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The European Union & It's Problems.
It seems that rarely a day passes without the mainstream media announcing that someone from
the elite group who rule over the European Union waves at the minions or decides to allow terrorists
into a country they don't preside over.

Wallfire and myself swim in these murky waters where words like 'immigration, economic-migrant' and
'refugee' are used liberally when describing someone crossing distances looking for a hand-out from the
white man.

So I felt a thread might be in order to keep the MSM's -and other outlets' articles in one place, a place
where we can see an overview of the failings of those who wish to destroy traditional values borne from
centuries-old struggles and also monitor a possible turnaround if Merkel and her crew think their jobs
are on the line.

Quote:EU agrees new migration plan after all-night talks.

EU leaders reach a crucial deal on steps to tackle migration after resolving a bitter row with Italy's new hardline PM.

'European Union leaders have reached an agreement on how to deal with migration after all-night talks in Brussels
to overcome Italian demands for more help. EU Council President Donald Tusk confirmed in a tweet that the 28 EU
"leaders have agreed" on a migration compromise which was at the heart of their two-day summit.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4026]

They agreed to set up joint asylum processing sites and restrict migrants' moves with the bloc.
"All the measures in the context of these controlled centres, including relocation and resettlement,
will be on a voluntary basis," the joint statement said.

The leaders also agreed to tighten their external border more, increase financing for Turkey, Morocco and Northern
African states to prevent migration to Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron said the deal was "good news".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed his sentiments, but acknowledged that deep divisions remained among
member states. "Overall, after an intensive discussion on the most challenging theme for the European Union, namely
migration, it is a good signal that we agreed a common text," Mrs Merkel said.

"We still have a lot of work to do to bridge the different views," she added.
Mrs Merkel had warned that the bloc's "destiny" was at stake if it failed to reach an agreement, with her own job also
hanging in the balance as tensions over the issue grow at home.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who heads a month-old populist and anti-immigration government, had vetoed
joint statements for the entire agenda of the EU summit until his demands were met.
Italy has recently refused to let several migrant rescue boats dock at its ports, demanding that the responsibility for
people arriving across the Mediterranean should be shared between other countries.

"Italy is no longer alone," Mr Conte said after the migrant agreement.

Prime Minister Theresa May told Sky's political correspondent Beth Rigby that EU leaders negotiated the deal after
"lengthy discussions". She said: "We have come to positive conclusions... which is taking more action upstream in
countries of origin so that we can ensure that people aren't having to make and aren't making these very dangerous
journeys, often travelling many miles, often at the hands of the people smugglers and making the dangerous trips
across the Mediterranean where we still see some people dying."...'
Sky News:

Mrs. Merkel may be aware of this type of conduct in her country and beginning to understand that those who she's
hoping will vote for her are aware too. Unusual and non-traditional behavior -it seems, is now being exported from
within the EU!

Quote:'Voodoo' nurse Josephine Iyamu guilty of sex trafficking.

'A London-based nurse has been convicted of trafficking five Nigerian women into Germany to work
as prostitutes after subjecting them to "voodoo" rituals.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4027]

Josephine Iyamu forced the women to swear oaths to hand over money to her during "juju" ceremonies.

Iyamu, 51, formerly of Bermondsey, was convicted of five counts of arranging or facilitating travel for sexual
exploitation at Birmingham Crown Court. Jurors also found her guilty of perverting the course of justice.

The rituals saw the women forced to eat chicken hearts, drink blood containing worms, and have powder
rubbed into cuts, the court heard. Iyamu is the first person to be convicted under Modern Slavery Act laws
passed in 2015, allowing prosecutions of British citizens for overseas sexual trafficking.

She was born in Liberia, but became a British citizen in 2009 having been allowed to stay in the UK due to
her nursing qualifications. Her husband, 60-year-old Efe Ali-Imaghodor, was acquitted of doing acts intending
to pervert the course of justice...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4028]
Josephine Iyamu's home in Nigeria, although she's a British citizen living just across the river Thames from

Quote:Psychological control
Iyamu declared a modest income of around £14,500 in 2016/17 from her work as an NHS agency nurse, the
court heard. But after her arrest last year investigators found she was able to afford to spend thousands on air
travel and a large home in Benin City, Nigeria.

Prosecutor Simon Davis said by performing rituals Iyamu gained psychological control over the women.
The National Crime Agency (NCA) said Iyamu had "enlisted the help of a voodoo priest" to put the women
through a "juju" ceremony which was "designed to exert control" over them.

