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No Whites Allowed
Are we living in the 40's, 50's and early 60's again?
Except this would be reverse discrimination that is Sanctioned by our Leaders in Education.
Quote:College hosts no-whites-allowed pool party


Quote:A private college in California will be hosting a pool party later today at which white people will be excluded, with only “people who identify as POC” permitted to attend.

“POC” stands for “person of color.” The event will take place at Scripps College’s Sallie Tiernan Field House pool, according to The Claremont Independent.

A Facebook announcement
 of the event lists the party as being hosted by Café Con Leche, a student group identified in the post as “the badass Latinx at Scripps.”

“Bring your chanclas and the homies over to our nice ass resort pool, LET’S TAKE UP SPACE,” the announcement reads, advertising the event as “a safe space for…students that identify as POC to come together and build community.”

“Enjoy some yummy snacks, tunes that slappp, and the company of other POC,” the listing reads.

The announcement also advises attendees to anticipate “an anonymous Google form to notify us of people we should keep out <for the safety and comfort of all>!”
Just unbelievable!
Do these Shit-Heads REALLY want to go back in Time?
So, here is a Non-White place of Business,,, 
Quote:American University blocks whites from cafe designated as ‘sanctuary’ for nonwhites
Yes, a Sanctuary from the Evil White People,,,,,,  smalltappingfoot REALLY??
I hope you all Choke on your Food! 

Quote:After black student activists issued a demand list to American University in response to the racist-banana incident two weeks ago, the administration agreed to three demands.
One of them is a ban on whites using a new “student lounge” for the rest of the spring semester.
The Bridge Cafe only opened six weeks ago, and it won’t be serving coffee and food until the fall semester, The Eagle reported April 3. It was intended as “a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,” with open mic nights, slam poetry and “other student initiated programming,” according to Darcy Frailey, associate director for facilities and event services.
The activists said they would take over the space as their own “sanctuary,” and Provost Scott Bass put the university’s imprimatur on the threat, according to The Blackprint, a publication of the university’s chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists:
Quote:“This is just the minimum,” Bass told protestors in regards to their demands. He encouraged them that more can be done in terms of the issue of race on campus. “These are reasonable demands. We are interested in building the kind of community which will we are all proud of.”
MOREGive us extensions on finals because we’re black
[/url]The specific demands the university has agreed to honor:
Quote:For the remaining of the semester, the Bridge will become a sanctuary for people of color.
All POC students [url=]get extensions
, and should not be penalized for already scheduled finals after the incident.
A separate investigation team based out of the university (composed of a group of non-biased expert contractors) that can investigate cases of racism and discrimination brought against the institution of American University.
The approved demands were cited by more than 100 faculty and staff who signed a “solidarity statement” published in The Eagle Thursday. About two-thirds are affiliated with the College of Arts & Sciences.

One is Celine-Marie Pascale, associate dean of undergraduate studies, who was confronted by activists with demands early in the protests.
The signatories are “appalled by the racist, white supremacist hate crime” of hanging bananas around campus, and they are committed to “continuing to engage the systemic roots and current effects of racism on campus.”

They said the administration’s embrace of the three demands is “only a small step” toward prioritizing “Black students and other students of color.”
The signatories want the administration “to address their academic needs, their safety, and their overall well being” and prosecute the “perpetrator(s) of this crime to the fullest extent allowed by law” and expel any students who participated. (Only one person is visible on AU’s video surveillance of the banana hangings.)

They asked incoming President Sylvia Burwell, the former secretary of health and human services, to show how she will enforce “no tolerance for anyone creating a hostile environment for students of color” and punish such people.
They are JUST So SPECIAL! !! !!!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Is there any particular reason anyone else would WANT to go to their silly-assed party?

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
If I remember right the main reason things changed for the better in the 60s and 70s was because of white people, now it seems the main reason things are getting worse is because of POC .
BTW if you think about it POC includes every one on this world  minusculebeercheers
(04-14-2018, 07:55 AM)Ninurta Wrote: Is there any particular reason anyone else would WANT to go to their silly-assed party?

Well, they are special people. They're oppressed in their college by the possibility of time-travel
back to the 50's and -although I can't vouch for it, ghostly clan-members haunt the campus due
to the need for of all walks of society being represented.

A recent survey showed that the majority of students spent less than 3 hours in general in class
and we can possibly put this down to having to work in the cotton fields and clearing road sides.

Mixed-race will be judged at the next soiree and Orientals don't even get a look-in.
Identity politics is the way forward and the white-devil must be stopped.

