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Military Veterans Talk about Bigfoot Encounters
As mentioned previously;
Bigfoot has often been associated with the presence of UFO's, lights in the shy, other paranormal incidents etc

Maybe this "inter dimensional" aspect is what links these phenomena?
If "space ships" are man-made objects from a timeline we have not yet travelled...
and if lights in the sky are representative of "rifts" in space-time...?  Who knows!
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
(08-25-2018, 02:47 AM)Ninurta Wrote: Butbutbut - I live in the forest and don't shave, too!

This is true, but there a subtle differences. Bigfoot are perceived to live as one with nature and
if they come into contact with humans, prepare exit-routes and leave immediately.

You continue to conduct the same-old experiment that as been disproved in numerous academic
journals... that of seeing if a person -a rambler or hiker, can outrun a home-made bullet.

Rogue Nation Admin have been requested to send you a calendar. It is 2018 and not the days for
the Frontier.

Quote:...I've made a hobby out of convincing folks that I'm "just" a backwards hillbilly (not hard to do, because
I really am), and then lowering the boom on them with some seriously in-depth, scientific, complicated shit.

Explaining to the injured countryside wanderer why blood is pumping from a wound is not 'seriously in-depth,
scientific, complicated shit'. It's deliberate marksmanship because you do occasionally like to chat.

Quote:...You're right - things are not always as people perceive, yet they still insist on basing everything on those
faulty perceptions, and then wonder at why they always get surprised.

You're also right about why we shy away from interaction.
Bigfoot and I could be brothers... except he's bigger, and scares the crap out of me by his mere presence!
That's also something I've occasionally unwittingly done.

There may be more to this than I initially thought...

Seriously, we're naturally accustomed to equating clothing, tool-use and a self-awareness with a civilised
society and anything not ticking all those boxes, falls into the animal category.
Which implies we know what defines sentience.

It's generally deemed that science isn't looking for Bigfoot because they couldn't find evidence of where it
originated and it makes sense. But people are seeing something, so it demands investigation that doesn't
involve the selling of T-shirts and phone-ins trying to out-do each other with scary stories.
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Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Isn't it strange that when over 50% voted to leave the UK, a smaller-selection of the public said
they were wrong. When Donald Trump became President, the vast swathe of those who voted
for him were also mocked and told on almost every news outlet that -they too, had made a

A majority can be wrong because one man in a suit says so?

Quote:Science professor explains why Bigfoot's likely not real.

'LOUDONVILLE - Bigfoot believers and skeptics alike packed Loudonville's Ohio Theatre on Monday night
for a scientific discussion of the legendary ape-human hybrid said to roam the North American continent.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4961]

Mark Wilson, a geology and natural sciences professor at the College of Wooster, led the presentation, titled
"A Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot," to explain scientists do not believe it's likely the creature truly exists.
"I've long been interested in the Bigfoot legend and other strange and unusual things," Wilson said.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch or Grassman in Ohio, is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal, ape-like
creature that lives in the woods of North America.
Wilson used the scientific method, starting with a hypothesis: "Bigfoot is real."

He then listed several examples of reported proof, like footprints, remains, DNA, photographs, videos and
eyewitness reports. But with each category of evidence, Wilson disproved the hypothesis, explaining why each
is not scientifically convincing.

"Scientists don't think it's very likely that Bigfoot is out there. ...There's no evidence yet to support the 'Bigfoot is
real' hypothesis," he said. Footprints, DNA, remains, photographs and films have been faked and disproved in
the past, he said. "There are too many doubts, too many errors, too many possibilities of fraud," he said.

One of the most frequent examples of proof is eyewitness accounts.
Some audience members told Wilson during the presentation stories of their experiences, like a sighting in the
woods or casts of footprints. And about half of the more than 300 audience members raised their hands when
asked if they believe in Bigfoot.

But Wilson said these accounts are not reliable and therefore not scientifically convincing.
"The problem is that eyewitness accounts are shockingly poor in reporting what actually happened," he said.
"They make good stories, but they don't make good science."

Wilson also explained several reasons it's not likely the creature exists.
There has never been any real biological evidence, like bodies, bones, skin, hairs or DNA, found, he said.
"To have an animal be real in the world of science, we have to have some real part of that animal," he said.
"And there's nothing, nothing at all."