The victims and their families were threatened with serious harm if they broke their oath to Iyamu, according
to the NCA. The court heard Iyamu was "willing to put the women at risk of serious injury and or death as they
made their journey from Nigeria to Europe".

They were too afraid to challenge her or fail to pay her back tens of thousands of Euros she charged them to be
trafficked into Germany, the court was told.
Opening the case, Mr Davis said: "The debts incurred by the women were enforced through fear.
"Each of the women were put through what is known to some as a voodoo ceremony."

Iyamu will be sentenced on Wednesday...'
BBC News:

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The deal means nothing, the EU will just hand out passports and let the "refugees" wonder round Europe as they please. What needs to be done is city's built in Africa that are run and policed by the EU that would keep the refugees safe till they can return to there own lands, if they cant return then let them put roots down in the new city.
This mess wont stop as long as people think they can get free money and services from us by invading Europe
(06-29-2018, 10:57 AM)Wallfire Wrote: The deal means nothing, the EU will just hand out passports and let the "refugees" wonder round Europe as they please. What needs to be done is city's built in Africa that are run and policed by the EU that would keep the refugees safe till they can return to there own lands, if they cant return then let them put roots down in the new city.
This mess wont stop as long as people think they can get free money and services from us by invading Europe

...And call it Wakanda!

It just alludes me why anyone would willing allow different cultures -cultures that appose each other
in some areas of social-conduct and ideologies and assume it'll be all smiles and bouquets.

If some of the values that a society holds is to subjugate females, demand certain worship formats
or even believe that anyone not upholding their ethical standards should be punished, it's obvious that
problems will arise.

The EU cannot get around the fact that if I and my friend in shed can see it, they and their advisers must
have been aware of the volatile possibilities of grouping two entirely different cultures.
So why did the un-elected bureaucrats make that decision?

Dispersing gathered-wealth from a set of nations in order to appease some-imagined type of European
colonial guilt is not what the Common Market was designed for. Nor an army either.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The My-Way Or Highway Principle.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
We bandy the word 'snowflake' around to describe the young people who want to live in a world
where wealth is evenly distributed and presumably picked from trees.
Maybe they could leave the outside cafes and bars and take a walk down to sort this out?

It's another result of the European Union's project.

Quote:France: Violent clashes in Nantes after police shoot young man.

Protesters have set fire to cars and a shopping mall after police shot dead a 22-year-old man in Nantes.
A French lawmaker has announced a full investigation into how the man was killed during a traffic stop.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4077]

'French lawmaker Valerie Oppelt on Wednesday called for calm after police shot and killed a 22-year-old
man in Nantes, triggering unrest in several neighborhoods across the western city.

Shortly after news of the man's death emerged, groups of young protesters gathered in the Breil neighborhood.
The protesters threw Molotov cocktails and torched at least three vehicles and a shopping center during clashes
with police.

"Nantes was the scene of violence last night. I appeal for calm. An investigation is under way to learn the circumstances
of this tragedy," Oppelt said in a tweet. "My thoughts go out to the residents of the Breil neighborhood."

Local police chief Jean-Christophe Bertrand said the 22-year-old man, whose car had been under surveillance as part
of a drug-trafficking investigation, was pulled over during a traffic check, but his identity was "not clear and officers
received orders to bring the driver to the police station." 

The man, Aboubakar F., then attempted to reverse the vehicle, in the process hitting a police officer in the knee.
"One of his colleagues then fired, hitting the young man who unfortunately died," Bertrand said. Local residents
dispute official accounts of the incident, calling the shooting "scandalous."  

Nantes police later announced that colleagues in the city of Creteil, near Paris, had issued an arrest warrant for
the man in June 2017 for robbery and other crimes. 

Police: 'We expect the worst'
Groups of protesters also clashed with police in the Dervallieres and Malakoff neighborhoods, known as sensitive
areas in Nantes. "We expect the worst in the coming days," police said, according to the Nantes-based Presse-Ocean

Authorities said Nantes police will receive reinforcements to ensure security in the affected neighborhoods.
The protests resembled the civil unrest that erupted in Paris' "banlieues" –low-income migrant neighborhoods on the
outskirts of the capital –in 2005 and which has flared up several times since then.

