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Civil War ISOT: Mustang Blue (RB2)

"Mr. President, " A man with a slight northern accent spoke.. "You will see the former Texas Militia Lt. Commander McClane.."

"William Tweed," A very tired man spoke.. "This.."

"Mr. President. It is the man who donated ALL that money.. He stepped forward," Tweed's voice was strong.. "He threatening to support both of our opponents.. He is being.. Has been unreasonable."

The door opened and the Person paused..

"Good morning Mr. Secretary of War.." The man stuck his hand out, "Mr. Cameron.. My request for a commission was ignored..."

Cameron had narrowed his eyes, "You where the .."

"Simon," The tall langley President spoke.. "Let Mr. McClane inside.." The President paused as McClane stepped in.

"Good morning Mr. President," McClanes slight texas accent showed.. With a high and tight of Fed hair with his cover under his arm, "Lt. Commander McClane formerly of the Texas what the F#$% ever.. Reporting for duty and Assignment.. Respectfully request US Army.. Rank of Major."

Lincoln looked at the clean shaven man standng at attention, "Son.." Lincoln sat down and looked at McClane, "You are Irish?"

"Of Scotts Irsh descent Mr. President," McClane then went back to attention.. " 'Merican by birth.."

"You are the man who donated thousands to my campaign in every state," Lincoln looked at McClane.. "Son.. Relax.."

Relaxing, "Mr. President.. The command is at ease.. And yes Mr. President.. I am that man.."

Lincoln Chuckled.. Taking a deep breath, "So I take it your about to tell me how you are going to win this war all by yourself?"

"No sir Mr. President.. I am not a politician.. You know what you are doing," McClane spoke as he stood there. "And no this war wont be won over night..It is going to last years with thousands dead.. Mr. President.."

Lincoln raised an eye brow, "Your .."

"Still a southerner.." McClane spoke clearly, "However my F#$%ing southerners did not want to listen to me.. They burned down plantation.. And two of my factories.. Re-enslaved my employees who I had freed.. My mistress died in the house.. I gonna make sure she has an honor guard in hell Mr. President.."

The Secretary of war raised an eyebrow..

"Keep in mind Mr. F#$%ing Yankee  Secretary of War.. I made sure I supported a few congressmen.. I called up Tweed so I would not be ignored ag.."

Lincoln looked McClane in the eyes, "Major.." Lincoln spoke, "Report into General Scott.." Lincoln wrote something on a sheet of paper.. 

Being handed the piece of paper, "Thank you Mr. President.. Permission to carry on.."

"Carry on Major," Lincoln watched the man nod his head, turn sharply, and walk straight out..

Tweed shut the door with a sigh, "Thank you.. That man is.."

"Mr. President.. He called me a yankee," Simon Cameron was a little pissed..

"Simon.. That man would have left the capitol with a commission.. And I have the feeling his mistress is going to have an honor guard in hell.. Its better that honor gaurd be members of this rebellion.. Not mention he does have allies.. Especially if he spent that much money." Lincoln spoke softly, "I will need to speak with pinkerton.."


Now wearing a modified Major's uniform, McClane walked into the seedy pub..

He looked at the men staring at him..

One of the men walked over, "Theee.. Sign s.. Said no Irish."

McCalne smiled as he slammed the drunk man's head into the table.. The drunk man shook his head and was wobbily.. New boots hit the drunk man in the nuts..

As the man hit the ground, "You are F#$%ing moron if you expect me to believe you can read.. For the record I am Scotts Irish.. " Pulling out a side arm and putting it to the man's head, "Now be a good little piggy and tell your friends who.."

"Leave him the F#$% alone," A big man spoke.. "Sir.. He is just drunk.."

McClane smiled as he watched the man move, "A veteran.. " McClane put his weapon up, "Enlisted.. Good.."

A young woman walked over a little scared.. "Sir," She swallows hard.. "Please do not.."

Pulling a gold coin.. He places it in the girls hand, "Bring me a drink.. An unopened bottle of whiskey.. " Looking at the big man, "Two glasses.."

"Sir.. I do not," The big man watched as as Major McClane sat down.. "Listen.. I am out tomorrow.. I.."

"How would you like to be by NCO?" Seeing the confusion, "I was told the newly demoted Sargent Williams was here.."

The man came to attention, "S#$%.. Major McClane.. We were warned a .."

Half the men in the bar stood up wobbily..

"Dont even try.. We have long god D@#$ way to go.." 

The girl brought the bottle, "Sir I.."

"I am paying the tab of my men for tonight.. I think I am going to end up having to F#$% them up," McClane looked at the men.. "How we ding this? One at a time or are we gonna talk first?"

Several of the men glared as the laughed..

The Major shot the bottle out of one of their hands, "Sargent Williams?"

"Sir," Williams looked at the gun..

"I was aiming for his head," McClane shook his head.. Pouring the drinks, "We all have skills we will have to master.. "

"How F#$5ing bad is it," Williams growled?

Popping the top to the whiskey.. Major McClane poured into both glasses as he motioned for the Sargent to sit down.. When he finished, "Do you know how to ride a horse?"

Sitting down, "You got to be sh#$%ing me.." The Sargent sat down and downed the first shot, "Sir.."

"We are going to be a fighting unit.." McClane held up his hand, "Not for F#$%ing glories.. Not for honor.. We are all soldiers now.. I am not supposed to check in for another day.. So we are going to get you checked out by my personal physician.." Looking at his men, "How F#$%ed did supply screw me?"

Williams looks at the Major, "Sir.." Sargent Williams takes another drink as he starts a ten minute tirade.. To his surprise Major McClane is taking notes on a little pad.. Getting a little worried, "Sir.. Listen I am not.."

"Boys.. Whats say we go find the supply officer.." A pissed off Major McClane shakes his head, "Sargent .. After I get the full list of what that mother F#$%er traded off.." Sitting down, "Young lady.. My men are cut off.. Bring me the tab.. Nobody F#$%ing steals from me.."


Riding up on a horse the colonel was greeted by Armed men.. 

The other men on horse back all came to a stop with the colonel..

A completely shaved bald man stepped forward from a shaded area near the fence, "Goo.. Good morning sir.. Lance Corporal Halloway.. How.. How can I help you? Sir."

The armed men lowered their weapons as only the Lance Corporal Saluted

Coming off his horse quickly, The Colonel paused as he saw the Lance Corporal had not dropped the salute and stood at attention. Returning the salute as he looked at a matronly woman shaking her head, "Lance Corporal? Halloway.. Where is my major?"

"Private O'Malley," Halloway called out.. "Take the Colonel to.."

The Matronly woman popped the Lance Corporal in the ear.. She pointed back to the little podium and narrowed her eyes..

"Yes Mam," The lance Corporal looked down and walked over to the podium..

Several of the officers chuckled..

The colonel handed the reins over to one of the Captains.. He followed to the podium as he watched the Lance corporal open the book.. Removing the lid from the ink as the old woman said nothing.. "Colonel.. Colonel sir.. May I have your name.."

"Halloyway!" The matron called out, "I will not have you mess up my book.. Write the deck log on the spare sheet of paper.."

"Yes mam," The Lance Corporal took a deep breath.. Slowly and diliberately he took a sheet of paper from under the big brown book.. He dipped the pen into the ink, "Private.. what is the time.."

The red headed Private took out a watch, "It.. It is seven thirty three.. in the Am.."

"Good boy," The Matron smiled as she was now holding a ruler..

Several of the officers had joined the Colonel wide eyed..

The Colonel watched as the Lance corporal slowly wrote the time.. 

"Sir.. What is your name," The Lance Corporal was proud..

"Colonel William Tecumseh Sherman.." The colonel watched as the Lance corporal took out a sheet from inside the book..

"Its right here," The lance Corporal excitedly spoke as he went down a cheat sheet.. He started copying the name down slowly, "I found it Mrs. Greene.."

The matron rubbed her eyes with a sigh.. After a few seconds, "Lance corporal.. "

"Mam," the Lance corporal looked up..

"Write down the number.. Then you are supposed to ask," Mrs. Green held her ruler like a weapon?

The Lance Corporal realized Colonel Sherman was staring at him with a raised eye brow.. Quickly he wrote down the number.. Taking a breath, "What is your business here colonel?"

Sherman got annoyed, "Lance Corporal.." Sherman paused and saw the two sentries eyeing him.. Sherman looks at the cheat sheet, "Your recording all entrances into your camp and non important.." Sherman picked up the deck log.. He looked at the few pages, "I will be.."

"Sir," The Captain was nervous..

Mrs. Greene coughed politely.. The sentries went back to staring forward, "My apologies Colonel.. They are learning but.. God bless their little hearts it is slow. They are the brightest among the enlisted sir..."

Colonel Sherman walked next to the lance corporal and read the small print, "Number three.. Lance Corporal Halloway.. Follow your orders and write this down as you were instructed.. Captain.."

"Sir.. Number three.. Follow.. Follow orders," Lance Corporal Halloway spoke.. Write this down as instructed.. Colonel.."

"Colonel," the Captain stepped forward with a confused look..

"He is just  repeating back the orders Captain.. I want you to sit here and go over this with Mrs. Greene," Sherman saw the hitching post on the inside to the left.. "Private O'Malley.. My men will hitch our horses on the inside part.."

"Your men will .. Will.. They park the horses there sir," Private O'Malley repeated back the orders..

Colone Sherman looked at the Captain for a second..

"Sir," the Captain paused.. "Staying here with Mrs. greene.. Going over the deck log.. Colonel.."

Mrs. Green was glaring at the Lance corporal.. She rolled her hands..

"Oh.. COLONEL ON DECK!!! Post three!" Lance Corporal Halloway yelled out, "I repeat.. COLONEL ON DECK!! Post three!"

"Navy.. Colonel Sherman," The Army Captain shook his head?

The Call was repeated quickly throughout the little fenced off encampment..
Colonel Sherman stood and watched as man came moving pretty quickly..

The big man from earlier was also completely missing hair, "Good Morning Colonel.. Staff Sargent Williams.."

The man had a sharp salute, Which the Colonel returned.. "Staff Sargent?" Colonel Sherman shook his head, "Take me to Major McClane now.."

"Taking you to Major McClane now Sir," Williams glared at the two men running up.. The took opposite side of the road behind Colonel Sherman..

Several of Sherman's officers where stopped the Lance Corporal, "I have to write all yall down!"

"Just DO IT," Sherman growled as he turned.. He stopped when he noticed two men by the trees kneeling aiming down the path.. "Staff Sargent williams?"

"They are NOT supposed to be seen sir.." Staff Sargent Williams spoke loudly, "One extra duty a piece.. What if the Confeds where comin down the road.. They would kill you.. Get into the cover.. NOW!!!"

The two men where quickly better positioned..

Colonel Sherman slowly walked as he took in the sights.. 

Stopping down the path he saw two much better men, "What.." He took a deep breath, "Staff Sargent Williams?"


"Stay a little closer if you dont mind," Colonel Sherman noticed the men behind him from earlier where carrying their weapons differently.. 

A young officer was carrying several rocks chained to him.. Behind him was a a sargent, "I cant hear you second Lt."

The Second Lt. Stopped in Front of Colonel Sherman, "I will not engage in insubornation.. I was not issued an opinion.. These rocks represent the weght of the men I got killed.. My men are counting on me.."

A switch hit the completely shaved Second Lt. from the Sargent, "I cant hear you.. How the F#$% are you going to give orders if the men cant hear you Second Lt. Tranes?" The Sargent hit him again with the switch on his pants legs, "MOVE!"

"Williams," Sherman asked?

"Working parties do not salute sir.. They work and train," Staff Sargent pointed to the sound of a rucus.. "Major McClane.. Is right over their."

"Ladies it is fine," McClane was getting pissed..

