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At least 20 injured in Fla. high school shooting
Yes, why was his death hushed by the media?   minusculethinking     mediumshhhh 

Quote:Conspiracy theories have always turned me off, and I'm not posing one now -- but doesn't anyone else want to know what happened to Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Fitzsimons?

Deputy Fitzsimons, 42, described as "in an excellent state of mind and health,"  called in sick sometime April 1 and then died -- his obituary read "unexpectedly." Apparently he was found on his sofa.
That's pretty much the extent of the death report.

I called the Sheriff's Office and asked about him, was promised someone would get back to me, but no one ever did.
The rub about Fitzsimons is, his handiwork was all over social media after Feb. 14, questioning the motive behind the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting. He believed the tragedy was being used to promote the Democratic Party's gun-control agenda, to gain traction in the upcoming election.

On one Facebook posting, he had included Douglas student-spokesman David Hogg Photoshopped to look like an SS officer, complete with the Nazi salute and swastika, above the caption, “We will March Until We Disarm Every American.” I was trying to reach Fitzsimons because I wanted to write a story on why he was challenging impassioned and grieving students so publicly, and frankly because he seemed like quite a character and great story fodder.
[Image: ssn_i-beg-to-differ_logo_final.jpg?itok=hm4qS0ra]
The truth is, I didn't find out the deputy died until I came across something called Memory Hole Blog. James Tracy, the site's creator, wondered same as I do now how come "the complete 'news blackout' of this curious and untimely death?"
Fitzsimons’ Facebook page has since been “scrubbed” of his 2018 posts, says Tracy. They're gone. They include the ones calling the Parkland shooting or its aftermath into question.

So, here are the so-far sketchy circumstances surrounding Deputy Fitzsimons’ death: The official cause has been attributed to cancer, yet this is contradicted by his obituary, stating he “died unexpectedly.” Funeral homes and loved ones often like the “died unexpectedly” phrase when they are reluctant to disclose the true cause of death, as in the case of a suicide.

Like me, Tracy finds it all very mysterious because Fitzsimons' obituary paints a picture of a spiritual man who cared about the truth and the U.S. Constitution, a happy-go-lucky individual who "lived life to the fullest," loved spending time with his friends and singing Kenny Chesney-style karaoke.

[Image: fitzsimonsfacebook-sunshinestatenews.jpg?itok=cEI-wSRA]"If Fitzsimons in fact died of cancer, the onset must have been extremely sudden," writes Tracy. "Neither the obituary nor accompanying memorials reference any struggle with the disease, but instead point to his inspiring presence while expressing astonishment at the abruptness of his passing."

Tracy tries to connect the dots citing Sandy Hook events. This is what he reports:
"Following the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre, numerous law enforcement officers with intimate knowledge of the event’s investigation either retired or died unexpectedly. These included Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorski, who passed on, following 'a brief undisclosed illness.'

"As Sandy Hook researcher Tony Mead observed in 2014, 'From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police commander, the Connecticut State Police commissioner, the Western Connecticut state police Commander as well as the Connecticut state medical examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories?'

"Those who received word via Twitter of Fitzsimons’ untimely death have expressed similar doubt and suspicion on the vague and unusual circumstances.

"As is suggested in the aftermath of other recent mass shooting events, Fitzsimons simply may have possessed too much information, was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and/or asked sensitive questions of his peers and superiors on the specifics of the Parkland shooting. It is beyond dispute that the sheriff’s deputy had become uncomfortably outspoken on the February 14 event."

As I said, I'm not into conspiracy theories myself, and maybe there's nothing to any of this. But now that Tracy is wondering out loud why there are more questions than answers about Deputy Fitzsimons, certainly somebody in the Broward Sheriff's Office ought to be forthcoming. Perhaps fellow deputies believe they have to preserve his memory or protect his family. Either way, it's unacceptable. Why should we have to submit a public records request to see the death certificate of a public servant?

Reach Nancy Smith at orat 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith

Here is his Autopsy report. Link

Quote:A spokesperson for the Broward County Sheriff’s Department told us that they did not consider Fitzsimons’ death to be suspicious. The spokesperson confirmed to us that detectives were aware of Fitzsimons’ controversial social media post about Hogg, adding, “It has nothing to do with his death.”
The Broward County Medical Examiner’s office determined that Fitzsimons’ death was an accident, and attributed it to the “combined toxic effects of hydrocodone, alprazolam, dextromethorphan, and doxylamine.”
According to the autopsy, Fitzsimons’ girlfriend called emergency responders after finding him “unresponsive on his sofa.” He was declared dead at the scene.
I do believe he had a lot of health problems with that many Strong medications.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Apparently the dept. where he worked thought he was in good health too.