In 2005, the banlieu of Clichy-sous-Bois became a focal point of violent protests, which erupted in response to the deaths
of two boys killed while fleeing police. They highlighted the country's broader difficulties integrating minority groups and
ultimately paved the way to the presidency for then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy...'
DW News:

From Wikipedia:
In France, a banlieue is a suburb of a large city.
However, since the 1970s, banlieues has taken on an additional meaning in French of France, becoming a popular word
for low-income housing projects in which mainly foreign immigrants and French of foreign descent reside, in what are often
called poverty traps.
Or no-go areas.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The sad thing is that death by police is the best any of these young people can hope for. If they die by police they get there names into the paper, have a big funeral, and become a "hero". 
The other chose is to die in a gang fight by knife or gun, or perhaps by drugs and no one will care. 
So is it any surprise they chose death by police, so they have some meaning if only in death. He knew that by hitting a police man with his car he would be shot, he chose that death.
Another version of the story, worth reading both.
Quote:French Police Killing Unleashes Familiar Riots and Recrimination

Image[Image: merlin_140752545_6f26ced3-cb8b-408b-918f...le=upscale]
Firefighters working to put out a fire in the Malakoff neighborhood of Nantes, France, on Wednesday after a police killing set off riots.CreditSebastien Salom Gomis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
By Adam Nossiter PARIS — A night of rioting touched off by a police killing set off a familiar replay of grim media images on Wednesday morning in France, where law enforcement tactics in immigrant neighborhoods are a regular source of friction.
French television replayed a seemingly endless loop of images from the western city of Nantes of burned-out cars, smashed bus shelters and shattered store fronts: recurrent symbols of the country’s struggles with policing in minority neighborhoods.
Nantes, located on the Atlantic Coast, is known for its vibrant start-up scene and tech-oriented economy, but not much of that has rubbed off on neighborhoods like Le Breil.
It was there that the riot police pulled over a 22-year-old man acquaintances identified as Aboubakar, the son of immigrants from Guinea, during a traffic stop Tuesday night. (The authorities did not name him.)
The accounts of residents and the officers differ, but one thing was certain: The young man was shot in the neck and died before he made it to the hospital.
Police shootings are rare in France compared with the United States, and when they occur the investigative machinery of the French state is mobilized. On Tuesday evening, the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, a Socialist, called for “total transparency over what has happened tonight,” and extended her sympathies to the family of the slain man.

Image[Image: merlin_140761572_30b4c5bd-1e50-464f-a7f8...le=upscale]
Riot police officers on Wednesday in Le Breil, a neighborhood in Nantes.CreditSebastien Salom Gomis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Officials said that Aboubakar had had at least eight previous encounters with the police and that he had had an outstanding arrest warrant on a robbery charge.
On Tuesday night, after he was pulled over, they said, he backed his car up at high speed toward children and a police officer. But residents say that he had not been acting aggressively.
What followed was a night in which angry youths in three Nantes neighborhoods threw firebombs and burned eight buildings and some 30 cars, the authorities said.
Tensions between the police and the communities they patrol have erupted in violence repeatedly over the years.
In May 2017, there were riots in a Paris suburb after a young man was killed while fleeing the police; there were riots in July 2016 after an arrest; and days of rioting erupted in 2005 all over France after two young men were electrocuted while fleeing from the police.
Each time, the government vowed to bring in more help to the neighborhoods. President Emmanuel Macron is only the latest to announce such help, mostly through an enhanced police presence. Tensions with the police persist.

[Image: merlin_140762559_99932b8c-9964-4bd1-8cd2...le=upscale]

The mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, center right, called for “total transparency over what has happened.”CreditSebastien Salom Gomis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
“It’s always the same scenario,” said Gérard Mauger, an emeritus scholar at the CNRS research institute in Paris who has studied urban riots in France for decades. “But it’s hardened. The score settling is more violent. Now there are guns.”
He added: “For 40 years we’ve had 10 percent unemployment, much higher in these neighborhoods. The first victims of it are the immigrants.”
In the Le Breil neighborhood of Nantes, the police had increased their presence in recent weeks because of confrontations between local youths. “There’s been a lot of score settling recently,” Saïd En-Némèr, who runs a local youth group, said.
Mr. En-Némèr, in a phone interview from Nantes, said, “They had beefed up the police presence to ‘protect’ the neighborhood.”
Thierry Spitz, a representative of the local police union, said: “These neighborhoods are very on edge. There are gunshots at least once a month.”
On the night Aboubakar was shot, officials said, the police were on the lookout for the car he was driving because it was tied to drug trafficking in Rennes. Mr. Spitz said the officers noticed that the young man was not wearing a seatbelt and pulled him over.

