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Wolf and Troll

A troll sat on a mountain, beside him was a wolf, the troll told of the 
mountains, that mountains are trolls and we have been here from the very 
start and will be here at the end, he told the wolf of how trolls can 
take pain and fear from humans, how mountains can carry great pain and 
never brake, he told the wolf of how trolls sometimes take human shape 
to be with humans, and of how trolls are loosing hope for the world 
because of humans.
A wolf sat in a forest and beside her was a troll, she told the troll 
about how the forest is alive, how trees give life to the world, she 
told that man can destroy a leaf, but only a tree can make one. She told 
of how the forest is full of hope and life, she told that forest give 
thanks for yesterday, belived in to day and has hope for tomorrow.
The troll hugged the wolf, the wolf was brave because the troll is 
powerful and ugly and could easily kill the wolf.
The wolf gently bit the trolls neck, the troll was brave because that is 
how a wolf kills
The troll and wolf looked at each other, and they knew they had found 
something, this something humans had not found so there was no human 

word for it.
Perhaps some day humans will find and understand it, perhaps, perhaps........
minusculeclap minusculeclap
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