A female voice spoke softly, "Major.. Your writing is attorcius.. You can read and write..But it is ugly.. "

A second female giggles, "Focus Major.. Now where was I.. Yes.. Homer had.."

Colonel Sherman walks into the area.. He sees one young lady with a book stop.."Mam.."

The older female narrows her eyes, "Just because the Colonel is here does not mean you get out of this.." Very sternly,"Lt. Gold.. Please explain to the major that this wont pass.."

Freezng at the sight of the Colonel, "Sir.." Gold catches a glare from McClane, "She s correct sir.. It is barely legible.. You might make a plebe in a few years.. The orders have to be clearly written t be understood.."

Colonel Sherman sees several officers looking up from maps.. 

A Sargent hits them with a switch, "While young Ms. Greene reads the fancy book.. You will keep learning to make maps..  Now back to your cheat sheets."

The officers repeat back the orders and end it with, "Sargent.."

"Colonel," Major McClane takes a deep breath..

"Continue writing your letters Major. The Lt. is correct ," colonel Sherman was smiling.. "I will sit here and watch.. Staff Sargent Williams will fetch the missing Quarter master for me.. Miss?"

"Ms. greene as well Colonel," The more stern sister spoke..

"Writing my letters for the overseer.." McClane responds, "Staff Sargent Williams will grab the thief from the irons.."

"Grabbing the thief sirs," Staff Sargent Williams repeated back as he walked out.

"May I borrow your pupil after the lesson," Colonel Sherman spoke softly? "Ms. Greene.."

"Of course Colonel," Ms. Greene spoke politely..

The sargent waited for the Colonel to sit down.. He placed a sheet of paper in front of the spot at the table n front of Colonel Sherman, "Colonel.. We are practicing drawing the cheat sheets first.. Then we will go to maps.. "

Lt. Gold stepped forwards, "Sir.. Establish a base line of skill.. Then build.. They are required to make maps of the route they took to get here.."

The sargent sits an ink well and a pen in front of the Colonel..

"Thank you sargent," The Colonel looks up.. "This cheat sheet?"


"Its the fancy boys," Several units moved away making fun of the Major's men..

"Sir," Staff Sargent Williams was getting pissed..

"Relax.. We will guard the supplies like we were ordered.." Major McClane smiled as he flicked off the officers on their horses..

"Major McClane, " A man laughed.. "Gaurd the ammo Major.. My father did not forget what you did to my brother.. We are gonna go kill the rebels."

Major McClane smiled, "Go end the war Major.. Before my boys put a bullet in your A$$.."

"We are one the same side.." The Major gave a fake smile, "Do you boys want me to bring you back jeff Davis's hat.."

Major McClane stopped for a second.. "This sounds familiar.. Bring me that map again Staff Sargent.."

Several Jeers came from the departing soldiers..

Lt. Gold walked over, "Sir.. " Rubbing his ring, "I am about to shoot one of them myself.."

"We got the cake duty.." McClane shook his head, "We will let the D#$%A$$es soak up the bullets.." McClane narrowed his as he read the map.. "Why is that D@#$ name familiar?" He looked at the map, "This city.. Manassas.. Manassas Creek.. God I should of paid attention in history.. " After a few seconds, "Bull run.. This is.."

McClanes eyes went wide.. He started singing softly..

"Sir," Lt. Gold spoke..

"Remember long the battle of bull run," McClane sung off key.. "F#$% me.. God D@#$ bullS#$%," McClane growled.. "BattleStations!!"

Lt. Gold shook his head, "Sir.." Gold stopped, "Battlestations!"

"Battlestations," The Lower level officers ordered.. The senior enlisted repeated the order..

"I want a line," Hearing the weapons fire.. "As long as we can get away with.. I want Sharp shooters prepped.. Zulu firing line.. Thank F#$%ing god we got a LOT of F#$%ing Ammo! "

Lt. gold started repeating the orders..

McClane Grabbed Williams, "Staff Sargent.. I want fall back posistions.. Go out two hundred feet.. Light, medium, heavy.. Get those mother F#$%ers to work.." 

The Staff Sargent looked at Lt. Gold, "Sir.. This.."

"Second Lt. Trane.. Change of orders for you.. Your the fastest officer here.. You are running the runners.." Major McClane Grabs the Second Lt, "You keep eyes on the F#$%ing cannon and where the union army retreats to .. Can yu do that.."

"I am in charge of the runners, Keep an eye on the cannons, and.. And where the union army is retreating to," Second Lt. Trane repeats and then starts grabbing runners..

"Major.. Its your first battle sir," McClane looked at the Staff Sargent. ."This is the morning time.. Do what you are F#$%ing told told.. NOW!"

"Fall back positions.. Go out Two hundred yards.. Light, medium, heavy.." Williams was pissed, "SIR!"

"The men may take off the heavy gear.. Get the D@#$ things done.. On guard on the gear.. Speed is important.." Major McClane walked over to his horse.. He took down a case, "Fuerguson.. My boy.. We are going confederate hunting.. I want intelligence reports every ten minutes.."


"Sir," One of the confederate officers spoke.. "One of the Yankee companies has refused to retreat.. Several of the retreating companies have joined.."

Stopping his horse, "What is that?"

"If heavan aint a lot like Dixie.. I dont want to go," Violins reached with the words.. "If heavan aint a lot like Dixie.. I'd just assume stay home.. If they dont have a grand ole oprey, like they do in Tennessee.. Just send me to hell or new york city.. IT'd be about the same to me!" 

The Confederate Brigadier General smiles shaking his head.. "One of the union officers is having his men sing that..

"Brigadier General Jackson.. It is insulting and dishonorable.. They have repelled eight assualts .. One with three combined," The Confederate officer gritted his teeth.. "The Union Army has actually slowed its retreat..The union Canons have.."

"A clear line of escape," The Brigadier General narrows his eyes..  Taking out some papers, "That would be.. The Company guarding the.. That was one of the unions supply lines.. It is like a mountain top.. "

"Sir.. A joint assualt is aiming to break them," The officer spoke.

"The CSS did not have the name of the officers.." Jackson took his horse, "I want to see this.."

Jackson listens as he rides up..

The air fills up with the sound of a rebel charge... Something catches the eye of the Brigadier General.. He thinks for a minute!

"The yankees are finally retreating," The officer smiles.. "Watch the dogs run.. We will be in.

"My god.." Stonewall Jackson digs his spurs in, "HALT CHARGE!!.. HALT CHARGE!!"

Its too late as the first wave falls into a ditch, followed by screams..

Bullets fill the air continuously as Union Fire sweeps the next set..

Jackson charges right into the battle, "RETREAT! RETREAT!"

The battleflag hits the ground.. Several Confederate soldiers try to reach the flag only to be shot..

"GOD," Jackson is thrown from his horse the next thing he knows.. Landing on a dead Confederate soldier, "I.." 

A confederate soldier pulls Jackson down, "Sir.."

"Son.. Cowardice is," Jackson shuts up as a group of about twenty Confederate Soldiers are mowed down by coordinated fire..

"Attach bayonets.. Team Three prepare to advance on the numbers," Major McClane growls..  His orders are repeated up and down, "One and two go to mow the lawn.. We are walking the deck." With an evil smile, "A hundred gold to the man that brings me any texan they find alive.. If it is the man I am looking for.. A thousand gold.. on top of the hundred!"

The order is repeated up and down the line..

Jackson takes a deep breath, "Get ready.."

Second Lt. Tranes voice cuts through the smoke, "MAJOR MCCLANE!!!!.."

"F#$%.. WHAT," Major McClane growls..

"Colonel Sherman respectfully request you bring him his wagons back sir.. And the Colonel also respectfully request you to return the bulk of the Union Army left here, now under your command.." Second Lt. Trane spoke loudly, "Major.. Four more confederate regiments sir.. And then the Confederate Cannons are being positioned.."

"RETREAT," Major McClane growls!! "Execute walkback.."

"We crawl.." Jackson watches as men who stand to high or move to fast get shot..

Jackson and several others are crawling on the ground away from the area, as various orders are executed by the union..

Making it to a tree, Jackson reaches for the tired private.. Pulling him forward as he stayed behind the tree, "Private stay low.." Taking a deep breath, "Private.. I.."

Brigadier General Jackson reaches over and closes the Privates eyes..

minusculeclap smallawesome  
This should be a movie.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

"Brigadier General Grant," A man spoke quietly.. He handed Grant a paper, "The mongoose of Manassas has requested a transfer for all of Company X to your command.."

"Mr. Stanton," Grant took a deep Breath.. "The Mongoose of Manassas.."

"A problem has arisen.." Stanton took a deep breath, "Brigadier General Buell and the Major do not get along.. Major McClane has .. Well disciplined several of the General's men.. And.."

"The rumor.. He had General Buell horse whipped," Ulysses S Grant laughed.. "It is pure insubordination.."

"Their is no evidence.. Company X was out on a night raid of General Albert Johnston's raiders.." Stanton sipped a drink, "When he was .. Was accused.. Him and his men and been out in the field for tree days.."

"So the accusation was false.. Wait their his men.." Grant took a deep breath, "He.. He disobeyed orders and engaged Johnston.. Cant be guilty of horse whipping a general and disobeying orders by attacking thirty miles away at the same time.."

"Not to mention several.. " Stanton took a deep breath, "He is publically accusing General Buell of incompetance of office.. Orders him telling McClane that his company could not survive an engagement with all the forces under AS Johnston's command.. Found on the body of a dead runner by a muckraker."

"I read them.. After he marched back to base camp." Grant took less then a second, "I will take him.. And his company.."

"Thank god.." Stanton took a deep breath shaking General Grant's hand.. Stanton paused, "You read today's paper didnt you?"

Grant moved a book over a newsprint, I havent had a chance to read it yet.."

"Really General," Stanton narrowed his eyes.. 

"General McClellan making peace and having Buell and McClane shake hands at a public event.. The he can be heard saying he wished he had five officers that cold fight like the Manassas Mongoose this war would be over.." General Grant grinned, "And then the Manassas Mongoose named five officers who could fight better then him.. A unknown brigadier general.. Station currently in Cario.. Havent read it.."

"Apparently neither has Sherman, Berdan, Sheridan, and Thomas all have accordingly told people its the first they heard of it.." The Secretary of war shook his head, "And you.. Were at the top of the list.."

Grant just smiled..

"Privately.. The major told me that he had heard you had a plan.." Stanton took a deep breath, "He heard through this so called grapevine.. A meat Grinder approach you were working on.. Something about the south not having the same man power level we had.. "

Grant hid his cluelessness, "I.. I have no clue had he had heard of that..  I am working on several plans.."

"I ran it past Lincoln.." Stanton lowered his voice, "Let me know when you have the outline finished.. The mongoose said it was just a series of thoughts.. But the President wants it quietly finished.."

"I will.. " Brigadier General Grant stuck his hand out, "When does my new major arrive.. "

The sound of Dixie filled the air as soldiers marched..

Grant stuck his head out of a window..

He was greeted by a cadence, "Each dixie boy must understand.. That He must mind his uncle sam.."

Grant chuckled, "I take it Buell .."

"Signed the order.. Withdrew all the charges.. Claimed he was delirious from the assualt by confederate spies," Stanton smiled.. "So Sad he hated losing such a great officer.. But The western front was just as important.."

"Private Andrew O'Grady," The young man was being held up by a camp whore.. "I.."

"Great Grandpaw.. Drunk F#$%ing rat bast#$d.." Major McClane stopped cold as he was walking by.. He turned around and walked straight over, "Private Andrew Jackson O'Grady.. Of pensacola Fl!!" Wide eyed, "And you.. Susan Franklin Washngton.. God F#$%ing D@#$.." Looking at the private, "You are only god D@#$ thirteen years old.. What the F#$% do you think you are doing.. Running away from home to join the god D@#$ Confederate Army..  What is your mama goin' to say when she finds out her only boy ran away.. You .. This aint no god D@#$ fight for children.."