[Image: merlin_140762616_bc1a218b-9737-4a0f-872b...le=upscale]

The burned-out City Hall in the Dervallières neighborhood of Nantes. Thierry Spitz, a representative of the local police union, said, “These neighborhoods are very on edge.”CreditSebastien Salom Gomis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Aboubakar gave the officers a phony ID, the union official said, and was ordered to the police station. The young man then “backed up his car at high speed; there were two kids behind the car,” Mr. Spitz said. “One of the officers pushed them out of the way and was touched by the car,” he said.
“The risk was great,” Mr. Spitz said. “The officer had to use his weapon. To me, it was a case of legitimate defense.”
Mr. En-Némèr, who knew Aboubakar from soccer matches organized by his group, vigorously disputed the police account. He said 10 witnesses interviewed by him and his group all agreed: There had been no aggression from the young man.
“This is clearly a police blunder,” he said. “The young man was complying with the officers. He wasn’t aggressive. The police check was going just fine.”
He contested the idea that the car had struck an officer.
“They fired at him without warning,” Mr. En-Némèr said. “There was lots of blood coming from his neck, but it was too late; the ambulance came too late.”
Aboubakar was known as “cheerful” and “respectful,” Mr. En-Némèr said. “Now,” he said, “they are trying to pass him off as a thug.”
Judicial officials in Nantes said the shooting would be investigated, and a march was being organized for Thursday.
For Mr. En-Némèr, though, the shooting demonstrated that “you might as well re-establish the death penalty.”
Aboubakar was known as “cheerful” and “respectful,” Mr. En-Némèr said. “Now,” he said, “they are trying to pass him off as a thug.”
This cheerful and respectful young man had as the police said "Officials said that Aboubakar had had at least eight previous encounters with the police and that he had had an outstanding arrest warrant on a robbery charge.
Tales Of Two Cities... The One That Exists And The One Merkel Wants You To Think Exists.

Quote:Man fatally stabs ex-wife and child at Hamburg U-Bahn station.

'A man is suspected of killing his former wife and child in a downtown area of the Hanseatic city on Thursday.
The fatal knife attack took place in Hamburg’s busy Jungfernstieg U-bahn station, the Hamburg Morgenpost
(MOPO) and other German media report.

Police reported that the woman was badly injured during the incident and tweeted in the afternoon that she
succumbed to her injuries. The child, who was a year old, died at the scene.
The 33-year-old suspect, who is from Niger, has since turned himself in and has been arrested.

"The crime was very, very terrible in its execution, very targeted and very, very extreme," said police spokesman
Timo Zill. The motive for the crime is still unclear, states the MOPO. 
Police believe a crime of passion was committed. A homicide team has since taken over the investigation.

The area around the Jungfernstieg underground station has been cordoned off over a wide area.
Some S-Bahn trains have been affected as a result of the incident and in the vicinity of the scene there are traffic
obstructions due to road closures. Otherwise subways in the Hanseastic city are running normally...'
The Local:


Quote:Migrant Beheads 1-Year-Old Girl In Germany; Merkel Bans Media Reporting.

'Angela Merkel’s pro-migrant government has banned German media from reporting on a barbaric crime involving
a Muslim migrant who allegedly beheaded his one-year-old baby daughter on a train station platform in Hamburg. 

According to eyewitnesses, the 33-year-old suspect, Mourtala Madou, beheaded his one-year-old daughter in front
of a horrified crowd of commuters at Jungfernstieg station on Thursday April 12, and then stabbed his German
girlfriend, the mother of the child.

The suspect allegedly stabbed the infant from behind, while she was sitting in her stroller, and then severed her neck.
He then allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in the chest before fleeing the scene, dumping the murder weapon in a train
station trash can. He was later arrested

The woman, a mother of four other children, later died at hospital of her injuries.

Video footage has been uploaded to the internet showing the aftermath of the brutal and senseless double murder that
was described as “very targeted” by police spokesman Timo Zill and an “honor killing” by witnesses. The victims bodies
can be seen in the video but not their faces.  Eyewitnesses can be heard saying that the suspect cut the babies head off.

The Ghanaian Christian gospel singer who captured the footage on his cell phone can be heard saying,
“Oh my God. It’s unbelievable. Oh my God. It is unbelievable. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus. oh Jesus. They cut off the head of the baby.
They cut off the baby’s head. Oh my God. Oh Jesus. “

German media has been allowed by the government to report on the murder of the mother, but Angela Merkel’s pro-migrant
government banned German media outlets from reporting on the decapitated baby.

Merkel’s government have been under intense pressure in recent months regarding the open borders policy that is responsible
for millions of Muslim migrants settling in Germany during the last three years. Many Germans believe the government issued
a blanket ban on reporting this story because they believe it will turn the public mood against the government and represent
the final nail in Merkel’s political coffin.

