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Even a Hitman needs dishsoap (A people of Walmart ISOT)
Four squads of Helicopters hovered in formation over the walmart as they kicked up arizona dirt into the air.. Chinooks had Men dressed in all black repelling down as Jets flew circles around the Walmart now in the middle of no where..

An older middle aged man watched as as trucks took off to the desert following people trying to drive off..

A woman in a Colonel’s uniform shook her head, “This is the last Time I ever decide to come to this D@#$ store..”

Several of the men come running. One of the men with a siler bar yells, “Hands where we..”

“It is Colonel Blackstone United States Airforce..” Taking a deep breath, “Where is your CO?”

The lead man hit the female Colonel with a rifle, “F#$%ing C#$% you were told to..”

The man standing next to the downed Colonel, caught the man all in black off gaurd.. A loud snap filled the air, Followed by the man grabbing the rifle using him as a shield.. “You lost your gos D@#$ mind son.. Or just your god D@#$ map and Compass. The Colonel Asked you a question..”

From the Ground Colonel Blackstone coughed, “Let.. Let him go soldier..”

Several of the other Men and black where kneeling in firing positions..

A man in a black suit coughed,” Master Chief.. Reign in the dogs.. Son.. Let the idiot officer go..” Walking past the soldier, the man in the Black suit reaches down.. Taking the Colonel’s hand, “Colonel Blackstone.. USAF.. “ The man smiles, “Agent Rhiends.. I am glad you are US military.. Right.. Care to explain where this..” Looking at the building, “Came from.. Looks like a walmart..”

The man lets the injured officer go, and shoves him forward to the ground as the JSOC team glares at him..

“Who won the last superbowl,” Colonel Blackstone spoke?

“F#$% me..” Taking a deep breath, “Redskins blew out the broncos last month.. Superbowl 22..”

“S#$%.. Boys,” Colonel looks around.. “Search everyone here.. Bring in those that walked off.. “ turning to the crowd of people from inside walmart, “How many of you are Veterans? We have a F@#$5ing problem..”

Several of the men and women stepped forward..

“Mam,” The group spoke..

“You are all back to active duty at your ranks you where last in.. Including you soldier,” The Colonel spoke to the man with the JSOC weapon.. “You will help Agent Rhiends secure this facility for the federal government.. We have a huge F#$%ing problem.. It is 1988.. Ronald Reagan is president..”

“Mam, “ Agent Rhiends  gets a look on his face.. “I am the officer in charge.. Care to..”

“Contact Davis Mothan.. Agent You are going to need a lot more people and security.. I want that road shut down immediately.. Find everyone who left.. We will need generators.. “ Taking a dep breath, “None of your people are allowed in the cars or the store..”

“Who the H#$% do you think you are,” Agent Rhiends was getting pissed..

“Because the US Government will never let any of you see your families again if you go in there..” Colonel Blackstone leans forward, “Get me a line to someone at Fort Meade Maryland.. An Agent Blackstone, My father.. Tell them Colonel Rita Dell Blackstone from 2018 wishes to speak with him..”

Agent Rhiends pauses, “2018…” Swallowing hard, “My god.. 30 years worth of technology..”

The man with the JSOC gun snapped his fingers, “Get moving.. Your bosses at Quantico will fry you if you do NOT do as the Colonel says..” The Man tosses the rifle to the Master Chief, “Your men will want to listen to.. Do not even peak inside the store..”

The master chief is eyeing the man, “I would say army.. Been out a long time.. Agent.. I would call Forte Meade for verifacation..” The Master chief looks at the man, “Your off son..”

“Corporal.. I went spook old man..” Leaning forward, “Wetworks. “

“They dont call it that,” The Master Chief narrows his eyes.. “F#$% a private contractor?”

Looking at the FBI agent, “Octavius..” The man smiled,” Private Contractor..” thinking fast, “GS 11.. Fredrick Octavius.. Colonel Blackstone is correct.. You might want to add in not to speak with those you chase down..The main reason none of you want to interact a lot.. Some of these people might have Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA..”

“S#$%.. Medically resistant staff infection,” Colonel Blackstones words makes everyone freeze.. “And every man here will be decom’ed..” Seeing Agent Rhiends face, “Some of the diseases have evolved in the next thirty years. The common ones are developing a resistance to any form of medicine..”

Agent Rhiends walks over to one of the jeeps and crawls in..

“Mr. Octavius.. I will need your support,” Colonel Blackstone spoke as quiet as possible.. “I dont recall a..”

“Mam.. I retired,” The fortyish year old man was eyeing everyone.. “That man has to sit in decom.. Dont touch him.. No hand to hand with combatants..”

“Master chief,” The Officer has guns pointed at him by the other members of the JSOC team.

Everyone is staring at each other for a few awkward minutes.

Agent Rhiends has the sat phone brought out,”Agent Blackstone is being located.. I was advised to let you handle the people on your end colonel.. Pending proof you are who you claim to be..”

Octavius looks at a black man in blue jeans and T-Shirt.. The man readjust his MAGA hat..

Another white female has a thought cross her mind, “Wait.. This is 1988..” She looks down at her t-shirt Hillary was robbed, “We can stop that sexist bastard!”

“B#$%^.. We can stop the people they killed,” The Man with MAGA hat spoke.. “Wait.. “ An evil smile crosses the man’s face, “Whitewater.. Vince Foster!”

Octavius rolls his eyes and walks over to a car..

“You two shut the F#$% up,” The Colonel growls.. “Or I will have these men shoot you dead!”

Opening the car he takes out a pack of Cigarettes.. Packing the cigs, he then opens them.. Taking one out he digs out his lighter.. “Master Chief,” Octavius speaks to the Two men who followed him at a distance. “Those F#$%ers should just both be shot on priciple..”

The Master Chief takes out a pack of Cigarettes and lights one up.. “What is that S#$% about?”

“Octavius,” Colonel Blackstone growls..

“Mam.. they need to know what to listen for.. They may have to kill these people if they talk out of turn..” Octavius responds raising his hands..

“There will be no mention of politics.. Or anything else until we talk with natives in the military..” Colonel Blackstone glares at the man in the MAGA hat..

“Thank you.. We can convince them to stop T,” The woman goes to the ground from a back hand..

“Say nothing..” Leaning over the whimpering woman, “I voted for bernie!”

“Colonel,” Octavius speaks with raised eyebrows?

The master Chief quietly eyes Octavius.. Realizing he stared to long, “politics?” Looking around at some of the people that the former military were talking to, “They are dressed funny..”

