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Trump VS Gov. Moonbeam
Quote:Trump, Jerry Brown make dueling claims on cause of California fires
Gov Moonbeam is an Idiot!
Quote:The president is pointing his finger at environmental laws. The governor is blaming climate change.

And both are getting hammered for their remarks.

As twin wildfires have destroyed more than 1,000 homes in Northern California, President Trump and California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown are both making claims – and provoking criticism – about why the fires continue to spread.

Trump tweeted Sunday claiming the fires are “being magnified” by environmental laws that stop water from being effectively used. He also called for clearing more trees.

“California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized,” Trump tweeted. “It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire spreading!” 
When our Democratic Governor in Az. stopped the removal of the underbrush and dead trees with control burns and chainsaws in the 90's we has two of our Worst Forest Fires.
Destroying over a 1000 acres.

Quote:Meanwhile, Brown said during a press conference last week that climate change could be a factor. He spoke of climate change and said the “predictions that I see, the more serious predictions of warming and fires to occur later in the century, 2040 or 2050, they're now occurring in real time.”

"You can expect that — unfortunately — to continue intensifying in California and throughout the Southwest,” Brown said.
Conservatives, though, have pushed back, blaming policies including those to quickly put out smaller wildfires -- in turn allowing dry brush to build up. 

"Brown does a disservice by attributing the huge and destructive fires such as we've seen in the past year to global warming, rather than to a combination of hot weather and mistaken government policies,” reads an editorial in Investors Business Daily. 
Yes, Gov. Moonbeam has used his Demigod, Al Gores favorite Rant, it's all about Climate Change, whis is Unproven and not to mention the Fire that burnt most of Southern California just last year was caused by Illegals and the homeless.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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