Quote:Deputy Fitzsimons, 42, described as "in an excellent state of mind and health,"  called in sick sometime April 1 and then died -- his obituary read "unexpectedly."

Source from my post above.
Say bye-bye Sheriff Scott Israel .   tinybiggrin 

[Image: scottisrael-1200x630.jpg]

Quote:High level sources within the Broward County Sheriff’s office exclusively revealed to Big League Politics that disgraced Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is set to be removed from his position as Sheriff next week.

According to the source, Sheriff Israel is being removed from office for criminal issues, not malfeasance, following an investigation conducted by the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott. The source exclusively revealed to Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is also allegedly being investigated by the IRS.

The high-level police source within the Sheriff’s Office disclosed that over the last several months, four candidates have been interviewed to refill the position of Broward County Sheriff. One of the candidates who were interviewed is Emery Giany, a Republican Florida law enforcement official who is closely associated with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

During the IG’s testimony last week, FBI director Christopher Wray was asked about the Parkland school shooting. When asked, Wray declined to answer any questions about the shooting and Sheriff Israel, citing that it was an active FBI investigation. Following the Parkland shooting, Governor Scott called for Director Wray to resign over the FBI’s failure to properly investigate Nikolas Cruz, 19, the school shooter whose plans to carry out a school shooting were reported to the FBI twice prior to the shooting on Valentine’s Day.

“We constantly promote ‘see something, say something,’ and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. ‘See something, say something’ is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow through from law enforcement. The FBI Director needs to resign,” Governor Scott said.

According to the source in the Broward Sheriffs office, Sheriff Israel’s removal revolves around a criminal matter that the FBI is aware of. Although his failures surrounding the Parkland shooting initially sparked the investigation, it isn’t the sole reason why he is being removed.

The high-level source who wished to remain anonymous told Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is already aware of the fact that he is being removed from office next week.

Sheriff Israel has been under heavy criticism for his handling of the of the Parkland school shooting, which left 17 people dead. Following the Valentine’s Day school massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it was revealed that police officers under Sheriff Israel’s order were called to the home of the Parkland shooter 45 times prior to the school shooting.

It is unclear why law enforcement officials law enforcement at the Broward County Sheriff’s office and FBI failed to properly investigate Cruz, but their massive failure has been directly attributed to the loss of 17 lives in Parkland, FL.

Since the Parkland shooting, a lot of unflattering information has come out regarding Sheriff Israel. Along with being a mouthpiece for Democratic politicians and gun control advocates, like Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz who he has been photographed with, Sheriff Israel and his department have recently made headlines for more controversy.

In May, it was revealed that Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school and the Broward County Sheriff’s office were keeping quiet the fact that Sheriff Israel’s son, Brett, had allegedly assaulted a 14 year old student on campus in an act of bullying.
Shortly after the Parkland shooting, cell phone video filmed by Cruz himself revealed that he himself felt bullied, which lead him to carry out a massacre on February 14, 2018 in a targeted attack against his former classmates.

Most recently, Sheriff Israel received a massive amount of backlash after the Broward County Sheriff’s office tweeted a picture of a new custom made Broward sheriff’s car that read, “Our new #dodge #charger. Do you like the paint job?”

The tweet sparked outrage online from Republicans and Democrats alike who quipped that the Broward Sheriff’s office should use the funds to pay for better officer training, not new cars. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have called for Sheriff Israel to resign or be removed by the Governor for his extreme dereliction of duty and failure to prevent one of the worst schools shootings in US history.

During the Florida GOP Primary debate in Florida last week, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Rep. Ron DeSantis were asked about the Parkland school shooting. Both Putnam and DeSantis called for the removal of Scott Israel while asserting their support of the Second Amendment.

“I would have removed that sheriff from Broward County. He failed his citizens and he should have been removed,” DeSantis said.
“Sheriff Israel is under investigation and he needs to go,” Putnam said.

Governor Scott is expected to release a statement in the coming week when Sheriff Israel is removed from office. Scott is currently running for US Senate in Florida, and news of Sheriff Israel’s removal is sure to boost his approval rating in what is gearing up to be one of the most important Senate races in the country.

In the days following the Parkland shooting, Sheriff Scott Israel was confronted and asked about his support of and affiliation with the Democratic Party and why he chose to blame guns instead of holding his department and the FBI accountable. Unable to withstand tough questioning, Sheriff Israel became flustered and ended the interview after saying, “the only person accountable for this killing is the detestable, cowardly, murderer. He is solely responsible for this horrific act.” However, as the investigation into Parkland has shown, both Sheriff Israel and the FBI dropped the ball and are to blame for their failure to prevent the shooting despite receiving multiple warning signs.