“The people of walmart Master Chief,” Octavius nonchalantly speaks.. “A meme where I am from..”

“Meme,” The Master Chief puffed..

“Clive..” Octavius smiles evilly, “Welcome to the new world..”

“I never mentioned my first name,” Clive looks at Octavius..

Everyone turns and looks at the two men.. Agent Rhiends and Colonel Blackstone walk over..

“You know this man,” Agent Rhiends speaks.. “Why the F#$% did you not say so? We can start..”

“You are thinking about retiring.. Clive got an offer from the FBI to teach at their head quarters.. “ Octavius smiles politely, “Just got divorced from your third wife..”

“You,” Clive nods his head to the Agent.. “Ok.. What are my childrens names?”

“Rebecca, Joseph, and little timmie..”

“Nice try I do not have any children,” Clive shakes his head.. “Sir..”

“Rebecca, Germany eight years ago.. Joseph, mexico four years ago..” Octavius grins evilly, “And little timmie was born to your sister in law last year. DNA test are a b#$%^.”

Agent Rhiends looked at the Master chief...

“Please I was in Germany nine year.. Oh,” Master Chief took a deep breath.. “I did not sleep with my.. F#$% !!”

“Relax Master Chief.. The DoD cant afford to lose your skills.. And none of your CO get to know about this.. It will be classified eyes only for those read into this..” Octavius takes a long drag, “We are wasting time.. You need to be planning Colonel.. The brass are going to be jack A$$es..”
“Let me get this straight,” A man in a very expensive suit was very pissed.. “This GS 11 Octavius.. Knocked out one of the Hazmat workers and escaped..”

“Sir,” Agent Rhiends tried to speak..”He..”

“Your Master Chief on loan from JSOC, reported that he did not believe This Octavius..” The man spoke coldly, “I have to report to the Man Reagan put in charge a few hours ago.. You want me to tell him What?”

The master Chief walks up and drops a black bag in front of the agents..

“Colonel Blackstone..” Shaking his head, Clive is pissed.. “This is worse then we thought.. A sniper Rifle.. And..” Pointing towards a car, “We found a body in the trunk.. Colonel I was right..”

“He knew you,” The Colonel shook her head.. “And idea who it was?”

“Me,” Master Chief took a deep breath..

The man in the suit raised and eye brow, “So.. That is how he knew your personal..” The man chuckles, “He is a wetworks operative.. “

Master Chief shows a badge, “Colonel.. What is this Department of Homeland Security..”

The two agents look at Colonel Blackstone, “Long story sir.. We have to catch this mother F#$%er..”

“No S#$%.. Lucky for you,” The Agent freezes..

“Carl.. Leave her alone,” A man walks up.. “So you claim you are my baby girl?”

Both agents tighten up, “Sir she let..”

“Boys.. “ Mr. Blackstone spoke, “If your my little girl..”

The Colonel smiles, “Dad..” She rolls up her uniforms legs showing a red line, “Ice Skating..” raising her shirt, “Appendix when I was twelve.. “

Agent Blackstone takes a deep breath..

“You burned down your grill last year during the forth of July.. Your last words to mama was her favorite bible passage.. “ Colonel Blackstone swallows hard, “My younger brother is actuall Jilly’s son.. You and mama adopted him.. You dont tell anyone of the rest of us till you are on your deathbed..”

“Ok.. Littlelady..”

“I lied to you last night if it is the date I think it is.. I just lost my virginity to the man I marry.. “ The Colonel looks at her father, “And shut the F#$% up dad.. You were right I divorce him when I am a major..”

The Colonel has one hand on her hip and points at the Agent..

Blackstone has to lean on Carl and Rhiends, “I believe my little jelly bean..”

“You call me your little Green bean,” Colonel Blackstone looks at her father all serious.. “And you know I HATE that fucking nickname!”

“That is her mothers attitude,” The older Agent is laughing.. “All right.. Colonel We will catch up later.. For now we need to know the nature of the biohazard. Gr..” The agent stops cold, “D@#$.. You grow up to have your mothers manneris..” Another glare shuts the Agent up..

“It should be containable.. The only problem is this octavous man.. We will need to do a general health check and eliminate the risk.. We have the risk of several diseases..” Colonel Blackstone speaks, “Lucky for you dad we have a doctor, the pharmacist, and a few others in the store..”

“We completely lock this area down and no one gets out till they go through a full decontamination,” Agent Blackstone smiles.. “We will need to talk.. Technology, history.. All of it.. We are gonna have a lot to talk about.. Me and my littler green bean will be talking..”

“Our main concern immediately is this.. Dad,” The colonel shakes her head.. “He killed a man and casually sat next to the live man.. He is some kind of hit man..”

“It gives ua a body to compare with a living man..” Agent Blackstone took the Colonel’s arm, “Give me a tour of this walmart.. We will be scouring this store for fingerprints.. Lets see if we can find him..  “

“Dad.. There is a lot of technology inside,” Blackstone grinned.. “You wont believe the computing power available on our cell phones..” After a few seconds, “Wait.. We can bring up the tapes and see what he touched.. “

As they got away from several of the people, “I believe your story..” Agent Blackstone told his daughter, “Now.. What are you not telling me?”

“I met with DoHS agent Clive blueson two days ago dad..” The Colonel closed her eyes fighting her emotions.. Opening them, “I met Octavius at the base.. Dad.. I did not know he was a contract killer I swear to god.. I..”

“You slept with him,” Agent Blackstone smiled.. “Good.. “

“Because even in our mistakes, their is always something of value,” colonel Blackstone grinned..

“Thats my girl.. You slept with him for several days to several weeks.. You can help me build a profile of him.. How hard is it going to be to catch him,” Agent Blackstone spoke softly.. “So that is why you where here.. You were meeting with him for a quickie..”

Sighing as she looked at her father.. “He is professional.. He is also... lonely.. Dad.. I dont think he lied to me directly.” The Colonel smiled, “D@#$ near impossible dad.. He was doing this under all our noses.. With more advanced technology at our disposal.. He wont try to contact his family.. They are dead to him already.. His .. He mentioned his first girl friend.. He said.. Texas.. Dad.. He lived in Texas when he was younger.. The accent and he mentioned the night life at Deep Elm..”

“You know I will have to speak with my little green bean.. She needs to develop better taste in men..” Fatherly, Agent Blackstone took a minute, “Leave that part out of your official report.. Now show me this technology.. We will all go through decom.. The CDC is on its way.. The President has been briefed.. This whole mess has been given a project name already.. Project Morlock...”

