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The European Union & It's Problems.
See what we can do when we unite together?   POWER TO THE PEOPLE!   smallgreendancer

Quote:French President Emmanuel Macron officially “abandoned” his proposed “fuel tax” Wednesday; with government officials confirming the leader rescinded the tariff after widespread protests.

His Prime Minister told reporters the “tax is now abandoned,” adding the administration is “ready for dialogue” to avoid future violence surrounding the policy.

Read more:  MACRON SURRENDERS: France Moves to Permanently ‘Abandon’ Climate Tax After Protests

Well here is the story in English about the raping of a 10 year old girl in Finland. The English police would never give such a warning as the Finnish police did.
We can expect that more rapes will be discovered in other citys and the the Finnish PM will get a law passed to stop the police reporting them
Seven men have been arrested in Finland accused of repeatedly raping a ten-year-old girl in a grooming case that has shocked the Scandinavian country.

The girl has allegedly been subjected to multiple sexual assaults over several months in the suspects' homes in Oulu in northern Finland, police say.
The men, aged 20 to 40, have all arrived in Finland as migrants or refugees in recent years, and are thought to have made contact with the victim on social media, local media reports.
[Image: 7080424-6466423-image-a-3_1544087925190.jpg]

Shocking: The ten-year-old victim has allegedly been subjected to multiple sexual assaults over several months in the seven suspects' homes 

'For young people, meeting a foreign-heritage man [a person whose parents are not Finnish or who themselves are not Finnish] can happen spontaneously, for example during a party,'  criminal investigator Markus Kiiskinen of Oulu Police told Ilta-Sanomat.
'Someone could offer them something "nice", like tobacco or alcohol, which can start a nasty chain of events. '
Kiiskinen said that the suspects all knew each other, and that the young victim is not related to any of the alleged rapists. 

The case has prompted the Oulu Police to issue a warning to the public about 'foreign men' contacting underaged girls on social media.
'The police is urging young girls and parents to be vigilant on social media. Recently, in the Oulu region, there have been incidents where foreign-born, often non-Finnish men have contacted minors online.
'At worst, there contacts have led to serious sexual offenses,' the statement reads adding that parents need to be aware of whom their children spend time with both on- and offline. 
[Image: 7080414-6466423-image-a-2_1544087919212.jpg]

Warning: The incident has prompted police in Oulu to issue a warning to parents to monitor who their child speaks to on social media

[Image: 7080458-6466423-image-a-4_1544088017656.jpg]

Anger: Prime Minister Juha Sipilä expressed his shock and anger in a tweet

Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipilä took to Twitter to express his shock and anger, writing that 'A sexual offence against a child is an inhumane act, and its wickedness cannot be comprehended.'
President Sauli Niinistö branded the crimes an 'evil' which must be fought in an interview with a Finnish newspaper. 
Oulu is a harbour city in north-west Finland, home to some 202,000 people. Of Finland's population of just over 5.5million, some 321,500 people are born in a foreign country.
Compared to neighbouring Sweden, Finland had a low intake of migrants and refugees during the recent European migrant crisis.
Last year, 31,797 persons moved to Finland, down from 34,905 in 2016 and 28 746 in 2015.
The flaming BBC couldn't help themselves but report this. Any opportunity to imply the UK's decision to
leave the European Union and the Government-funded broadcasting establishment will reach into their
bag of 'maybe, could and suggested' to deliver their anti-Brexit narrative.

Quote:No-deal Brexit: Disruption at Dover 'could last six months'

'Dover and other Channel ports face disruption for up to six months if the UK leaves the EU without a deal,
ministers have said. The "worst case scenario" warning comes after analysis of likely traffic flows, if customs
checks are delayed.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4888]

Lorries carrying medicine could get priority at ports and planes used to fly in drugs, ministers said.
But Tory Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen said it was "Project Fear on steroids," ahead of Tuesday's big Brexit vote.

He told the BBC: "It's the last throw of the dice from the prime minister who is desperate to get MPs to vote for
her withdrawal agreement." The prime minister's claim that the alternative to the withdrawal agreement she has
negotiated with the EU is a no-deal Brexit, has so far failed to convince many of her own MPs.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was among ministers trying to promote the deal on Friday, ahead of Tuesday's
Commons vote, which the PM is widely expected to lose. He told the BBC: "I don't know how likely 'no deal' is.
It is what happens automatically unless Parliament passes something else.
"I very strongly feel that the best thing for the country, not just for the health service but for the country as a whole,
is for Theresa May's deal to pass."