German authorities have also been ordered to clamp down on independent bloggers caught sharing the damning footage.

When Hamburg blogger Heinrich Kordewiner posted the video on Facebook and his own YouTube channel, a police investigation
was launched. Kordewiner’s apartment was searched by police and his personal belongings were confiscated. Kordewiner says
he and his roommate were awakened at 6:45 am by a squad of prosecutors and police officers seeking access to their home.
When they were denied, they forcibly gained access by drilling the door lock.

The Christian gospel singer who recorded the video on his cell phone has also had his home raided and personal belongings
confiscated. Police claim they are operating under orders to confiscate material in order to protect the rights of the victims.

But who are they really protecting? Many Germans believe they are protecting the migrant and alleged murderer, Mourtala Madou,
as well as the German government guilty of allowing millions of migrants to settle in the country against the wishes of the German

A handful of mainstream media articles, worried about the publication of the video, have been published since the police raids,
but none of them mention the decapitated one-year-old girl. The case has been completely covered up by the German government.

However they cannot keep the case quiet forever. The fact the one-year-old child had her neck severed is mentioned in the published
files of the Hamburg District Court. Stefan Frankreports on about this today.

But it seems the German government gag order extends beyond the media.
A request by the AFD faction (number 21/12844), regarding the nature of the child’s injury, was redacted with the details blacked out
before the Civil Law Court replied. Even the German judiciary are going out of their way to ensure that the barbaric crimes of Muslim
migrants are kept hidden from the German public...'

Thanks to Mystic Wanderer for assistance.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The same sort of shit has happened here in Finland, and im sure its happing all over Europe.
(07-07-2018, 10:48 AM)Wallfire Wrote: The same sort of shit has happened here in Finland, and im sure its happing all over Europe.

You mean...

Quote:Porvoo father to appeal conviction for murdering three-year-old daughter.
A man convicted of murdering his three-year-old daughter is to launch an appeal, according to his defence lawyers.

'A 39-year-old Frenchman convicted of murdering his three-year-old daughter is to appeal his sentence.
His defence team notified the court of its dissatisfaction with the verdict, a necessary prerequisite for filing an appeal.

The man, who stabbed his daughter several times in a park in central Porvoo last November, admits to committing
manslaughter but denies murder. He was convicted by Eastern Uusimaa District court and sentenced to life in prison.
Prisoners serving life sentences are on average freed after 13 years in prison in Finland.

The man had been involved in a bitter custody battle with his former partner before abducting the child one morning
as her mother was taking her to daycare and stabbing her several times in the park..'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I'd be interested in Wallfire's take on this article.

Quote:Sweden election 2018: Nationalists send SHOCKWAVES through Europe after rise in support.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) continue to send shockwaves through the country’s
political establishment as the latest poll puts the right-wingers on course to become kingmakers.

'With just over one month to go before Swedes head to the polls on September 9, Jimmie Åkesson’s
Eurosceptic party has taken a commanding position –after securing the backing of 19.1 percent of
potential voters.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4288]

Jimmie Åkesson’s Eurosceptic party has taken a commanding position.

It comes after the party pushed back against the arrival of 163,000 asylum-seekers to the country in
2015 during the refugee crisis, which helped contribute to the increase of the foreign-born population
from 11 percent at the turn of the century to 18 percent this year.

Its leader has attempted to swerve the party from its fascist past while also vowing to strengthen the
border between Denmark and Sweden and offering a referendum on whether to leave the European
Union. These policies have resonated with a wide cross section of voters, who first elected the party
to the Riksdag in 2010.

Now the latest survey by Inizo has placed them in third, behind the Social Democrats and the Moderate
Party, on 24.8 and 20.4 percent respectively.

However, the centre-left government’s handling of the country's devastating forest fires has given it a boost,
with the electorate approving of the measures, including getting support from Polish firefighters.

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven only needs 24 percent to secure a party majority, but it would still
be their worst result since 1912. The results, based on the voter intentions of 2,295 people aged 18 and
above, will, however, come as a blow for Mr Åkesson, after a previous Novus poll last week put them on
22 percent.

All parties in the Riksdag have vowed not to enter into coalition talks with the nationalists, forcing Mr Åkesson
to rely on a large voter turnout to effectively bend the government and opposition to his will.

But Inizo’s chief analyst, Karin Nelsson, believes the Sweden Democrats have lost voters to the Christian
Democrats, which they see their best chance to topple the current Red-Green coalition.
She added: “This setback for the Sweden Democrats, in my view, is because many of their backers will lend
their vote to the Christian Democrats, which they view has a chance to form a block with the Moderates,
Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats."

