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Juncker On The Bottle Again.
I saw this on a Friday morning's television infor-tainment news outlet and I suspect it's the norm for
Mr. Juncker. It's been often hinted at that Juncker likes his tipple and I believe Wallfire regularly refers
to him as 'Drunker'!

Quote:World leaders forced to hold stumbling and swaying Juncker ahead of NATO dinner.

'World leaders were forced to step in and help on Wednesday when European Commission President
Jean-Claude Juncker was seen stumbling and losing his balance ahead of a Nato dinner.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4114]

The European Union leader was stumbling so much that world leaders including the presidents of Finland
and Ukraine, and the Dutch Prime Minister, were forced to hold him up.
Footage from the summit shows the 63-year-old being held up as he makes his way down the stairs.

But as Mr Juncker attempts to walk he stumbles backwards and loses his balance once again.
The European Commission President then had to be held at the arm in an effort to steady himself.

Prime Minister Theresa May walked past Mr Juncker and grinned, seemingly unaware that the European
Commission President was struggling to stand unaided.

Mr Juncker was attending a gala at the Nato summit in Brussels attended by US President Donald Trump
and First Lady Melania Trump. Following the event, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “He doesn't have
a serious health problem as far as I am aware of but he does have a back problem for some time.”
He added: “It is a problem in a sense that he sometimes has these pain attacks.”

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4115]

Mr Juncker has previously blamed the unsteadiness on sciatica, which can cause numbness or weakness of
the legs. The European Commission President’s office declined to comment due to privacy concerns.

Mr Juncker’s latest stumble has sparked criticism on Twitter.
Umberto Gambini, who is the Head of Office for Spanish MEP Ramon Tremosa, called for a medical certificate
to prove Mr Juncker suffers from sciatica.

He wrote on Twitter: “I don’t have the proof he is drunk but he does look like.
“If it’s all the fault of his sciatica than we should have the right to see a medical certificate!
“Public Institution. He is well paid by taxpayers. Damages 4 Europe image?
“What about trust in EU citizens for the EU project?”...'
The Express:

Please Mr. Gambini, do not concern yourself. Jean-Claude is merely sozzled again.

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I think if you look at the people around him, they dont look concerned , they look disgusted.
So now we know part of the reason why the EU is in such a mess
Quote:EU denies 'insulting' claim Jean-Claude Juncker was drunk at NATO summit.

The European Commission president was unsteady on his feet after suffering a "painful attack of sciatica",
a spokesman says.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4117]

'The EU has denied "insulting" suggestions that European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker was
drunk at this week's NATO summit, saying he was suffering from sciatica. The 63-year-old was seen to be
unsteady on his feet at the summit dinner in Brussels on Wednesday evening, and had to be helped away in
a wheelchair.

The prime ministers of the Netherlands and Portugal, Mark Rutte and Antonio Costa, helped prop him up.
Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said it was "more than tasteless" for the press to write "insulting
headlines by exploiting President Juncker's pain"...'

Don't worry, in six months the EU will make such headlines illegal if they involve EU officials.
And Snowball will dance side-to-side as he explains that the pigs are more special than the
other animals in the farm.

Quote:'..."I don't think this is elegant and I don't think this is fair," he added.
Asked whether Mr Juncker had mixed painkillers and alcohol, Mr Schinas replied: "No he didn't -at least I am
not aware of this happening."

The president had suffered a "very particularly painful attack of sciatica accompanied by cramps," Mr Schinas said.
"The president has himself publicly stated that this sciatica affects his ability to walk," he continued.
"That was unfortunately the case Wednesday night.
"He is taking medication and feels better."
Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from the hips to the feet, is irritated.

Mr Juncker carried out a "full programme" at NATO and the European Commission on Thursday, Mr Schinas said,
and will stick to a "very demanding agenda" next week, including a trip to China and Japan.
The German government weighed in on Friday, with spokesman Steffen Seibert saying Berlin has a "very high level
of confidence" in the Commission president.

Mr Juncker, whose five-year term at the head of the commission ends next year, has faced questions before about
his public demeanour...'
Sky News:

The power-hungry piss-head is one of the elite, so don't accuse and don't stare. It's his sciatica reacting to the
rubbing of his hip-flask. They should've fastened him to a Junker-shaped balloon to keep him standing...
or is that insulting too?

