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No More Charity, No More Sh*thole Countries.
I suppose for anyone who donates monies for starving children in Africa or small girls who travel five miles to
collect dirty river water, the blow-back to President Trump's alleged remarks on such countries means that
it's time to stop giving.
You see, these places aren't sh*thole countries anymore.

In a way, it's a good sign that charities like Oxfam can roll-up their care and leave these reported poorly governed,
corrupted and war-torn countries and get back to serving soup to the homeless in the first-world nations.

CNN and others like Colbert have announced that Somalia, Yemen and areas of North Africa are in good form and
that's great. The only negative is that around Christmas time, there'll be no more tear-jerking advertisments on the
television showing starving children staring out of the screen as the viewer rips open the Yuletide gifts.

Websites such as and can shut down and Burundi can bid for the next olympic
The car-sales market in Comoros of Mozambique will show that Trump is totally wrong and the affluent common-folk
of Sudan can email the White House with their indignation of their country being called a sh*thole.

It's nice when all one has to worry about is name-calling and not whether someone is going to hack your clitoris off.
These countries are great, just ask Chris Cuomo and thank you MSM for showing us that financial-aid to these
places is no longer required.

Racist Trump has once again -through his ignorance and the astute reporting of the mainstream media, told people
around the world they no longer have to give.

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Well and here's the thing about these countries - when we are looking at merit based immigration then those countries are the last countries on earth we need to immigrate from... 

India is also a shit hole, but at least their citizens are educated. Countries like Yemen? Unless you count being brainwashed from birth into radical Islam as the height of education then they don't even have a base level education in most cases, and we don't have a taxi driver shortage last I heard... 

When you are looking for merit based immigration,  then it's places like Norway, Denmark, India and others that you want to look at first. ..they are educated and are more contributory to this country in that manner.

To speak the truth isn't racist...
(01-13-2018, 12:39 PM)Grace Wrote: Well and here's the thing about these countries - when we are looking at merit based immigration then those countries are the last countries on earth we need to immigrate from... 

India is also a shit hole, but at least their citizens are educated. Countries like Yemen? Unless you count being brainwashed from birth into radical Islam as the height of education then they don't even have a base level education in most cases, and we don't have a taxi driver shortage last I heard... 

When you are looking for merit based immigration,  then it's places like Norway, Denmark, India and others that you want to look at first. ..they are educated and are more contributory to this country in that manner.

To speak the truth isn't racist...

@ Everybody ok ...

Explanation: Unfortunately in today's day and age ... the definition of racism is so broad now that it encompasses everybody and everything i.e. If you're not racist then you never existed ok.

For example ... 1 + 1 = 2 is now racist because somebody is asking 'colored' people to do mathematics at all and like hey nigga don't you know that that is not cool ... its not because they don't have the brains/genes for it ... NO! Its because we don't them getting ahead because that would make us feel bad in comparison since its a war of cultures and everybody MUST fight and we prefer them over there to lose! [note: heavy sarcastic irony]

When everybody is special ... no one will be! [bonus points if you remember this line from the Incredibles movie's antagonist!!!]

Language changes meaning often enough for it to be considered not stable!

To say to speak the truth isn't racist is archaic!

Why? Because the liberal progressives hijacked that narrative with their agenda to broaden the term to include everyone and everything so that they can shut anyone and everyone down upon a mere whim as everybody is afraid of being called a racist.

So speaking the truth [because it hurts] doesn't take into consideration peoples feelings and this is why we invented diplomacy ... I lie ... they know I lie ... I know they know I lie ... they know that also... that is diplomacy ... so we don't kill each other!!!

Personal Disclosure: Hence Trump is a racist ... just like everybody else ... and seems everybody wants to point the finger of blame at ... Trump/Hillary/DNC/GOP/Nazi's/anybody/everybody else just like the hypocrites we all are [myself included as I haven't admitted my own racism until now ... I just came out guns blazing at everybody and I am aware of that racist fact [racist as it fingers me and paints me in a poor light] ... lol ... but I digress .. on with the blame game ...] ... so I suggest we all look in the mirror more in future before it becomes a season for cutting pointing fingers off since I recall that ancient meme "it is only so long before push comes to shove!".