A pool party may alleviate their suffering and Sanchez the pool-boy will clear up the mess.
Oh, self-forced victim-hood is such a grand thing.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Well, when I was at university in North Carolina those many years ago, I could have gotten into their silly party due to my status as a "POC" (a term I detest). Jessie Jackson DID try to get me into his "Rainbow Coalition" of the day because of that status (one of my scholarships was simply due to my American Indian ancestors, which made me a "POC" and got me put on a few lists - Jackson's invite was the first time I ever encountered the term "POC", and I found it as immediately offensive then as I do now), and I refused then just as I would now - I didn't then, nor do I now, believe in segregation based upon racial classification, and was utterly unwilling to segregate myself from the thundering herd based upon that status alone. I believed then, as I do now, that such separation is no less racist than WHITE Supremacy. A racist is a racist, regardless of his skin color - a fact which I find infinitely amusing. They should all get together and start a club!

Now, although I could have attended their silly-assed party, I still fail to see why I SHOULD attend such. I'm not a segregationist or supremacist like them, and the description of the party (insofar as I was able to translate it into plain American English) sounded to be the ultimate in boredom. WHY would I want to rub elbows only with "my own kind" and be bored to tears to boot? There is just no draw to me in "chanclas", "badass latinx at Scripps" ("badass"? Please, bitch! I was already teaching lessons in "badass" when the best part of them was still runnin' down the crack of their mamas' asses!), "homies", "tunes that slappp", or "sick beats" (saw enough of those last two overseas already).

There seems to be, to my mind, far better ways to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

HOWEVER - if I DID decide to attend such, invited or not (especially if "not"), I bet dollars against donuts that we would soon figure out just where the actual "badass" genes reside, and I further bet it wouldn't be in the "badass latinx at Scripps" - they'd have to change their designations in short order! I can only imagine the embarrassment involved for a self-styled "badass" to have to run crying to his mother because he just got the piss slapped out of him - and then got slapped again for pissing - by a little old gray-haired man!

Wouldn't one first have to reject manufactured victimhood to even begin to qualify as a "badass"?

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
My account isn't about race, but I think it has a bearing.

Many moons ago, a good friend got into one of these 'Pyramid Selling' schemes which didn't involve
marketing large Eygptian buildings, but selling dolphin-friendly soap and other stuff at very high prices.

The company is well known in America, it's business name sounds like semi-religious movement and it's
been plying it's trade in the UK for many years now. I tried to convince my friend that I wasn't interested
and really, he shouldn't be either.
But he seemed mesmerised by the brochures that promised riches beyond his wildest dreams.

One evening, he invited me to one of their meetings at a nearby hotel. It's quite a swanky establishment
and so, I donned a suit and pulled on a tie. My friend arrived and said he was glad that I'd made an effort
to look good and I was surprised by this remark.
I felt his usual easy-going demeanour had left him for a view that a certain perception was far-more
important than our friendship and he was nervous that I might have let him down.

He told me that someone called an 'up-line Manager' would be taking us to the meeting in her car and
my friend would be grateful if I seemed interested if she asked about my opinion regarding the selling
techniques of the company.
I begrudgingly agreed and when the elderly lady arrived, I sat in the front-seat and awaited my role of

She spoke as if I was almost a convert and that I had become one of my friend's disciples! I nodded and
looked as if I was contemplating the things she said about the vast wealth I'd acquire from joining the group
and I was really happy when we pulled into the hotel car park.

Walking over to the Venue Room, I softly told my friend that I was feeling like I was a mark... being played
and he apologised and added that he may have said things to the woman that he shoudn't have.
I nodded and replied that I'd go through with the evening, but it was the end of our friendship.

The room had around fifty people in and after shaking hands with many of these strangers -folk who were
pleasant and seemed happy to meet me, we sat down in one of the many rows of chairs.
I was told there'd be a speaker who would explain his success in using the management criteria of the
company and looking around, I noticed that some of the people had note-pads at the ready.

After the most puzzling speech from a well-dressed man with a 'surfer-dude' attitude, my friend informed
me that the evening was only halfway done and we were now taking a break for drinks.
Over the rim of my pint of beer, I took stock of the crowd as my friend mingled -or fawned with his fellow

There was a side-room that I hadn't noticed at first and as I idled over to be able to see better, I saw a
group of around twenty people sitting down looking worried. There was one man standing and he looked
like he'd never worn a suit before and seemed to be uncomfortable in it. A large tattoo on his neck could
be seen even though his tie was pulled tight.

The people -who I guessed were his 'customers-come-assistants', looked like they'd had hard lives and
didn't normally run in the social cirlce of those drinking wine and spirits in the room I stood in.
I smiled a greeting at those looking at me and then returned to where my friend was, asking him why that
crowd wasn't in here with their fellow-members.

He glanced over towards the room and said it was because 'they're rough'... the kind from social housing
and I nodded that I now understood what this was all about. I finished my beer and five minutes later, stood
at a bus-stop with hopes of getting one that would be going my way.

We're tribal, we make groups of like-minded people and cajole each other that we're different from the others.
Maybe I belong with the group in the side-room and maybe I don't and just felt it wasn't right.
But one thing was for certain as I walked home, I didn't belong in the pyramid-selling world.
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