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The Banking Royal Commission
Quote:The Banking Royal Commission
Quote:Robbers entered a bank in a small town.
One of them shouted: "Don't move! The money belongs to the bank. Your lives belong to you."
Immediately all the people in the bank lay on the floor quietly and without panic.
This is an example of how the correct wording of a sentence can make everyone change their view of the situation.
One woman lay on the floor in a provocative manner.
The robber approached her saying, "Ma'am, this is a robbery not a rape.
Please behave accordingly."
This is an example of how to behave professionally, and focus on the goal.
While running from the bank the youngest robber, who had a college degree, said to the oldest robber, who had barely finished elementary school:
"Hey, maybe we should count how much we stole?" The older man replied:
"Don't be stupid. It's a lot of money so let's wait for the news on TV to find out how much money was taken from the bank."
This is an example of how life experience is more important than a degree.
After the robbery, the manager of the bank said to his accountant: "Let's call the cops and tell them how much has been stolen".
"Wait, said the Accountant, "before we do that, let's add the $800,000 we took for ourselves a few months ago and just say that it was stolen as part of today's robbery."
This is an example of taking advantage of an opportunity.
The following day it was reported in the news that the bank was robbed of $3 million. The robbers then counted the money, but they found only $1 million so they started to grumble.
"We risked our lives for $1 million, while the bank's management robbed two million dollars without blinking.
Maybe it's better to learn how to work the system, instead of being a simple robber."
This is an example of how knowledge can be more useful than power.
Moral: Give a person a gun, and he can rob a bank. Give a person a bank, and he can rob everyone.
Got that right !

Banks have got to be what I hate the most after the gubment.

My better half works at a bank. They split pennies in two when it comes to employees. No paying overtime, you take the time back - when THEY decide it's ok for you to do so but they will always ask you if you can stay a bit more to help out though...and try to fuck you out of that overtime if they can...

All the while, they make Billions of profits every quarter, yes, that's Billions with a Capital Fucking B. It would take her a hundred years to make what the CEO makes in a year, scratching his nuts and playing golf.

They are legal mafia. Period.

You and Sol have already voiced my thoughts, so I'll just say...  AGREED!   smallnotamused 

Wait! I just remembered something I can add...

I keep seeing articles/posts/tweets about President Trump aiming to take away power from the federal reserve. They say we (in the U.S.) will be having a financial reset, possibly in the fall, and go to a silver-backed currency.

I don't know how true this is, but getting rid of the federal reserve would be a major step in the right direction; they are the ones who rob people blind.   We'll have to wait and see what happens.
(08-01-2018, 10:46 AM)Sol Wrote: ...They are legal mafia. Period.

I think everyone would be in agreement with that statement.

There's was a so-called parable out of the bible that I was taught at school and I've not only struggled
to find the account that the teacher told me, the lesson I'm supposed to learn from it still alludes me.

The basic outline is that a Father gives his two sons a bag of money to do whatever they think fit.
The father buggers-off somewhere and when he returns, he asks what they did with his cash.

The first son says he tried through various means to improve the amount and due to poor investment
skills, lost the lot. The father pats his head and responds with something-like 'never mind, at least you

The second son says he hid the bag of cash under a stone and never did anything with it.
His Pa frowns saying that he was lazy and will never amount to much.

The teacher explained that it's better to try and fail and than do nothing and I agree.
But the bag of money wasn't theirs to use and to respect another's property is a value I would also
have to agree with!

The impression I took from what the teacher was saying is to use other people's money to aquire
a profit is a good thing... like a f*ckin' Banker!
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Bankers are Robbers and Bank Robbers are Wanna be Bankers.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(08-01-2018, 07:05 PM)guohua Wrote: Bankers are Robbers and Bank Robbers are Wanna be Bankers.

Say that 10 times real fast!   tinylaughing

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