It's all fun and games until your culture gets suddenly genocided!

And speaking of genocide ... as for merit and charity look at the Clinton foundation and what they did for Haiti recently! PFFFFFT seriously  I am against it and if that makes me racist then its something I am just going to have to lump and try to wear with some kind of pride! As for dignity we lost that long ago and the fall is coming!

And finally to get super critically technical ... Norway isn't all white and nor is Africa all black ... so this wasn't about skin color alone.. it was about culture and not all cultures are equal!

Sorry shock horror spank me!

Time for a sing along " I'm a shithole, you're a shithole, we're all shitholes , come and see ... where we live is a fucking shithole ... because its costs and isn't free!"

There ... thats my bux 'o' five! [it used to be 2cents but hey inflation is a total bitch .. don't forget about compound interest to compensate for that ok!]
Just a question.
If all the countries are so great, why are the people of said countries coming by the millions to Europe bring hate disease and rape with them ?
(01-13-2018, 04:09 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Just a question.
If all the countries are so great, why are the people of said countries coming by the millions to Europe bring hate disease and rape with them ?

Er... Diversity?

Wallfire, you're talking about realities and in the MSM, that's a no-no.
Embrace the visitors, rape as they do and shit in the high street.
It's what Merkel would want.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Piss on a bunch of whiny-assed snowflakes. The only way you can tell they're speaking is if you hear them bitching about something. Not a goddamned one of them would know a racist if one bit them on the ass. The term has been thrown around so often, used and abused, that it carries utterly no meaning any more.

These petulant piss-ants would have us believe that you can't throw a cat in an empty room without hitting a racist. I can't even imagine giving just a little bit of a shit what they want to label folks as - it means exactly nothing. They ought not to use big 50-dollar words like "racist" unless they know the meaning of it.

It's obvious, to even the most casual observer, that they don't from their very misuse of the term.

I'm finished with my micro-agression of the day now. If any of them wants to come visit, I'll educate them on the English language, and then show them what a macro-agression looks like.


Get a fucking job.

(01-14-2018, 05:07 AM)Ninurta Wrote: ...Dumbasses.
Get a fucking job.

The affluent world these young meek folk live in and the fawning education system that tells them
to feel sorry for people who're poor and have different skin pigmentation stifles such realities.
That in itself is racism!

They cannot grasp the idea is in business and employment, the best person for the job is the goal
and not a need to appease some theoretical mental issues. Opportunities are what real people take
and social media is just a playground.

Of course, such realities as warfare is also an area that indignation and verbal offence is beyond their
understanding. But such people don't want to get into this position, that's for 'someone else' to deal
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Who are the real "shitholes" here?   Remember the phrase, 'actions speak louder than words'?

Quote:''Shithole' Projected onto Trump Hotel in Washington DC
m Porter,Newsweek 9 hours ago

Trump Hotel in downtown Washington DC got a surprise makeover last night—with the expletive President Donald Trump has used to describe developing world countries beamed onto its outer walls.
Video posted on Twitter shows the words “This Place is a Shithole” projected onto the walls of the hotel Saturday night, alongside poop emojis, and an arrow pointing at the establishment’s arched entrance.

[Image: 5a0d8d8d32a682a8e15e6f94ac9f8b23]


Quote:Nigeria gunmen kidnap two US and two Canadian citizens.

'Two American and two Canadian citizens have been kidnapped near the northern city of Kaduna, Nigeria, police say.
Two police escorts were also killed in a shootout with the kidnappers, who emerged from hiding to attack the convoy.

The group, travelling in two vehicles, was reportedly attacked on their way from Kaduna to the capital Abuja, about two
hours away. Parts of the Abuja-Kaduna road have been target locations for kidnappers.
John Babcock, a spokesman for Global Affairs Canada, told the BBC on Wednesday they were aware of the reports
of the kidnapping.

"Consular officials in Nigeria are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information," he said.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3114]

A US State Department official said that they were "aware of reports of a US citizen kidnapped in Nigeria", but said
the department currently had no further comment.
Two German archaeologists were abducted in the region in February last year. They were later freed.