Updated advice to government departments from officials warns there could be six months of reduced access
and delays at Dover and Folkestone, if the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 without a deal...'

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(12-05-2018, 06:02 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: The day is coming soon when their lies are going to be exposed and they will hang their heads in shame for being an obstacle to getting rid of the evil Cabal.

 A Fake Journalist feel shame? I've got my doubts about that - their usual modus operandi is to double down on stupid when they get caught out. They are, after all, leftists!
" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
Doesn't it make you smile when those who are supposed to be in charge eventually catch-up with
what everyone else knew from the beginning?

Quote:Liverpool 'child asylum seekers' found to be adults.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4893]

'Twenty-four asylum seekers who claimed they were children after being sent to Liverpool were found
to be adults, the city's council has said. The authority said another 15 asylum seekers "should have
been identified as children" by the government and accommodated in London instead.

A Home Office spokesman said age-disputed cases remain "a very challenging area".
Liverpool City Council wants to recover £657,000 [$836,426.04] for supporting the children.
A council document said 39 asylum seekers sent to Liverpool by the Home Office in 2018 "have then
claimed they were children".

The authority "had to pay for an 'age assessment' for each one (costing £1,500 each-$190.96) that
concluded that 15 were children and 24 were adults".

£647,000 a year
Support for children includes more benefits and educational provision, "which they cannot access if they
are an adult seeking asylum", according to the document.

"The 15 children should not have been sent by the Home Office to Liverpool," it continued, "they should
have been identified as children by the Home Office and therefore received support from a local social
services (such as in Croydon) and not be a cost to Liverpool City Council".

As they had been assessed as children in Liverpool, the council was obliged to support them -the costs
of which are "approximately £657,000 per year".

It said it "should be able to recover the costs associated with the children who should never have been
sent to Liverpool".

The document also highlighted:

*the council has been "threatened" with judicial reviews from legal advisers for some of the asylum seekers
found to be adults
*it was providing them with accommodation at a cost of "approximately £350,000 per year" [$445,584.65]
to avoid legal costs
*it has decided to fund legal advice to challenge the next six cases "where the young person is assessed as
an adult and a judicial review is threatened by the asylum seeker's legal adviser"
*the council has asked the Home Office to fund independent age assessments earlier in the process

A Home Office spokesman said "safeguarding children" was a priority, adding "age-disputed cases remain
a very challenging area of work in which no single assessment technique, or combination of techniques,
is likely to determine an individual's age with precision".

"The Home Office will treat someone claiming to be a child as an adult where their physical appearance and
demeanour very strongly suggests that they are significantly over 18." He added that funding for unaccompanied
asylum-seeking children was under review.

'Threat of court'
David Simmonds, deputy chairman for the Local Government Association, said the issue was spread
nationwide. "The process at the border is pretty weak because there is no definitive way of checking age.

"Lawyers know a judicial review will cost a council between £20,000 [$25,461.98] and £60,000 [$76,385.94]
and use the threat of court to get their client what they want.
"Fair play to Liverpool for trying to stand up to it. But win or lose, the taxpayer always loses out."...'

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For anyone who has a Twitter account, have a look at this thread. Mike Totes has been doing some excellent coverage of the Yellow Jackets in France. 

Here is the first Tweet to the thread:

Welcome to Europe, a place where civilised folk cower in fear.

Quote:Strasbourg Christmas market shooting: Thai tourist among three killed as gunman escapes

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4914]

The suspect was wounded after being cornered by armed police but managed to escape, triggering a huge manhunt.

'A gunman still on the run after killing three people near a Christmas market in Strasbourg has been identified by police
as Strasbourg-born Cherif Chekatt, 29.

French interior minister Christophe Castaner said there would be an increased police presence in towns and cities
across France and border security would be heightened as the search continues.

As well as the three deaths, 13 people were injured, eight seriously, when gunshots were heard just after 8pm near
the market in Place Kleber, which attracts millions of tourists each year. Sky sources have confirmed that one of the
three victims killed was a Thai tourist. Witnesses earlier said he was shot in the head and did not respond to attempts
to revive him.

The Thai embassy in Paris named him as 45-year-old Anupong Suebsamarn. it said he had just arrived in Strasbourg
and was planning to travel to Paris on Thursday. Police with machine guns were seen running into the square moments
after the first shots were fired and it was quickly evacuated.