A man in a suit is on his knees, “I am made man.. You are dead.. Do you understand me?”

A masked man pulls the trigger splattering the italian man’s brains over the wharehouse..

The other hitters on their knees defiantly stare forward..

“Now.. I am glad I have you attention,” Octavius’s voice comes from the masked man.. He snaps his finger and a briefcase is set on the ground with masked men around Octavius.. He kicks the brief case to the largest hitter, “Your boss was outing all of you to the FBI. Louie.”

“You are full of S#$%,” Louie looks up as a woman in cuffs is brought forward..

“Louie.. Help me,” The woman begs as she is tossed to the ground..

“The Don’s mistress,” Louie is wide eyed..

“Pam,” Octavius grabs the woman by her hair.. “You convinced them I was deal bad S#$%.. Your boys in undercover poisoned my weed shipment.. Killing my customers..”

“Louie..” Pam had fear in her eyes, “He is lying.. I..”

Several more men with blackhoodies over their faces are dragged in..

Thier mask are removed as they are shoved to the ground..

Beaten and bloddied the four men try to stand and cant even stand..

Taking out a police issued side arm from his long coat, “We are going to play a game.. You officers are going to sing for Louie..”

An unbeaten Louie is stood up and sat in a chair.. His hands are cut free, “You.. Undercovers..”

“I am an officer of,” The man dies from a side arm discharge..

One of the other three falls to the ground and passes out..

Octavius shots the man that fell in the back of the head..

“Pam.. You got to tell them..” One of them speaks, “We did not have anything to do with this..”

“I.. I dont know who you,” Pam winces when octavius kills the man speaking.. “Louie.. He..”

Louie weakly stands up, “Stop.. The boss will want to speak with them..”

Octavius puts the gun in the face of Pam, “She is the Don’s favorite..Louie.. Louie..” Taking a deep breath, Octavius nods..

The other hitters are cut free professionally..

“You are asking me on behalf of the families to hand these two over to you,” Octavius smiles evilly from behind the mask..

“I aint a Don,” Louie has to hold onto one of the other hitters.. As Octavius cocks the hand gun back, “Yes.. It is family business..”

Ocatvius tosses the gun on the ground, “Louie.. Leave the gun, it is the last man’s side arm.. I do this because of our long friendship.. Just you..”

“I do not F#$%ing know you,” Louie growls..

Octavius laughs for a minute as his own men get nervous.. Octavius stops, “I had to try.. Tell the don nothing moves into california without me being paid..” After a few seconds to let it sink,”I will ship out weed.. I want your boss to sell only the finest..”

“Looks.. Youse not an idiot.. My boss doesn do bidness dis way..” Louie shook his head as the other hitters are moved back, “My boss is one of the most feared..”

Octavius leans forward lifting the mask.. He starts whispering in Louies ear..

Louie goes white faced, “You.. You a made man… “ Louie gives a greeting in Sicilian..

Octavius responds in Sicilian.. After the response, “Everyone but Louie turn around..” Lifting Louie’s sleeve, “ Your coded mark..” Octavius lifts his sleeve showing a black dragon..

Louie backs up wide eyed, “My.. My mark..I..”

Octavius puts his finger on louies lip.. He whispers, “Don Corlesi.. I am going to put an end to the drug flow.. And this bullS#$% of killing women and children.. Weed is the only drug you allow..”

“Weed don hur no one,” Louie is wide eyed.. “What da F@#$ Soldier..” Louie raises Octavius’s hand and removes Octavius’s left glove, “Holy S#$%!!”

Octavius puts back on the glove, “Mr. Corlesi..”

Two briefcases are brought in..

Louie opens the briefcases, “What da F#$% is this..” Louie takes out a document, “Dis .. Dis is the list of ..” Louie is wide eyed, “This is a list of..”

“Undercovers in the bosses organization,” Octavius looks through the mask eyes.. “The boss does not like human trafficking..”

Louie is wide eyed, “Kid.. You a soldier.. But.. De mask S#$%..”

“Fed’s cant track me if they dont know who I am,” Octavius smiles.. Taking the card out of the other brief case, “This is a new credit card.. What if I told you I can make sure the Feds cant track the BOSS anymore via finances..”

“Da boss would.. He would,” Louie slides the card up.. “You a soldier making his move.. The don..”

“My first payment to the Don for the families operations I know run.. The feds do not have the ability yet to track the funds..” Octavius grins evilly as he snaps his fingers..

Clean clothes are brought out by a masked kid.. Respectfully another masked kid stands behind Louie..

“I had a car brought around for you.. One of mine.. Clean.. “ Octavius grins, “A plane is waiting for you at LAX..”

Louie turns as the two guest hare drenched in Alcohol.. A masked woman injects a struggling Pam..

“I.. I a.. Am..” Pam passes out..

The female repeats the process on the last undercover..

Coldly turning, Octavius stops at the door as Louie and the other hitters watch.. “You all need to leave.. It is about to become unsafe here in Cali for a few weeks..”

“Not safe.. What are you going to do,” Louie is wide eyed?

“Wipe out all of the competition..” Octavius smiles, “We are still in the middle of the Second mob war.. Decades before the rumbles of a third one..”
“Leave H. H. alone..” A texas Accent fills the air, “All right class.. Quiet down..”

A kid with a sad face takes a deep breath as several of the kids glare at him..

“So what started this,” The teacher looks at one of the bigger kids?

“HH said we where stupid.. “ A dumb sounding kid spoke, “If I went back in time I would bet on sports games.. Like marty McFly did..or Stocks.. ”

“You mean Biff,” HH speaks.. “Mrs. Towler.. I told Ed that he would be broke in a few years.. He did not earn the money.. He would be robbed by those beneath him..”

“Please.. I would deal with them..” The bigger kid pointed at HH.. “Loke your plan would work.. USe advanced technology to build an empire.. The criminals would wipe you out cry baby. Pose as a mobster.. Limited Resources and scarcity with diminishing returns.”

Mrs. Towler smiled, “Well.. I am surprised you are having an economics conversation.. Ed.. That is why the coach put you in this class.. You need to learn the basics of money..”

“Please.. When I make the NFL I will have a money manager,” Ed spoke confidently.. “I run.. I only need to focus on the game..”

One of the teachers came into the classroom, “Janie.. Turn the TV on..”

“Mrs. Johns..” Mrs. Towler looks up, “Will we get reception.. HH.. Can you get the TV to work..”

