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Paranormal Cases That Turned Out to be REAL Ghosts
Here is some chilling stories for your weekend entertainment.  Turn out the lights and have a blanket handy to hide under as you enjoy a visit into the paranormal world of ghosts.   tinywhat 

Quote:These hauntings have proved to be the most baffling, frustrating, and spooky cases they ever encountered. Flying objects, disembodied voices, phantom smells and sounds, and strangest of all, copious falls of water seemingly coming from nowhere, these are just some of the things you will hear in this compelling video.

Look into the bizarre occurrences taking place at a small bungalow in Rochdale. What Steve experienced during the investigation was enough to make him question his entire career path, and remains one of only a handful of cases that he is completely unable to rationally explain.

Also the Keith Linder case, he lived in a very haunted house, known as the Seattle Demon House, or simply as Demons in Seattle, Keith and others had an array of experiences in the house over the course of a few years. Numerous paranormal groups have confirmed this activity with a plethora of evidence.

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