Officers chased the gunman for more than two hours before they cornered him and there was a shootout.
The suspect was wounded, along with a soldier deployed for Operation Sentinel -set up after the 2015 Paris attacks
to protect areas which could be a terror target.

Chekatt escaped the shootout and is still on the run but five people have been detained as part of the investigation.
Police said Chekatt is a suspected robber who was due to be arrested earlier on Tuesday morning.
His home was searched and they found explosive materials, but he was not there.

Authorities said he was an "S file" security risk - a list of anyone in France suspected of being a radical.
There was a police operation near the city's cathedral on Wednesday morning but witnesses reported it quickly
ended and officers were seen leaving. No more details were immediately available.

A terror investigation has been opened for murder and attempted murder in relation with a terrorist enterprise,
the French prosecutor's office said. A Sky News source said MEPs were among many people stuck in buildings
in Strasbourg in the hours after the shootings because of a security lock down. They were later allowed to leave.

Emmanuel Foulon, a press officer for the European Parliament, which is based two miles away, was in the square
at the time and said there was panic and everyone got to the ground in restaurants around the square.

Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson, who had just left the market, told Sky News: "We were walking towards the scene
of where the shooting took place.
"I heard over six shots and at that stage, there was chaos, confusion, everyone was running - there was pandemonium.
"There were some people with children walking towards the incident and we were telling them to move back.

"Most people were shocked, confused -there was pandemonium -people didn't understand what was happening -we
hadn't [either]. We had heard the shots quite clearly and there were people running away from the scene."

French president Emmanuel Macron is being kept informed and is sending his interior minister, Christophe Castaner,
to the eastern French city, an Elysee palace official said. Theresa May said she was "shocked and saddened" by the
attack and that her thoughts are "with all those affected and with the French people".

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said his thoughts are with the victims and that
Strasbourg is a symbol of the peace and democracy of Europe.
"Values that we will always defend. The Commission stands alongside France," he said.

Sky News' Europe correspondent Mark Stone said that an airport-style security system to get on to the island where
the market is held -in place two years ago -is no longer there, but police and soldiers were at the scene.
Strasbourg Christmas market is one of the oldest in Europe, with 300 wooden stalls set up in the city's historic centre
from 23 November to Christmas Eve.

Ten suspected Islamic militants plotted to blow up the market on the millennium and were jailed for up to nine years in 2004.
France remains on high alert following a series of Islamic State inspired attacks in 2015 and 2016, which killed more than
200 people...'

And only the source of the possible radicalisation and past-terrorist attacks are mentioned in the last two sentences... typical!

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The chap -who undoubtedly be accused of mental issues, is named.

Quote:Strasbourg shooting: Police appeal to find Chérif Chekatt.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4918]

'French police have issued a call for help to find the man suspected of opening fire near a
Christmas market in Strasbourg. Hundreds of police, soldiers and border agents on both
sides of the Franco-German border are trying to find Chérif Chekatt, 29.

Two people died and 13 were injured in the gun attack in the eastern French city on Tuesday
evening. The gunman shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is greatest") as he opened fire.

Chérif Chekatt was already known to the French authorities as someone who had been
radicalised into following an extreme form of Islam while in prison for crimes including robbery.

Police say anyone who sees the "dangerous" suspect should not approach him, but instead
call an emergency hotline.

How is the manhunt going?
France's Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told the parliament that more than 700 police
officers and other members of the security forces were searching for the gunman, who was
injured in an exchange of fire with soldiers who were patrolling the Christmas market in
Strasbourg when the attack occurred.

Across the nearby border, German police are also conducting searches after France's Deputy
Interior Minister, Laurent Nuñez, acknowledged that the gunman might no longer be in France.

Border agents are also checking vehicles crossing the Rhine river, which marks the Franco-German
frontier, leading to long lines of traffic in both directions...'

'...As he fled he came into contact with four soldiers, Mr Heitz said, and began firing at them.
The soldiers fired back, apparently hitting him in the arm.

The attacker boasted to the taxi driver that he had killed 10 people, and also said he had been
injured during a firefight with soldiers.
He ordered the taxi driver to drop him in the vicinity of the police station in the Neudorf area...'

(I bet that hurt the BBC Diversity Department!)

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Ladies and Gentlemen... we got him.

