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Child Sex Trafficking/Pizzagate/Pedogate/Organ-Harvesting
Here's an excellent report by The Washington Examiner telling you how it is, and showing us that "Pizzagate" is NOT a conspiracy theory.

Quote:I'll give you two stories. You tell me which one is the conspiracy theory, and which one is real.

1. A prominent Democrat and a few of her fellow operatives ran a child sex-trafficking ring in the clandestine basement of Washington, D.C., pizza parlor.

2. A con artist-turned-inexplicable billionaire ran a child sex-trafficking ring across the globe, befriending American presidents of both parties as well as princes. He pimped out his slaves to the most powerful attorneys and politicians on the planet, and he got the same media outlets that were busy shutting down stories of other predatory producers and media moguls to keep the whole thing quiet.

The first story is the thoroughly debunked "Pizzagate" conspiracy about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. The second is the true story of Jeffrey Epstein.

As with Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer and every other monster finally exposed by the greatest populist revolution of our time, survivors spoke up about Epstein. They risked their physical safety and cut open their hearts to show the world the ugliest parts of their lives, all in order to bring Epstein to justice.

They said something. But every authority figure who was meant to hold power to account, from the U.S. attorney's office to the entire Fourth Estate, did not listen.

It's not that they didn't care. In fact, they cared quite deeply. They cared so much about protecting Epstein that they obliterated whatever sense of legal, journalistic, and ethical standards they could to cover up his crimes.

We already knew that then-U.S. Attorney and former Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta issued Epstein the deal of a lifetime. He agreed not to charge Epstein with the serial rape and trafficking of children but instead issued him a slap on the wrist — a non-prosecution agreement for soliciting a prostitute. The "prostitute" in question, one that Acosta deemed capable of consent, was a 14-year-old child. All potential co-conspirators were protected by this dirty deal.

Given Epstein's famous friends — Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson — one had to expect that his reintroduction into high society after that had been enabled by some strange and powerful behind-the-scenes conspiracy. After all, Mohammed bin Salman and Tony Blair were in his black book.

While under house arrest, Epstein hosted Prince Andrew, who bragged about Prince William's upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton. The guests included fellow credibly accused predator Woody Allen, supposed feminist Chelsea Handler, Katie Couric then of CBS News, CBS News's predator-in-chief Charlie Rose, and George Stephanopoulos, formerly of the Clinton White House and then ABC News.

And now, just a few years later, we have cold, hard, rage-inducing evidence that ABC News did, in fact, have all the goods on Epstein. But Stephanopoulos and pals chose to bury the story.

[Image: iCwh3Uy6m2s7H93O?format=jpg&name=small]

James O'Keefe has erred before, but there's no question that his acquisition of ABC's Amy Robach hot-mic confession that superiors killed her story is a massive bombshell. It's the sort of thing that makes Trump fans explode with glee when he calls the media the enemy of the people. It's the evidence that Bernie Sanders's movement against the DNC establishment won't end with him.

Pizzagate really happened — only it wasn't a small affair in the basement of some pizza parlor. Jeffery Epstein was running a global Pizzagate, assisted by dictators, news directors, presidents, and producers. The world's most powerful people, who all kept the Weinsteins and the Lauers of the world safe, were covering it up.

Until now.

Until now, indeed! 
It's all coming out Folks!  Just like Q told us it would. These evil elites are going to go down!  Stay tuned for the fireworks!
Just another day at Disney...

Quote:2 Disney workers, retired middle school principal nabbed in Florida child porn sting.

'Two Disney employees and a retired middle school assistant principal have been snared in
a Florida sheriff’s child pornography sting.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6635]
Mugshots for Brett Kinney, 40, Donald Durr Jr., 52, and William Hage, 76.  (Polk County Sheriff's Office )

Their arrests and the arrests of 14 other men were announced Friday by Polk County Sheriff
Grady Judd as part of an undercover probe into child pornography conducted by detectives
who work on computer crime cases.

Judd said the two arrested Disney employees were Brett Kinney, 40, of Lake Alfred, Fla., and
Donald Durr, Jr., 52, of Davenport, Fla. He said the retired assistant principal was William Hage,
76 of Lakeland, Fla. The school where Hage worked was Seth McKeel Middle School in Lakeland.

They were each arrested Monday on charges of possessing child pornography and promoting child
pornography. Kinney worked as a guest experience manager at Walt Disney World and had been
employed at the theme park for 15 years, Fox 13 Tampa reported.

Investigators said he told detectives he had an addiction to child pornography and had been viewing
it for 22 years, according to the station. Durr was also employed by Disney for over two decades on
their maintenance staff, the station reported.
Judd said Durr told deputies, "I'm a pervert but I'm not a monster," according to Fox 13.

A representative for Disney said Kinney no longer works for the company and that Durr is on unpaid leave,
the station reported. Judd said in a news release that Hage was on the internet chatting about wanting
“to see a 15-year-old wearing something sexy” when detectives showed up at his house with a search

Judd said Durr told deputies, "I'm a pervert but I'm not a monster,"  And this is due to the push to make
this vile act 'normal'.

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