Additionally, any kind of hominid, like a Bigfoot, would need a significant population of hundreds of individuals to
reproduce. "We should have lots of them out there, and we don't," he said.

And primates generally flourish in tropical and subtropical locations, like South America, equatorial Africa and
southeast Asia, Wilson said. "It's not a likely place to find an unknown, bipedal hominid," he said.

Wilson said the myth persists because it's a tale that's easy to fake. Human perception is easily fooled, he said,
so it's difficult to rely on what people say they see, especially if they already believe in Bigfoot and are looking for
evidence to support it.

The Bigfoot industry is also profitable, Wilson said, with television shows, conferences, equipment and tours
geared toward the creature. He said he believes it remains a classic tale in American folklore.
"I think it's fun to think of mysterious creatures in the woods," he said. "They add flavor to a world that's increasingly
civilized ... to have this unattained hominid lurking around in the woods. ... It's really quite a romantic concept."

Loudonville's Cleo Redd Fisher Museum of the Mohican Historical Society hosted the program.
The discussion was originally to be held at the museum, which holds about 100 people, but after interest skyrocketed,
the event was moved to the Ohio Theatre, said museum curator Kenny Libben.

He invited Wilson to speak after he took a class with Wilson on pseudo-science issues.
"I know there's a lot of Bigfoot believers in town," said Libben, who said he believes it's unlikely but not impossible
Bigfoot exists.

Wilson was also featured on two 2012 episodes of the History Channel's show "Ancient Aliens," discussing dinosaurs,
earthquakes and floods. "We were scientists," he said. "We weren't 'Ancient Aliens' theorists, but traditional scientists."...'
Mansfield News Journal:

'All animals behave in the ways that science knows' -said an animal in clothes

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@BIAD  I'm sure he doesn't believe Giants ever existed either.
He is one of the types the Smithsonian Institute want on Staff, he would help to destroy any Evidence Proving They Are Wrong!

There is a reason we have,,,,,,,
[Image: 2016-02-08-roundup-bigfoot-skeleton.jpg]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I've been a civilian all my life, so I know jack-sh*t about any of the nuances mentioned in this video.

Can anyone with any type of military background give some advice on whether this guy is telling the

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(01-22-2019, 10:26 PM)BIAD Wrote: I've been a civilian all my life, so I know jack-sh*t about any of the nuances mentioned in this video.

Can anyone with any type of military background give some advice on whether this guy is telling the

2 hours!  Oh boy, something to watch tonight.   minusculeclap
(01-22-2019, 10:26 PM)BIAD Wrote: I've been a civilian all my life, so I know jack-sh*t about any of the nuances mentioned in this video.

Can anyone with any type of military background give some advice on whether this guy is telling the

I'm not military, but there are a certain number of inconsistencies/embellishments in the man's testimony IMHO.

Just off the top of my head...

He's got a 3-man team (Ex navy Seals etc) protecting his house because he's going to talk on a Bigfoot/Dogman radio show???
The Rake moves SO FAST that it's a blur, yet they manage to track/hunt find and kill it (whilst all four carrying 50cal machine guns??)
The Rake was 11-15 feet tall and moved incredibly fast, but it didn't get to them to inflict damage before they managed to kill it?
He recounts that it took 47 HITS with the 50 Cal guns to finish off the Rake, but helicopters arrived immediately after the "fight" and took the body away? How/When did he manage to count the 47 hits? During the fight when he was so scared that he could hardly stop himself from urinating on himself? or afterwards when the helicopters were closing in?? If after... how did he manage to turn over the body of the 15 foot tall creature to count the wounds on the other side?
The guys from the helicopters dressed all in black... he didn't know if they were military, 3-letter agency or whatever because they NEVER SAID A WORD yet they managed to convince 4 guys with 50cal machine guns to put down their weapons and surrender?
He said that he was about to tell the radio show guy something that he hadn't even told his wife, then spoke about being locked up for 6 months... I think that his wife would have asked him where he'd been for 6 months!?!
He said that the guys who took/arrested him and his buddies put them through all kinds of hell, but then said that (apart from the guard who brought him food and escorted him to the shower) he hadn't seen a single human being for the first 3 months?
He says that the Dogmen observed him for years (because he killed one?) They are so stealthy that you don't see them unless they want you to? Yet the Rake managed to sneak up on the Dogman it attacked (while he and his buddies were observing it?) and that he and his buddies managed to track and engage the Rake.... a creature that out-stealthed the Dogman????
They hauled their 50cals by hand through over 7 miles of woods etc in pursuit of the Rake during the "fight"??