There has been an increased spate of kidnappings in Nigeria, where both Nigerians and foreigners have been targeted.
Last October, four Britons were abducted in the Niger Delta region. One of them was killed while three others were
released after negotiations...'

Quote:Delhi parents to watch government schools via CCTV.

'Parents in India's capital will soon be able to watch their children in the classroom in real time, using a mobile phone app.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said CCTV will be installed in all government schools within three months.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3115]

He said he hoped the move would make schools "transparent and accountable".
There is also a child safety motive. In September 2017, a young boy was found with his throat cut in a school bathroom.

The deadly attack happened at Ryan International School in Gurgaon, some 32km (20 miles) from Delhi.
Just days later, a five-year-old girl was raped at a school in the east of the capital.

While some parents welcomed the move, others called it "ridiculous" and a sign of "a surveillance society".
"A real-time video tracker in schools will lead to policing of children not only to prevent crimes, but their moral choices
and behaviour" one critic warned on Twitter...'

Wow...! Now what's a descriptive expression that's trending to describe such countries?

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
That crazy Trump...! He doesn't know what he's talkin' ab... er, forget it.

Quote:Mexico murder rate soars as more than 25,000 people killed in 2017.

'Since 2006 almost 200,000 people have been murdered in Mexico which experts have linked to drug trafficking.
The number of people murdered in Mexico reached a record high in 2017 as a wave of violence sweeps across
the country.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3129]

The body count for last year reached 25,339 as gang warfare and furious battles against drug lords are being
waged in more regions than ever before. Figures based on murders between January and November had already
established 2017 as a record-breaking year for homicides in the country - but an additional 2,219 people were
killed in December alone.

The previous record for murders in Mexico was 22,409, in 2011.

Many areas of the country have been seemingly under siege as criminals, police and military fight for control since
Felipe Calderon launched a controversial anti-drug operation in 2006. Some 200,000 people are thought to have
died in the violence.

The figures for 2017 do not outline what percentage of the murders are related to organised crime but experts
predict it is a large majority. The bulk of murders were recorded in states where drug cartels are deeply entrenched.
They include Guerrero in the south, where tourists have enjoyed the bay of Acapulco, and Veracruz in the east.

But the bloodshed has also spread to areas previously untouched, including Baja California Sur, Colima and
Guanajuato. It comes after the capture of key cartel leaders, which analysts say may have sparked a rise in the
number of autonomous criminal groups.

In an attempt to address the rise in attacks, Mexico's congress has approved another controversial law that
formalised the military's role in security...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I hope CNN proclaim this as much as they screamed about the alleged 'sh*t-hole' comment.

Quote:Missing woman's remains found 'cooked' in pots on stove.

'The dismembered remains of a missing woman have been found "cooked" in pots on a stove.
The young woman went missing from her home in the city of Taxco in southern Mexico on 13 January,
after saying she was leaving to pick up her children from her ex-husband's home.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3137]

Guerrero state prosecutors said she was not heard from again and authorities now believe she was
murdered and dismembered.

State security spokesman Roberto Alvarez said the woman's remains were found inside pots on a stove,
adding: "It is presumed that she was cooked." He said the victim's ex-husband was the "chief suspect" and
that the death was being investigated as a femicide -the killing of a woman directly motivated by their gender.

According to a report last month by the Mexican government and the UN Women agency, murders of women in
Mexico have risen sharply over the last 10 years. Of the 52,210 killings of women reported in the country since
1985, almost a third of them have taken place since 2011.

The report said that Guerrero registered the second highest femicide rate per state in 2016...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
...And while we're on the topic of CNN, here's one of their articles.
Now you tell me, is Libya a sh*t-hole country for doing this?

Quote:People for sale.

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- "Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold.
For 1,200 Libyan dinars -- the equivalent of $800.

Not a used car, a piece of land, or an item of furniture. Not "merchandise" at all, but two human beings.
One of the unidentified men being sold in the grainy cell phone video obtained by CNN is Nigerian.
He appears to be in his twenties and is wearing a pale shirt and sweatpants.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3138]

He has been offered up for sale as one of a group of "big strong boys for farm work," according to the
auctioneer, who remains off camera. Only his hand -- resting proprietorially on the man's shoulder
--is visible in the brief clip.

