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The Donald In The UK.
Here's a summary of President Trump and the First Lady's schedule for the first day of their visit to the UK.
BBC Link:

A Thursday and nobody is working in London. Mostly women and certainly no working-class.

Posted at 18:43

Quote:'..."It's so noisy, the protest. we think five, six, 700 protesters are here in east Oxfordshire.
"It's very lively, very noisy, peaceful at the moment; with the kind of people you don't normally see at protests.

"Really they've got two objections to Donald Trump being here. First of all they regard him as a racist.
Others are saying they regard him as a misogynist, somebody who has bad attitudes towards women.

"In a sense, they're putting the policies of Donald Trump to one side and picking on the man.
"He's due here in a couple of hours' time to have dinner with about 150 business leaders.
The people here want to get a message to him loud and clear that he's not welcome.

"They want to make as much noise as possible to send a message, 'Mr Trump, we don't want you here
in the United Kingdom'."...'

Posted at 19:01

Quote:'...Outside a fenced off area in Regent's Park, some protesters carried placards saying "Special Relationship?
Just Say No" and "No to Trump, No to War".

A handful of women made noise with a whistle, a saucepan and bells to make themselves heard.
Jane, from Scotland, said: "I promised myself if he ever stepped foot in this country I would come out and protest."
The retired teacher, who did not wish to give her surname, said she mostly disagreed with Mr Trump's views on
climate change but disliked his "whole attitude"...'

On another page, it says:
'Theresa May has welcomed Donald Trump to the UK with a lavish black-tie dinner
-during which she made a case for a new trade deal with the US...'

But let's talk about feelings because that's what feeds families.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Sounds like someone over there is watching too much CNN.   tinylaughing
(07-13-2018, 01:51 AM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Sounds like someone over there is watching too much CNN.   tinylaughing

Well, the UK MSM are just towing the Leftist's line. The comments are stereotypical of what I
read on the established US media's websites and the BBC-style rhetoric.

I must admit, by saying what he says, Trump is forcing the mainstream media to acknowledge
that some of the 'problematic' issues from the Globalist's beliefs were already in place before
President Trump took office.

However, in a two-person 'chat' -which is becoming more-and-more usual on television news,
there's no response when one of them says 'this travel-ban against certain Islamic countries
was there under Obama'.
The studio is quiet for a second or the speaker is cut-short by a change in the discussion.

When Trump stated Germany received 60% of their energy from Russia and thought it was
hypocritical for the EU to suggest President Trump was against NATO. The mainstream media
are so engrossed in the need to correct him, they reported that Germany received the majority
it's coal and gas from Russia!
And thus, revealed the hypocrisy!!

Trump pulled a fast-one by doing a sit-down interview with The Sun, one of Murdoch's papers.
Since the tabloid is seen as a 'working-class' newspaper -full of cleavage, violent reports and
discussions on Love Island, by the rest of the news-outlets, he caused another outrage for those
in the Fake News circles!

He basically told the Sun 'Journalist' that he told Theresa May how to make the Brexit deal with
the EU and she decided to go another way. Trump also indicated that may have an effect on any
future US-UK deals.

The usual racist and misogyny claims were far and few between on Friday morning, but maybe
these won't emerge in the English news until he's flown to his Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland.

The £18,000 ($23,629.03) Trump-Blimp...? The Sun reported "it hurt him"!
Which means it supposedly hurt his feelings and so for the snowflakes, it was a success.
How you attach a person who's supposed to have no feelings with someone who 'feels' hurt, wasn't
discussed by the la-de-dah media!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
If a reader cannot see the biasness in today's mainstream media, well the white-sticks are in the corner
with the Guide Dogs.

If a noted person who -whether a noted figurehead or not, travels to another land, they are ambassadors for
their country. We can argue about self-responsibilities and why we should be seen as agents of our countries,
but in a centuries-old tribal-mind, that's really how it is.

But there's a flip-side to this as well. A host isn't just the guy waving a piece of card with a name on it at the
airport or a Prime Minister meeting a dignitary on the steps of some lavish mansion, the people of that land
are hosts too.
And we're back to responsibilities again.

But the MSM don't swim in such chivalrous waters, their trade is dying and they too can flip sides.
One minute they're pleading for help via reader-loyalty and the next, they're the sharks cruising with teeth
of mendacious word-smithery.

So the headline to be clicked on the BBC article is:
'Trump at Turnberry as protests continue...' -which shows that the protests have the same billing as the
visitor and then the actual article is titled:
'Trump to play golf at Turnberry as protests continue...' which is more about some paraglider that flew
close to Donald Trump's hotel.

It seems the protests are the focus on Trump's visit to the British Isles and considering he's not the President
of this land, one might wonder what terrible deeds he's personally committed to the subjects of Queen Elizabeth.