According to the latest poll, carried out between July 25 and August 2, the Alliance (formed by the Moderates,
Centre Party, Liberals and Christian Democrats) look set to secure 39.1 percent of the vote.

This would put them just ahead of the Red-Green coalition (formed by the Social Democrats and Green Party),
which scored 38.4 percent. With the narrow margin between the two blocks, the SD could become kingmakers
and could use their casting ballots to sink, or approve any legislation in the Riksdag.

Speaking last month Mr Åkesson said: “We are prepared to bring down any government we think is not leading
Sweden in the right direction.”...'
The Express:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Ok thats a hard one, first Swedish people are very proud of there country and how diverce it is, to a point they look down there nose at others. But over the years things have changed, I remember years ago walking in parts of Stockholm and feeling safe, now its not possible to walk there anymore.
The Swedish police have for years been trying to tell the people how bad things have become, but the goverment has kept the line that all is well, there is no such thing as "no go" areas in Sweden.
The police report over 60 areas where Swedish law cannot be enforced. The Swedish police have resigned in droves, and a large percent of the police are "newbies".
So will the Swedish people have the guts to swallow there pride and change governments ?, I dont think so, Swedes are not famous for been brave.
Even if the government does change, how will the new government enforce change when the police force is in rags.
So the only thing the "new" government can do is ether send the army in to retake the no go areas, if they do this then it will be seen as a war ageist the muslims and every one know what that means.
Or the "new" government can talk hard and pass laws that can never be enforced.
Sweden as I see it has let things go too far, they are at a cross roads, slowly become a muslim state or send in the army, and mass deportations.
There are strong politicians in Sweden, but unless they get a massive majority which I dont believe they will nothing much will change.
I have massive respect for the Swedish police they tried so hard to give warnings but the government gagged them along with the news.
Below is a video where a Swedish police man speaks, if you "read" between the lines you will understand what he is saying.

OK,, this will be a little off topic, or not.
The Title of the Thread is: The European Union & Its Problems.

OK, in my view one of the EU's problems is just Plain Stupidity!
Why and I'm sorry to all out EU members BUT!  tinybighuh The EU is going to Ban Matches!!??

My friends in Britain, Run, Run Away As Fast As You Can!!!!!
Quote:EU in 'INSANE' plan to BAN 'strike anywhere' matches in UK for sake of health and safety
You haven't Banned machetes or Big Knives, but you want to ban matches?  tinywhat
Quote:EUROPEAN Union officials have sparked fury by introducing new rules to ban 'strike anywhere' matches.
You can Stab a Person Anywhere, But Heaven Forbid If You have a Strike Anywhere match!!??  minusculewtf
Quote:The matches, which can be ignited against most surfaces, are being phased out to make them safer.

The controversial EU diktat, which came into force at the end of May, bans the sale of chemicals used to make the matches.

Swan Vestas, the best known brand, confirmed its 'strike anywhere' range was being discontinued.

The products are being replaced by safety matches, which can only be struck on the strip attached to the packet.
Safety Matches,,, Let me ask, are you people in the UK harming yourself or others with these matches?

Quote:Seth Davidson, 44, from Pimlico, south London, attacked the move by branding it "insane".

He told the Sunday Times: "There's literally no harm to having 'strike anywhere' Swan Vestas.

"It also seems rather strange that we're still adopting EU rules when we're leaving the union in less than a year."

A spokesman for Swan Vestas said: "Republic Technologies, which owns Swan Vestas, is removing all 'strike anywhere' matches in its range due to changes in EU regulations.
 Due to changes in EU Regulations!! Run UK, Run Fast Away!
Quote:"We have taken a number of factors into account including environmental impact, customer feedback, safety and ongoing production costs when making this decision."

The news comes as the EU prepares to ban the sale of halogen lightbulbs at the end of the month.

The measure, which aims to reduce energy use, means households will be forced to buy more expensive LED lights from September.

Halogens are sold in supermarkets for about £2 a bulb, while prices for their LED counterparts start at about £4.
They are going to stop selling Halogen Light Bulbs for More Expensive LED Bulbs, ok just follow the money on that one.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
When dealing with the shifty mainstream media and their continuing struggle to deliver neutral information,
disciplines that Journalists used to carry, are forgotten.

I don't work in the match business or know anyone in the manufacturing of matches.
But this type of word-smithing is something I've seen before.