Everyone is quiet as the private narrows his eyes, "Mongoose of Manassas.. Cousin .. You..  Youse look like What I remember of.. Uncle Saul.. No.. his boy mama talked about.. holy S#$%, cuss liek uncle saul.. The D@#$ mongoose of manassas is my first cuz.."

"Private.. You are hereby discharged from the F#$%ing Confederate army," Major McClane grabbed the boy by the ear.. "Second Lt. Trane.. Take this boy to my personal tent.. He has an infection that has to be treated immediately.. You are god D@#$ benched boy.. Nana O'Grady will tan your F#$%ing A$$!!"

A lt. Colonel Was not to happy, "He is a prisoner that.. "The Lt. Colonel frooze as The majors men spread out, "I will report this.."

With a big smile, "Mrs. Washington.. You aint but sixteen.. Go take care of my Cousin.."

A confederate officer with Captain's bars step forward, "Major.. I can not let you.."

"Captain Stanley Tillman.. Of the Laruel hill Tillmans.. You stupid florida boys," Major McClane shook his head.. He stopped and turned towards the Lt. Colonel.. "That makes you Lt. Colonel Bollan.. Of the whatever pennsylvainia.."

The Lt. Colonel Paused and swallowed hard..

Major McClane slapped the Lt. Colonel to the ground, "You stand relieved of duty.. I hereby assume command of this prisoner camp.."

From the ground, "You will hang for.."

The Lt. Colonel gets a boot to the ribs, "Captain Tillman.."

"You're.. You're Audy's boys.. Why the F@#$ are you fighting for," Tillman himself is hit in the gut..

"Call me a F#$%ing Yankee boy.. For the record.. You will begin and end every sentence with Major," McClane spoke loudly with his men in arms spreading out.. "Let me be clear.. This is a prisoner camp.. You behave as military men.. In Accordance with the standard rules of war.. Captain Tillman is.. If memory serves, the highest ranking Confederate officer.. Presently.. "

Lt. Gold took a deep breath, "Major.."

"Get them some food first.. I want our doctors checking them.. In ten minutes they will be stripped, shaved, and bathed.. I am not going to have disease, lice, or any of the other crap.." Major McClane reached a hand down, "Captain Tillman.. You and your staff will be held responsible for all your mens actions.. " Looking at the men, "Lt. Gold.. Dig up whips for the Captain and his staff.. Second Lt. Georson.." Major McClane looks at an officer missing rank, "and Tobbs.. Yall and of your men are now my prisoners.."

Taking the major's hand shaking it, "You are definately Audies boy.. Major.. Our sick and wounded are back there.. Sir.."

Several of the lower level enlisted are whsipering..

"Major.. No wonder we got whupped.. One of our own.. At least we werent beaten.."

"Captain.. I am an American by birth.. Southern by the grace of god.." Shaking his head, "Lets get your men cleaned up.. You Will maintain discipline among your men or I will.."

"Grant will hang you for this," Lt. Colonel Bollan growled..

"These men are our brothers.. Misguided fools, but still our brothers.. This war is not over slavery.. It is over the rule of law.. "Major McClane gets pissed and kicks the Lt. Colonel.. "I will hang you for the theft of supplies Grant assigned to you for prisoners.. Making me have this D@#$ arguemnet!!"

"O'Grady," Captain Tillman pushed Major McClane back.. The Captain saw Major McClane freeze, "You are definately Audies boy.. MAjor.. Even among the union troops their are rules.. Lt. Gold.. He comes from a long line of disrespectable men.. Worst of the lot.. I wish I had a hundred of em right now.. Roles id be reversed... O'Grady's.. They are known fighters in several counties.." Captain Tillman Chuckles, "I will take the Lt. colonel as a prisoner.. Till Grant comes down and gets him.."

Pissed off, "F#$% you.." Major McClane shakes his head, "The first Camp inspection is in One hour.. I am going to check on Gr.. On Private O'Grady!!"

Lt. Gold hides his chuckles.. After the major is out of earshot, "Captain Tillman.. The O'Grady's?"

"Imagine a florida water moccasin mated with a Texas Rattlesnake,"Captain Tillman shook his head.. "Lt. Gold.. The O'Grady's are either complete church folk or Ruffins.. Never imagined I would see both in one O'Grady.. I will need those whips.."


"Yes sir," Susan swallowed hard.. "Mr. Brigadier General Grant.. "

"Now.. " Looking at the bandaged Private, "You will listen to my wife.. Ms. Washington will be your tutor. With Help from the widowed Mrs. Greene." Grant chuckled at the half dressed Susan, "Now.. You are no longer a private in the confederate Army.."

A pissed off look crossed Andrew O'Grady's face..

Grant snapped his finger and was handed a newspaper..

Slowly trying to read the head line, "Mongoose of Manassas is a Flor.. Flo.."

The Matronly Mrs. Greene walked over.. She took the newspaper, "The injun Medicine man and that china man acupuncturist said no stress.. Your body is healing.." pulling up a chair as she set her ruler down, "Susan.. Please read this for the General.. "

Susan slowly read the article out loud..

"The word was relieved," Brigidier General Grant spoke..

"Propaganda Mrs. Greene," Andy spoke.. "Cuz wasnt relieved.. Thats where the enemy attacks via words.."

"Close enough Andy for now.. " Mrs. greene smiled, "Major McClane.. Well apparently Major O'Grady has been taking his evenings personally reviewing his cousins education.."

"It is a war of words.." Brigadier General Grant smiled, "Major McClane was relieved of duty.." With a huge smile, "Lt. colonel O'Grady, Audie Jr... Is now running Cario's POW camp.. For Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant.. As for the crimes.. Well lets say every union soldier cant blame the Lt. Colonel.. For his actions.."

"A pardon.. President Lincoln Pardoned him for any of the crimes he may be accused of.." Susan looks up, "President Lincoln has ordered all Captured Children, wearin confederate uniforms, in union custody, to be declared non- combatants.. Four lashes for their commanding officers.. He is demanding Davis and the Rebel Governors stop sending children into battle.." Narrowing her eyes, "A battle of words?"

"All children found to have illegally joined the Union army.." Grant moves his jaw, "Are being sent to military schools.. In four years they will then be eligible to fufill their oaths.."

Grant walks over to a desk and takes one of the sheets of paper, "Ms. Washington.. Please turn to page four.."

The pages ruffle, "Andrew.. Your.. Your mama wrote you a letter.. It.. It has been published.."

Mrs. Greene reaches over, "General?"

"The Union papers have been running it the second they heard," Grant puts the paper in front of Andrew.. "The British Ambassador has agreed to deliver your letter to your mama in florida.. The one you are writing."

"They involved in it," Andrew looked at the General..

"Your case has become a sore point.. Your Cousin has legally taken custody of you," Grant smiled politely.. "Write your mama.. I am to ensure it reaches the proper people.."

Susan laughs and covers her mouth.. "Your mama aint happy .. Said she has a switch wit your name on it.. From her favorite rose bush.. " Giggling again, "Yo mama said you better listen to your cuz.. Hes family And he has her personal permission to bust yo rear! As needed.."

"So Mrs. Grant is a good christian woman right," Former Private O'Grady spoke coolly. Seeing the General Chuckle, "That was mama's favorite rose bush.. Tol me If I ever crossed a line.. She would take the longest one and tan my hide till she was tired.. She aint no weak woman.. She knocked out my sis Janice's husband wit one punch.. One. He at least two heads taller then her."


Jackson stood their stone faced in the field. 

"Company I.. The Navarro Rifles," A captain spoke angrily as men in confederate uniforms were brought out wearing chains.

"Genr'l Jackson.. Sir.. we.. Why are we in chains... We aint no D@#$ yan," The man speaking is struck by an Angry Jackson..

As the man hits the ground, "You boys are gonna tell me what happened that night in texas.."

Several of the men glared..

"READ the GOD... Read the letter," Jackson ordered..

One of his officers with a pissed off look on his face began reading.. After a few paragraphs, ".. It was bad.. Mama.. The raped and killeded  his mistress.. Then they started rapin the slaves.. Mama.. Cuz said the rapeded the men to.. A mr. Freeman.. Dressed all fancy.. Filled me in on details.. It was worse than that mama.. They killeded babies.. They fed em to dogs.. Cuz put a hole in the wall,  he did not know she had given birth.. Apparently one of the babies wuz .. Wuz Misty Adella McClane.. De.. De' fed our little help.." A tear fell down the man reading its face, "Helpless cuz to da dawgs.. I.. Am ashamed these men are now confederate soldiers.. I overheard they are in  De' did this to one of ours.. And it wuz supported by most of De' men runnin' Texas.."

The men in Company I of the Navarro are all looking down except a few..

The knocked down man had stood back up, "Listen Genr'l.. S#$% happens.. That Bastard was paying SPic's, injuns, Negros and Wumin the same as a white man.. He had dem in charge.. Dat mistress of his was a whore.. She traded her.."

One of the Confederate Privates broke the man's jaw with his rife.. The officers jaw broke and teeth flew out..

"Private," Jackson growled.. "You're in deep S#$%.." Jackson stormed over to the private, "Do you know how hard these rifles are to come by? Next time.." Jackson took the privates fist in his hand, "Use this.. That way yo' weapon aint risked.. "

Jackson motioned for the letter to be read as the private beamed.

The men in the rifle company looked down and wold not meet any of the eyes of the men surrounding them..

After the officer had to stop several times, "I's staying wit Ms. Grant.. I.. Write dis letter myself.. Cuz is doing fine.. Love.. Yo son.. Andrew Jackson O'Grady. "

Letting the letter sink in, "Do you know what you have done.. The CSS has informed General Lee that the letter was leaked word for word.. No alterations.. You do know Jefferson Davis had to separate the Florida Delegation from the Texas Delegation.." The anger came from Jackson, "Reports are that the north has more volunteers then what the know to do with.. Thousands and Thousands of men.. All are volunteering for the Texas front.."

"We gunna hang aint we.." One of the Privates seemed to have all the light leave his eyes," I.. " He tried to attack one of the other chained men, "You got me killed because you had to Rape her!!"

The men with Jackson separated them pretty quickly..

The others all were glaring at each other..

"Probably.. " 

Jackson was interupted when an aide rode up, "General.. Their is.. Is a fight among the officers sir.. It appears.. Sir.. "

"Let me guess.. An officer from florida versus a Texas officer," Jackson shook his head.. Narrowing his eyes, "This is.. They are splitting us up.. I need to speak with the CSS.."

A colonel led a horse with an older woman on it. Heavily armed members of the 69th New york Regiment march with pride, as their battle flag flew..

"Halt march," the Colonel called out.. Saluting Brigadier General Grant, "Sir.. Colonel Corcoran, of the 69th.. It is our proud honor to Escort Lilly Adelle O'Grady.."

A creole woman was helped off her horse, but she stayed silent..

Grant returned the salute, "Colonel Corcoran.."

Lt. Gold took a deep breath as several Irish men reached into saddlebags..

"Lt. Gold," Colonel Corcoran smiled.. "We have a gift for the Mongoose of Manassas.."

Grant was wide eyed as someone helped Mrs. O'Grady down..

"Colonel," Lt. Gold saw four battle flags.. 

"We captured four texas companies battle flags.. Ms. Sara June O'Shire was from ireland.. Those Texas bastards will pay!" Colonel Corcoran spoke coldly, "We sent those texas bastards straight to hell!"

"Cuz," Andrew O'Grady spoke. He was dressed nicely as Susan walked with him," why are we.. S@#$ !"

Lt. Colonel O'Grady paused when he saw Mrs. O'Grady.. Freezing in place, "Great Nana.."

Susan froze and swallowed hard..

