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Child Sex Trafficking/Pizzagate/Pedogate/Organ-Harvesting
A few women involved in the NXIVM organization have pleaded guilty for their role in the sex slave cult.
Clare Bronfman, heiress to the Seagram fortune, gave her plea yesterday (Friday). 
Allison Mack waited to the last minute to give her guilty plea. She was best known for her role in Smallville.
An accountant for the group, Kathy Russell, also pleaded guilty on Friday.

Keith Raniere is the only one in the group who pleaded not guilty. His trial starts next month.

Quote:NEW YORK (AP) -- An heiress pleaded guilty on Friday in a sensational case accusing a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group's self-anointed spiritual leader.

Clare Bronfman admitted in her plea in federal court in Brooklyn that she harbored someone who was living in the U.S. illegally for unpaid "labor and services" and that she committed credit card fraud on behalf of Keith Raniere, the lead of a group called NXIVM.
Bronfman - the 40-year-old daughter of the late billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr. - told the judge that she had wanted to help people through NXIVM but ended up dishonoring her family.
"Your honor, I was afforded a great gift by my grandfather and father," Bronfman said. "With the gift, comes immense privilege and more importantly, tremendous responsibility. It does not come with an ability to break the law."
She added: "For this, I am truly sorry."

As part of a plea agreement, Bronfman agreed to forfeit $6 million from a fortune prosecutors say is worth $200 million. She faces more than two years in prison at sentencing on July 25.
The plea means Bronfman will avoid going to trial early next month with Raniere, who's facing conspiracy charges alleging that his inner circle of loyalists created a secret society of women who were forced to have unwanted sex with him. Prosecutors say some of the women were branded with his initials as part of their initiation.

An accountant for the group, Kathy Russell, also pleaded guilty on Friday to a fraud charge. She joined three other NXIVM insiders besides Bronfman who have also pleaded guilty.
Among those defendants is Allison Mack , the TV actress best known for her role as a young Superman's close friend on the series "Smallville."

Bronfman had long been affiliated with NXIVM, giving away tens of million of dollars to bankroll Raniere and his program of intense self-improvement classes. She also paid for lawyers to defend the group against a lawsuit brought by its critics.

With the two guilty pleas on Friday, Raniere will face a jury by himself. Defense attorneys have insisted any relationship between their client and the alleged victims, including women expected to testify against him at trial, was consensual.

Watch a video on the source article: Heiress pleads guilty in NXIVM sex slave case
Here is a little info I found. Its hard for me to understand just how evil this woman is


CLINTON TIES: Arkansas Democrat Arrested For Distributing Child Porn Worked With Hillary, Met Bill
[Image: e2a7b63eed0b900730f1b0d0f188aea8?s=46&d=mm&r=g]
 13 hours ago 
 Apr 22, 2019
 Patrick Howley [/url]

[Image: Harold-Moody-1200x630.jpg]

Harold “H.L.” Moody, an Arkansas government youth program coordinator who was arrested for allegedly participating in child porn video chat room sessions, oversaw ticket sales for a fundraiser featuring presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in his capacity as a Democrat Party official.
The media’s virtual blackout of the Harold Moody story is disturbing, considering the ties between Clinton and Moody, who were photographed together. Moody has met both Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to documented evidence.
Harold Moody [url=]was arrested in November for distribution and possession of child pornography after he was caught repeatedly in chat rooms in which he and others were sharing child pornography, including at least one video of adults having sex with a child. Moody pleaded not guilty.
I’ve heard of White privilege but never Perv privilege – i am not the Juke Box at Waffle House…I do not play on demand…” Moody told fellow users in the chat room in response to video requests.