Edit: Watch the footage in the link, he's smashed!

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Good heavens!!   mediumfacepalm    Cheers!    minusculeguzzlingbeer
Found this online
Quote:Wino Juncker Outdoing Yeltsin, Drinking Himself to Death as EU Boss

But Yeltsin was cooler
(Trad News) 11 hours ago |  2,097  22


Jean-Claude Juncker, the highly esteemed President of the European Commission, has one of the most difficult and stressful jobs in the world. He has to pretend that a lot people and countries who hate each other and constantly bicker and backstab, actually love each other. 
The only way to make the day-to-day pain of this Euro nightmare go away -- albeit temporarily -- is to stoke up on a few bottles of wine before lunch, several more during and after lunch, and then some vodkas and gins after his staff pull him out of a puddle of puke around five o'clock and clean him up.
[Image: Jean-Claude-Juncker-012_0.jpg?itok=5-PfSS50]
In the past he used to hide his "tragic condition" so well, concealing bottles of wine inside slim, 10,000-page long EU documents on sausage regulations, or by pretending to embrace and kiss people whenever he lost his balance and had to clutch on to them to avoid falling over.
But now it seems the drink is starting to get the upper hand, with the "tired and emotional" Juncker looking increasingly like a wino in a parking lot next to a welfare office.

During the recent NATO Summit, the Chief of the EU was seen staggering around, being frightened of stairs, and talking to bees, as other delegates desperately tried to stop him falling flat on his face or puking on them.

The sacrifices that this man has made for European unity are truly immense, and will be remembered by history for generations to come.

[Image: 140418-clift-yeltsin-tease_vfcndt.jpg?itok=L2fGjZyF]

The whole situation with Jean-Claude Juncker is a farce in a supposedly professional environment of political nation-steering.
Regardless if it's a sciatica or Müller-Thurgau, the man is embarrassing himself and those he works alongside.

We're to assume he's in pain when dealing with steps and since 'a spokesperson' and the media were aware of his alleged
ailment then why was this ignored and Juncker was allowed to be assisted to the top level for the photo-opportunity?
Sciatica doesn't cause a person to behave in the manner he did with grabbing people's heads during greetings and staggering
around in a situation that implies he's inebriated. If he was ill, then why was he allowed to be there?

I'm reluctant to believe the poor optics of a doddering old man in pain, smiling and chatting those around him were set-aside
in favour of making sure he was in a group photo before a NATO gala-dinner. 

Juncker didn't arrive in a wheelchair -which would have been normal if he was enduring such a medical condition, and an
explanation would have been announced beforehand. If he's worried about not getting paid at his job, I'm sure he'd be
entitled to statutory sick pay if he obtained a note from his Doctor!

Quote:'...The rumours, Mr Juncker explained, were triggered by "a balance problem I have with my left leg,
which forces me to grip the handrail when I'm on the stairs". He said the problem "goes back to a
serious car accident - in 1989 I spent three weeks in a coma, then six months in a wheelchair"...'

In a normal setting, a company or business would have approached him with strong evidence for his own well-being
and the well-being of the company's future, that he should accept retirement and rest his damaged body in the
luxembourg sun.
Then why is he still in office?

The reason he's still there is he's a power-hungry tyrant who is reaping the rewards of an lavish lifestyle.
He's one of the elite's puppets and the demon-drink is his only friend.

The Latin for such a trapped animal is 'Non-Deplorablus Pissheadus'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I see Mr. Junker as nothing more than part of the NWO Elite that hasn't finished serving his Purpose, What Ever That was or Is.
Everyone may be Disgusted with him, but he knows where a Lot of the Bones are Buried and Who Buried Them.
I think they are hoping he drinks himself into the grave.

How sad, Power is So Corrupting and it destroys your Spirit (Soul) and your actual way of thinking and looking at the people around you (Hillary is a Prime Example). 
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
(07-15-2018, 04:43 PM)guohua Wrote: I see Mr. Junker as nothing more than part of the NWO Elite that hasn't finished serving his Purpose, What Ever That was or Is.
Everyone may be Disgusted with him, but he knows where a Lot of the Bones are Buried and Who Buried Them.
I think they are hoping he drinks himself into the grave.

How sad, Power is So Corrupting and it destroys your Spirit (Soul) and your actual way of thinking and looking at the people around you (Hillary is a Prime Example). 

