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The European Union & It's Problems.
One would guess that Italy likes President Trump!

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(02-10-2019, 08:15 PM)BIAD Wrote: One would guess that Italy likes President Trump!

Lot's of symbolism there.  I can't understand what they are saying, so I don't know if this is good or bad, but to have it be that big, I'm thinking it is an honor to President Trump.

 Now there's something to give the Deep State to talk about.   tinylaughing This is how people around the world are viewing our President right now.  Too bad all the American people don't feel the same way.
Be sure to click that link in the Q post. It goes to some pretty heavy videos on Twitter of things going on across the pond that we don't see in the MSM.

Post 2683

Quote:Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c3856a No.5110466 [Image: fold.png]

Feb 10 2019 16:52:24 (EST)[Image: fold.png]

Would you know if not posted by individuals on social media?

FAKE NEWS attempting to 'CONTROL' the narrative by not providing coverage?
Do the protests in EU go against the narrative that majority of people are for globalism, open borders, and mass immigration?
1. Dilution of citizen voice
2. Dilution of citizen vote
3. Dilution of national independence
>Police turned against its own citizens
>Citizens turned against its own police
>People v People
Controlled media > prevent mass awareness
If the news doesn't report the facts (ie, truth) - how do people get informed in order to be heard?
Silence the people.
Localize disruption.
Target leaders of disruption (quietly take action).
Deploy scare tactics & political cross-talk
Control volume.
The media no longer represents the will of the people.
Think for yourself.
Research for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Sheep no more.
Quote:Marseille knife attacker shot dead by French police.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5323]

'A man has been shot dead after wounding at least two pedestrians with a knife in the centre of Marseille.
The attack occurred at about 16:45 local time (15:45 GMT) on Tuesday afternoon in the Canebière area
of the city, which is France's second largest.

Police said they opened fire after the man, who has not been named, threatened officers with a weapon.
The prosecutor's office has said the attack was not politically motivated.

"It's a common law assault," prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux said.
At least one other pedestrian was reportedly injured during the confrontation with police...'

Okay, we believe you.

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