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Living in a Parallel Universe

Quote:Now it must be understood that Buddhism comes from Hinduism and in that form of Buddhism, they do not believe in a Soul, we are made up from a Energy with our Consciousness.

That's what a soul is.  I think a lot of confusion comes from the same thing having different names in different "beliefs".

Good video.

Maybe you'd like to try,,,,,,,

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I may as well chuck in my 2 cents worth here. I've not watched the videos yet, but will go back and watch them as they are available - all the security on this computer tends to make videos run slow, or not at all.

First, understand that what I am about to say is only my belief, and I'm not saying this is hard and fast, objective, "truth". It's just what I have gathered over time, and may or may not have any bearing at all on what people conceive of as "reality".

This entire universe is mostly nothing, right down to the atomic level. The most solid rock you can throw at your neighbor's house is almost entirely emptiness, not even air, just.... emptiness. Vacuum. Nothingness. It's composed of molecules, which are mostly emptiness, which are in turn composed of atoms, also mostly nothingness, which in turn are composed of infinitesimal bundles of energy orbiting each other like planets in a solar system... the rest of the atom, the vast, VAST majority of it, consists of absolute nothingness, between those infinitesimal bundles of energy. In other words, everything you can see, touch, feel, or smell is mostly nothing. It's SO empty that I can't quite figure out why we don't just endlessly fall through it.

Now, in that nothingness that is everything we can experience, there is a LOT of room for other universes or dimensions that are also mostly nothing. Not "higher planes", "higher or lower dimensions" or "realms", just "other". "Higher" and "lower" are value statements, predicated upon the whims of the observer. Who are we to determine if another dimension is "better" or "worse"? It's not ours to label. It's just "other", "different", not ours.

I believe that everything - every "universe", "dimension", even every "time" for all of those universes and dimensions. ALL of that exists at the same "time", all in the same "space", but perhaps just slightly out of phase with all of the other "wheres" and "whens" that can be. In order to experience them, we would have to somehow alter our "phase" to match the one we want to experience.

There are ways to do that, but it's probably getting too deep for this post. Some of those ways are intentional, most are not - it just happens, seemingly by accident.


I believe that humans are composed of three parts: 1)the physical body, just a vehicle to carry the other two parts around; 2) the "soul", the spark of energy that makes living things alive, the energy that animates the body and binds the next element to it, and 3) the "spirit", the non-corporeal essence of what makes you "YOU". Some might think of it as "the mind".

According to science, energy can never, ever be destroyed - it can only change form. This means that both the spirit and the soul can never be destroyed. When we die, they can only leave the body and go... otherwhere. Even the energy that binds the atoms and molecules of the body goes "otherwhere" as the body decomposes and breaks down.


I don't believe reincarnation is a reality. That's like saying the Creator - whatever or whomever one conceives that to be - is poor, doesn't have enough spirits to go around, so some folks just gotta share or wear hand-me-downs. It's not that I believe it's impossible, for there are very few things I believe to be impossible, I just don't believe that it "is", that it's a thing that happens. There are more people alive, right now, in this instant, than occupied the Earth in ALL of the time that was before I was born... that includes Neanderthals and Homo Erectoids. This means that if everyone who ever lived were reincarnated right now, there would still necessarily be bodies walking around with neither souls nor spirits. That doesn't even include the souls who, for whatever reason, will have said "I've had enough of this physical living thing, and I think I'll just hang out as spirit for a while".

BUT - if it were a thing, then there would be nothing to block it from crossing dimensional boundaries, either of time (if what I wrote above about everything that ever was or will be all existing in the same space at the same time is so) or dimension. There is nothing to prevent the phase shift from dumping the soul into any possible otherwhere or otherwhen that exists in that co-located space.


That said, there are ways to experience all of the otherwheres and otherwhens, sometimes as solidly as the room around you right now, sometimes more... etherially. It's all a matter of "phase shifting" the mind or spirit to be phase-locked with another reality. Some few folks have done that intentionally, others, the vast majority, have done it unitentionally, and wonder for the rest of their days just what happened to them for that space of time. It's not a matter of moving "up" or "down" a "level" or two, it's just a matter of phase shifting, tuning in to another reality for a period.

Some never come back.

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I don't know if any of these stories were included in the previous videos (I didn't watch them all), so I thought I'd share it.  Very interesting stories.   tinybighuh

I think this video also has some good information ot "food for thought".

Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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