HH walks past several kids who make weird faces at him.. Mumbling to himself, “not if I got them first.. “

“Pu$$y,” Ed whispers.. “Like you would ever be able to fake being a made man..”

HH turns on the TV and checks the cable running into the back.. Playing with one of the Cables, “Here you go.. I think it should..”

The sound and video turns on..

“The Governor of California, George Deukmejian, has officially called out the national guard,” The reporter and camera man duck behind a wall..”A massive Gang war has broken out in the streets of LA. SWAT units and poli.”

“We aint going down like dogs.. You tink the popo’s,” A sniper round kills the gang banger in red..

“F#$% me,” The next round ices the gangbanger in blue..

In the back ground a huge explosion is followed by flames and smoke rising into the air..

Several of the Members of the combined gangs are gunned down by fully dressed SWAT.. The students in the classroom swallow hard as they watch the gun battle..

HH looks at the screen and then at ed.. He shakes his head, “Nah..”

“...declared martial law.. Those helicopters are part of the national guard un,” The reporter is hit by bullets..

Mrs. Towler quickly turns off the television, “Crap..” Looking at her class, “This… This a historical moment.. I will let your parents explain ..” HH closes his eyes, “HH.. I do apologize.. “

Everyone is whispering..

A well dressed woman peeks inside the classroom, “Mrs. Towler.. Erica Pierce.. I am .. I need to speak with little H.H.”

“Can you watch these kids for a minute..” Mrs. Towler sees Mrs. Johns nod yes, “H.H.”

H.H. just walks out in front of Mrs. Towler..

H.H. sees an older well dressed man and pauses, “Uncle Teddy?” H.H. ‘s eyes go wide at the in shape man, “Mrs. Pierce.. You found my uncle..”

“Kid I just found out my sister died.. I was traveling the US trying to find myself..” Uncle Teddy smiled, “I immediately came back to town..”

H.H. hugs his uncle, “You.. You got my letters.. I sent them to your PO Box like you said..”

“I got them,” The meticously dressed Redson looked at Mrs. Towler.. “Who is this?”

Mrs. Towler blushes and sticks out her hand, “Janie Towl.. Towler.. I am glad.. Glad..” Mrs. Towler shakes her head and stops looking at redson in the eye.. “I am Little HH’s econ teacher.. And I am his homeroom teacher.. Your his Uncle Teddy Redson..”

Mrs. Pierce coughs subtlely, “Mr. Redson.. I see this is your nephew.. If I understand correctly your sister left you her old house.. “

“We will be staying at a hotel.. I am going to renovate the house and rent it out…” Teddy grinned, “My real estate agent has several houses we are going to need to look at..” Hitting HH on the arm, “Your going to have to go looking with me.. The first house is old man Gentsons..”

“Mama looked at that house..” HH sounded excited, “Before she got sick.. She.. She wanted to sell ours.. And move in there.. “

“So you want me to just put an offer on that big empty house,” Teddy grinned.. “Some repairs have to be done.. “

“Mrs. Redson should love that house,” Janie Towler tried to be slick..

“Uncle Teddy is single,” HH responded.. “Oh..” After a few more seconds, “Wait.. I.. I am going home with Uncle TEDDY!!”

Mrs. Pierce smiled, “If that is what you want.. I will report to the judge that this visit..”

“Mrs. Pierce.. Judge Schmidt approved it earlier today.. He is an old family friend,” Teddy grinned.. “Now you are going to have to bring that husband of yours for our housewarming party.. I have already invited the Judge.. Tell Waid I’ll make sure we have his favorite beer..”

Mrs. Pierce hit Teddy in the arm, “You remember Waid.. From school.. He said you knew each other..”

“I have not forgot,” Teddy grinned evilly..

One of the other Teachers stuck his head out of his classroom, “Janie.. “ Seeing Teddy he walks out of the classroom.. “Teddy..” The two shake hands as HH gets a loo on his face..

“Mr. Wesson..” Teddy hits the man in the arm, “I am screwing with you.. “

Instinctually Paul hugs Janie, “You are back in town.. To pick up your nephew..” Paul rubs HH’s hair getting a pissed off look from HH.. “The news man.. My class is watching it.. The Governors of Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon have called out their NG units..”

Teddy whistles, “D@#$..Pardon my language.. IS it getting that bad?”

“The gang war is threatening to spill over to their states..” Paul catches the coldness from Janie,”I hope we are still on for dinner baby..”

Politely smiling, “We will talk later..” Janie towler takes a deep breath, “I have to get back to my class.. HH.. I am glad your Uncle found you..” Looking at Mr. Redson she sticks out her hand, “Ot is nice to meet you Teddy..”

Shaking her hand back, “I will need to speak with you later Mrs. Towler..” Seeing Pauls face, “Relax old dog.. I have to review my nephews school work..” An Evil smirk crosses Teddy’s face for half a second, “I hope to see you in church tonight Paul.. You to Mrs. Pierce..” Seeing the two of them recoil..”I have changed since we last saw each other..”

“Wait.. You found baby jesus,” HH gets a look on his face..

Teddy kneels in Front of HH, “You wont believe me if I told you.. Lets say the universe is vast.. I have in my darkest hour my faith has got me through a lot.. I am not going to preach to you.. You will have to go to church.. Sunday mornings and evenings.. And every wensday night.. IT is good discipline building to have all your clothes and chores down.. Around a tight schedule..”

Janie smiles and speaks out, “Dawn goes to the same church.. Her father is Deacon and business manager.. We do.. “

“No preaching,’ HH looks at Teddy.. “From you or bible thumping?”

Nope.. I hate that crap..” Teddy stands up slowly, “You need the good influences in your life.. So you do not end up at bars and strip clubs..”

“Stop by Mr.Redson.. After school today,” Janie goes back into the classroom..

“The national guard is in a street by street fight,” A different reporter’s voice filled the air.. “This is a battle for the soul of the american people.. Stay tuned.. We will bring you up to date reports on what is being called the battle for California..”
“Mr. President.. Project Morloch might can help,” Agent Blackstone takes a deep breath.. “Mr. President.. We .. I understand sir..”

Wearing a single star, Rita picks up another phone.. “Mr. President.. Brigadier General Blackstone.. Sir.. Let me be clear.. I know several people are filtering the information you are recieving.. Sir.. I do not care.. This is exactly why you formed Project Morloch.. Sir the issue here is tactical.. Sir no offense.. The people you have advising you do NOT know what they are dealing with.. You can NOT handle this like you did earlier in your career in california..”

“Brigadier General Blackstone,” Agent Blackstone growled.. “This is the president of the United States..”