A 15 foot tall Dogman (Grey) managed to sneak up to within 6inches of his face without him noticing anything?
Then it spoke to him (in English)? Advising him that he could talk about his encounters SO LONG AS HE CONFESSED HIS SINS that he'd previously killed a Dogman? SINS?? CONFESS??
He's had SEVERAL conversations with this Dogman but doesn't know it's "real" name?? Isn't that something that you'd establish early on?

I'm sure there are many more points that I'm missing, these ones were just off the top of my head after one listen.

He sounds genuine, and I believe that he THINKS he's telling the truth, but I get the impression that his mind is all over the place and many aspects of his account just don't add up IMHO.

LOVED hearing the interview though!

...and, I could be wrong!

tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
(01-23-2019, 03:34 PM)gordi Wrote: ...He sounds genuine, and I believe that he THINKS he's telling the truth, but I get the impression that his mind
is all over the place and many aspects of his account just don't add up IMHO...


Cheers Gordi, that was like a breath of fresh air!

I've noticed that from the days of Albert Ostman, the Patterson/Gimlin footage and Edmund Hillary's Nepal photos
of footprints in the snow, the drama has been slowly ramped-up to today's exciting fire-fights.

I believe that Sasquatch exists and probably gets involved in weird encounters with humans, but the whole video
rests on the idea that all of the officialdom involved has no regard to danger of civilians and loved-ones.

The idea of categorisation also bothers me. Once there were just tall hairy beasts -just as once there were merely
oddly-shaped flying saucers. These days, we have at least four types of Bigfoot, just as we had Galactic Federations,
anal probings, blue avian aliens and secret deals with Governments.

It'll be interesting to see what 2019 brings.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(01-23-2019, 06:20 PM)BIAD Wrote: It'll be interesting to see what 2019 brings.

Indeed it will!

I believe in the possibility of the Big Fella's existence too.
There are too many credible sightings and encounters for it to be nothing IMHO.

My own view is that people try to categorise and pigeon-hole it (as people ALWAYS do!!) instead of looking at it with an open mind.
Contrary to popular belief and the MSM, I think that there is much more to BF than is widely reported.

Flesh-and-Blood creature or Inter-Dimensional being?
Encountered in it's natural state or viewed through a time-slip?
Remnant of pre-historic primate (Gigantopithicus?) or Earth-sent servant of Alien Greys?

Of course, the same (or similar) things could also apply to Dogman, Rake and many other cryptids/creatures too!

Bring it on!
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
(01-22-2019, 10:26 PM)BIAD Wrote: I've been a civilian all my life, so I know jack-sh*t about any of the nuances mentioned in this video.

Can anyone with any type of military background give some advice on whether this guy is telling the

I have more of a paramilitary background than a military one, but I'll give it a shot...

Brian Ritchie story:

The following is more or less a running commentary as I listen to the podcast. I'm just jotting down notes as I listen. Bear in mind that I am drinking for the entire time of what looks like it will be nearly two hours, getting progressively drunker, so what I say may not be objective, but it is from the heart:

Guantanamo Bay for discussing Rakes and Dogmen? Not a chance. That's not the way this world works, and he should have known that if he's been around it any amount of time at all. He would be discredited and left in the wind, not disappeared.

The police would have cuffed them because of the gun-play involved, nothing to do with covering up stories of cryptids. If you've lived in that world, sometimes the local agencies are made aware of your background, sometimes not - it depends on several "need-to-know" criteria. In any case, if they have been informed, they rarely cuff you, because they are aware of the dangers involved in that activity. Sometimes those damned cuffs will fall right off at the most inopportune times!

"They" knew who he was, where he lived, and who his family was, and STILL threatened all of the above with "consequences"? My ass! State Boys and locals, if they have been informed, will in NO WAY do any such thing! That would be a guaranteed one-way trip to darkness for them! If you survive that world long enough to be turned out to pasture, you are checked up on occasionally, but not bothered much, and certainly not "dealt with rough" - because "consequences" run in both directions, and you've survived long enough to know a thing or two about dealing them out. If locals are made aware of "who you are", they are also made aware of that fact - what you can do. There is no reason to warn them otherwise.

