until you hear that this particular wonderful example of a human being has a total of 171 (One Hundred and Seventy One) previous convictions, including a whole series of violent attacks on women.

from the source article:

Quote:Passing a life sentence on Wednesday at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Patrick Thomas QC was told Bailey has 171 previous convictions, including a string of violent offences committed solely against women.

Bailey, who was on licence at the time of the killing, showed no emotion as he was sentenced and was led away to shouts of “beast” and “scum” from the public gallery.

My anger at this small point is beyond measure.

In what universe is it acceptable, normal and reasonable to release a sadistic, violent sexual predator into the public when he has been CONVICTED of 171 PREVIOUS OFFENCES?

Now, everyone knows that not every crime is reported and that not every crime that is reported is actually solved, so How many Times has this filth actually attacked women and got away with it?

My own suggestion, which I've posted before, is to automatically DOUBLE the minimum sentence for repeat offences.
If a sexual assault charge comes with a 3 month jail term, then a 2nd one should carry a minimum of 6 months.
A 3rd one? Double it again... 12 months minimum.

Pretty soon, the serial perpetrator is looking at 2 year, 4 year, 8 year sentences (and beyond) instead of slapped wrists and fines.
With that type of sentencing, IF he gets caught six times, he will have served 15 years and 9 months in jail and would be facing a 16 year minimum term next time...
He'd never get anywhere near to committing 171 offences in the first place.

It's not ideal, but surely it would be better than all of these victims suffering because..... "reasons", red-tape and "that's the way it is"?

source article
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There is a lot I could and want to say about this but it cant be said here. Lets just say I support what Gordi says a 100%
(09-12-2018, 03:27 PM)gordi Wrote: ...In what universe is it acceptable, normal and reasonable to release a sadistic, violent sexual predator
into the public when he has been CONVICTED of 171 PREVIOUS OFFENCES?...

As Wallfire is indicating in his tacit restraint, the answer lies in the photograph of this monster.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
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