Looking at her father, “First kill the god D@#$ news feed.. Second shut off water and electricity.. Third withdraw the national guard to the military bases.. Four have the bases serve as forward commands for the National guard. Five set up safe zones for the Families of the dependants.. Six have special forces go with marines and retrieve family members.. Draft the JSOC members into the NAtional Guard..”

Laughter came from the phone.. Reagan’s voice filled the, “George recommended the very same thing.. He recommended we use all our assets to stop this. As is the JCS...”

“Sir.. Project Morloch’s upgraded satilite capabilities can make this like shooting fish in a barrel..” Rita Blackstone paused for a second, “If I have to I will go myself MR. PResident.. We can coordinate our assualts very easily without revealing our new tech sir.. Also.. check EVERYONE going into the Safe Zones sir.. Strip search all of them for drug and weapons.”

“I will not set up camps,” Reagan’s voice was clear.. “How soon can our.. Our edge be deployed..”

“Now Mr. President.. The issue will only be the ground units doing exactly what they are told..” Brigidier General Blackstone smiled, “Sir.. We do have a few non leathals we could deploy..”

A buzzing of a disconnect comes from the phone..

“God D#$%,” Agent Blackstone looked at a TV screen outside the office..

“Mr. President..” Brigadier General Blackstone calls out, “Hello.. Mr. President!”

“Rita,” Her father pointed to a screen outside the office.. “My god..They.. They  hit the white house..”

Rita just stood there, “That mother F#$%er just.. My god.. He had Reagan killed..”

“I take it that this was not supposed to happen either,” Agent Blackstone was pissed.. “What is Octavius up to?”

“Brigadier General Blackstone,” The Blackman sans his MAGA hat swallowed hard.. “NSA just got this SIGNET in.. You are going to want to hear this.. They are say it is going out over radio..”

“Play it Lt. Freeman,” Agent Blackstone growls..

An electronic voice comes from a computer, “ We are the Weather Underground.. We will no longer tolerate the attacks ordered by our government on our brown brother and sisters. We stand in solidarity.. We must destroy the military industrial complex.. As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Comrades of the socialist movement! Comrades of the Jihad.”

“Why would he use the Weather undergrou.. F#$% me.. Lt.. Check on the future POTUSs,” Brigadier General Blackstone got worried..

They watched as the new satilites brought up a display..

“Mam.. They are all safe,” Lt. Freeman shook his head.. “Octavius just turned Reagan into a martyr..”

“Any reports on the weapon system used to hit the white house,” Agent Blackstone shook his head?

“Dad.. Ask for the time index..” Rita hits the Lt. on the back as others are at stations, “Time index on the launch..”

The screen shows the time as the computer people go backwards and follow a path..

On the screen three catapults appeared..

“You have to be S#$%ting me.. Catapults.. He has knowledge of future technology and goes primative,” Agent Blackstone hits an ear piece, “General We found the weapons.. We are sending you the photo’s now..”

Brigadier General Blackstone took a deep breath.. She brought up the pictures of a burning white house as another round launched, “Impressive.. Those flames Lt.. White phosphorus with tungsten shards..”

“Have the Jets destroy them now,” Agent Blackstone growled.. “Yes a second round is coming..” Agent Blackstone paused as the balls hit and exploded…

“Mam..” Lt. Freeman whispered, “Octavius just F#$%ed a lot of things.. But he may have a purpose..”

“Explain,” Agent Blackstone paused..

“Sir.. Where we come from the political environment was highly.. Charged.. There was a lot of theories about the source of the problem..” Lt. Freeman took a deep breath, “This links three problems.. Terrorism, Economics, and Politics.. It will be several generations before the socialist ideas dare show there heads.. Octavius just charged the environment.. IF Regan is dead.. The republicans will trounce the democrats..”

A woman walked in the building with tears on her face.. She was dressed professionally, “There was a car accident in Arkansas.. The governors wife was injured..” Swallowing hard, “There are reports that they found.. Found propaganda from the weather Underground in her car.. He tried to kill Hillary!!”

“Julie,” Rita Blackstone had to sit down.. “Let me see the reports..”

“We have to stop this,” Julie handed a pad over to the Brigadier General..

Lt. Freeman laughs, “No mam.. We can not interfere.. We are going to find out if Bernie can take Donald Trump..”

The group in the command center from the future were quietly discussing things..

“This is bad,” Agent Blackstone watched the conversations.. “Rita darling..”

Brigadier General Blackstone had her fist balled up as she heard the conversations.. “All of you shut the F#$% up!”

Everyone went quiet..

“We live in the here and now..” Brigadier General Blackstone watched the different screens, “First we need to figure out who Octavius really is..”

Lt. Freeman took a deep breath, “Mam.. We have chatter.. Looks like we are going to get an early kick off to the war on terror.. The CIA is reporting..” Reading his screen, “ Several terrorist networks are supporting the Weather Undergrounds actions..” Taking a deep breath, “F#$%.. Mam.. The Russian Ambassador is having a press conference..”

“S#$%.. This might be war,” Agent Blackstone took a deep breath..


“Janie.. It is ok.. You can call me Teddy.. Mr. Redson is so formal,” Teddy smiled.. “So what has my nephew got into trouble for..”

Mrs. Towler blushed for a second, “Uhm.. Teddy.. He was not doing ok before his mother died.. He was sent into.. Well..”

“HH did not have the tools to emotionally adjust to the loss of his mother.. “ Teddy closed his eye, “When my mother died I did not either.. A good teacher tried her best to keep me on the right path.. I got a love of history from her.. Right path, not so much.”

“You know.. It is so funny you say that..” Janie smiled again, “My degree is in history.. I have recommended several books.. H.H. is a big science fiction fan..” Janie sighs, “He likes me.. I should not have given him that new book by S.M.Stirling.. I was trying to encourage him.. He got a puppy dog look in his eyes.. I want you to know I would not..”

“Marching through Georgia,” Teddy smiled.. “The new book by Stirling.. I love it.. Are you a star wars fan by chance?”

“You read it,” Janie blushes! “May the force be with you..”

“You are a big geek..” Teddy smiled, “In my younger days I had a crush on an older woman.. She was a big Heinlein fan.. She got married to a loser.. Always thought if I got the chance I would roll the dice.”

“What was her favorite book,” Janie asked coily..

“She used to be a librarian.. She ..” Teddy was looking into Janie’s eyes, “Her favorite book was Stranger in a strange land.. I read it multiple times.. I never had the heart to..”

