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Ireland and the abortion question
So the south of Ireland is now voting about abortion. Considering the background of the south this is indeed a big thing. So is abortion good or bad ?
Is abortion murder ? if so when do you count that something is alive ? is a mans seed alive?, if so all of us men are mass murders, is a woman a murder when she has her perod ? is a child only alive when it leaves the mothers body?
What if the man wants to keep the child and the woman does not? what if the woman wants to keep the child and the man does not?
I remember when I was in my younger years in England the storys I heard from youth and social workers in Ireland about the 10s of new born baby's bodys found in forests and on the sea shore, and the hell unmarried mothers had to deal with.
So the what do I think about it, if its legal and the people have voted for it then its for us to respect each persons decision, one thing I will take a very strong stand on is abortion should NEVER be used as an ongoing means of contraception as it was used in the USSR. By this I mean never caring about contraception as one can just have an abortion
So is abortion good or bad, well that is something I have answered to myself and it stays with me as I will never judge a women for having or not having an abortion.
I see both sides of the argument, but like you, I agree it should NEVER be used as means for birth control; that's just irresponsible.

In my opinion, the only time a woman should have an abortion is when her life is put at risk, and then she should be allowed to decide which one lives, her or the baby.

That's as much as I'm saying on this "hot topic".  There is just too much to consider for each individual case to say it should be this way, or that way.

The yes vote has won, now the fun bit starts, what will happen next ???

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