Even the FBI does not screw with such men - they are referred to other, more compatible, agencies if they become problems.

I know of exactly ONE case where the FBI/BATFE were used as contact organs to entrap a former operator, but they didn't come up with the plan, they merely delivered the "warning" under direction of others. For the record, that operative heeded the warning, and was turned loose. It was just a not-so-gentle "reminder" from higher ups. So the gentleman's assertion of involvement by local LE, "Fish and Game", and even the FBI rings hollow.

That his kids are "well trained" human beings because he has "live the life he has" rings true. One does what he can to insure the survival of his progeny, and, having seen the underside of what people can do, one tends to pass a few things along to assist them in getting by, and prepare them for it if it becomes necessary. For example, I taught my son such things as how to make a knife disappear from an attacker's hand, and how to disarm a person holding a gun to your head. He didn't think it could be done until I showed him how it IS done. I had him hold an Airsoft gun to my head, told him to pull the trigger whenever he felt froggy enough to do it, and the rest is history. He's a believer now, and better yet, HE can do the same.

The incident is alleged to have occurred just across the state border from me, it seems, but at a time when I was out thrashing around the world, away from here.

I believe the man may be a combat vet of some stripe, but have doubts about some of the particulars he mentions. Either way, I'm not convinced of the veracity of the tale. Sometimes, due to a variety of factors, someone of such a background WILL do dangerous, stupid things like (but not limited to) actively hunting "creatures" of the sort mentioned. Some will do it for the thrill, the adrenaline high that they miss from combat, some will do it hoping the "creature" will kill them and put an end to their misery, some will do it just to prove to themselves that such things don't exist. For example, I occasionally tell Grace that I'm willing to fight a bear with a spear or sharp stick if one shows up in the yard. I'm not kidding - I'd really do it... just to see if I could still win. Stupid shit like that... or hunting Rakes.

He mentions "4 men with Barrett .50 caliber rifles", so the "hunters" are not using "machine guns", but they ARE "loaded for bear". However, as I'm sure Guohua will attest, 47 rounds of .50 caliber would likely not even leave a stain from most organic critters, and if it wasn't an organic critter, would 47 rounds of .50 caliber even bother it? That many rounds of .50 cal would make even an elephant look like just a pile of hamburger.

The critter "just wouldn't go down" from a .50 CALIBER shot, with just 6" FROM THE MUZZLE TO THE CRANIUM? Hell, even elephants are hunted with "just" a .458 Weatherby Magnum or an 8 gauge shotgun (both much less than a .50 BMG) from a distance! A .50 cal will drop any organic critter in it's own tracks, and spread parts of it around!

.50 Cals can take out a tank.

6 months in a military lockup over killing a critter that isn't even supposed to exist? My ass! See my comment above about Gitmo and being discredited and left flapping in the wind.

He keeps talking about "the security team oustide my house right now", allegedly consisting of two "Marine Raiders" (no longer exist - they are "Marine Recon" now, and have been for years, more years than my old ass has been in the business) and a former SEAL. Generally speaking, I won't trust my security to others if my life is under threat from nebulous "theys". That is MY job, and "former" employees of the same "theys" are not trustworthy unless I've been in the field with them, and some times not even then.  Random folk, for enough money, will turn on you in a heartbeat. We'd have had to have done more together than just break bread or speak to each other at a Company mixer before THAT much trust is given.

I've seen helicopters like he mentions. They are charcoal gray and entirely unmarked - not even tail numbers - not "black helicopters" - charcoal gray ones. Those are not operated by either the FBI or local "Fish and Game". I saw 3 fly NOE over my house when I lived in the woods in North Carolina one day, and waved at them and pointed "west". Never saw them there again.

Explanatory note: "NOE" means "Nap of the Earth". It denoted flying a constant level above the surface being flown over. Those choppers were about 100 feet AGL (above ground level). I could damned near smell their breath. They had some sort of sensor pods underneath them, probably FLIR and some kind of RADAR, and I would guess they were looking for lurkers and weapons caches, neither of which they found. We made NOE flight for the Mi-24 choppers in Afghanistan a very dangerous thing with Stinger missiles, first near Jalalabad, and eventually the Russians had to fly at 1500 feet and above, SOP all across the country. No more NOE. Charcoal gray helicopters without tail numbers should occasionally keep that in mind. Stingers ain't the only way to bring one down, they're just the easiest.