“That is so much a small world, I started as a librarian..And That is MY favorite book,” Janie shakes her head.. “Paul hates science fiction.. What is your favorite book..”

“Time enough for love,” Teddy softly smiles..”I am so with Lazusus Long.. Screw the critics..”

Janie tosses her hair, “I know.. “ Taking a deep breath, “We are getting off the subject.. “ Janie looks deeply into Teddy’s eyes, “It is funny I feel like I know you Mr…. Teddy.. “

H.H. walks into the room followed by a young lady.. “Dawn.. The Jaguar belongs to my uncle..”

An older man walks in, “Mr. Redson.. H.H. was just telling me that you will be at church tonight..”

“Mr. Burger,” Teddy stands up and sticks his hand out.. As the two men shake, “I.. I know I have a past in this town.. I turned over a new leaf.. I have a nephew to raise..”

“Teddy..” The large white man smiled, “That is the past.. God took you on a journey.. You look like he took care of you.. And Teddy.. Mr. Burger is what your nephew calls me.. Its Jim..”

“Well I know I am a member is bad standing.. The good lord has taken care of me through hardship and joy.. Mr. Burger.. Jim.. I am hoping me and my nephew are welcome.. He was telling me that saturday you are having a bake sale.. “

“To repair the Fellowship halls roof,” Jim Burger smiled as he sniffed out something.. “We are trying to raise ..”

Teddy reached into his sports coat and took out a checkbook, “I wrote the check for the church as soon as he told me.. Twenty thousand dollars..”

“That is to much, “ Jim took the check.. He got a look o his face..

“I made some good money in the commodities market.. I invested in a few businesses with it.. I am a silent partner with several gas distribution companies..” Teddy smiled, “The church did so much for my sister and my nephew..” Teddy closed Jims hand, “God takes care of those who take care of his people.. And vice versus.. If you try to give it back to me I will ..”

“Teddy.. Your a changed man.. I see god has moved in your life,”Jim put a hand on Teddy’s shoulder.. “Dont go getting your feathers ruffled.. Your definately Teddy.. “

“You have enough time to go cash it.. And to get the money into the Church’s accounts..” Teddy smiled, “Now.. I..” Looking at a rolex watch, “I have to go get My nephew some new clothes.. So we are dressed appropriately for church..”

HH got a look on his face..

“Tell you what Ms. Burger.. If your dad is ok with it.. Perhaps we can run to the mall real quick.. JC penny, Dillards, and Macys are open..” Looking at Janie, “Perhaps you can ride with Mrs. Towler.. If HH is anything like me at his age.. Shopping with him is a pain in the arse..”

“Uncle Teddy.. My clothes are ok,” HH got a look on his face..

“Daddy.. Can I please go to the mall with Mrs. Towler and Mr. Redson,” Dawn was excited..

“If Mrs. Towler goes,” Jim smiled at his daughter.. “We are having potluck tonight so no food after four little girl..”

“My car is low on gas,” Mrs. Towler sighed.. “I would love to continue our conversation..”

“Least I can do for multitasking a woman on a teacher’s salary..”Taking out his keys, “You drive the Jaguar.. I will drive your car to the gas station and fill it..”

Dawn is wide eyed as Janie catches the keys..

“I.. I am not on your insurance,” Janie bites her lip..

“Please.. I only paid five thousand for the body.. Then four thousand for the parts and labor..” Teddy grinned, “If anything happens the car is fully insured.. I will do the same thing again..”

Jim nodds in approval..

“Then.. After church we have to to our hotel room.. I am renting a room at the four seasons..” Teddy shook his head, “It will take a few months.. I only rented it for a week..”

Jim shook his, “You cant live at a hotel, HH needs a stable home.. Hum..”

“Do you have a room I can rent.. Well two rooms,” Teddy spoke.. “I can pay for all four months..”

“We do have the mother in law house.. You and mama were talking about renting it out..” Dawn spoke, “Mama said she was fixing it up first..”

“That is right,” Jim spoke.. “I will talk with the missus..We can work something out Teddy..”

HH’s eyes sparkle..

A old woman cut HH’s toe nails as another woman cut his finger nails..

Janie sees the look on his face, “HH.. You are looking sharp..” Another woman was giving her a pedicure, “Grooming is very important..”

HH could not hide his pissed off look on his face, “This.. This is girlly..”

From the nail section Dawn called out, “You are not looking so rag a muffin.. Your Uncle is getting a pedicure..”

“He is girly to,” HH’s comment makes the women laugh..

“Nephew.. I have no intention of doing your grooming.. It might take years but you will realize this is very important in being a man..”  Teddy spoke calmly, “Besides.. We must look our best.. Dawn.. Do you like his hair cut?”

“Yes,” Dawn moves her other hand in as the nails on her left hand as set to dry.. “Mr. Redson.. You did not have to do this..”

“Please.. Dawn.. It is payment to get him to sit still,” Teddy speaks a stwo men come in.. “Our suits are ready..”

A man with glasses smiles, “You do clean up HH.. Mr. Redson.. My brother called me for the rush job.. The suits have been properly stitched and adjusted sir.. I tossed in a pair of dress socks.. We shined the shoes.. Come by my shop in town tomorrow sir.. I will need you two to try on the selection.. The material will take about two days to get here for your suits.”

Janie looks a little surprised..

“Mr. Tobias..” Teddy smiled as he reached into his pocket of his coat, “Mr. Tobias.. Mr. Burger was right.. Here..”

Teddy had taken three hundred dollars out, “Mr. Redson.. Thank you..”

“I just hope you brother was not insulted.. I wanted a Sears starter suit for my nephew.. So he could get the wear and tear into it.. Stains.. Excetra.. It makes no sense buying your reputable quality merchandise until he is ready for it.. The time is fine..”

An older woman walks in with several bags, “Mr. Redson…” She kisses Mt. Tobias, “I went to walmart and grabbed the underwear, socks, shirts, and two pairs of jeans based on HH’s size..”

Teddy winced at the word Walmart.. He took out four more hundred, “Mrs. Tobias.. Thank you very much..”

Mrs. Tobias took the money quickly, “I have to get the pot luck ready for church tonight..”

“Crap.. We will have to stop by KFC and order a platter,” Teddy responds with a deep breath. “It is proper manners HH to show up at events with food or a gift for the host/hostess..”

“Mr. Redson..” Mrs Tobias sounded firm, “You have not been to our church for years.. You dont have to stop buy and bring food..”

Teddy looks at her coldly

“You are as bad as your father was..” Mrs. Tobias speaks, “Just grab a few soda’s.. Mary ann is sick and wont be there tonight..”