Quote:Strasbourg Christmas market gunman shot dead.

Cherif Chekatt killed three and injured another 13 people at a Christmas market in the French city
of Strasbourg on Tuesday.

'The man suspected of opening fire at a Christmas market has been shot dead, France's interior minister
has confirmed. Cherif Chekatt killed three people and injured 13 at a Christmas market in the French city
of Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner confirmed that the 29-year-old was killed in the Neudorf-Meinau
area of the city after a police operation was launched at around 9pm local time on Thursday.

Three police officers had stumbled across a man they had believed was Chekatt and when they went to
arrest him he turned to fire on them, Mr Castaner said. The officers had then shot and killed him.
A French official was earlier quoted by the Associated Press as saying the suspect had been armed with
a pistol and a knife...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Tis' the season to be jolly and in the city, jolly means fighting for your begging spot.

Well done Sadiq, the affluent districts of London now look like a third-world bazaar with
scrounging people attempting to trick those with cash.

Quote:Brit beggars being forced out of regular spots by Eastern European gangs

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4926]

British beggars are being muscled off the streets by mobs from eastern Europe.

'The gangs - mainly from Romania - have descended on London to prey on Christmas shoppers.
They turf homeless Brits from their pitches at prime tourist spots, steal the cash they have been
given and threaten violence if they resist.

Council chiefs have urged shoppers to call police if they see beggars brawling. Two homeless men
were seen fighting for a spot outside luxury department store Selfridges.
They dropped their sleeping bags and threw punches at each other in a row over the prime pitch.

Alex Pugh, 28, who moved to London two years ago after losing his home in Cornwall and sells
Christmas wreaths to tourists, said: "There's a lot of dark stuff out here on the streets.
You've got to be ready to fight.

"They'll sit in your spot if you move for two minutes. When I slept near a station I woke up and they
had nicked all my change and my pot. “The foreign beggars come over for Christmas and go back
in January. It's not right."...'

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I take back my mild-slur on Belgium, you guys rock.

Quote:Brussels protest over UN migration pact turns violent

'Thousands of demonstrators in Brussels have marched against a UN migration pact, signed in Marrakech last week.
Flemish right-wing parties called the march, which took place near major EU institutions, amid fears the pact could
lead to an increase in immigration.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4935]

Police deployed tear gas and water cannon as clashes broke out. About 5,500 protesters took part.
A counter-protest organised by left-wing groups and charities in the city centre drew about 1,000 people.
The largest member of Belgium's ruling coalition, the right-wing N-VA party, left the government last Sunday in protest
against the prime minister's decision to sign the agreement.

In July, 196 UN members agreed the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
It was signed by 164 countries in Marrakech last week, with the US and a number of European states -including Austria,
Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovakia - refusing to formally adopt the agreement.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4936]
Some demonstrators carried signs reading, "First our people" -a sentiment from around the world and
one of Trump's!

The deal, which is not legally binding, seeks an international approach to migration that "reaffirms the sovereign rights of
states to determine their national migration policy" and asserts the "fundamental" importance of legal migration.
But critics in Europe believe it will lead to increased immigration to the continent.

Bart Claes, the president of the youth wing of the Flemish nationalist party, Vlaams Belang, told the BBC that people
should have been consulted before Belgium signed up to the deal.
"It's been approved apparently," he said. "But the opinion of the people was never asked. That's strange for something
that goes this far."

Dries Van Langenhove, from the nationalist youth organisation Schild en Vrienden, agreed, saying the protesters wanted
to "raise our voice against the Marrakech pact". "We think the decision was not made in a democratic way, with a minority
in government and a minority of the Belgian people," he said. "That's what we are protesting against."

A smaller number of counter-demonstrators objected to the marchers.
"We want to raise the alarm to show that the organisers of the other demo are fascists groups," Naomi Stocker said.
"They advertise hate and discrimination and are violent. We want to warn people and send a different message."

Fellow protester, Barend Claessens, said that although they did not want a confrontation with the "extreme right",
the counter-demonstrators wished to show "there are still a lot of people who agree with the pact".

More and more countries in Europe have clamped down on migration in recent years.
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was forced to cancel its migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean
this month after repeated battles with Italy.
And in June, Hungary made it illegal to help asylum seekers...'

Recently said:
"The fragility of the EU is increasing," warns EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. 
The cracks are growing in size."

Come on world, keep your shoulder to the wheel.

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