How could the narrarator be threatened with Court Martial by the military if he was never military to begin with, as he claims in the opening? I know of no civilians ever threatened with a UCMJ Court Martial, as he asserts. Civilians either go through a Civil (or civilian criminal) Court, a Star Chamber, or in extreme cases a Military Tribunal, but not under UCMJ, as civilians are not bound by the UCMJ. Military Tribunals in the US are generally reserved for Geneva Convention violations by non-military persons, but this guy did not violate any Geneva Conventions.

"If they ever disclosed any information in an official capacity whatsoever, the US Government would prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law." 1) They were not official in any capacity, and therefore could not have "disclosed any information in any official capacity". 2) "The fullest extent of the law" does not include prosecuting civilians in Courts Martial - it involves violation of Federal Law, prosecuted in a Federal Court, which does not apply here unless they signed NDAs regarding this alleged event. There is NO Federal Law against claiming that "I shot a monster in the woods".

Local PDs can NOT "shut down your finances" if you have lived the life he claims - you have already learned not to rely on banks and the like by then, and you will have a nest egg of cash/metal/jewels/etc. which they can not do anything with, because it's stashed and they can't find it to run it through Civil Forfeiture. They may lock down your bank account, but if they do, all they've locked down is about 50 bucks and a slua of promises, while you go on your merry way with hard valuables.

Ever gotten promises of "payment in diamonds so it can't be traced" by a foreign government, only to have them try to pay in cubic zirconia instead? That will cause you to learn the specific gravity of diamonds, and how to measure it... and there will be very apologetic government operatives when you do.

How did this "Rake" have a mouth, but no lips? Aren't lips what the edges of a mouth are called?

The rake hunt was "About 2003". I was contracted to the U.S. Marshals Service then, and not anywhere around here.

He said he was using a 5.56 AR to shoot the Dogman, but then says he was using "bonded soft point bullets for deep penetration and maximum damage". Soft point bullets are designed for max damage, but NOT deep penetration. The soft point causes them to mushroom, creating a larger permanent wound cavity because of the larger forward-moving surface area presented, but minimizing penetration because of that same surface area, which dumps more energy in the tissue and slows the bullet, because it saps the forward momentum, instead dumping that energy into tissue damage. Contrary to what he says, ballistics is not his strong suite.

5.56 ammunition of any kind is illegal to hunt even deer with in Virginia, as the state feels it's not strong enough to bring one down. The state of Virginia is full of shit in that regard. I can drop one with a mere .22, which is legal in the neighboring state of North Carolina to the south. In West Virginia to the north, 5.56 is legal to deer hunt with, but not .22. I don't know the law in Kentucky to the west, where this tale unfolds.

Wait - WHAT? The "dogman" he calls "Gray" SPOKE to him? In English?

In speaking of Dogmen, he says "imagine a cross between a timber wolf and a German Shepherd" I used to raise those cross breeds. and don't have to imagine them - they are truly impressive creatures. I draw inordinate pride in the fact that i was their "Alpha". My God, how I miss them!

Anyhow, this fella has gone on and on about the Dogman speaking, and I've yet to hear what it SAID...

Now he is sniveling because he killed an adolescent male Dogman. From a personal perspective, if someone is badass enough to attack me, they are badass enough to take what they have coming to them. Still, I do understand some folks have trouble with that concept. I have a friend who was an operator in El Salvador who still, to this day, has not come to grips with having to shoot a mere boy guerrilla that was only trying to kill him. That was over 30 years ago, and he still beats himself up over it, never having been able to internalize that anyone trying to kill you is fair game, and no harm done. He blames the US govt for the incident, and has been expat from the US for years now because of it.

It does ring true, however, that the Dogmen watched the narrator to see if he was a "threat", and determined that he was not unless he was attacked. People still watch me like that. It's unnerving, to think folks are scared of you for no real reason, but it has it's moments. About a week ago, a little old lady, a stranger, looked at me a few moments, made her decision, and asked me to get something off the top shelf at the grocery store for her as if she decided finally that I was harmless. I got it for her with a smile, but damn near cried.