Watch a video on the Source Page.
At long last it appears Sheriff Scott Israel is getting some karma for his actions involving the Parkland School shooting.  In my opinion, being suspended isn't enough; he should be fired and arrested!

Quote:fficial time line of events during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting on Feb. 14, 2018.
It appears that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is preparing to pack it in, for now.

The two-term sheriff, the object of fierce criticism over BSO’s handling of the Parkland massacre, told his top commanders that he will be removed from office by Gov. Ron DeSantis, sources told the Miami Herald.

DeSantis, who was sworn in Tuesday morning, had not made a formal announcement of a possible suspension. Israel’s discussions with staff about his ouster were first reported by Miami New Times.

Stuart N. Kaplan, one of Israel’s lawyers, said Israel was working at his office at the public safety building in Fort Lauderdale.

“The governor has not said anything to us, directly or indirectly, as to whether or not the sheriff is going to be suspended,’’ Kaplan said. “He is working and continues to serve the citizens of Broward County.’’

But Jeff Bell, BSO’s union chief, said Israel told his staff on Monday that his ouster was inevitable.

“We know that he is telling everyone at the public safety building that he is going to be gone,’’ said Bell, who was at DeSantis’ swearing-in ceremony in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

Several candidates have been mentioned as possible replacements, including former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican like DeSantis. But Bell would not indicate whether the union was backing anyone.

“What I will say is we want someone who will remove politics out of police work and commit to protecting the citizens and our children in the schools,’’ Bell said.

There were unconfirmed reports that Israel’s undersheriff, Steve Kinsey, had resigned. The sheriff’s communications office did not respond to requests for comment.

Israel, 62 — a 30-year law enforcement veteran — has vowed to fight any effort to strip him of his office. He maintains that while mistakes were made in responding to the rampage, they were not serious enough to warrant his suspension or removal from office.

Israel has long defended his agency’s actions on Feb. 14, 2018, when 17 people — 14 of them students — were slain by a gunman in what is considered the worst mass high school shooting in U.S. history.

Two marvellous sentences that Israel cannot connect.

"...He maintains that while mistakes were made in responding to the rampage,
 they were not serious enough to warrant his suspension or removal from office."

"...on Feb. 14, 2018, when 17 people -14 of them students -were slain by a gunman
in what is considered the worst mass high school shooting in U.S. history."

No, not serious enough.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Of course suicide could be all there is to this story, but once again my mouth is doing a weird thing and my brow is frowning, signals from my mind telling me there's more to this.

Quote:A teen survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., has died by suicide. 

Nineteen-year-old Sydney Aiello took her life over the weekend, mom Cara Aiello told Tampa news station WFLA, after suffering from survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sydney was at school on February 14, 2018, when a gunman opened fire, killing 17 people.  She was reportedly close friends with student Meadow Pollack, who died that day. 

Cara, who did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment, told WFLA that Sydney had difficulty in school because she was scared to sit in class. However, she didn’t seek help.

On Wednesday, a GoFundMe page was created by Brett and Blair Israel, friends of the Aiello family, to pay for her funeral. So far, it’s raised almost $8,000. “Sydney Aiello was born on January 27th, 2000,” read the fundraiser. “She was welcomed into this world by her loving family: her parents Cara and Joe, and her brother Nick.”

[Image: a195929113ec31d77538d6dffc379869]
Sydney Aiello, a teen who survived the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida died by suicide after suffering from survivor’s guilt and PTSD. (Photo: GoFundMe)

“Sydney spent 19 years writing her story as a beloved daughter, sister and friend to many,” the Israels wrote. “She lit up every room she entered.  She filled her days cheerleading, doing yoga, and brightening up the days of others. Sydney aspired to work in the medical field helping others in need.  On March 17th, 2019 Sydney became the guardian angel to many.”
They concluded, “It was a privilege to have you in our lives. Sydney, we will miss you and always love you. May you find peace in His arms.”

Neither the Israels or representatives of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the Broward County Public Schools district responded to Yahoo Lifestyle interview requests. 

Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina died in the massacre, told WFLA, “It breaks my heart that we’ve lost yet another student from Stoneman Douglas.” Petty urged parents to check in on their children, asking questions like, “Have you thought of killing yourself and have you had any intention of acting on those thoughts?”

Julie Cerel, PhD., a licensed psychologist at the University of Kentucky and president of the American Association of Suicidology tells Yahoo Lifestyle that research on survivor’s guilt is scarce due to sensitivity factors toward victims. However, post-traumatic stress syndrome is one risk factor for suicide, because it forces victims to mentally relive the trauma.

According to the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide, feeling burdensome, isolated, and having a low threshold for death, are drivers of suicide. “Experiencing any of these demotivates someone to get help,” Cerel tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Especially if they’re involved in a public trauma with the whole world watching.”


