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Acoustic Guitar Groovy Assault of Your Senses
Explanation: I have been surfing youtube looking for the very best of acoustic guitar playing and here is what I found ... (get your zen on ok) ...

Personal Disclosure: Now to just reinforce just how godly skilled you have to be to pull that level of stuff off I offer this oldy but goody ...

minusculebeercheers Enjoy!
Nice, thanks  minusculebeercheers
Cool stuff @ D'em got da skills!@OmegaLogos

Andy McKee (In the first vid) is using one of those fancy "splayed fret" guitars! Very snazzy.

My fave was the Prodigy one though. Very well done.

Have you seen Mike Dawes at all?

tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
A personal story:

I was 17 and playing lead guitar/sax/drums for one of the best bands in our state.. I made great money, bought and paid for my own car and musical instruments so life was pretty darn good .  

I was in a music store laying down some of the latest top 40 licks and had a couple of guys asking me how I did that.... I messed around for maybe 20 minutes full of my abilities and feeling good about my show and tell; being helpful/show and tell is something most musicians will do readily..... I got up and was just about ready to leave when a smallish man of Spanish decent picked up a standard guitar.. I had looked at that guitar before and I had thought the neck was to wide and I did not like the string height...

He started playing and the longer he played the more I realized no matter how good you are at something there are always those who are better... This guy was absolutely the best guitar player I had ever seen... He played everything and I just stood there with my mouth open probably...

I walked out of the music store a rather humble 17 year old..

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