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Man made disasters...FAKE NEWS !!
YOU might be surprised at all the countries that are passing laws about fake news... A perfect way to stop dissenting voices and keep a countries MSN the only way to get information for the masses.. Malaysia (and many more countries) if you post something TPTB deems as fake you can spend 6 years in jail and face a $160,000 USD fine.. Countries you would never think would go this way are on this sick band wagon..

Seems countries that want to ban "fake news" want to make "fake news" the truth and ban the truth as"fake news". 
The truth has never been flexible, but lies can always be shaped to suit the needs of people in power.
They'll thrash and they'll scream, but slowly ever-so-slowly, they mainstream media will be dragged into the
light of truth.

Advice: The elitist MSM must have to adapt and learn again that those they serve are not their customers.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
No, I don't believe Pres. Trump will allow the Fake MSM to hold power much longer.  Well, actually, it's not up to him, it's up to us.  People just need to wake up and realize they (the MSM) are doing a major number on them and quit watching. 

Simple.   minusculebonker


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