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Gigantic Animals From All Over the World
This is a fascinating article that shows some of the most amazing animals from all over the world, right along with mammals and reptiles too. 
You'll have to click on the article to go through the pages, but it's not like some of those with all the ads attached, so click away and enjoy.

What was the one that made you go WOW?   The one below is what made my jaw drop!

[Image: gary-10205.jpg]

Quote:Gary The Capybara is the world’s largest pet rodent. Standing at about the size of a midsize dog, Gary is a beloved member of his owner’s family. Melanie Typaldos and Richard Loveman met Gary on a trip to Venezuela and fell in love with him, eventually bringing him back to her home in Texas. Gary spends his days swimming in his owners’ swimming pool and said to be a fast learner. According to Ms. Typaldos, Gary knows how to turn in circles, stand up, jump, and shake hands when told to do so. Gary’s favorite place to sleep is right next to his owners in the family bed.

WHAT?!  It sleeps in the bed with them?   tinywhat   Oh hell no!!!  

Check out more here:  Giant Animals
I sure as hell hope it house trained,  tinybighuh
from the source article:

Quote:...but as humans and other predators increased in population, animals no longer grew to their once giant-size.

hmmm, not really up on their "sciencey stuff" I feel...

Capybaras are cute but NOT in THEIR BED FFS!!!

The one that made me give the biggest WOW??
Giant HOG maybe? or the Chinese PIG?

The Coconut Crabs give me the heebiejeebies! btw.

Interesting stuff though.

tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
I can think of a horrible scenario 
At the breakfast table, "Melanie you were wonderful last night,"   "What the hell are you talking about Richard, I slept on the sofa last night"

                                                                                tinywhat tinywhat tinywhat

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