Don't get me wrong, I think the whole set-up with the European Union is a controlling device in order to create
a super state like the US. A massive project involving a small selection of the people who deem themselves
superior to those who make up the population of the countries involved and wallow in the piles of money they
rake in through their ponzi scheme, the EU in a nutshell.

But this Express article is duplicitous in it's meaning, the fading-out of this type of match has gone on for quite
some time and in the United States, this product has already been discontinued due to it's ingredients involving
chemicals that shipping-companies deem hazardous.

Discontinued doesn't mean it's banned, the reasons can be many. The market may be low for such a product
or safety-regulations of transport can have a bearing, something called 'The Hazmat Surcharge' in the US.
It seems that the overall cost for match-makers was too much and so, let that particular product fall away.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4307]
An email about the realities of product-shipping.

Back to the EU and let's start in the 'cynical zone'!
If you were in the circles where influence could be applied to urge customers to purchase a type of product,
wouldn't you invest in the companies that created such products?
That's really all the many EU Commissions are about, steering people into accepting what they advise and
benefitting from the possible outcome.

However, that doesn't mean the true reason is about leading the masses by the nose in order to profit from
banning certain products.

In this particular case, the chemicals that go into manufacturing 'strike-anywhere' matches are classed as
dangerous and in today's volatile environment (one which I think the mainstream media are deliberately stirring
up!)... the chemicals can be a problem.

This could be nothing more than an alignment of regulations with the United States and nothing really to do with
a manufacturer's decision. If the product is seen as dangerous goods, think about transport, disposal of the materials
-before retail and after, the possible external negative uses of such chemicals and the overall costs involved.

But... the above doesn't sound sexy as a headline!
It's way of journalism today, they lie to the customer in the heading and then explain a watered-down truth in a lower
paragraph. It involves little investigatory skill and after receiving the EU directive via official websites, a saucy-little
outrage-piece like this can be knocked-up before you slip out to the cafe for your morning affogato.

They use the word 'ban' because it incites... and when you're angry, you just might buy tomorrow's paper to feed
that emotion that makes you feel strong. They are sneaky bastards, which is Latin for Journalists.

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Sad thing is the EU parlement is full of people who want power and have the feeling that they cant influence the people of Europe. Take for exsample the person who was behind the banning of incandescent light bulbs. He was a very active member of the commie party when Eesti was part of the USSR, then moved to the EU in search of power. 
Its because of him we have to use crap halogen and LED lights, the only real reason for this was his want to control people.
Another one I read about but can not find anymore his name ( but I believe he was also an ex commie but not sure) was to ban all car tyres that are not petrol savers, that is people can only buy tyres that cost more to produce, dont last as long, and there fore more damaging to our Earth. Thankfully this one has seemed to died, but im sure it will rise again.
If you follow the madness for the EU its almost for sure its an old commie from the USSR time that is the driving force behind it. ( think Merkel and how she has controlled the EU).
@BIAD  WOW! That is a Step Surcharge.
I don't think they could ever sell enough boxes in one case to get that $35. per. box back.
That isn't $35. per case but per box! 
Thanks for the information.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Do yourself a favour and watch the whole of this video.
Here's British Members of the European Parliament telling you how the EU really operates.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I miss "strike anywhere" matches. They were the absolute shit. You could strike them on a rock, on your pants, on your thumbnail, on a Zippo lighter that was out of fluid. You could dip them in molten paraffin and make waterproof strike-anywhere matches. Somehow, the molten paraffin didn't set them off.

Then they went away.

The excuse they gave here was that "a rat could get into your pantry, gnaw on the matches, and burn your house down".

My ass. In all the years I lived with this wondrous product, I never, EVER, heard of a rat trying to eat one. Rats, in general, seek after food. they don't care if it's cooked over a match flame or not. Still, they banned them.


Another hard to get product is MRE heaters, the little chemical dynamos that you heat MRE's with. For the longest time, you could get MRE's without heaters. They're edible, I reckon, but hot food is better. Nowadays, I get MRE's by the case, and WITH the heaters - almost heaven... almost. In their infinite wisdom, the MRE's I can get now are "salt free". What the hell is up with that? Heaters now, but no salt - can't they just market a whole-food solution? The human body NEEDS salt - it's a necessary electrolyte. I have to get those little picnic salt shakers to go with the MREs now.

These regulations are fuckin' nuts. When they "regulate" my ability to go to a salt lick, boil down some salt, and use it to cure my jerky with, they'd best not come after me for ignoring it.

That'll get ugly, if they try to regulate me out of making my own stuff.

By "ugly", I mean "BOOM BOOM BOOM" ugly. Who the hell wants to continue living under a communist regime anyhow? Better to put an end to it and take some porters to hell with you!

