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FRENCH Energy Firm dumping NUCLEAR MUD from ENGLISH Power Station IN SEA off WALES!
Yes, the title is correct.

EDF Energy, a FRENCH company who run power stations across the UK, have (apparently) been given permission to dredge hundreds of thousands of tons of contaminated mud from their Nuclear Power Station at Hinckley Point, Somerset, England to be dumped in the sea ONE MILE off Penarth (near Cardiff), WALES.

The first consignment of 2000 TONS of "nuclear mud" was dumped unceremoniously UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS on Monday night (10th Sept 2018).

[Image: img_4255.jpg?w=640&h=301]

from the source article:

Quote:…As of last night the first consignment of English ‘nuclear mud’ become Wales’s problem.  The mud dropped from the belly of MV Sloeber last night will soon be washed ashore on the coastline between Penarth  and Lavernock – and could permanently change the shoreline.

Experts say the consequences of this operation – which involves the dumping of over 320,000 tonnes of English nuclear mud in Welsh Waters – may not become apparent for generations...

You read that correctly!

OVER THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND TONNES of nuclear-irradiated mud is being dumped in an area about ONE MILE from the Welsh shoreline off Penarth not far from Cardiff.

Funny how I haven't seen this in the MSM anywhere huh?

Quote:In 3 months or so, when  all the thousands of tonnes of  mud from Hinkley Point have been dumped in the sea in Welsh waters,  the French energy company EDF will be able to wash its hands of all responsibility for this material and whatever lurks within it...

Forgive me, but I'm just going to have to say it:

(The UK Govt and whoever gave this the go-ahead.)

If you think it's safe then dump it in your OWN BACKYARD.

SOURCE ARTICLE on Penarth News Site
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
As you may be aware, Governments and private companies -in EDF's case, a electricity
company wholly owned by the French state, well they always tell the truth.

(From EDF's web-page regarding Hinkley Point)

Quote:'...EDF Energy is one of many companies -over many decades -dredging and depositing
sediment in the Bristol Channel for industrial or construction purposes.

The sediment we and others are dredging in the Bristol Channel is typical of the sediment
found anywhere in the Bristol Channel, and as such it is no different to the sediment already
at the Cardiff Grounds. It is not classed as radioactive under UK law and poses no threat to
human health or the environment.

Greenpeace has said: “We’re pleased the mud being cleared isn’t toxic.”...'

See? However, if you read the whole page, you'll notice a comment that used over and over again.
' Under UK law'... what that means in reality, is anyone's guess!

There's lots of explanations about testing and assuring monitoring, so the three-headed cod
that starts showing up on the Welsh coast in a decade or two... will be just a coincidence.

(It's the dumping-at-night routine that gives it all away!)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
It seems that the brown paper envelopes were very think this time. This is something one would expect from a third world country.
But then again the government is doing its best to start WW3 with Russia, so why should they care about Welsh kids dieing from cancer.
If I remember right lots of kids died from cancer on the N Ireland coast in the 60-70s becouse of Sellafield.

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