"I.. I'll be damned,"Mrs. O'Grady paused.. She walked over to the Lt. Colonel, "Youse a D@#$ spitting image of my brother.."

Tears fell down Lt. Colonel O'Grady's face, leaving him unable to speak..

Mrs. O'Grady had tears fall down her own face.. She hugged O'Grady as he broke down.. The old woman held the Lt. Colonel, "Its all right Nephew.. Ole Gen'rl Stonewall Jackson himself brought little Misty's body, Ms. O'Shires body , and youses former sl.. Employees bodies home.. With a company of the Emerald guard, under Captain Sibert.. We buried them all last week..  Gov'ner Milton, the Pensacola Rifle Regiment, and several members of de representatives also attended.. A group of union soldiers had escorted the train under a white.. To ensure that the train was unharassed.."

Corcoran nodded his head silenty..

"Pastor Rolland gave the funeral.." Mrs. O'Grady held the Lt. Col, "Its ok baby... Ole Marse Roberts himself gave a beautiful Eulogy.. Read from the good book.. Brought everyone to tears..  He wanted me to bring his apologies.. He said it wont bring them back.. He has agreed to the terms of prisoner treatment.." Seeing coldness come as the tears stop.. "My brother.. Your daddy got that look in his face.. "

"Colonel Corcoran," Grant wiped a tear from his own face.. "You boys are welcomed to Cario.. Lt. Gold.. Get the 69th's men stored.. Lets move this family reunion.."

Taking a minute to compose himself, "My Daddy talked about you all the time.." The Lt. colonel stood straight with tear stained eyes.. "I .. I will be ok.. Andy.."

"Youse lucky dese men are here Little boy," Mrs. O'Grady wiped her own tears.. "I wasnt allowed to bring youse a switch.." Seeing a ring on her son's finger, "And what is .." She narrows her eyes as she sees a ring on Susan's hand, "I see.."

"Mama.. This .. This is," Andy O'Grady paused and swallowed hard..

"A private conversation," Lt. Colonel O'Grady narrowed his eyes..

"Yes sir," Andy O'Grady swallowed hard..

"Susan.. This is your mother in law.. Why dont you walk her to where you two are staying.." The Lt. Colonel sighed, "I have a.."

"You are relieved of duty for a day.. You have thirty minutes to get ready," Brigadier General Grant smiled.. He took Mrs. O'Grady's arm, "My wife has made lunch for you.. She wants to know everything.."

Susan swallowed hard as Grant took her arm..

"Not to mention.. The whole Union is curious.." Brigadier General Grant smiled evilly, "Rumors have spread.. This Saul O'grady appears to have a .. A very colorful past.."

Mrs. O'Grady covered her face, "That.. Colorful aint de word.." She takes a deep breath, "All the yankees know.."

"He is an Irishman Brigadier General Grant," Colonel Corcoran smiled as he put his arm around Lt. Colonel O'Grady.. 

One of the other men spoke, "Killed four men in a gun fight.."

"At a whorehouse," Another Irishman grinned..

"With his mug in his hand," Another man spoke..

"Got accused of horse theiving.. Because he was to drunk to remember which horse was his," Colonel Corcoran grinned.. "I will have him and Andy.. There in twenty five minutes.. Mrs. O'Grady.." The old woman looks at the Colonel, "We aint ashamed at all.. We know about that church marm.. Her sister, and her mother.."

The old lady covered her face..

"Mam.. We also know about that little incident with the Mexicans just outside of San Anton.. Good soldiers arent little good boys," Colonel Corcoran smiled.. "Just like his son.. The texans tried to run the stories.. Say what type of man he was.."

Seeing the men's faces, "You dont have to spread the bad parts.. Menfolk.. Yall need to be more gentlemanly like de good general here.." Sticking her nose in the air, "I aint had time to warsh up General.. I.. I am a mess .. Meetin the lady of the house.."

"Lt. Gold," Lt. Colonel O'Grady took a deep breath.. "Get ahold of.."

"I will send both ladies over to Mrs. Grants house.. Clothes and the works," Lt. Gold smiled as he looked at Mrs. Ogrady.. "The Greene Sisters.."

"Might I inquire as to who you are mam," Grant spoke softly?

"Besheba La'Torrel," The creole woman bowed quietly.. She walked over to Lt. Colonel O'Grady, "I.."

Lt. Colonel O'Grady hugged her as she cried..

"I.. Is tha one Audie.. Tol' which bodies were which. De buried de right ones.." Basheba cried, "Ole Stonewall hung the Navarro rifles.. Ole Judge Baker killeded himself.."

"I know girl," Lt. Colonel O'Grady held the woman.. "Your husband is.."

A light skinned black man was running up in a union lt.'s uniform.. He saw Besheba, "Besheba!!"

"Socrates," Besheba ran to her husband.. "I thought they.. They.. I's looked for yo body.."

The two hugged each other tightly..

"I am still mad at his black A$$.." Lt. Colonel O'Grady growled, "They had to knock me out and drag me to the safe spot.. " Looking at Grant, "We fought our way north.. And I said WE!"

Grant narrowed his eyes, "Fought.."

Lt . La'Torrel came to attention, "Good mornin' Brigadier General Grant.. Lt. Socrates La'Torrel, Rattlesnake company.." Saluting professionally, "Report Rattlesnake company ready for assignment with company X. All 100 proud and strong freemen."

Colonel Corcoran walked over to the Lt... He checked the mans uniform.. Seeing the blackman standing striaght, "Lt.. That name is familiar to me.."

"Mrs. O'Connely knew your father father Mr. Corcoran.. She married a Plantation owner in.."

"Louisana.." Corcoran smiled, "How is she doing?"

"Colonel.. She is the teacher for our deck logs.. Strick ole Irish.." Socrates rub his jaw, "Mean left hook for a short woman.."

The Irish men laughed as the Colonel smiled..

Socrates whispered something to the Colonel..

"Really she is making that right now.." Colonel Corcoran got an excited look on his face as he sniffed the air.. When his eyes went wide, "BRidadier general Grant respectfully request permission to inspect  Rattlesnake company.."

Mrs. O'Grady closed her eyes and smiled when the smell reached her nose, "My mama used to make that.."

"Unfortunately Besheba..." Lt. Colonel O'Grady spoke, "Socrates has to join me and General Grant.. "

"God D@#$ it bo.. Lt. Colonel.. Its some gooood food.. Fills yo gut.." Socrates shook his head, "My love.. I have to report in.."

Besheba kissed him, "Go my love.. I got to freashen up.."

"Brigadier General Grant," Lt. Colonel O'Grady grinned.. "Meat grinder sir.."

Grant took a deep breath, "Numbers.. Large numbers.." Looking at the Lt. ,"Using Navy ranks for negro troops?" narrowing his eye, "Lt. La'Torrel.. Mr. Grant is VERY picky.. Make sure my d@#$ed Lt. Colonle is own his best behavior!"

"I will storm richmond itself with just Rattlesnake company," Lt. La'Torrel shook his head.. "But dont mother F#$%ing ask me to do the F#$%ing impossible.. SIR!"

Grant smiled evilly, "Its called the burden of command Lt.. Those bars get heavy.."

Andy looked at his cousin with hate, "Negro troops?"

"Cuz.. Remember what I said about numbers.. The south wont put a segment of its population in arms.." Lt. Colonel O'Grady looked at his cousin, "And that means?"

"They'd rebell.. Wait," Andy O'Grady got a horrified look on his face.. He looked around the union officers,"Every Union soldier we kill.. "

" 'Dey said Ten take his place," Mrs. O'Grady got an equally horrified look on her face.. She looked at Grant, "The union wouldnt put.... In arms.."

General Grant smiled, "Mam.. Any officer worth his salt would take those odds.. Every casualty I suffer.. I get ten soldiers.. Destroy a company.. I replace it with a regiment!"

Colonel Corcoran politely smiled saying nothing.

"Colonel Corcoran.. Please inspect Rattlesnake Company for me.. " Brigadier General Grant grinned, "I will be inspecting it at a later date myself.. Lincoln will want a report.." Seeing the Colonel smile, "I will tell Mrs. Grant you were busy performing duties I personally assigned you.. You will join us later for an after dinner conversation.."


Washington DC

"Mr. President what is Grant up to," A general was very pissed off.. "I did NOT order Grant to send me two regiments!! That would leave the West in complete shambles.. I hate to say this but I am in agreement with the Mongoose of Manassas.."

Stanton took a deep breath, "Mr. President.. General McClellan is very correct.. Grant took the Lt. Colonel.. Now they have been arguing publically.. This leak of the fact that two regiments where sent east.."

Pinkerton took a moment, "Mr. President.. The Rebels know.. This fall out between the two will hurt us.. We may lose the west.. Our sources say the Confederate Armies in the west are planning an attack on Cario.."

Lincoln stood and walked to a window, "It.. It is my fault.. Generl McClellan.. Stop those two regime.."

One of Lincolns black white house staff walked in.. Lincoln turned and looked, "Now is.."

The man smiled and handed Lincoln an envelope..

Everyone was quiet as Lincoln opened the envelop walking back to his desk in the oval office..

Quote:November 6th, 1861

Mr. President,

By now parts of my deception have reached your ears.

I do apologize for the deception Mr. President, per our conversation, I have set the time and date of the reckoning with the southern armies here in west.

I do apologize for the potential destruction of the empty troop transport.. Colonel Corcoran disembarked in secret and has formed picket lines to the east.

Leading the point of the Spear, is Lt. Colonel O'Grady.
Company X, Lakota Company, and the Rattlesnake company are executing their orders

I have taken every available soldier to perform a basic pincer movement on the three to four confederate armies moving towards Cairo

While the deceptions of the last two weeks were planned. I do have an issue with the Lt. Colonel.
When I get back from destroying all of the Confederate Army in the west that I physically can, I will have to explain the Lioness company
I expect these new companies to be quite a contraversy

Winfield Scott, former Commanding officer of the patomic, is presently temporarily in command of the defenses of Cairo
The Lioness Company is manning the defenses

The NCO corps training, Under Scott has finished the basic program two days ago
The new medical corps has completed their basics

The basic elements of Operation Meatgrinder are in position for field testing

If I do not survive this Mr. President, General Scott has orders
Please note Mr. President, He can ride his horse again
He was placed on a very special diet, by the medicine man and the apothocary

That old Dog, as Lt. Colonel O'Grady called Scott, has proven to my staisfaction that he still has one more bite in him

Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant,
Commanding officer Army of Cario

A huge smile crossed Lincoln face as McClellan was speaking with Stanton. Laughter came from Lincoln stopping all discussions..

"Mr. President," Stanton walked over to the presidents desk.. "My I ask what

Lincoln stood and handed the letter to Stanton.. Quietly he stepped to window and just smiled.

Stanton read the letter and went wide eyed.. "Mr. President.. Operation Meatgrinder?"

General McClellan walked over to Stanton, "Operation Meatgrinder?"

Pinkerton read the letter over Stanton's other shoulder.. "Mr. President.. Is grant seriously leading the Army of the tennesse into battle against General AS Johnston, General Hood, General Joseph Johnston, General Bragg, And General Polk?" McClellan looked at pinkerton, "General..The confederate Armies have moved five groups into the area."

"There is no way Brigadier General Grant can," McClellan went silent.. "Lioness Company? Has Grant lost his mind?"

Pinkerton stops and laughs himself, "Lt. colonel O'Grady.. Mr. President.. He had thousands of metal Helmets, modified fuergoson rifles, twenty modified five pounders, weird thick leather vest, and a doctor Gatling with sealed crates all arrived a month ago.."

"Henry.." Lincoln turned torwards the black man..

"Mr. President," Henry Johnson smiled as he took out paper and a fresh quill with ink.