Well, he offered a trade-deal if P.M Theresa May untangles the UK from the European Union properly and he
assisted in selling food and drink to the marching upper-middle-class who screamed outside Westminster and
Blenheim Palace.

I live a couple of hundred miles away from Mega-City One, almost as far out in the wastelands as our valued RN
member Gordi, and I can tell you, travelling to London is costly and not for the lower-income bracket.
So can we add that Donald Trump and his beautiful wife also helped distribute excess wealth from high wage
-earners to Cockney bollinger retailers and foreign baristas that needed it?

Here's the rest of the report.

Quote:'...Donald Trump is expected to play golf at his resort in Ayrshire later as further protests against his visit to the UK
take place. The US president arrived in Scotland on Friday evening after completing his two-day "working trip".
A paragliding protester appeared to breach security around the president by flying close to the Turnberry Hotel.

A "national demonstration" is due take place at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Saturday....'

The BBC have reported very little on the visit and it's reasons and instead, focused on the protests of the visit.
I understand that such writings can bring in ratings and I can appreciate the concerns of the people enjoying
venting their disdain in the bright sunshine.

Personally, if I was Donald Trump, I'd have visited in November when it pisses-down in Britain. One wonders
if such gatherings would be as enthusiastic under grey clouds instead of blue skies. But then again, I'm not a
Advertisement -(Sunshine provided by Guohua, Site Owner)

Quote:'...Mr Trump - whose mother was Scottish -and his wife Melania are spending the weekend at his Turnberry hotel...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4118]

We''re back up to neutral reporting....

Quote:'...The president's visit to Scotland has been accompanied by a major security operation.
Police insisted they wanted to strike a balance between "protection and public safety and the public's right to
peacefully protest"...'

...And we're back down again, with sucking the dicks of the BBC's Diversity Department and their victimhood

Quote:'...Ahead of his Turnberry arrival, police snipers were positioned on tiers of temporary scaffolding overlooking
the golf course, with a large number of other officers patrolling the grounds and surrounding area.

After President Trump entered his golf resort, a paraglider from environmental group Greenpeace was seen flying

The aircraft held a banner reading: "Trump: well below par #resist".
Police have confirmed that they are trying to trace the individual involved...'

But if the flyer is anything like the Novichok container, it'll be four months from now and hiding in a drug-abusers
home... that I pay for. But please, continue with your over-weighted report on the protesters and someone in
a red tie.

Quote:'...In Edinburgh later, protesters are expected to walk to the Meadows for a "carnival of resistance".
The event will feature the giant Trump Baby balloon, which was banned from both Turnberry and Holyrood.

Thousands of people protested in London on Friday against Mr Trump's UK visit.
Protesters also filled George Square in Glasgow ahead of his arrival in Scotland.
However, the UK government's International Trade Secretary Liam Fox told BBC Breakfast that the anti-Trump
campaigners were "an embarrassment to themselves".

He believed that the large scale protests in London and other cities on Friday "did not reflect the genuine good
manners and hospitality of the British people"...'

But Mr. Fox, what about the face-painters and the eighteen grand forked out for the Trump-blimp?
What about latte-drinking and the sage discussions around the an alfresco cafe-table?
All these pretentious people not working on Thursday, Friday and now Saturday, all being emissaries for their
country and showing an assumed nationalistic pride at disliking someone they've never met.

Staying with that loyalist view. the next paragraph must never have any negative smeared close to it, the Queen
is mentioned and the BBC are the velvet cushhion for her feet.

Quote:'...Mr Trump flew to Prestwick on Friday evening after earlier meeting Prime Minister Theresa May and The Queen.

Speaking at talks at Chequers, Mr Trump said a US-UK trade deal "will absolutely be possible", hours after he told
The Sun Theresa May's Brexit plan could kill an agreement.
The Scottish part of the US president's trip has been described as a "private visit".

Mr Trump has often spoken of his love for Scotland and its people and had been a regular visitor to the country for
many years, but this is his first trip since becoming the US leader. The president and his wife Melania waved as they
left Air Force One shortly after arriving at Prestwick, before being taken away in a huge convoy of black vehicles for
the 20-mile journey to Turnberry.

People in the Ayrshire village of Maybole took to the streets to watch the presidential motorcade pass through en
route from Prestwick Airport to Turnberry...'

Yes, but were they protesters...? I thought the narrative that all of the UK were protesters.
I mean, apart from those who're serving the cinnamon dolce lattes... whatever that means.

The opinion from the majority of the British Isles is unknown in regards of President Trump and the BBC know it.
It's a biased platform that's funded by the tax and licence-payers and ignores them because many of them are poor
and smell funny.