Trending: ELECTORAL INTERFERENCE: Democrats Push to Throw Trump Off 2020 Ballot in 18 States
Moody was spokesman for the Democratic Party of Arkansas during the 2016 election and was previously the chairman of the Pulaski County Democratic Committee.
The Clinton Foundation set up a health initiative in Pulaski County, Arkansas, where Moody worked for Pulaski County Youth Services. The Clinton Foundation also co-presented an award to the head of Pulaski County Youth Services, where Moody was working at the time of his arrest. A separate Pulaski County Youth Services employee was also arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year old.
Moody served as Pulaski County Youth Services’ special events coordinator. He was fired not only for child porn but also for smoking meth at his desk.
In November 2017, another employee of Pulaski County Youth Services was arrested for the alleged late-night rape of a 14-year old boy in a parked car.

In his capacity as state Democrat Party spokesman, Moody oversaw the selling of tickets to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in July 2015.
The Times Record reported in 2015: “State Democratic Party spokesman H.L. Moody said the party sold all 1,600 floor seats for the $200-a-plate dinner, then began selling $15 arena seats. He estimated the audience at over 2,000 people — former state Highway Commissioner John Burkhalter said onstage that more than 2,500 were present — and said the party had raised about $450,000, enough to cover its entire annual budget. On Friday, Trump spoke to about 1,000 people in Hot Springs. He said during his speech that the Democratic Party had cut ticket prices to lure people to its event. Moody disputed that claim. “I reject the notion that we reduced ticket prices,” he said. “The floor seats sold for a higher ticket price than we’ve ever sold them before, and they also sold faster than they’ve ever sold before, and that’s why we opened the arena seats. The original plan did not call for arena seats, but we had to open them up because there was so much demand for tickets.'”
Moody praised Hillary Clinton in an interview with the Arkansas Times after Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 election and said that Bill Clinton’s presidential election in 1992 inspired him to get into politics.
“I think Secretary Clinton summed it up best when she said (at a charity gala on Nov. 16) that there were days when she wanted to curl up and never leave the house. I totally get that, but, as somebody that pays the electric bill by working in politics, I just don’t have that luxury. Also, the longer I am lying down and feeling bad, the longer they can say the DPA is dead, and that’s simply not the case,” Moody said in the interview.
“But then in 1992, when [Bill Clinton], who I had met at the duck calling contest in Stuttgart many times, was running, it suddenly became, almost in a way, personal for me. I think I was 12 or 11 at that point, so there wasn’t much I could do other than watch and learn. What I remember most is on election night, when [Clinton] won, I saw the live television footage of downtown Little Rock and the celebration and I knew I should have been there, that that was exactly where I was supposed to be. I guess since then I’ve been trying to get back to that place,” Moody said in the interview.
Clinton’s links to Pulaski County and Pulaski County Youth Services are numerous.
Pulaski County Youth Services executive director Jamie Scott was honored as a 2017 Class of Presidential Leadership Scholar by the Clinton, Bush, Bush, and LBJ Centers, according to the Clinton Foundation website. Scott also served on Governor Beebe’s task force for abused and neglected children.
Pulaski County Youth Services managed a $16,000 grant to implement an after-school cooking workshop in Arkansas schools after three University of Arkansas Clinton School students won a commitment for the program at the Clinton Global Initiative. “The Blue & You Foundation grant funds will be managed by Pulaski County Youth Services,” according to a Clinton School news item in 2010.
The former program development coordinator at Pulaski County Youth Services was also a Clinton Health Matters Initiative partner, according to LinkedIn.
The Clinton Presidential Center and Pulaski County Youth Services offered diaper pick-ups for people supposedly impacted by a  government shutdown, as promoted by the Clinton Foundation.
The Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Matters Initiative laid out a “Central Arkansas Blueprint for Action” that confirmed the Health Matters Initiative is based in Pulaski County:
“Geographically located in Central Arkansas, Pulaski County is known as the largest county and forms the core of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Conway, one of Arkansas’ eight Metropolitan Statistical Areas it is defined by the United States Census Bureau, as a six-county area in central Arkansas, and anchored by state’s capital and largest city. With such a rich history of southern hospitality, culture, and diversity, Pulaski County has an evolving cadre of bustling economic developments, a rapid influx of diverse populations and cultures, a thriving community for the arts and sciences, and a deep appreciation for the natural state which 386,299 Pulaski County residents call home,” according to the Clinton Foundation.
“Due to Pulaski County’s central location, and the extensive network of the CHMI partners, the outcomes of the “Blueprint for Action” will be realized throughout Central Arkansas and impact communities, families, and individuals beyond the geographic boundaries of Pulaski County,” according to the Clinton Foundation.
In the land of make-believe, it's not all sparkles and magic.