"I wish to compose a letter," Lincoln walked back over to the desk.. "I want you to find the least reliable courier you can find.. "

"Mr. President," Pinkerton spoke?

"First we need to fake a response to the letter.. I want it to fall into the enemy hands.." Looking at General McClellan, "General.. I want you to take a second different letter and do the same.. Find the least reliable officer.. Stanton.. Pinkerton.. Address them to .. To.."

Pinkerton smiled, "Might I suggest something Mr. President.. If your going to do this.. Go the whole way.. Lets create a fake command.. "

Stanton smiled, "Desperately trying to order them into the west.."

Angry but going along, "Have my letter say the d@#$ southerns cut our lines to their secret command.." McClellan spoke coldly, "I will want to visit Cario Mr. President.."


Abraham Lincoln stand stoically as he looks over the battlefield..

Black Soldiers with rattlesnake armbands, metal hats, and modified fuerguson rifles stood holding their rifles in the ready.. 

Lt. La'Torrel was eyeing for any threats as he and Lt. Gold whispered to each other..

"My god.. The battle was three days ago, "A man spoke with a midwestern accent.. "Major General Grant.. They are still removing bodies?"

Grant was very quiet as he watched POW's removing bodies entangled in barbed wire.. One of the men in a union uniform lit something having grant closes his eyes, "Senator Wade.. The lit fire in daylight means my boys found .. My soldiers have found Polk's body.."

"Why are those men armed," General McClellan tried to say something about bandaged confederate men?

Grant had a very cold look in his eyes, "Because Mr. Commanding Army of the potomac.. They have to return home.. Those men on the wagons are being sent home. They have signed papers they probably wont respect.. But they will need their rifles to feed their families.. They are to injured to fight.."

Lincoln looked the enemy soldiers leaving in a caravan, "They carry the dead home.." The southerners did not meet Lincolns gaze..

"Part of operation meat grinder.. " Grant watched as the caravan of forty Wagons left, "Those bodies are a message.. The survivors will.."

"You did not have permission to," Grant knocks McClellan on his A$$..

"Do not ever talk to me that way again," Grant stood over McClellan! "I will run you through boy!"

Lt. La'Torrel and Lt. Gold were quickly between Grant and McClellan..

"Pardon me Mr. President," Lincoln did not even respond to Lt. Gold.. "The Lt. colonel has us keeping an eye on all the men.."

Winfield Scott rode up on a horse and got down to the surprise of everyone.. "Ulysses.." Scott did not salute, "You know your own order Major General.."

Several women on horse back with metal hats stayed on their horses..

Grant took a deep breath, "I stand relieved for a week," Grant closed his eyes.. "Winfield.. Make sure that SOB does not call upon me or my household.."

"Take my horse.. I will personally handle clean up," Scott looked at the bodies going by.. "Lt. Gold.. " Scott looked at Grant, "Have the Lionesses on extra watches.." Grant glared, "Again.. Your orders.. Do not argue with the Apothacary.."

Grant just got up on Scotts horse..

Lt. Gold held the reins for the armed woman as she hopped down.. He hopped up and motioned Grant away from the area..

Scott reached down to McClellan as Grant rode away, "I am glad I got here when I did.. General McClellan.. Before you, the president, or the commitee interact with the soldiers we discovered have.. Soldiers heart.. Or as the Mongoose of Manassas called it PTSD.. post tramuatic Stress Disorder.."

"That is bullS#$%," McClellan was mad.. "They are just.."

"PTSD," Stanton had moved to where he did not have to look at the wagons.. "Soldiers heart.. The men returning to the south that may seem healthy.. They have it.."

"Nightmares.. Screams.." Winfield responded, "After the butchery here.. Grant gave the order that at the first signs, those men are to be treated.. I now know why.."

Senator Wade looked at the men returning home, "Lt. La'Torrel.. How many suicides? Since.. Since this.."

"None," Lt. La'Torrel took a deep breath.. "Its a weight on ya.. Wont leave.. Those boys screaming as they .. They just kinda tried to get out of da metal briar patch.. Fo yo ask.. Those men going home.. in the first Caravan.. All have soldiers heart.. Aint never gonna be the same again.. We sent instructions for treatment.."

"So the southerners have to treat their own," Senator Wade narrowed his eyes.. "Tales will spread.. Further destroying morale I see this.. Now, Instructions for treatment?"

"Spending as much as the enemies resources as possible.. While spending as little as ours," Winfield responded quieting Lt. La'Torrel.. "As for the Lionesses.. I have to have them.. They are serving as nurses and security for the medications.."

"We do need to talk about, "General McClellan spoke.. "I can live with the negro serving as.."

Scott got between McClellan and the silent female with Lt. Bars, "General McClellan.. One more time.. You do NOT interact with any soldier in this command till you are quallified.."Scott was not nice.. "We have lost about ten percent of our troops to Soldiers heart.. Another Ten percent enjoyed it.. I will not protect you if you do not restrain your mouth.. If you must down grade the troops here.. Do so in private away from their ears!"

"I will have you.."

"Enough George.. These soldiers have done more then I expected possible.. Winfield may we get a tour of the base camp.. " Lincoln watched as bodies were still being untangled from the wire, "I think everyone here gets the point over what happened.. I take it General Scott that Grant.."

"Mandatory process mr. President.." Scott seemed to have a far off look as the wagons full of bodies went by, "Grant will be fine in a day or two.." Lincoln looked at General Scott, "Yes sir I will be relieved in about two to three days.. Colonel Sherman will be commanding.. I am an old man and can hang on a few more days.. I am avoiding the Apothacoary man and the d@#$ medicine man like the plague.. I then will follow this procedure myself.. Then we will rotate Sherman out for a week.."

"You should be preparing to follow," McClellan stepped back from Scotts glare..

"With all due respect .. McClellan.. We cant follow up because of the Trent Affair as it is being called.." Scotts statement drew wide eyes from every one.. "Especially if the intelligence we got about the death of the British ambassador is true."

"You were relieved you old," McClellan raises his voice..

Stanton put his hand on McClellan's shoulder, "A week off sounds good.. General.. You might consider it yourself.. I am now considering it for me.."

McClellan took the hint with hate in his eyes..

"General McClellan," Senator wade looked General Scott in the eyes.. "General Scott is trying to tell you politely shut the F#$% up.. General Scott.. I take it the reason your not pursuing, besides the damage done here neuters the rebels, is because you have to prepare.."

Scott nods and says nothing, "The army of the Tennessee will greet them the same way.. Giving McClellan time to prepare last minute defenses."

"Senator.. They had the chance to end the war out in..." McClellan stops cold as what is being said dawns on him, "Mr. President.."

"I need to speak with Lt. Colonel O'Grady," Lincoln inhales as he moves away from looking at the wagons going by. "Privately.. With Stanton and Senator Wade.. General Scott please arrange for that.."


The people in the streets looked at the men who just exited parliment..

"Why are they not happy.. We will be teaching the United States a lesson, "A well dressed man spoke.. "You there.."

Everyone stopped and looked at the man, "The fools.."

An american burst out laughing.. Turning and looking at the british man, "God save the queen.. Mr. Prime Minister.. God save the queen indeed."

"Mr. Seward.. " The Prime minister saw the look of fear in the people eyes, "We have declared war.. You will be allowed to return home.. We have notified The Confederate States of America that we have voted to recognize them.."

One of the wide eyed kids looked in fear at the Prime Minister..

"Give him a paper.. I will pay for it," Seward was all smiles..

The young boy hands the prime minister a copy of the paper..

"Son.. The yanks will need," The Prime Minister goes wide eyed.. "My god.. This.." He flips through the paper as several other members of parliament are reading the same paper.. All of them are looking up at him, "President Lincoln.. Has.. Has ordered the butcher of Belmont, The Mongoose of Manassas, To prepare the northern defenses.. This casualty report cant be right.. Two companies worth of men.. Cant destroy four army groups.. Thirty thousand prisoners taken.. Mr. Ambassador.." Prime Minister Temple called out, "You cant seriously think you can beat the British Army..

"..Dont count your chicks before they're hatched.. Or your work until its done.. Remember yes, remember long.. The battle of bull run .. We said wed run em to atlanta, and to galveston bay.. Cept for The mongoose being there," Seward is singing off key.. "the rebel army would have ran us back to Washington.. And Philidelph i a.. "

Several members of parliment look at the prime minister and then at the US Ambassador, who ignored the prime minister. He got inside his carriage singing.

"Lincoln is calling for volunteers for the western defenses," The Prime minister looks at the papers.. "Irish recruitment has tripled.. Plans to raise 4 Negro divisions are being executed.." Anger passed through the Prime Ministers eyes, "What does this O'Grady mean.. That he will be ready before the British troops set foot on US soil.. Their is no way the United states can.."

Seward looks at the prime minister as a member of the royal guard interrupted, "Mr. Prime Minister.. Her Majesty wishes to speak with you.. NOW! "

The Prime Minister saw slowly as the members of Parliment all turned around and walked back in with the papers in their hands

"Let her majesty know.. I will of course speak with her.. I will come immediately," The Prime Minister saw anger in the face of the men returning to parliment..

Several people were gathering as the papers were being read to people..

"One 'undred eight soldiers did this.." A man with red hair spoke surprised, "It's a lie.. De' Colonies are fightin 'mong themselves. You bein' fools.. The British empire will crush dem.. My grand daddy served.. It is about numbers, he'd called these fancy words.. Wit full of lies.. The Confederates generals were the best trained.. General Lee himself siad no on command of the colonial army.. Because they cant win!"

The Prime Minister smiled and spoke out, "Who are you son?"

The man frooze for a second, "Mister Minster.. Sir.." Bowing his head, "Louis O'Malley.. " Looking down, "Mama was .. Was a worker for the french embassy.. Got pregnant by one of the ambassadors .. Gran tossed her out cuz to many mouths to feed.. She died a few years ago, followed by mum.. I was hoping to take me last bit of coin and try to earn a little more.. Sir Mr. Minister.. I would like to join the British army as an officer.. If we gonna go to war with the Colonials as Mum called em, only chance I got to make sum thin of me 'self.."

The Prime Minister smiled, "Go keep telling them about why the Colonials wont win.. Stop by my office later.. Do a good job and you might find yourself with sufficent coin. Found out for me where this came from.." After a pause, "Sub-Lt. O'Malley.."

"Mr. Prime Minister," O'Malley turned and started taking the papers.. "It is lies.. "

"Hey.." The prime minister watched as O'Malley stopped..

"I will buy them form you.. If you tell me who gave them to you," O'Malley spoke quickly..

The Prime Minister whispered to the guard, "Send some men with him.." The Prime minister spoke as he walked away with the guard..

O'Malley grabbed the boy selling the papers and whispered, "Have they left yet.."

"Let me go.. I honest," The kid yelled.. Whispering, "not yet they are talking.."

"So.. That is the name of the man selling the papers," O'Malley set the kid down.. Taking out some coins, "Go.. get some food .. disappear and say nothing.. Or I will draft you into the British Army.."

The Prime Minister watched the kid run away, "Go with him now.. Sub. Lt. I want that man alive.."

"Yes sir," O'Malley hid his smile as he looked at two people in the crowd..

One of the men hid his smile as he yelled, "How do you intend to defeat the Mongoose? He slaughtered six confederate regiments!!"

The other man on the other side called out, "I heard it was seven regiments.. "

O'Malley narrowed his eyes, "You got fight.. Why aint you in the Army sir?"

The Prime minister smiled evilly and walk away..

"Yes sir.. Rear Admiral Porter," La'Torrel responded.. "O'Grady is.. Is resting sir.. "

"Thank you Lt," Porter's command voice echoed through the room.. 

The two gaurds did not move, A Black army man with a clean Second Lt.'s uniform stood with a podium in front of him..