Quote:'...Mr Trump was greeted by Scottish Secretary David Mundell, who said the visit was an "opportunity to strengthen
those vital links" between the UK and USA.
Mr Trump is not expected to meet First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has been a vocal critic of the president...'

But don't think for an instant that the Beeb is letting Trump off for a second.
Oh no, Ms. Sturgeon represents our snowflake generation and isn''t in it for vote-garning.
Her honour demands a footing in the rhetoric!
She might not be a black lesbian in a wheelchair, but she's a woman and Trump isn't... Take that as
a valid argument!

Quote:'...Ms Sturgeon will lead thousands of marchers at the Pride Glasgow march on Saturday.
As well as the protest in George Square in Glasgow on Friday evening, anti-Trump campaigners also gathered in Dundee,
while further protests are expected to target his Turnberry and Menie golf courses as well as the US consulate in Edinburgh...'

I think the BBC listed all of the protest events and that's nice of them.
What about getting back to the subject of the article, yer' know... the guy from the big plane.
The report fails to say if the Ms. Sturgeon-led Pride march is to protest against Donald Trump not fucking men
or just another day-out to meet friends and cop-a-feel with strangers.

Quote:'...Mr Trump is due to leave Scotland on Sunday, when he will travel to Finland ahead of talks with Russian president
Vladimir Putin...'

We'll end with an enigmatic sentence that could mean they're both eeeevil bastards, heh?

Well done BBC, you're a credit to your country. You've told the world that the United Kingdom doesn't like a person
because of feelings. Impartial writing that would look good in The Guardian and we won't comment on the luck that came
from being able to film the paraglider that 'happened' to fly across the front of the hotel in the eveing light.

Let's just hope the sky-flyer is transgender and suffers with anxiety-attacks or he'll be labelled a misogynist who doesn't
appreciate vaginas.


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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

As Tommy Robinson supporters clash with strays from the 'Stand-Up To Racism' rally on Saturday
and Edinburgh celebrate the lift-off of the Trump-Blimp (see how it soars)...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4124]

...there's equality to found above the knife-threatening streets of Londinstan.

Quote:Sadiq Khan baby balloon crowdfunding SMASHES target in outrage over Trump protest.

'Sadiq Khan may be forced to approve a request from protesters seeking to float a huge balloon depicting
him as a giant baby after the initial crowdfunding target to have the blimp made was smashed in less than
a week.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4125]

Demonstrators are planning to have the huge Sadiq Khan baby balloon fly over London to protest the Mayor's
decision to allow an "angry baby Trump" balloon to float as part of a protest against US President Donald
Trump's official visit to the UK.

The crowdfunding had a £10,000 starting target but was soon smashed, with critics of Mr Khan donating
nearly £53,000 in less than a week.

Yanni Bruere, the man behind the initiative, told talkRADIO: "I was pretty irritated with Sadiq Khan and his
willingness to insult the most powerful man in the western world.
"This is someone who is a friend of Britain, who is half-British himself.
Two can play at that game, if they can do it, then we can."

The Greater London Authority (GLA) gave its authorisation after 16,000 people signed a petition calling for
the Trump baby balloon to be allowed to fly over London.
Mr Khan later defended to support the GLA saying the blimp met the peace and safety requirements needed
to be used during the protest.

Mr Bruere also said that any excess collected during the crowdfunding campaign would be used to host a
"Make London Safe Again" to raise awareness of the escalating numbers of violent crime committed in London.

He continued: "What we're going to be doing an event in August called Make London Safe Again. It will be a
demonstration to make London Safe Again and put real pressure on Sadiq Khan to make London feel safer

"It will be going to good causes and it will be going to other events."
Mr Khan and President Trump have repeatedly locked horns after the US leader condemned the Mayor over
records showing an increase in violent crime on the streets of London.
There have been 1,296 stabbings in London since the beginning of 2018, 51 fatal.

In an interview before his arrival in the UK, the US President again attacked Mr Khan saying he has "done a
very bad job on terrorism." Mr Trump said: "You have a mayor who has done a terrible job in London. He has
done a terrible job. "Take a look at the terrorism that he is taking place. Look at what is going on in London."

After it was announced the Trump balloon would be allowed to take off, Mr Khan told Good Morning Britain
signalled he would not censor protesters flying a Sadiq Khan balloon as long as it was "peaceful and safe."

Asked whether he would have been fine had the balloon represented him, the London Mayor said: "If it's peaceful
and safe, yes. It's not for me to decide what's in good taste or bad taste.
"My views are irrelevant. The issue is, do they have the freedom to protest, freedom to assemble, and should they
be allowed to do so? If it's peaceful and it's safe, then they should do so."