It's this right here that seems fishy to me: 
Cara, who did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment, told WFLA that Sydney had difficulty in school because she was scared to sit in class. However, she didn’t seek help.

I mean, if you are having such difficulty that you're thinking about suicide, wouldn't you at least try to talk to someone before going that far? 
I think she was silenced because she knew too much about what really happened. Was she threatening to come forward?

I listened to a really good show on Caravan to Midnight last night. The guest was James Fetzer, a serious researcher who has been doing deep dives into the more public false flags since the early 1990s.  He talked a little about the Parkland School shooting. He said the students were allowed to go home after lunch. Those who remained were probably the ones taking part in the "drill".  He had a lot to say that shines a light on how this lie was carried out.

(Go subscribe to and sign up for two weeks for $5.00 to see all of John B. Well's shows there. He has some great ones. If you don't like it, you can cancel before your two weeks runs out.)

I'm going to hold off commenting further on Sydney Aiello's "suicide" and see if anyone else picks up any strange news.
Either way, what a waste.

My condolences to the family.
This is so sad, another young life lost. Its a fact that PTSD is something that is talked about a lot but understood very poorly by the people who treat it. Its been "devalued" in a way that even small thing, indeed one could say everyday life is now classed as PTSD, like scraping the paint work of your car or having a bad hair cut. Its an easy money maker for the people who treat it.
When a real case of PTSD does come along so many of these "professionals" are at a complete loss as what to do, they run back to the same old crap "they came for help too late"
Survivors guilt is a hard thing to live with, and a young person does not have the life experiences of life to fall back on. Its almost impossible for them to understand that life is just life, it is just what it is.
As a young person it fills your life and the though that this is life for the next 70 years is too much, when you are a bit older you begin to understand there is more good in life than bad, and it begins to fill your life less

This is ridiculous!  Another suicide?  One sent up a red flag for me, but two?  No way!  Too close together, and the timing makes it apparent what really happened here, IMO.

I'm not buying it for a minute!  No one on Twitter is buying it either.

People have woke up to the Deep State actors' shenanigans and how they work.  These two teens knew something about the shooting the left didn't want to come out, so they "offed" them. They know they're about to be arrested, and they don't want any witnesses who know too much left alive.

It could be that they took their own life, but if so, I'd say the "voice to skull" technology was used, coaxing them until the end.
"Do it!  Just end it all now.  Do it!"

Quote:A second Parkland shooting survivor has killed himself, Coral Springs police confirmed on Sunday.
Investigators told the Miami Herald that a current Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student died in “an apparent suicide” on Saturday night.

Police are still investigating.
Though police could not confirm the age of the student, Coral Springs police spokesman Tyler Reik said the student was a juvenile. Sources say the student was a male sophomore. His name has not been released.

Quote:How many more kids have to be taken from us as a result of suicide for the government / school district to do anything?

Rip 17+2
— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) March 24, 2019

The death comes just about a week after a recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduate, Sydney Aiello, took her own life after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office told NBC News that Aiello died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Read more here:


Of course David Hogg had to chime in with his penny's worth.  Ugh... smallnotamused
Its not surprising, the system failed them.
This is a MUST READ! 

Brett Israel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

InTheMatrixx is live streaming about this now.  I'll post it once it's finished.

ETA:  Here is the video. Please watch beginning at the 1:05 mark. He covers some things that I haven't heard/seen before about this shooting, and we've covered a lot on this thread.

More deputies go down the drain that were involved in the Parkland School shooting.   minusculebeercheers 

Quote:Two Broward County sheriff's deputies have been fired over the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., following an internal investigation. 

Sheriff Gregory Tony announced during a news conference Wednesday that deputies Edward Eason and Josh Stambaugh had been fired the previous day.

"Our findings, as this investigation is now concluded, included the termination of two employees yesterday," he said, noting that other deputies investigated were not disciplined.

[Image: parkland3_021518getty.jpg?itok=HSr8UGuN]
© Getty Images

Two Broward County sheriff's deputies have been fired over the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., following an internal investigation. 

Sheriff Gregory Tony announced during a news conference Wednesday that deputies Edward Eason and Josh Stambaugh had been fired the previous day.

"Our findings, as this investigation is now concluded, included the termination of two employees yesterday," he said, noting that other deputies investigated were not disciplined. 

“In essence, it was neglect of duty. We lost 17 people,” Tony also said, according to The Associated Press

The firings follow the removal of Scott Israel, who was the sheriff at the time of the shooting, by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ®.
Seventeen high school students and faculty were killed in the Valentine's Day shooting in Parkland last year.

I hope the whole truth comes out about this incident, there's more to it than meets the eye.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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