"Ensign.." La'Torrel took a deep breath, "General Grant Authorized.."

"It's allright Lt.. Watch," Rear Admiral Porter took out orders.. "I am authorized admittance.. My papers.."

Porter smiled as the watch eyed him coldly, "Aye Rear Admiral.. You are authorized addmitance by.." The Black officer read the papers, "It appears all is in order.. Sir"

An army Lt. colonel spoke, "Sir.. I do apologize.. They.."

"Shut the F#$% up Lt. colonel.. " Shaking his head, "I should have came earlier.. This.. O'Grady is a Navy man.. Deck logs.. This qual's garbage.. Inventive Navy material.. Through and through.. from his bald head, Down to his boots.."

"Rear Admiral," the Lt. colonel was confused..

Grant shook his head no to the Lt. colonel..

"The ensign is making entries into the Deck log.. " Rear Admiral Porter narrowed his eyes, "They have.."

"Secured the p-ways sir.. LEstablished two watches.. Dog Zebra'd the communications." The ensign responded, "After that reporter got through.. "

Putting his hand on the deck log stopping the writing, "Off the record ensign.. The... My Captain's two guest.." The ensign paused at the rank use, "Son.. To find out the Mongoose of Manassas, butcher of belmont is one of us.. We have intervened.. "

With a slight look, "Sir.. I was ordered to make sure that no unauthorized personnel were allowed entry.. but the Apothecary and medicine man.. Said moral was a key point in the Colonel's.. Captain's recovery.. Sir "

"I see.. Ensign carry on," Porter came to the door, as the two guards stood aside, and politely Knocked.. "GET YOU A$$ UP NOW, O'GRADY!!"

the gaurd to the Rear Admiral's left smiled..

"KNOCK THAT SMILE OFF YOUR FACE SEAMAN," The black gaurd went straight back to stone cold.. the rear Admiral kicked over the podium, "OPEN THE D@#$ DOOR.. ENSIGN!!"

The watch moved quickly as he fumbled with keys..

"You see Lt. colonel.. We in the Navy know how to be gentle when required," Rear Admiral Porter smiled.. "I SAID OPEN THE DA#$ DOOR NOW!!!"

Sounds of a worried females filled the air..


The Ensign was shaking as the rear admiral kept yelling loudly..

With a whisper, "General.."

"Lt. Colonel.. This is apparently a Naval Matter," Grant was grinning..

The lock turned and the ensign was shoved aside by the Admiral.. For effect the rear admiral kicked the door wide open..

O'grady was standing Nude.. Seeing the Rear Admiral in dress uniform, "Sir.."

"GOOD MORNING TO YOU TO CAPTAIN.. DO I NOT GET A REAR ADMIRAL AT LEAST," Porter did not look away as the half dressed teachers where shocked and half covered..

"Good morning.. REAR ADMIRAL," O'Grady was defiant in his tone with eyes looking to his pistol on the floor..

"Rear Admiral.. the Ladys," the Lt. colonel was hit in the arm by Grant..

"Captain.. Captain.." The Rear Admiral walked behind the Standing at Attention O'grady.. "The five Lashes you recieved from your time as a Sailor in my Navy.."

O'Grady had a confused look on his face, "Five Lashes?"

The Rear Admiral was in O'Grady's face, "The robbers that hit you.. You really have no memory.." Shaking his head, "I spoke with the Doctor that gave that diagnosis.. Said he had seen it with head injuries before.."

A commander had followed in with a file, "Rear Admiral.."

Taking the papers, "Five lashes for disobediance and fighting an officer.. Discharged before the vessel even left port.. We looked further into it.. The Officer died before Manassas. But we did find the woman.. she verfied the fact the Lt was NOT a gentleman.. And that you had defended her.."

The commander was curious over O'grady staring forward, "You are being addressed by the Rear Admiral.."

O'Grady does not answer, Making The rear Admiral grin.. "He remembers the discipline.. He remembers the discipline.. Forgot everything else.. I have not asked anything.."

The Rear Admiral looked at a spot on the head..

"He was hit there," The Commander sighed turning to a paper in the stack he was holding.. "Same spot matches the splotch.."

Grant stepped forward, "Rear Admiral.."

"The department of The Navy recognizes Audie O'Grady, of Corsicana Texas as one of theirs.." Rear Admiral Porter shook his head looking at the scarred leg, "Your injury is healing.. "

"Yes Rear Admiral," O'grady was staring forward..

"Grant needs you on Duty for now son.." The rear Admiral looked at the scar, "That was nasty.. "

"Rear Admiral.. I am .. Sir I cant lead Company X and the others at the physical level at the level required.. "

"Son.. You just crawled out of bed with two ladies who should know better," Rear Admiral Porter coldly spoke.. "the Secretary Of The Navy has been reading reports we collected on you.. You will be at your evening muster for the Secretary.. Captain O'Grady.."

"S@#$," O'grady stood at Attention as the man left..

"Now.. My brother is inspecting company x, rattlesnake company and.." With a large sigh, "the Lionesses.." shaking his head the Rear Admiral smirked humming, "He fought in the rain and he fought in the sun and he fought in the moonlight too..He fought with his knife and he fought with his gun..
And he fought till his blood ran through.. Well John Paul Jones was a fightin' man a fightin' man was he.."


General Grant was on his horse looking down, "General Beauregard.."

"Surrender. You have lost Shilo." Beauregard smiled, "The Butcher of Belmont is fighting the British army.. Your reinforcements are bogged down by Johnston and Longstreet.. This is a pointless slaughter sir.."

Sherman was not very happy, "Ulysses .."

Grant took a deep breath," I.."

The sound of thousands of voices singing Yankee doodle  filled the air, with drums...

Surprised Sherman and Grant both turned around..

"Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni," The drums beat loudly..  After the chorus, "Major Shaw assumed command of Shadow Company marched to shilo.. Thirty thousand adopted Irishmen in arms.. the nightmare of the confederacy..  " After a the beats of the drums, "Yankee doodle keep it up.. Yankee doodle Dandy.."

Green Irish flags where flying joining Union flags..
Beauregard had a worried look cross his face..

"Stand with your fellow soldiers.. This fight is not over," A White  union officer rode along the lines... Other men assumed command of the ragged lines, "We will hold the lines for the union..  By the numbers my Irish boys.. You are fighting to prove you deserve to be here.."

"Negro soldiers," Beauregard swallowed hard..

The man on the horse rode out at full speed, as the Negro Soldiers begun standing next to the men.. All moving professionally, as the tired and beaten Union Army started singing along..

Grant looks at Sherman as the sound of the union army singing echo along the lines for miles.. Hope filled both mens eyes, "Our reinforcements.."

Gatling guns where brought to the front as Union Soldiers made room for the dreaded weapons..

"We will fight as one team.." Black Union officers started giving out orders with green irish flags planted..

Up and down the now reinforced line, black officers sounded off, "Transport wounded back.. Shadow Company, Battle STATIONS! Sound off you bloody bastards.. Gatlings deploying.. ammo lines securing! for Ireland and the Union.."

The sound traveled through woods and seemed to coming from over two miles..

"General Beauregard," A worried aide spoke to him.. "They everywhere.. "

The officer comes up, "General Grant.. Major Robert Shaw.. Acting Commanding officer of Shadow Division. thrity thousand Irishmen strong.. I have split off ten thousand to aid Buell break through.." Seeing a look of surprise," General grant.. Your wall of Irishmen you requested from the butcher of Belmont.. Ten thousand.. Ready to march into confederate lines per operation meatgrinder.. I have sent five thousand out to flank them on both sides.. I was not aware you where arranging for the surrender of the Rebels.. Oh.. Sir.. Captain O'Grady said you would sign my promotion papers sir.."

Grant was shocked, "Irish soldiers?"

"Negro soldiers have not been authorized.. So all of the Negro's where adopted individually by soldiers the Irish Regiments," Shaw grinned on his horse.. "they have all sworn they are family.."

"that bastard never plays by the rules General Beauregard.. " Grant chuckled reading the promotion papers.. "Irishmen.. I will sign them son.."

Beauregard had an aide ride up, "Sir the Yankees are.. Pickets have been engaged by union.. Sir they sent walls of Negro's.. "

Beauregard gets a look on his face, "Ulysses .."

"General Sherman, Aide the Major.. Get his Irishmen ready," Grant handed the orders to Sherman.. "We attack in two hours to allow Beauregard to withdraw his dead and injured.. Then get this major in proper uniform and sign his promotion orders.."

Sherman read the orders and an evil smile crosses his face.. "Lets go Major.."

A second rider came up, "Sir.. the Negros.. General Buell has broken through.. "

Riding back to the lines.. Sherman started singing loudly along, "We move in two hours boys.. General grant has allowed the confederates to retrieve their dead.."

cheers went up an down the line when a union rider said that Buell had broke through on top of shadow company..

"No... Irishmen, we will show our southern brothers honor and let them retrieve their dead," Sherman called out..

Beauregard rode out pissed off.. him and his aides retreated quickly..

Grant rode back with his aide.. Reaching Shaw, "Major.. Thank you.."

"No need sir.. You had to strip to bear bones to man th enorth.. " Seeing the union soldiers looking at him, "We are only five thousand strong.. I sent three thousand to break Buell free.." Seeing the wide eyed soldiers, "You better keep singing and celebrating.. It will take Buell two hours and thirty minues to march here.."

"Captain O'Grady," Grant too a deep breath..

"He has repulsed the British.. It cost him three thousand.." Looking at the men sing, "Captain O'Grady stripped everything he could.. When he surrounded.. He could not leave you boys by yourself.. It breaks his heart to not be here with His general and his boys.. "

"Sir.." One of the dirty defenders spoke, "How goes the fight.."

Grant nodded his head yes..

"Last I saw them.. The tenth wave of British soldiers where floating in the water.. The flag still flew.." shaw smiled, "and that beautiful bastard was stealing British supplies.. Using the British bodies to build a wall.. The Mongoose of Manassas, The butcher of Belmont.. The last orders he gave me.. You go F#$%ing aide my boys.. We have plenty.."

Sherman and grant look at shaw..

"As the eleventh wave was organizing to attack," Shaws lower level Officer shook his head..

"Have the British breached the Defenses," General Grant asked..

"Twice.." Shaw and his Lower level officer laughed..

"General.. He is the butcher of Belmont.. A few wounded men stayed behind.. " Shaw got a look on his face, "They Blew that defense up on the British.. Thousands British dead.."

"Now the British are not so aggressive.. The fight is leaving them.. One Bite at a time," The lower level officer shook his head.. "General.. You have some British Prisoners being sent to you.."

[Image: 261ff4f0b0026496c4caebeeba7d5571.jpg]


"The union held.. The Union has HELD!!! " A boy cries out.. "Butcher of Belmont and Major Custer have split Canada in Two.. Said they are off to play confederate Rebel in what he calls Canada.. Grants masterful gamble paid off with his so called Irishmen.. He is now introducing the British to operation Meatgrinder.."

Grant was inside his command area reading a copy of the paper listening out the window..

Major Shaw was standing in front of him, "He did it sir.. He smashed the British in the north.. "

"And he keeps giving me credit," Grant shook his head.. "Sometimes.."

"General," Shaw stood at attention..

"Relax son.." Grant sat down his paper, "So you where manning the defenses.. Heard your name.."

"Got this grin.. Asked me if I The Robert Shaw serving with Massachusetts.. I told him I was.." Shaw shook his head, "He had received a report that shilo was going on.. He promoted me to Major on the spot.. Grab a friend.. Go assume Command of shadow company.. March them to the Army of the West.."

"The neg.. The boys that had just finished bootcamp," Grant took a deep breath..

"I got held up sir.. " Looking around, "He gave me an order.. Do NOT follow stupid orders and get creative.. He said fight to win not for honor, If I didnt he would dig up my bones and.. Have relations with my skull.."