I think you are a 100% right, i believe this is how the Fuhrer (Merkel) survived this last few weeks. " you push me out and I will tell where the bodys are buried "
So few people understand what power does to the soul.
The article below must be lies because the European Union is an honourable system.
And... I have some unicorns for sale.

Quote:EU President Jean-Claude Juncker 'is a drunk who binges on GIN instead of water at meetings',

leaving his aide - nicknamed 'the monster' - running the Commission, shock new account claims.

*Jean-Claude Juncker spotted stumbling and in a wheelchair at NATO summit 
*Explosive new account suggests he binges on gin at meetings and is a drunk 
*Mr Juncker - one of the EU's most powerful men -  has denied he is an alcoholic

'The EU Council President is an alcoholic who binges on gin and leaves his ambitious but unelected
deputy to govern, according to explosive new claims.

Jean-Claude Juncker -one of the most powerful men in Brussels -has been spotted stumbling around
and unable to walk at the recent NATO summit. He has repeatedly denied claims that he is an alcoholic
and insisted that his sometimes shambolic appearance is down to chronic back pain known as sciatica.

But in an explosive new account, a Brussels insider says that he had heard the EU politician is 'a little too
fond of the bottle'. And Mr Juncker has left his ambitious and unelected chief civil servant Martin Selmayr
-dubbed 'the monster' -to run the Commission, it is claimed.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4164][Image: attachment.php?aid=4165]

(Left) Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured sharing  a beer at the Bavarian parliament in June) has been accused
of enjoying the bottle too much.
(Right) Juncker is often pictured with a glass in his hand. He raises a toast to Angela Merkel in 2010.

Writing in The Spectator, Jean Quatremer -a French journalist who has covered the EU for years -says
Brussels is awash with talk of the President's out-of-control drinking. He wrote: 'Numerous people, in
Luxembourg, in Brussels and in European capitals, can attest to several examples of Juncker drinking.'

He said that one former minister told him: 'When a bailiff brings him a glass of water at a council of
ministers, we all know it's gin.' Mr Juncker was photographed stumbling, unable to climb the steps to the
podium and being pushed around in a wheelchair at last week's NATO summit in Brussels.

The meeting was a crunch showdown between Donald Trump and his defence partners -including many
in the EU -after the US President had threatened to tear up the defence and security alliance.
Mr Juncker, 63, insisted that he was not drunk -and blamed his appearance on his back pain.

In a scathing assessment of his account, The Spectator piece states: 'But the "sciatica" explanation
does not really stand up to scrutiny. 'It would suggest Juncker suffered agonising back pain, but he
did not seem to be in any discomfort. 

'The video shows him smiling, laughing, talking and kissing his partners as they helped him walk.'
It went on: 'The other explanation -and the assumption of a great many in Brussels -is Mr Juncker
is a bit too fond of the bottle. Which he constantly denies.'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4166]
An aide pours out a glass of red for Juncker as he attends an European
finance ministers meeting in Brussels in 2011.

At a 2015 summit in Riga in Latvia, Mr Juncker welcomed the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
with a shout of 'The dictator is coming!' and then a playful slap to the face, according to the account.
While the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel was greeted with a kiss on his bald head. 

Mr Quatremer says that while these antics have been put down to Mr Juncker's boisterous personality,
they raise serious questions about his health and suitability for office.

And he said that while the elected EU President looks unable to govern, Mr Selmayr  -who is dubbed
the monster because he can work at all hours and is known for his brutal tactics -has been quietly
taking over the reins of power.

He wrote: 'The deterioration of Juncker combined with the power of Selmayr indicates an unusual
set-up with the President as the puppet.  'Pull back the gin-soaked curtain and we may find the real
influence is wielded by Selmayr, an unelected and unaccountable Eurocrat.

'Mr Juncker's spokesman insists there is "no anxiety whatsoever about Juncker's ability to work hard,
as he always does".  Mr Juncker hit back at the reports of his drinking and denied the allegations when
speaking to reporters yesterday. 

Asked directly if alcohol played a role in his stumbling at NATO, he said: 'I'm really impressed by the
interest some people are taking in these not even marginal issues and I am asking for respect.'
He added: 'I had sciatica and moreover I had cramps in my legs' adding that he 'laughed at the
pettiness' of what was being said about him...'

I'm paying for his tipple!

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