Mrs. Tobias smiled, “We need to go Jeff..”

Mr. Tobias shook Teddy’s hand, “Tomorrow sir?”

The three of them left almost bumping into Ed and a few other preteens..

“Lookie here.. HH is getting,” Ed freezes when Teddy glares at him.. “You.. Sir..”

“You must be Ed..” Redsons voice hit a tone that made everyone take a deep breath. Sounding every inch a powerful man, “HH was just telling me about you earlier.. What a waste of his breath.. I have to teach him to be more accurate in detail.. I thought you said he wasnt a little punk!“

“Sir.. We are just,” Jack stops when Redson looks down at him..

“You see HH.. This is what I see.. A corrosion of values.. Jack is what we call new money.. No class or dress.. “ Teddy speaks coldly, “Look at his shoes.. His pants.. It shows that his mother was a stripper.. Got pregnant by his father. Four kids and everyone by a different father. I want better then that trash for you HH.. You are a Redson..”

“My.. My mother was not a stripper,” Jack raised his voice.. “You.. You are new money!!!”

“You see HH.. The lack of discipline.. His mother is now on her third husband.. “ Teddy shook his head, “You will learn not to hang around people like him.. He probably hits his girlfriend when he loses a game.. Probably everyone elses fault..”

“I.. HH you wil..”

“WHAT,” Teddy did not even move.. “Boy.. You are gonna leave my nephew alone.. Understand ME!”

Ed started shaking as his friends backed up

“Now.. Tell your Daddy when he picks you up later on.. “ Teddy reaches into his pocket and opens a small case, “Call this number and make an appointment with my secretary..”

Teddy tosses the card and hits Ed in the face with it..

“My.. My,” Ed looks down..

“Will not appreciate your behavior.. That might result in being unable to participate in athletics at a collegiate level..” Teddy narrows his eyes, “I have friends with the recruiters for several of the colleges.. You will never see a single down boy.. Kiss your NFL dreams goodbye..”

“I,” tears fell down Ed’s face.. “You.. you are..”

“You owe my nephew an apology,” Teddy speaks coldly. “And then you and your friends are going to leave..”

Ed is shaking as everyone else is quiet..

“I.. I apologize,” Ed looks down..

“Not good enough..” HH responds, “I refuse to accept your apology.. You do not mean it.. Leave!”

“I.. I,” Ed swallows hard as Teddy glares at him..

“You heard my nephew.. GIT,” Teddy waived them away with a smile..

Ed and his friends left with theire heads down.

Janie looked at HH.. She then quietly looked at Teddy..

“My apologies ladies.. HH.. I am proud of you.. You stood up for yourself..” Looking at Janie, “H H has not had a father figure in his life.. No one to teach him how to be a man..

HH beamed as he relaxed..

“Keep in mind HH.. It does not mean be a bully. Experience will teach that.. We Redsons are valedictorians of the school of hard knocks.” Teddy sees Dawn smiling and then look back.. “We take care of our own.. We can deal with the issues as they pop up..”

“You sound like my daddy,” Dawn smiles..


Everyone outside the church was very Quiet as a Radio played..

George Herbert Walker’s voices filled the church, “.. so help me god..”

Several people where crying as Teddy himself was shocked, “They hit COTUS and the SCOTUS? The Supreme Court is dead.. Most of Congress..” Teddy scratched his head, “POTUS was the only.. That.. That.. Holy S@#$.. They actually F#$%ing took out the competition.. F#$% me..”

Janie Towler heard the comment, “I know.. Their is talk of war..”

Seeing Janie shaking as Teddy holds her, “It is ok..” Teddy was shaking himself, “ HH..”

Dawn was in tears as HH held her, “Its ok Dawn..”

“I know the russians are working with the terrorist,” One of the church members spoke..

“The bear is a hollow creature.. It cant mount the troops necessary.. No this is much darker,” Teddy took a deep breath.. “Russia is broke and cant stand ip on its own two feet..”

“.. middle east Terrorist have declared war on the United States. Funded by what intelligence describes as proxies of the iranian government.” George H. W. Bush strongly spoke, “They have killed the Gipper our President and a good friend.. The have killed most of the members of the Supreme Court.. They have attacked and killed three forths of Congress.. I have a message for the Terrorist and their American allies.. WE ARE STILL HERE!” After a few moments, “Their acts are so despicable that even the Great Russian Bear has denounced these shadow terrorist actions..  This was confirmed by our vaunted members of the CIA.. And by Gorbachev himself minutes ago..”

Teddy is white faced as he listens..

“Teddy.. It is ok,” Janie whispered.. “Breath.. “

Teddy’s pager went off vibrating..

“Uncle Teddy,” HH looks at his uncle.. “Are you ok?”

“No.. Definately not,” Teddy shook his head.. Taking out his Pager, “Yeah.. Business.. I will need to leave early.. Mrs. Towler.. “

A conservatively dressed woman walked over, “Is everything ok Mr. Redson?”

“Mrs. Burger.. I am fine.. This changes my business plans.. My manager is trying to get ahold of me..” Breathing slowly as he still had his arm around Janie, “I hope the mother in law house is unlocked.. I am going to need to be up all night.. I am trying not to lose a couple hundred million dollars.. You said a fax machine was in the Mother in law house..”

Everyone looks at Teddy as HH whispers, “Trying not to lose a coupel hundred million?”

“Your investments.. I did not even think of that..” Mrs. Burger gets worried, “Husband.. Jim..”

Several of the men are talking quickly..

Mr. Burger walks over, “I heard what you are saying.. Our pensions and other investments we had already moved.. You think this is going to affect our investments..”

“Not completely.. I,” Teddy shakes his head as the new President keeps talking.. “I need to strategize with my business partners..” An idea crosses his mind, “Would you all like to come over.. We can buy liquor and cigars.. My treat..”

Several of the richer members of the church come over to the conversation..

“You would let us sit in,” Mr. Burger was a little surprised? “Saving hundreds of millions..”

“This is business.. And,” Teddy is interrupted..

“Money is best in large sets,” Mr. Burger smiles.. “Preacher.. How about we say a quick prayer for our country.. And we all head home.. None of us are going to focus on the church business meeting.. We grab the food and go to my house..”

The preacher turns off the radio and says a quick prayer..

One of the poorer looking kids just looks down.. His mother closes her eyes, “It is ok baby.. We will make it..”