"What inspired you to.. to lie so well," Grant took a moment? "I am not mad.. Your lie bought time for buell Troops to get in position.."

"General.. One of the officers looked at him.. Captain O'Grady said he had the upmost faith in the Major Shaw of Massachusetts.. He can lead his Irish troops," Shaw took a deep breath.. "He knows the whole Union is counting on him.. I .. I puked.."

Grant looked at him..

"Captain O'Grady said see.. Weakness is leaving his body.." Shaw was a little embarrassed, "see he wont run.. He just committed himself to General Grant's master plan.. He.. He is sick over the fact he has to send so many confederate boys to h#$$.. Several of the older NCO's, as he called them, nodded their heads.. A Major Custer.. Told me welcome to the club.. Sent three NCO's with me.. Said When the battle was over.. If I lived they would begin my real training.. General.."

"Major custer," Grant narrowed his eyes.. "I do not.. One of the Officers who went through the Training.." seeing the look on Shaw's face, "He pulled Custer out of the line.. Humiliated him and made him.. Lets just say, I almost stepped in.. Until I watched this dandie become a real officer.. a very dangerous competent officer.." Shaw looked at Grant, "They played Custer's last stand every three days.. Custer was put in charge of the bottom of the class and had to fight off the upper class and the best of his class.."

"You almost stepped in.. that," Shaw Paused for a second.. "General.."

Grant got a smile, "Custer was fighting the instructors at the end.. And winning.. I found out that he was told he was being groomed by the Mongoose of Manssass to possible lead company X.."

"General.. Was it true," Shaw raised an eyebrow..

"Not at first.. " Grant sighed, "Then he started winning.. I spoke with him.. Now.. He was looking forward to the fight.. He stopped getting surrounded after the first two weeks.. Learned when to listen to his men.. Son.. He earned command of Company X, Rattlesnake company, Lakota company, and the Lionesses.."

"The all woman company," Shaw blinked.. "Is it.. I mean.. Permission to speak off the record.."

"The Lionesses are deployed in canada.. without my authority.." Grant smiled, "I feel sorry for the British.. Make sure you do NOT repeat that..  The deployment of the Lionesses part.."

"Yes sir.. The NCO's mentioned it to me.. They have a no gossip policy.." Shaw had a curious look on his face," General.."

"The British will force the Captain and his Major to retreat.. Care to wager," Grant looked at Shaw..

Wide eyed, "Lioness company will stay behind.. Sir women that.." Shaw rubbed his forehead, "Pose as women, camp whores, and spies.." after a moment, "You have no intention of invading Canada.. You dont have the men.."

"Will you help me compose a letter.. Your eyes are fresher then my eyes.." Grant pointed to a desk, "Captain O'Grady.. We can not feed the prisoners.. Please in the interest of peace immediately.. Son.."

Shaw looked down, "Sir.. May I call Chief Sorin in.. He is untrustworthy .. Has lied multiple times to me.. I was.. He said he was custering me.."

"Chief sorin.."Grant paused, "You mean Lt. Sorin of Rattlesnake company.. Wait.. He sent you with his supply officer? What is that SOB up to?" Looking at Shaw.. "Retrieve his chief.. Saw nothing except that I require an aide to write letters.. Mine are resting.."

"He.. The sent .. Custer sent three officers with me," Shaw was embarrassed.. "Sir.. I mean I suspected ..but the NCO training.. and short time"

"Custer told you.. Welcome to the club," Grant smiled.. "O'Grady's officers are not gentlemen.. I cant help you son.. You are being held to a higher rougher stander.."

Sherman came in, "Grant.. Sir.. We have word from Major Custer.. "

Mary Lincoln laughed and hit Captain O'grady in the arm, "You are bad and that sir is an ungentlemanly suggestion.." Mary Lincoln giggled as her new dress was different, "Libbie was right about you.."

"Trust me mam.. I will send the garments my self.." Every eye was on the two leaving the dancing floor, "You keep his mind in one peace.. You are doing more to keep the union together then ten divisions.." Holding her arm, "Have my doctors.."

"Have been a blessing.." Seeing other women looking on, "It seems despite your reputation several woman are lining up.. those two school teachers got married.."

With a sigh, "I hate this crap.. Can I go start a fight .. I.."

Admiral Farragut chuckled quietly from a corner..

"No.. You are the pride of the union and.." Seeing him roll his eyes, "Young man.. "

"What.. I dance like a pig farmer.." Audie took a moment as Libbie Custer walked over, "You see three of the most beautiful Women in the union are taken.. Cant I just hire a lady of.."

Mary and Libbie both responded, "NO.."

Several of the men chuckle..

"Mrs. Grant.. "

Julia Grant walks over, "Captain O'Grady.. You are not getting out of this... "

"there are plenty of," Libbie goes on..

O'grady goes wide eyed as he hears a voice,   "that is F#$%ing impossible.." Audie O'Grady ignores Libbie custer and closes his eyes, "Holy S@#$.. "

Libbie gets mad, but Mary pulls her back.. She whispers, "Wait for a second.. One of them caught his eye.."

Several of the females stop talking..

Audie walks past the various well dressed women..

Mary Lincoln gently shoves Libbie, "Follow."

Libbie tries to gracefully follow..

Several of the Females notice that As a slight set of whispers echos..

"I will be god D@#$ed," O'Grady has stopped cold.. "Gloria Francesca Hamilton.. "

The women he is looking at are confused..

A black haired woman sees every eye on her..  "Good sir.." Her southern Accent fills the air, "First off.. You O'Grady's have a reputation.. I am not this gloria you sp.."

"You are .. Are Gabriella Luna Couture.. Of Pensacola florida.." Several people look at her wide eyed, " Attending a boarding school in France.. Your mother is up here.. Trapped by the war.. Your father is in France.."

"You know me," Gabriella swallows hard.. "Captain.. I.. I.." audie has walked over to the band and whispers to them, "Sir.. Sir.. We were talking.."

Walking out to the Dance floor, "Ms. Couture.." He calls out loudly across the Room, "May I have this dance.."

The female smiles, "This is a slow dance.. " Softly the piano plays..

The young woman has a look on her face as Libby grabs her arm...

"Mrs. custer.. I am being courted," Gabriella speaks..

"No she is not.. Her fiance broke up with her.." One of the younger women speaks, "He is rich and obviously thinks your cute.. Go!"

Mary Lincoln holds her arm out gesturing to the dance floor..

Gabriella narrowed her eyes, as she walked out to the dance floor..

Mary Lincoln rubs the bridge of her nose as the music plays, "this is not the music for proper society.."

A weird mixture of an organ, piano, violins, and symbols fill the air.. The violin chords seem slightly different..

"Setting here wasting a morning.. With this old Piano, "A female band member starts singing..

Gabriella has her hand out, "What is this music?"

Audie O'Grady takes her hand, gently pulling her onto the Dance floor..

"The Waltz," Gabriella meekly spoke being pulled close to Audie.. "Every.."

"I cant dance.. " Audie has his arm around her waist, "So.. Heres to smashing you into the tables.."

"Cuz a bottle of vodka still lies in my hand.. And some blonde gave me night mares.. I think she's still in my bed," The female sings with the beats..

Gabriela gasp at the words, "Sir.. I am not that type of.."

"No wonder you are single.." Audie whispers as the two are still dancing close, "Always complaining about the music.. I take it the food sucked as well.. Service is beneath your status.."

with a giggle as Audie spins her out slowly, "It was dry.. The desseret was undercooked.. Everything I expect from an O'Grady.."

"this is just like.. Just a Dance," Audie whispers as everyone is watching.. "At least it is going better then prom.."

"Prom," Gabriela ask as she spins out again.. Kissing her hand as she speaks, "So how do you know about me?"

singing with the singer as she gets a more personal tone, "I want to lay.. you down.. in a bed of roses.. Tonight I sleep on a bed of nails.. I want to be.. As close as.. As the holy Ghost is..."

Gabreila lays her head on his shoulder as the plays..

"You want to use me for my money," Audie has his eyes closed.. "Everything you expect From a Hamilton and Couture.."

Gabriela stands on his foot sharply, "No wonder the sisters left you.. You run your mouth to much.."

An older woman shakes her head having just walked in.. Embarrassed when she sees the first Lady of the Union, "I apologize.. Mrs. Lincoln.. "

Libbie  quickly is in the way, "You are her mother.."

"She has been wild since she was young," The woman's comment bring a small laugh from Mary, Julis, and Libbie.. "I do not want her ruining that officer's reputation.. Why is that funny.. Wear are her shoes.. She is being a brat.. "

"Mrs. Couture.." Mary Lincoln Takes the mothers Arm, "Please let this play out.."

"Mam.. No offense.. It would not even matter if it was the single and wealthy floridian Audie O'Grady.." Mrs. couture responds, "We are trying to find her a suitable husband.. This behavior is unladylike.."

"It is Audie O'rady.. From the florida O'Gradys, " Julia Grant chuckles.. "Your daughter found a single, southern, rich, union officer.. The question is can she turn him into a gentleman.."

"My daughter is.. that is not appropriate.. I mean," Mrs. Couture sits down.. "I mean.." with a sigh, "She had shoes on.. I swear on all that is holy.."

"My mother is watching us," Gabriela held Audie closer.. "Wow.. Muscles and soft hands.."

Audie just keeps slowly dancing a slight rumble can be heard..

"So what does a man like you talk about," Gabriela whispers.. "Can you read... Speak others.."

"Nien," Audie responds..

Garbriela responds in German..

"No habla alee maun," Audie responded..

"that is not how you say it, "Gabriela responded with a smile.. "You .. just please dont buther the .."

Several of the proper gentlemen and officers whisper, "A barbarian.. Not fit for higher society.."

"Romantic and barbarian languages.." Audie responds before he stops, "thank you for the dance.."

Audie walks away making Gabriela pause..

"CAPTAIN O'GRADY," Gabriela calls out..

The sound of shells hit the defenses..

All the military personel respond with worried whispers..

A four star General with mutton is escourted in, "Thank god.. Sir..  Captain O'grady.. Bless the heavens. .The Butcher of Belmont is here.."

"General Burnside.. sir," O'Grady did not come to attention..

"I assume the British have breached with the confederates.. To the north and the south.. I have raised every man with arms.." The General Looks almost pleadingly..

"My promotion to rear Admiral.." 

"Done," burnside called out.. "Rumor is you have a plan for everything.. "

The sounds of gunfire fill the air..

"Admiral Farragut.. Sir," O'Grady walks over to A shocked Gabriela.. "Ring!"

The servers have all started moving.. Arms and gear.. are being passed out.. Even the Band takes gear.

The female singer looks around and grabs a circular object and tosses it, "Rear Admiral.."

Audie takes Gabriela's hand.. He slides the ring on her hand, "I do.."

One of the black servers walks over with gear.. He pulls off a ring from something, "Mam.."

Tears fall down Gabriella's face, "I.. YES.."

Admiral Farragut is standing infront of them   Two of the servers are striping him, "We do not have tim .. Rear Admiral.. you said I do.. Miss Couture.. Do you take.."

Taking Audie's hand she slides the ring on him  , "I do.."

"Kiss the bride and lets get the F#$% out of here, "The helmet is given to the Admiral..

Mrs. courture is shocked, "She.."

Audie kisses Gabriella, "This is all yours now.. If I dont make it back.. "

She kisses her husband again..

"Lioness Company.. " Several females stepped out..

Senator Wade's assitance said, "they are not authorized.."

"Son.." the Armed women look at the aide, "Shut up.. Ladies.. I assume you are the First Lady's gaurd.. " Glaring at the disapproing aide, "I will take any man or woman trained by Rear Admiral O'Grady.."

The first Lady is not to happy, "Why are you undressing me?"