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
In regards of the video I posted above, one of the EU 'Rubber-Stampers' said that in France, they have
something that sounds like 'Du'ann Descal' -from the video (I cannot distinguish the words properly) and
I have struggled to find the name on the internet.

Basically, it's a Tax-Collector in a Gendarme's uniform flagging down motorists and looking for any
paperwork in the car that might imply you're working extra and not being taxed for it.
Personally, I'd have used the title 'Gestapo'

My sister-in-law -a French resident, rang last night and my wife asked her if she'd ever heard of it.
Sadly, she replied that most people that she knew -including herself and family, don't watch the
news because they know it's fake and that this alleged Dick-Turpin-like 'Tax-Collector' wasn't known.

I'll keep on looking because I seriously doubt the quartet of people in the video who are MEPS are
lying in a negative fashion about something they actually get paid for.

Meanwhile, not a f*ckin' word about this from the BBC.
14th Sept. 2018.

Quote:Nimes Feria terror: Driver shouting ‘allahu akbar’ ploughs into crowd in south France.

Police in France have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after he ploughed
his car into a crowd while shouting “Allah Akbar”.

'The 32-year-old suspect mowed down two victims who have been rushed to hospital following the
shock incident at 1am in Nimes, southern France, where bystanders had gathered in preparation
for the region’s annual grape harvesting festival.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4502]

The man was reported to have sped the car towards a crowd of 50 people outside the L’Instant T bar.
Witnesses said the man had tried to flee the scene but had been stopped by bystanders before being
arrested by police at 1.30am. The victims had been standing behind barriers when the car hit them.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital in a stable condition having suffered injuries to their lower limbs.

A source told French publication Midi Libre the man was not known to police for suspected radicalisation.
The region’s public prosecutor Eric Maurel said the suspect was in a state of mental confusion” during his
arrest, which followed him being roughed up by the crowd of witnesses who tried to restrain him.

A police spokeswoman said she had no information about the man’s motives but noted that the investigation
is being handled by regular police, not anti-terror investigators who step in when terrorism is suspected.
France has been on high alert following a string of terror attacks in recent years.

More than 130 people were killed in the 2015 terror attack that saw jihadists target the Bataclan Theatre in
Paris where American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were playing. That same year saw 12 people killed
in the Charlie Hebdo attack, also in Paris, after Al-Qaeda extremists targeted the satirical magazine.

The following year in 2016, a 19-tonne truck was driven into a crowd in Nice during Bastille Day killing 87

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Europe is full of people. The European Union exists -it reckons, to represent those people.
So the obvious conclusion is that these average, common people will know their individual
country's leaders and those in the main EU controlling seats.


Quote:Are you Madame Macron, woman asks Merkel at armistice event.

Unnamed woman, 100, gets photo with French president –but not his wife –in Compiègne.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4764]

'At 100 years old, the French woman in her white knitted hat and scarf could perhaps be forgiven
for what was, after all, an undiplomatic mistake.

As she waited in the drizzle at the armistice centenary commemoration at Compiègne, Paulette Monier
shook hands with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and then turned to the German chancellor,
Angela Merkel.

Clutching Merkel’s hand in a purple woollen glove, she asked: “Are you Madame Macron?”
For a fraction of a second, Merkel looked nonplussed, before she quickly smiled and replied in German
“I am the German chancellor”, which was translated for the Monier.

When she asked Merkel a second time if she was Mrs Macron, Merkel leaned in and said into her ear in
French “je suis chancelière allemande [i]”, while Macron looked on bemused.
It was a touching moment to conclude a moving ceremony in which the French and German leaders clasped
hands to seal their countries’ reconciliation.

For Monier, sat in the front row of the 1,000 members of the public invited to attend, it was a moment of pure
emotion. “Monsieur Macron! It’s not possible. A little old woman like me shaking hands with the president of
the republic. It’s fantastic. Fantastic,” she said. “Now don’t make me cry.”

Informed that Monier would be celebrating her 101st birthday on Monday, Macron insisted she pose for a
photograph with him and Merkel either side. He then pecked her on each cheek.
“It’s fantastic. Thank you, thank you a million times. I’ll be here again next year,” she said. “So will we … thank
you for your energy. Happy birthday, madame,” said the president. “Wonderful,” he added as he walked away...'[/i]


One wonders if Adolf Merkel will use the rat-lines of the Vatican to get out of Germany or just stay in Brussels
and remain as Macron's spare-milf.


But don't despair and think the elites in the EU Project are heartless. No, they're helping.

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