The Trump baby blim[p] floated in Parliament Square ahead of the mass anti-Trump protest in London before being
whisked off to Scotland to accompany demonstrators marching in Edinburgh after President Trump's arrival at his
Turnberry resort...'
The Express:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
This is it guys, the Never-Trumpers were correct, he's not Presidential material and now on a visit to
speak with the Queen of England, Donald Trump broke one of the main sacrosanct rules when engaging
in private conversation with the monarch.
He told the mainstream media.


Quote:Donald Trump BROKE royal protocol after meeting Queen as he reveals explosive details.

'Donald Trump has revealed details from a private conversation with the Queen in a break with protocol after
Her Majesty hosted the US President and his wife Melania Trump for tea at Windsor Castle...'

Holy-sh*t...! We're gonna get the goods on him now! All this talk about Fake News and how President Trump
knew how to avoid it, he's gone and fell for oldest trick in the book. *BIAD sighs as his hopes are dashed*
(I love the 'tea' -mention, it's so quaint!!)

Anyway back to the serious article. But first, some filler background information to imply journalistic research
was done.

Quote:'...Mr Trump is currently in the UK for his first official visit since becoming US President in 2017.
And while it is not an official state visit, Mr Trump and his wife were treated to all the pomp and pageantry
befitting his visit, including tea with the Queen.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4130]

The pair discussed a variety of topics including her views on Brexit, the US President revealed in an explosive
interview with Piers Morgan...'

Whooooa, hold on there, I thought President (they keep referring to him as 'Mr.' or 'Donald' for some reason) Trump
had told The Express what he and Lizzy... I mean Queen Elizabeth had spoken about. Now it seems he confided
in a friend. Oh well, never mind, at least we'll find out what was said.

Quote:'...Senior royals and especially the Queen are expected to remain politically impartial and the US President disclosure
is not likely to go down well. Thirteen prime ministers have served during the Queen’s 66 year reign and Her Majesty has
remained tight lipped on political issues.

However, President Trump broke with protocol as he revealed the Queen’s views on Brexit...'

Fantastic! This will send a message to both sides of the Brexit argument and could even effect negotiations in Brussels.

Quote:'...When asked if they talked about Brexit, he told the Daily Mail: “I did. She said it’s a very -and she’s right -it’s a very
complex problem, I think nobody had any idea how complex that was going to be.
“Everyone thought it was going to be ‘Oh it’s simple, we join or don’t join, or let’s see what happens’.”...'

Well duh, yeah Mr. President, we've all reached that conclusion. But please tell us the real 'inside'-stuff she believed
about the UK leaving the Mafia European Union.

Quote:'...When pushed further about what the Queen really thinks about Brexit, Mr Morgan revealed The US President
“clammed up”...

MUTHA-F*$!*... It's Fake News!  I fell for it, not The Donald!

Quote:'...Mr Trump said: “Well, I can’t talk, you know I’ve heard very strongly from a lot of people, you just don’t talk
about that conversation with the Queen, right? You don’t wanna do that. Let me tell you what I can talk about.

“She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so beautiful, when I say beautiful -inside and out.
That is a beautiful woman.”...'

The article rumbles on with images of the Queen and President Trump inspecting the Royal Guard and offers opportunities
for the Press to use negatives like:

Quote:'..During his visit to Windsor Castle on Friday, Mr Trump was also pictured blocking the
Queen, with his back towards the monarch –'a move that is heavily frowned upon

Before the Queen caught up with him, the US President looked side to side to see where she was. The US President then
waited for the Queen before the pair continued on their journey.
It is considered rude to turn your back on Her Majesty when meeting the Queen.

Royal correspondent, Richard Fitzwilliams, told “It was inappropriate behaviour.”
However, it is unclear whether Mr Trump was told to walk ahead before the Queen caught up with him during his visit...'
The Express:

A false promise from The Express, but maybe CNN can help us in our hour of need?

Quote:Cuomo calls out Trump: Put up or shut up moment.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4131]

'CNN's Chris Cuomo challenges British newspaper The Sun and President Donald Trump to release the full tapes of a
recent interview between Trump and the paper after the President called it "fake news."...'
CIA -I mean CNN:

Well, maybe not.


Maybe the serious citizens of the UK can assist in showing us how mature politics can be countered
and then hopefully, the media will align too?

Well again... maybe not.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I looked at the video, all hope has been lost.
(07-15-2018, 12:49 PM)Wallfire Wrote: I looked at the video, all hope has been lost.

Yep and in the background of all of this is Sadiq and his little web.
His double-standards know no-bounds.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(07-15-2018, 12:49 PM)Wallfire Wrote: I looked at the video, all hope has been lost.
MY GOD!!!!!!  smallfit
You're Right @Wallfire  How Sad!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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