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So do people think this is true ??
Quote:America will either fall to deep state tyranny, or patriots like President Trump will be victorious

Natural News - SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 

[Image: trump-stare-234620.jpg]

In the months ahead, America will either fall to deep state tyranny, or patriots like President Trump will be victorious in taking back our constitutional republic from the nefarious grip of the swamp (in collaboration with the left-wing media that’s now run by the CIA).
Today I’ve published an emergency alert video that warns Trump has just one path to save America from a deep state takeover. The full video, shown below, discusses tech giants’ censorship, the coming false flag attack to be blamed on Alex Jones, and how Trump can save America by initiating the arrest and prosecution of deep state criminals such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
The full video is available now at

Considering it's his administration that are doing the real work, it shows how shallow the
Government's opposition really are when they have the pocketed-media screaming
negativity everyday about him!

The amount of resignations is a good indication of how many had their heads in the trough.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The Deep State and Mostly the Elites are Scared!
Look who they've Dredged Up to go out and Talk Shit about President Trump.
Quote:Obama re-emerges to remind voters why they elected Trump

I think you'll notice that they have him talking to University, College and yes even High School Students.
The average adult population (other than the west coast and east coast Losers) aren't listening to Obama, they have jobs and a little extra money to spend now.
The video in this article is of Obama in California (remember they just named a street after him) and one of the things he asks is "Are You Ready To Get To Work?"
He ask that in California? Where most people are either living on the streets or 3 families to a home.
But he didn't mean Actual Work Did He?
No he meant to get out and cause trouble.

Quote:Just in time to remind America why voters elected Donald Trump president two years ago, ex-President Barack Obama emerged from political exile last week.

Pompous, insufferable, self-enthralled, cliched and uninspiring, he picked up right where he left off.
Reliving his eight-year campaign that cost over 1,000 Democrat politicians their seats, Mr. Obama put on his psychiatrist cap and declared our current politics mentally unwell.

This November, he lectured, is “a chance to restore some sanity in our politics.”
And his history professor cap. The “arc of American history” blah blah blah blah. The whole class was fast asleep before he got to his point. Including President Trump.

He even donned his old commander-in-chief cap and tried some military talk.
 Obama was and is a Loser! 
Yes, his 8 years of Racial Divide and Lob Loss and opening the our Borders to Illegals was the reason Trump was elected.

Quote:He said he had to break his silence in order to complain about Mr. Trump because things had become so “dire.”

He called Mr. Trump a “demagogue” and a “threat to our democracy.” Which is why, perhaps, Mr. Obama’s administration deployed America’s entire espionage apparatus to spy against the Trump campaign at the height of the 2016 election.

“If we don’t step up, things can get worse,” Mr. Obama said.

So, he was stepping up.

Either that or Mr. Obama had heard a Red Heifer had been born at the Temple of Israel last week and assumed that was his signal to return. Time for the Second Coming of Obama.

Actually, his return to the political stage sounded more like somebody had fed a really terrible high-school term paper into Mr. Obama’s trusty old teleprompters.

Also, he was sick and tired of hearing all these economists and financial experts talking about how great the Trump economy is doing.
So he delivered a speech and declared that Mr. Trump’s excellent economy was actually a result of Mr. Obama’s eight-year assault on industry, small businesses, corporations, taxpayers and health care.

There is your answer, No, American working voters have a better life, with the stock market still high, that is a benefit for people with job related retirement plans and the actual individual retirement plans.
NEVER under Obama would this have happened, like his Shovel Ready jobs, All Smoke & Mirrors, he was Blowing Smoke Up The Asses of Brain Dead, Starry Eyed Americans.
He Still Is!

We both firmly believe President Trump will survive and have another 4 years, we are also thinking his daughter may be elected after him.
The article is too kind.  Obama not only had nothing to do with the economy himself, he said NOBODY could do it.  
According to Obama, the days of 3% and 4% growth were over, and they weren't coming back.  Then when somebody does what he said was impossible, he's got the gall to claim he did it.
The left is desperate.  They have no one to speak for them that has any credibility.  Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, Cuomo, Waters, Hillary?  
Not even close. 
Trump isn't Perfect, but he's doing a better job than any Democrat and Republican as in a longtime.
Just Our Humble Opinion
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

I don't think it's "true" as presented.

I think it's just another numb-nuts making up crap as he goes along, like that "Q" character.

I believe there IS a shadow war going on in the upper echelons, and I think this cat has nary a clue about it. "Arrests and trials" my ass. Arrests and especially trials are very public things, anathema to shadow wars. Misdirection is more in the bailiwick of shadow wars. In such a war, it is much MUCH more likely that Killary, for example, would have an unfortunate accident or a thoroughly explainable "heart attack" than it is she would suffer the indignity of a trial. Lawyers get the high and mighty off the hook in trials every day - they can't do much about unfortunate heart attacks... which are much more final.

Or fatal train wrecks, for that matter.

Quote:Mr. Obama’s return to the swamp also follows an anonymous opinion article in The New York Times confirming the existence of a “Deep State” aimed at thwarting the will of American voters from inside the White House.

This - from guohua's article. I have been laughing my ass off all week about this and the prominence it has carried in the news. An "anonymous source" - really?


No such source exists. It's all smoke and mirrors, and some dweeb in the basement bowels of the New York Times making shit up as he goes along, trying to earn his "reporter" chops. It is entirely made up bullshit, propaganda. It's another shot fired in the shadow war, and the news reports that the Trump people are scrambling to identify this mysterious "anonymous source" - but are they really?

I wouldn't be. If Mr. Anonymous were real, then it would be a simple matter to identify and fire him - just look for the idjit opposing everything and trying to talk Trump out of everything he does. Instead of trying to find this phantom, Trump REALLY ought to point out all of the logical arguments that show there is no such source, and that the NYT made it all up out of nothing. Whack their credibility AND their story all in one fell swoop.

American politics - you really ought to watch it with popcorn in hand!

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
I think numb nuts sums it up very well  minusculebiggrin

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