“Mrs. Stokes,” Teddy smiles.. “Would you lie to make some extra money.. We will need someone to serve the drinks and food.. HH can have his friends Ajax help him unpack his stuff..”

“Mama..” The preteen spoke, “Is.. Is that ok?”

“Baby.. HH’s uncle is being nice.. They have money,” Mrs. Stokes stands proudly.. “Thank you for your kind offer.. We will go home and have peanut butter..”

“Now Mrs. Stokes.. I am in a very god d@#$ bad mood..” Teddy’s language made everyone pause, “I need someone to keep Teddy out of trouble.. Janie will be busy as will the wives.. We need a babysitter slash waitress.. And dawn and the other girls cant serve the alcohol.. Fine I will just..”

“Their is no need to be rude,” Mrs. Stokes fired back.. “I do not need..”

Mr. Burger paused, “Teddy is right Cheryl.. I did not even think.. Do you mind doing this.. We will all chip in.. “ Doing a quick head count, “Ten kids.. Crap.. No babysitters.. I..”

“A hundred dollars a head .. To include getting them dressed and out to school in the morning.. We will be up all night..” Looking at Dawn, “It is up to MRs. Stokes..”

“I do not need,” Mrs. Stokes pauses as hundred dollar bills are slipped into her hands..

“Boys,” Mrs Burger takes Mrs. Stokes arm.. “You can sleep in the guest room.. This.. Where will we put all the kids..”

“Pallets on the floor blankets and pillows.. Turn on the TV and let them stay up watching Johnny..” Teddy winks at Mrs. Stokes, “Dawn.. You will have to stay up late.. Make sure my nephew does not start anything!” Teddy handed Dawn a hundred dollar bill, “And help her corral the younger ones..”

Swallowing her pride, “Ajax honey lets get over to the Burger’s house.. Mrs. Burger.. We will need to get the bed items first..”


Agent Blackstone sat quietly in the side office.. “Rita.. This.. Octavius is now shoot on sight.. He engineered the largest assassination in history..”

Brigadier Blackstone poured herself a some of the Jack Daniels and looked at her father..

He saw the empty glass and waited for her to pour it.. A minute passes as he looks at his daughter, “Rita.. Honey.. You..”

Drinking from her glass the Brigadier General said nothing as she glared at her father..

The old man leaned back in his chair, “Rita.. F#$% me.. Listen..” Seeing coldness in her eyes, “Listen to me.. The information you provided.. We had no choice. The future was in chaos.. A group of us..”

Rita reached into her desk and sat a file on the table..

Her father picked it up, “This.. You.. You have to destroy this file..” Agent Blackstone got a panicked look on his face, “God D@#$ it baby girl.. “ Agent Blackstone closes his eyes, “I am so..”

Rita sat the second file in front of her father, “Found him..”

“I will be D@#$ed.. He is hiding as his uncle.. Teddy Redson..” Agent Blackstone smiled, “Listen forget the other file.. I can save you with this..” He pauses as he reads, “What the F#$% is building seven.. General Ham stand down..” Trying to decipher the message, “A fictional book advertisement.. Advertisements.. A Message with keywords..” Agent Blackstone looked back up, “A pen name.. Shaggy..” His pupils raise, “Ryan Peolisi and Sonia Clarence a tale of innocence, justice, and corruption.. Set against the background of a.. The bonus plot..”

“Heston Harlow sent the message.. It means you mother F#$%ers just used our knowledge to change the future..Shaggy is in reference to the song on the radio as we F#$%ed.. IT wasnt me.. Ryan slash Pelosi, speakers of the house.. Sonia slash Clarance chief justices..” Rita sipped her glass, “How the bastard set it up as a message so quickly? Properly Preplanned..”

From outside the office gunfire filled the air..

Agent Blackstone had drawn his sidearm, “What the..” He frooze as he turned back around and was facing a side arm.. “Rita.. We are family.. The man is a monster he arranged the..”

A tear fell down the Brigadier Generals face as she pulled the trigger, “You f#$%ing traitor..” Her father’s body hit the floor, “I need an excuse to deliver a hero’s body home..”

Lt. Freeman walks in with several others, “Mam.. We took care of the natives..”

“D@#$ dog.. She oft her old man..” The Teenager was wide eyed in his NYC accent, “Gen.. Mam..”

“This never happened.. Set S#$% up for forensics.. A god D@#$ coup attempt,” Rita Blackstone was pissed as she reached down and took a cigar out of her father’s pocket..

The former gang member lit the cigar as Rita leaned forward, “Mam.. This some real OG level S#$%!”

“Boys,” Rita took octavius’s file off the desk.. “As payment.. I am ordering all our family members saved.. “

“Mam.. I thought,” Lt. Freeman hit the young black kid in the back of the head..

“Da boss is allowing your families to be saved from the gang violence.. Mam.. Operation Gaurdian Angel,” Lt. Freeman smiles.. “It a go..”

“Octavius just attacked Project Morloch..” Rita smiled, “With terrorist.. We tow the company line.. Technobabble.. Technobabble.. Now time to destroy a file..” Rita walks over to the trash can..” Lighter PFC..”

The kid with the NYC accent tosses his lighter..

“Mam,” Lt. Freeman looked at Brigadier General Blackstone.. The flame from the lighter reached up the file, “You.. You found Octavius..  S#$%..”

“The OG came through for us..” With an evil smile, “We might need his services later.. I am going to take my father to his last home in Texas.. “ As an afterthought, “After I burn this trash can in the incinerator..”

The four of them watch the file get dropped into the trash can as it burned..

“Mam.. What did octavius do that wes protecting ‘em,” The now PFC responded?

“Saved out A$$es.. I got a message on my cell phone somehow..” Rita spit on her father corpse,” It was heads up. The suicide bombers, excetra.. Not him. All our people...”

The three men whistled…

“This mean we are not going to be.. “ Lt. Freeman took a deep breath, “Hunting him..”

“Only with modern Technology of this era.. As far as I am concerned, Octavius is not the threat..” Rita looked at her dead father, “He killed innocent people.. Everything he taught me was a lie..”

“Mam.. Maybe he lost his way,” The PFC spoke.. “Happen all da time.. A hustler get a little bit cash.. Gets stupid.. Forgets his roots, his hommies, an den the rules of the street..”

“Lets bury our dead..” Rita looks at the PFC, “When did you get so wise..” Sighing, “I will go get my younger self and deliver the flag to my step mother.. Lt. Freeman.. It is now 0700.. Lets get some coffee and have a security lockdown..” Rita picks up the file sliding it into her desk.. “To the incinerator..”

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