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UFO Hunters Discover Apparent Alien Warrior Statue On Mars
Was there life on Mars ? I think there was a very long time ago.

May 12, 2018 LUFOS Latest postsspace

[Image: mars-head.png]
UFO researchers believe they have finally discovered proof of life on Mars after finding what they think to be a hat of an ancient warrior after scouring photos of the Red Planet’s surface.

Bristol space video journalist Joe White claimed he had found images of a fallen statue from Curiosity Rover images. The images appear to show the head of an ancient warrior woman.

Mr White uploaded the images to his YouTube channel ArtAleinTV – MARSZOO. He said in the video descriptions that he found a seemingly small feminine statue head in Gale Crater on Mars in the Curiosity image from NASA.

He said that it seemed to only have a few inches in size or less.

The statue looks like a female warrior with a helmet from the middle ages on Earth. It has an apparent emblem on the forehead and with facial features similar to an Egyptian.

Mr White claimed that this is one of the hundreds of similar artefacts he has discovered on Mars in recent years, which he believed may go further to show that Mars had an ancient and artistic civilisation in the past.

How long ago is the question.

Some followers of Mr White believed it was a statue. However, many others thought it was just a part of pareidolia phenomenon.

Pareidolia is when the eyes are tricked by the brain into seeing familiar shapes or objects, such patterns, textures, faces, animals, clouds, the surface of a rock, etc.

One viewer wrote that was most likely a rock that looks like a face. They don’t believe it was something unusual in any way.
Looks like a rock to me, but I DO believe there was, and still is, life on Mars.     mediumbiggrin
I agree, I do believe there was life on Mars at one time.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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