"Ladies.. We need you in protective gear if we have to run.. You Congressman and Senators.." the female spoke seeing the look on the first Lady
s face, "Lt. Commander Albert Cashier, Second Mountain Lionesses.. US Army.."

Farragut rased an eye," Boy.." Shaking his head, "I will be pissed later.."

"I have this gentlemen.. The Brits wont get near them.. We are hiding in the back door," The woman grinned..

Several of the officers present where not put in gear..

Two of the Lionesses have Burnsides arms raised.. Gear is slid over him, "Ladies.." A metal hat is put over his head, "I.. Understood.. Rear Admiral.."

"Admiral Farragut.. Sir.. Might I suggest you take charge of the guns.. These Army boys need leadership.." He whispers to one of Lakota company, "Two blocks boys.. Lets go.. More gear.. We will double time it.."

Gabriele grinned and kissed him again..

Andrew O'Grady had come out with his young bride.. "Cuz.."

"This is my wife.. She is your family.. Gabriela.. Long story.." Kissing his new bride again, "I will make it home for the honeymoon.. "

Lincoln observed the damage to Washington DC..

Flames still burned as british soldiers were forced to fight the fires at gun point.. Balloons where landing as others had gone up..

Other british soldiers where on chain gangs, with Black soldiers holding whips.. Several pop the whips for no reason.

"Mr. President, "Pinkerton looked around.. Seeing police men doing body checks, "We.. We held.."

Stanton saw a british soldier try to run.. From a building a bullet struck the man in the head, "Is this safe? This is uncomfortable.."

Three british soldiers are pulled off the the fire detail..

the beg for their lives as a female Officer and six large army privates of different origins drag them out.. They are placed on wooden tables as lots of buckets of water are brought to the area.. They are restrained as wet rags are placed over their heads.. The water is poured over thier faces making them gag..

"this is against," the British man is struck with a whip in the nuts..

"Everytime one of you run, three will be tortured.. Kill one of us and ten will be randomly selected and tortured via medieval methods," The female officer spoke harshly.. "Unless of course you have something to tell us.."

Lincoln was in the gear as Marines escorted his carriage.. Quietly, "Has communication been restored with.."

General burnside rode up with a horse in protective gear.. The Marine in charge checked Burnside against a file coldly as they walked.. After Burnside was let through, "Mr. President.. You should not be out here.."

"Any word from the rest of Union Armies," Lincoln spoke worriedly.. He catches the sight of more men having water poured over their faces..

"Sir.." not very happy as several other officers where checked and let through.. The Marines lowered rifle from the top of the Carriage, "Is that necessary boy.."

"To many of youse around the president.." The blackman spoke, "Three of youse need to fall back.. NOW!"

Lincoln smiled, "I was informed that this is my marine corps.. they are not smart.. They are not gentlemen.. They are barbaric apes from ancient sparta.." Lincoln held up his hand, "But fifteen of them defended the White house from four breeches.. It will take over two years to repair.. And My mary will not be happy with the extensive Damage.. " Shaking his head, "But thank you corporal.. I really hated that ugly vase.."

"Youse welcome Mr. President.. It just fell off that pedistal.. When the buildin shook some thin fierce," The Corporal did not move his rifle..

With a sigh burnside motioned for all but one other officer to fall back, "The soldier is right.. I want an extra shield line around this carriage.. NOW!"

The officers immediately followed orders..

"Mr. President.. When we were cut off.." Burnside paused taking a deep breath, "Grant immediately assumed command of the Militaries of the Union.. Sherman has invaded Texas..  Marched on Norfolk.. Ordered Toronto burned.. Gave the Union Navy and her eight surviving Iron clads search and destroy orders.. declared marshal law.. Fresh supplies of food and ammo are being delivered for out west.. Scott repulsed the attack on New orleans.. Grant also Formed an Army of Calexia and an Army of the Tribes.. So far it is at about six divisions.." With a sigh, "Part of the agreement is the tribes are sending their elected representatives to congress. per the existing treaties.. Claimed it was your orders under Operation Meat grinder.. "

Wade raised an eye brow, but shook his head.. "We will need the soldiers to defend against the british.. This.."

"Send word to our brothers in this fight.." Lincoln paused looking at the guest in the Carriage, "I want them to provide four additional divisions, brigades at the least.. Senators and Congressmen.."

With a sigh, "If they provide the divisions.. And follow our rules.. No more attacks on.."

Burnside hands a set of papers, "Grant already thought you would say this.. They have agreed that the constitution is the law of the land.. Their tribal governments will operate as state governments.. As long as they get representatives immediately they have agreed.."

One of the democrats asked, "Which party will they be?"

"Senator Wright.. They are all republicans.. Seems that they have been doing business with A certain florida boy.." Burnside shook his head, "You want seven divisions raised.. Sir.. Please read the paragraph referring to.."

"they insist on sending warriors to train and join company X," Lincoln sat back.. "We get more of these special forces.. " Lincoln reads something else and pauses, "I agree to the terms.. Immediately.. We will sort the mess out later.. Burnsides.. Send word to.. To my commanding Officer of the militaries of the Union.. I wish to speak with him, when he is not to busy fighting.. Or I will go to him.."

The Carriage arrives at the gates of An untouched house, That had a ballon above it.. The Marines at the impromptu gate exchanged coded greetings.. Weird metal shields came from out of the estate.. The Marines formed a shield wall as the door was opened for Lincoln..

"My love," Mary Lincoln was held back ten feet from inside the gate.

Lincoln was escorted in immediately..

Three of their children were visible at the window..

the two were escorted inside quickly...

"why are you," Stanton was pulled back down by Wade..

"It is there procedure.." Wade grinned, "It was buried in some file we all read.. Or they lied and cheated and snuck it in later.. Either way it is one at a time.."

Once Lincoln is back inside, Stanton is pulled out with the same treatment..

"Senator Wade," The Black Marine spoke.. "Your wife was briefed.. As was the others.. You have two hours gentlemen.. At the end of the two hours.. You have some decisions to make.."

"How many of us are dead," Senator Wright spoke?

"Twenty eight sir.. That includes some of the wives.." The Marine coldly speaks, "We lost Two thousand and thirteen defenders.. They sunk the USS Monitor.. But we kinda stole Merrimac from the Confederates.."

"Stole," Wright looked at the marine..

"The US Marines executed from what we were told, Twenty three boarding raids.. We took a grand total of sixteen vessels from reports.." The Marine smiled, "Admiral Farragut has all the information.. Yeap.. That British Navy is the mightest fleet in the world.." Still grinning as the others come back, "Yeap she had the prettiest ships too.. "

"Rear Admiral O'grady," Senator Wade asked..

"Took three days for his honeymoon.." The Marine grinned, "Dey really loud... "


A womans voice was begging, "Please.. I have told.."

The sound of the woman gaging on water filled the air..

Senator Wright came out of the room quickly.. A tin trash can was handed by one of the female soldiers, "Sir.."

Pinkerton just raised an eyebrow as the rest had already left the room.. Lincoln walked walked out very somber and shut the door..

Andrew O'Grady was shaking as he wanted to leave, "Cuz.. Please.. She is just a woman.."

"No.. You want to play soldier still.. This is an adults dirty business boy," Audie stood their as Susan held a scared fourteen year old.. "That is called water boarding.."

Janet, Mary, and Libbie just stood there quietly shocked..

"Now.. As I said Mrs. Rose Greenhow.. Your daughter is receiving the same treatment you are," The sound floated through the opening in the door.. After the woman being water boarded gasped for air, "I am Lt. Commander Cashier of the Mountain Lionesses.. Lets start over.. We need to run down the facts.. You said you where born.."

"You.." Mrs. Greenhow was sat up straight, "This is not.. You.."

"It seems the men have trouble doing their job when it comes to female traitors.. All nice and soft.. " With a smile, "Me and the girls however do not care.. Mrs. Born on.." The sounds of paper moving, "..a plantation.. And a high society whore.."

"I am not a whore," Mrs. Greenhow responded..

The sound of the socialite being put through the water boarding process made everyone quiet..

"You will be if you make me think I am being lied to.. But first it will be your daughter.. We have line of nice young buck lined up for her," Cashier spoke coldly..

"No.. Even Pinkerton would not," Greenhow gasped again..

Lincoln had a heavy heart as he left the area.. The sounds of other Females gasping floated down the hall way..

Outside everyone was quiet..

"Pinkerton.." Lincoln had closed his eyes, "This.. There are limits.."

"We have rounded up the network sir.. The Lionesses have preformed the task they were trained to do.. So far we have her handler's meeting location and her chipher.." Pinkerton saw the looks of disgust on the Committee for the conduct of war's faces, "Gentlemen.. Several of the Lionesses will be stepping in as low level replacements.. The first messages have gone out.. A desperate sympathizer managed to get a message out.. "

"Describing that Thomas Jordan, Mrs. Greenhow's handler.. Is on Pinkerton's payroll," Rear Admiral O'Grady took a deep breath.. "Agents already operating in Texas.. recieved the wire.. They will escape with the Confederates.."

"What is on the message," Senator Wade spoke..

"We cant tell you sir.. Suffice it to say it is the truth.. Wrapped up in a lie.." O'grady spoke looking at Susan, "Thank you for passing the information you did young lady.. With out your help the Union would not of held DC.."

Susan got a scared look on her face, "I.. "I didnt do nutin.."

A young woman steps forward from the children, "Sir.. The message was passed..She had me do it.."

"Is that a Wisconson Accent, " Lincoln sighed..

"Sarah collins Mr. President.. Assigned to junior Auxillary of the Mountain Lionesses," The young woman spoke with pride... "Susan.. You were stupid.. That man would have killed you.. I left the message where I was supposed to.."

A union officer was dragged past the group unconscious by black soldiers..

"Has there been word from Ulysses," Julia grant ask hiding her worry..

"Mam.." Audie O'Grady takes a deep breath, "I am asking for volunteers.. Mrs. Grant must be escourted to her husband.. I know the orders he gave to every officer.. I.. Mr. President.. I ask for one exception.. We cant have grant anything but made of steel.. "

Lincoln looks as several officers look on, "Son.." Julia has a tear fall, "There is no gaurentee that.."

"Julia Boggs Grant, "Rear Admiral O'Grady calls out loud.. "I am here by drafting you into the Service of the Auxillary of the Mountain Lionesses.. Please raise your right hand.."

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. grant raised her right hand..

A female soldier stepped forward, "Mrs. Grant.." The Female officer raised her right hand, "Repeat after me when instructed.."

"Ensign Budwin.. You will accompany General Grants wife.. With your daughter.. Sarah collins.." After the orders were repeated back to him by the Ensign, "Mrs. Grant this is an upaid posistion.. If you volunteer.. You will keep an eye out for your husband and the other Officers... Monitor the mail excetra.. I am assigning you as aide de camp for.. for morale.. I expect NO issues or them to be handled before we hear of them.. If you accept this, please note you will be briefed by the ensign on ALL your assignment entails.. Your number one order is to keep Grant in the GAME.. Administer the oath.."

"I.. I.. Audie.. So Many other are not," Julia was interrupted by Lincoln..

"Ensign begin the oath," Lincoln ordered..

After the oath is administered, Pinkerton hands a file over to Mrs. Grant.. "Volunteers.. Will be collected.. Please read that and memorize it.. So I can then burn it.."

Julia Grant Hugs audie, Pinkerton, then the President.. She looks at Senator wade and hugs him, "Thank you all.."

"Mam.." Senator Wade looks to the other members, "Tell your husband he goes with the full faith and credit of the The Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War.. "

Julia Grant hugs Audie again, "Thank you.. He will be mad.. His own orders.."

"Overode.. By the JCotCotW, President, and Pinkerton.. That file .. Memorize it.. Plus," With a long pause.. "The union needs you.. More then ever.."


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