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Most of you will like the Headlines and then again, there are the Few you will Cry, Kick Their Feet and Scream!
Go to your Safe Place and Hug Your pillow and Puppy,,,,,, This is NOT Your Year, or Next Year or the Following next 6 years.
Quote:TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies
giantthumbsup  It's only going to get better. Go have your Diapers Changed,,, Snowflake!
[Image: trump-approval-rating--600x327.jpg]

Quote:On June 9, 2010 Barack Obama’s approval number was 46% on the Rasmussen poll.
President Trump’s approval number is at 47% according to Rasmussen today.

Again…. That is with 90% extremely negative coverage for President Trump!

Now to put the Icing on the Cake,, This headline should make everyone Happy,,,,who knows the truth about the evil Corrupt left and who is funding it.


Quote:George Soros recently lamented the rise of President Trump and anti-establishment parties across the globe, saying “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”
Soros made the comment in an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday. He also said that he did not expect Trump’s election, saying, “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble.”
The activist billionaire also made the bizarre claim that President Trump would be “willing to destroy the world.”
Soros has become known for using his immense wealth to influence politics in the United States and around the world.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

President Trump is gaining LOVE everyday, despite the negative Fake News Media.  Imagine where he'd be if they weren't fighting him at every turn? 

And, it makes me just as happy to see that Soros is losing!   tinylaughing 

HAPPY DANCE TIME!     hugedancingbaby
(06-09-2018, 11:20 PM)guohua Wrote:

This quote is important. It shows the 'naturally' -but elitist way that's seen as governing countries
around the world is going badly.
Forget Soros' assumed dark past for a moment and think about what he's saying here. It's echoed by
many in power and in the media, that the 'normal' has been usurped.

This perception is used in many walks of life as California's recent behavior shows. Agreed laws are
ignored because it and stick-poked protests have been generated in the attempt to maintain it.

It usually goes like this:
Black people are fine and should be patted on the head from time-to-time. It's not their fault they're
the wrong colour and we should feel sorry for them.

Mexicans are very good at services in hospitality because I've seen them busy when I left the hotel.

The girl in the pussy-hat has a right to say the things she's saying, but I know she'll grow out of it and
probably take a job at diner or her parents will just keep her.

Gay people are really nice because they don't threaten like the rough ones did at school.
They're very good at art and seem upbeat all the time.

But... you can't say any of the above because it's objectifying individuals. And that's the point.

Those who manipulate people -think like this and in reality, we have all thought like this at times.
it's called being human.
But through the use repetition and broadcast, it's become a valid guilt-tool that was created in
the crib and used in the schoolyard.

'You accuse the opposition of what you're guilty of' -a tactic used to corner your enemy and to get an
unpalatable idea into the public forum. In Sorus' circles, people from other countries can be used to a
particular country in order to obtain a favourable vote.
They use the promise of wealth as a lure, like you would with a dog and a bone.

'Used'... that's what it's all about. If they're skin is a certain colour, then use that to enrage them and if
their belief-systems hold debatable doctrines, then promote those parts to cause anger. They see it
as normal.

A blood-thirsty arguement can be generated to be used in the same way the 'Two Minutes Hate' video
used in Orwell's '1984' takes the viewer away from the important topic of discussion. It's an oldie-but
-a-goodie, it's just a new one for the current generations.
Remember, there's nothing new under the sun!

It doesn't sensibly solve anything, but that's the desired result. The Establishment don't want discourse,
because they might lose. Anyone here met George Soros or Donald Trump...? If so and they weren't
'evil' to you, then why hate them?!!

We've turned adulthood in to an 'Avenger'-style comic-strip, where shocking and posing the loudest
seems to indicate merit in an ideal. Recall your younger years when you thought that nudity was rude...
that's where we're at, these days.

Just as those times, the young have been exploited in their innocence because... well, because they're
just kids and the ethnic minorities are used because they're seen by the elite as merely pawns on the

This isn't about Conservatism, Socialism, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals or Nazis or even lil' Kimmy
staring at his empty wooden pallets with 'All The Best From Barack' scrawled on them.
it's about getting your own way for what you want.

And by the alleged comment from Soros, it seems he's having a bit of a day.
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G-7 Last Supper

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(06-10-2018, 06:18 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
G-7 Last Supper

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