Quote:Disney World worker 'arrested after trying to lure girl to hotel for sex'.

A Disney World worker has been arrested after trying to lure an eight-year-old girl to a hotel for sex in Orlando, Florida.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5813]

'Frederick M. Pohl Jr, 40, is alleged to believe that he was chatting with a child and her dad when he tried to arrange
the sexual encounter –but was actually speaking to an undercover federal agent.
The sting op caught Pohl Jr checking into a hotel with condoms and a pink dress. 

The police complaint states: “When Pohl arrived at the hotel, he was arrested. Pohl was found to be in possession of
condoms and a child-sized pink dress." (added end of quote mark)

The Magic Kingdom worker is accused of sending explicit photos of himself and attempting to arrange a sexual encounter
with a minor.  He has been in custody since Tuesday and has been charged with attempting to entice a minor and transferring
obscene materials to a minor. 

Photos posted to social media show that Phol Jr has, in the past, posed for pictures as popular Disney character Stitch from
Lilo and Stitch. According to WTSP-TV, one of his jobs at the dream resort was securing lap bars on guests going on rollercoasters.

If convicted Pohl faces a maximum penalty of life in prison. 
Worryingly, this is not the first time that a park employee has been accused of inappropriate activity with children. 
Rodger Catey, who worked in the costume department at Walt Disney World, was one of 11 people arrested last June
According to US news site The Daily Beast, the investigation resulted in at least 660 charges being filed...'

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Remember Harvey Weinstein and all the sexual allegations against him?
Well it looks like New York Legal System. Attorneys and Judges have Taken Care of One Of Their Own.
Yes, H. Weinstein was a Hillary Supporter and B. Clinton's buddy and with New York being a Haven for the Clinton's those New Yorker's just could not allow him to go to prison.

Quote:Weinstein Reaches $44 Million Deal in Sexual-Misconduct Case
Agreement would pay alleged victims, along with studio board members

You really didn't think he'd be prosecuted Did You?
They are saying that,,,,,,,,
Quote:The proposed agreement wouldn’t affect a criminal case pending against Mr. Weinstein in Manhattan, which charges him with rape and other sex crimes. He has pleaded not guilty and denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. His trial is scheduled to begin in September.
But,,,, I think you'll see this charge Fade Away with time.

You can read the entire article here: Source
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
It's the winter season in Australia at this time of the year, one can only hope that where this bitch has
gone, it's a little warmer.

Quote:Australian cult: The Family leader Anne Hamilton-Byrne dies.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5921]

'Australian cult leader Anne Hamilton-Byrne has died in Melbourne at the age of 98.
Her cult, The Family, was accused of imprisoning and brainwashing children in the 1970s and 80s.

Hamilton-Byrne thought she was a reincarnation of Jesus Christ and blended drug-taking with mysticism and
Christianity. For most of the accusations against her she never faced trial and suffered from dementia in her
later years.

Originally a yoga teacher, she founded the cult in the late 1960s. Through adoptions, the cult assembled children,
imprisoning them in a strict home-schooling environment.
Allegedly administering drugs to the minors, the cult was also accused of subjecting them to beatings, starvation
and brainwashing.

Police began investigating the cult in the late 1980s and broke up the group, freeing the children.
Hamilton-Byrne was only ever convicted of fraud, having to pay A$5,000 ($3,450; £2.700) in fines.

She died in a nursing home in Melbourne.
Former Victoria police detective Lex de Man, who investigated Hamilton-Byrne at the time, said he "shed not one tear
today", according to the Australia's The Age. "Today for me brings to an end the life of one of Victoria's most evil people,"
he said, adding he still regretted she never faced justice on more allegations...'

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