After seeing footage of this slave auction, CNN worked to verify its authenticity and traveled to Libya
to investigate further.

Carrying concealed cameras into a property outside the capital of Tripoli last month, we witness a dozen
people go "under the hammer" in the space of six or seven minutes.
"Does anybody need a digger? This is a digger, a big strong man, he'll dig," the salesman, dressed in
camouflage gear, says. "What am I bid, what am I bid?"

Buyers raise their hands as the price rises, "500, 550, 600, 650 ..." Within minutes it is all over and the
men, utterly resigned to their fate, are being handed over to their new "masters."
After the auction, we met two of the men who had been sold. They were so traumatized by what they'd been
through that they could not speak, and so scared that they were suspicious of everyone they met.

Crackdown on smugglers.

Each year, tens of thousands of people pour across Libya's borders.
They're refugees fleeing conflict or economic migrants in search of better opportunities in Europe.
Most have sold everything they own to finance the journey through Libya to the coast and the gateway
to the Mediterranean.

But a recent clampdown by the Libyan coastguard means fewer boats are making it out to sea, leaving
the smugglers with a backlog of would-be passengers on their hands.
So the smugglers become masters, the migrants and refugees become slaves.

The evidence filmed by CNN has now been handed over to the Libyan authorities, who have promised
to launch an investigation. First Lieutenant Naser Hazam of the government's Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency
in Tripoli told CNN that although he had not witnessed a slave auction, he acknowledged that organized
gangs are operating smuggling rings in the country.

"They fill a boat with 100 people, those people may or may not make it," Hazam says. "(The smuggler) does
not care as long as he gets the money, and the migrant may get to Europe or die at sea."

"The situation is dire," Mohammed Abdiker, the director of operation and emergencies for the International
Organization for Migration, said in a statement after returning from Tripoli in April. "Some reports are truly
horrifying and the latest reports of 'slave markets' for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages."

The auctions take place in a seemingly normal town in Libya filled with people leading regular lives.
Children play in the street; people go to work, talk to friends and cook dinners for their families.
But inside the slave auctions it's like we've stepped back in time.
The only thing missing is the shackles around the migrants' wrists and ankles.

"I'm suffering for them. What I have seen here daily, believe me, it makes me feel pain for them," he says.
"Every day I can hear a new story from people. You have to listen to all of them. It's their right to deliver their

One of the detained migrants, a young man named Victory, says he was sold at a slave auction.
Tired of the rampant corruption in Nigeria's Edo state, the 21-year-old fled home and spent a year
and four months -- and his life savings -- trying to reach Europe...'

Curious, why don't you stay in your own country...? Don Lemon says it's not a sh*t-hole.

Quote:'...He made it as far as Libya, where he says he and other would-be migrants were held in grim living
conditions, deprived of food, abused and mistreated by their captors.
"If you look at most of the people here, if you check your bodies, you see the marks.
They are beaten, mutilated."

When his funds ran out, Victory was sold as a day laborer by his smugglers, who told him that the profit
made from the transactions would serve to reduce his debt. But after weeks of being forced to work,
Victory was told the money he'd been bought for wasn't enough.

He was returned to his smugglers, only to be re-sold several more times.
The smugglers also demanded ransom payments from Victory's family before eventually releasing him
"I spent a million-plus [Nigerian naira, or $2,780]," he tells CNN from the detention center, where he is
waiting to be sent back to Nigeria.

"My mother even went to a couple villages, borrowing money from different couriers to save my life."
As the route through north Africa becomes increasingly fraught, many migrants have relinquished their
dreams of ever reaching European shores. This year, more than 8,800 individuals have opted to
voluntarily return home on repatriation flights organized by the IOM.

While many of his friends from Nigeria have made it to Europe, Victory is resigned to returning home
empty-handed. "I could not make it, but I thank God for the life of those that make it," he says.
"I'm not happy," he adds. "I go back and start back from square one. It's very painful. Very painful."...'

Terrible, but how the MSM can be averse tto President Trump's alleged comment and then report the
evidence to support it, alludes me!

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