Sometimes, life is a paradox.

He says the Dogman "Gray" asked him to "confess his sin". Now, aside from the curiosity that a dogman would have a religious concept of sin, Sin is a funny thing. I would not have "confessed", since I see no "sin" in self defense. That the narrator did is closer to what Animal feels in his encounter with the juvenile guerrilla, and I suppose that a Dogman would as well, if one of his own were killed - unless he was mature enough to understand that teenagers do dumb shit that occasionally gets them killed permanently dead. Nature does not care, not even about your age, and will kill you permanently dead in a heartbeat for being stupid and/or hormonal. It seems to me that an intelligent Dogman, being close to nature, would comprehend that and not assign blame.

OK, end of show. They thank him for his service. Now, this fella claims a background similar to mine - no national service, but has worked with hard-core national service folk. Now, if someone thanks me for my "service", I rarely ever respond. I didn't DO the kind of service they are thanking me for - I was not a "soldier" in the terms they think of. I was not a "national service soldier", and neither was this guy, according to his own story. Still, I guess it takes all kinds. Where I am squeamish accepting accolades that I feel I am not due, this fella may feel otherwise. I have a problem accepting what I feel is "stolen honor", but this fella may feel otherwise - he may think it's honor due him, whereas I don't feel it's due me. I have actual veteran friends who have insisted on dragging me out to Veteran's Day celebrations because they know me and my history, and I've felt uneasy through the whole ordeal, since  I don't think it's due me. I was mercenary, pure and simple. I did what I did mostly for money, and to protect me and mine in the small view - no lofty ideals of defending a nation. I just fought for me and mine, whether they were of my nation or not, and the money helped the decision. I'm no hero, and the Veteran's Administration won't even give me a pat on the back for it, because they feel I'm not due it, same as I do.

Still yet, to each his own, and this fellow may feel like he did it for all the right reasons, and so is due the honors. I am not, although we did, according to him, about the same things.

There really ARE "things" in these hills. Whether he ran into them or not I cannot say. What I Do believe is that he BELIEVES he did. I cannot say that his experiences are or are not real, all I can say is that I think he believes they are real. Now, I also believe that he is probably a combat vet of some kind - and there are lots of different kinds. His experiences MAY have broken his mind to the extent that he sees things that are not there, things which seek to assuage his feelings of guilt, and are thereby made larger, more esoteric, in order to soothe that guilt.

In short, I don't believe his "experience" of Dogmen and Rakes are real, but I do think HE believes those experiences ARE real. It may be a subtle difference, but an important one, from my perspective.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
(01-26-2019, 10:03 AM)Ninurta Wrote: ...In short, I don't believe his "experience" of Dogmen and Rakes are real, but I do think HE believes those experiences ARE real.
It may be a subtle difference, but an important one, from my perspective...

Wow, thanks Ninurta!

I had my doubts on his experience due to the casual nature he said he encountered -not just a juvenile Dogman,
but the large Rake that slapped it around!

I know most people attempt to find Bigfoot and the others from the safety of a well-used trail and even their car,
but to to find both and have interesting background information about some type of 'in-house policing'...? Nah.

Like you, I think he believes what he said, but once again, there's no viable evidence.
It's marvellous that Governments can leak like sieves, yet information about a dangerous animal running around
in the public domain is kept within a shady military group that allows one of its employees to talk about it on
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Well all I can say is that I have spent a lot of time in nature and have seen some strange things. However than anything could withstand 47 rounds from a 50cal (12.7mm) is in my mind just rubbish. I have seen what a 7.62mm can do and have seen a 500kg mouse taken down with one shot from a 7.62mm.
So if he got such a basic fact wrong it does not look good for the rest of his story
This young three year old boy was missing for several days in North Carolina, but fortunately he was found alive and okay even though night time temps were below freezing.  No food, no water, all alone.

Or was he? 

He says he "hung out with a bear" while he was gone.   tinysurprised   Could he have mistaken a Bigfoot for a bear?

I think a bear would have ripped him to pieces and had him for lunch, but a Bigfoot would recognize him as a child and offer protection, especially if it were a female.

What do you think?

[Image: casey+hathaway+search+8001.jpg]
By WITN News

Quote:CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN ) -- It took three harrowing days for a search team to find Casey Hathaway alive.
Facing heavy rain, gusty winds and low visibility, rescuers and law enforcement combed the difficult Craven County, North Carolina, terrain — focusing on up to 1,000 acres of heavily wooded areas.

On day three, a tip led the search team to a spot where they were able to hear the 3-year-old calling out for his mother, Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes told reporters at a news conference Thursday night.
They followed his call 40 to 50 yards into the woods, through water, to find Hathaway tangled in vines and thorns, Hughes said.

He was cold, authorities said, but alive and responsive. Hathaway was taken to a hospital where he is expected to be released on Friday or Saturday.
The boy told deputies that he spent two days hanging out with a bear, according to WNCT.

The search
Hathaway was playing with two other relatives in his great-grandmother’s backyard Tuesday, but didn’t come inside when the others did, WTVD reported.

His family searched for him for 45 minutes before calling 911, Hughes said.
“He was walking in the woods back there and we can’t find him,” his great-grandmother told the 911 dispatcher. “The other ones come through the house but left him there and he walked off somewhere and we can’t find him.”

Search and rescue teams from across the state immediately came together to brave the treacherous terrain and low temperatures hoping to find Hathaway.
The FBI, NCIS, dozens of volunteers and the US Marine Corps also joined the effort to find the boy, Hughes said.
Authorities employed helicopters, drones and K-9 units, Craven County Emergency Management Director Stanley Kite said. Divers also assessed nearby ponds, WTVD reported.

The boy authorities described as 25 pounds and 2 feet 4 inches tall was stuck out in conditions so bad that volunteers were turned away from the search.
Hughes said his team was concerned about the “extreme cold” as temperatures dipped near freezing, but against all odds, they found him.

“It was folks giving us tips and leads,” Hughes said. “We hit every one of them immediately and it paid off.”

Already asking to watch Netflix
Hathaway is receiving medical treatment for cuts and scrapes at Carolina East Medical Center, said Shelley Lynch, spokeswoman for the FBI Charlotte field office.

But, police say, he is in good spirits and has been reunited with his family.
“He’s good, he’s up and talking,” Hathaway’s mother told reporters. “He’s already asked to watch Netflix, so he’s good.”
What was really special was how Hathaway brightened up when his little sister was brought in to see him, Hughes said.
Hughes said there is no sign of abduction in this case.

No signs of abduction?  I wonder if the Bigfoot lured him into the woods?   minusculethinking
It sometimes takes a wile for the full story to come out, lets hope in this case it does
Just came across this on social media.  I've never heard of behavior like this from bears. Are they really that friendly? Maybe they can communicate telepathically with children?  Or, maybe ALL these children confused the "bears" with what was actually a Bigfoot?  I've heard people say they can communicate telepathically.

Casey and the Bear

Three year old Casey Hathaway was found alive last night after having been missing for over two days in rain and frigid temperatures.

It was Linda Fraker that thought she heard crying when she was walking her dogs on Aurora Road in rural eastern NC. She contacted authorities and Shane Grier arrived.

Shane, captain of Chocowinity EMS, heard Casey calling for his mama, from deep in the woods where he was tangled in briars in a flooded area.

Casey was cold and wet, but verbal. He told his family that a bear was his best friend for two days, before requesting French fries from Wendy’s and television.

Tonight, Casey is still recovering from hypothermia at Carolina East Medical Center where he was visited by Grier, his new friend.
But, what about that bear?

It’s not the first time a missing child has made mention of one. In 1869, three year old Katie Flynn went missing in Manistee National Forest. She was found the next day alive and told searchers that “a big doggie” had stayed with her throughout the night.
In 1888, the New York Times reported a disappearance of a not quite three year old girl. She was found a day later, two miles away in a deep valley and shared that she had slept by a bear that kept her warm that night.

In 1955, Ida Mae Curtis went missing in Kootenai National Forrest in Montana. She, like Casey, was found two days later after 350 backwoodsmen searches in heavy rain. She relayed, to the best of a 2-year-old’s ability, being cuddled and comforted by a bear during the time she was missing.

The Montana Sheriff demanded that Ida Mae’s family stop telling the story of a bear caring for their little girl. He told them, “Quit telling that story. It could never happen. It didn’t happen and don’t say it anymore.”

I, for one, believe in bears.

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