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Operation Rebirth: Family Special

"You will shut the F#$% up Elizabeth," A woman with a cajun accent spoke with force.. She opened the door, "Access granted to Elizabeth Colt.."

"MAmmy.." An older woman spoke, "What are those huzzies doing on my.."

"Senorita.." A hispanic woman growled, "You will sit down and shut the F#$% up!! Punta!" 

Elizabeth was wide eyed as a chair was pulled out..

"Or you go to a home," An young brown haired woman with a coffee cup in her hand spoke..

"Sandra," Elizabeth had tears in her eyes.. "Regina was my .."

"I am still your friend," Regina spoke half heartedly.. "Austin is home.. " Regina sighs and shakes her head sipping her coffee..

"That whore took my baby's innocence," Elizabeth responded Pointing at Austin then Regina..

"Nana," A young woman spoke.. "Austin and Diana have something to say.. Shut up and listen or I will sign the papers my self to commit you!"

"Lizzie.. You are turning on me to," Elizabeth colt had tears falling..

"Yes.. Enough is enough nana.. "Sighing Lizzie shook her head, "Dad is marrying Austin and Diana.. You will be at the wedding.. With a smile, not saying a D@#$ word.. Or I swear to god.. I will put you in the wood chipper myself.." The women looked at Lizzie, "I am done.. Dad hates you.. I cant stand you anymore.. Abigail hates you.. Stacy or As you call her Jessica refuses to speak with you.. Uncie George moved in with Mr. And Mrs. Lienge.."

"They turned my baby against me!"

"No.. " Sandra speaks, "You did that.. Why Alex and Helos tolerate you I do not know! Ms. Colt.. If you want to mend bridges and be CHRISTIAN.. "

"Sandra.." A blonde with long hair speaks, "Let me talk with My mother in Law to be.."

"Austin," A woman with brown hair and larger breast spoke..

"You three want to live in sin.. I will not be part of it.." Looking at the Brown haired woman, "Diana it is disgusting what three of you do.."

"Will all of you give me a few minutes in private with my future mother in law," Diana sighed..

The women all slowly nodded their head.. The walked out slowly..

"Ladies.. If you kill her I will help bury the body," Mammy spoke shaking her head..

Elizabeth was in tears and scared..

After the door shut Austin sat the coffee pot on the table, "Ms. Colt.. I guess we need to talk.." Closing her eyes, "I love littleman.. It has just taken me years to overcome my own fears.. Yes.. I was his babysitter.. You trusted me.. I broke that trust.. But.."

"Their is no buts.. " Elizabeth Colt looked at Diana..

"Liz.. I am sick of the way you treat my sister.. You were silent to over what we went through.." Diana coldly glared, "Littleman .. He will never forgive you for that.. That is why he despises you.. "

Tears kept falling down Elizabeth face, "I do not have to put up with this... I will NOT go to the wedding.."

"I will not be treated like S@#$ in my own home.. And it is MINE and DIANA's home!" Austin glared back, "Littleman had this house built for me and Diana.. You are not welcomed in it.. When me and Diana have grandchildren.. You may only speak with the, under supervised visits.."

"You are not allowed around my children b#$%^," Diana coldly speaks as she joins Austin standing.. "Leave and think about your future.. You can die alone for all I give a S@#$.."

Elizabeth angrily throws the coffee mug.. To her surprise Austin catches it, "You.. I will sue.. I have rights!!"

Elizabeth storms out of the house and slams the door.. After a few seconds she turns to try and go back in..

"Access Denied Ms. Colt.." 


Sitting all alone in her living room, Elizabeth looks up.. She goes to the Kitchen, "Alex.. Littleone listen.. I told you my issue is with your mother and not you.."

Wearing a three piece suit, Alex warmly smiles as he pours sweet tea into a glass of ice.. "Auntie Liz.. Congratulations.. Two lovely Daughter in laws.. Pretty and Smart babies.." Alex playfully hits Elizabeth on the shoulder, "I will give you credit.. Saying you disapprove of and hate Austin and Diana.. Driving them straight to the alter.. Pissing mama off and getting her to lead the organization of the wedding with mammy.." Alex hugs the tear stained Elizabeth, "Pure genius.. I could not play it better myself.."

Elizabeth was very quiet as Alex poured himself sweat tea.. "Alex.. That.."

"I will cover for you.. You wont be committed.. Just F#$%ing Brilliant.. Austin wont run.. " Alex chuckles, "You finally got Andros to settle down.. No more whoring around.. Different women being brought here.. " Alex grins again, "I told them they underestimated you.. "

Elizabeth sits wide eyed and sips her sweat tea..

"If I remember what I put together.. Diana will have twin boys.. And Austin will have a girl.. Gretchen will have a little girl as her outsider child.." Alex raises his glass to Elizabeth, "I knew Andros got his deceptive abilities from you!"

Elizabeth sits very quietly, "Alex.. I.." Alex is pouring tea into a third glass, "IS helos here?"

A red haired woman appears out of nowhere looking at Alex, "I will have to quietly help her find a dress.. "Picking up the sweat tea, "An evil plan indeed Elizabeth.."

The woman hugs her, "Adel.. I.."

"She will probably act like a boss.. Show up at the wedding," Alex looked Adel in the eyes making her grin..

"And say.. Thank god.. You know how hard it has been to get My son to settle down," Adel sits down..

"Do NOT forget to look Austin and Diana in the eyes and say.. All sales are final.. No returns or exchanges.." Alex laughs evilly, "You two huzzy are now STUCK dealing with my little S#$%.."

A single tear now fell down Elizabeth's face as she smiled, "Alex.. Thats not.." Sighing, "He is older now.. "

"You have never been mad at me for my reletionship with him," Adel sipped her drink..

"Your Helos's mother.. I.. We are so so friends.." Elizabeth chuckles, "I was kind of hoping he would be with you.. I did not know you until you first came here.. And I watched.. I watch Helos kill that horrible man.. Daddy would have approved.."

Alex laughs, "You wanted Ms. smithson to marry Andros?"

"What.. She was sweet and kind.. Never a harsh word.. My mother likes her.." Elizabeth smiles, "Or perhaps That Tora girl who married Lucy.."

"Wait you wanted Littleman to marry me," Adel smiled.. "I am fourteen years his senior.."

A car pulls up and female voices fill the air..

"Gwen," Austin's voice filled the air..

"SIS," Diana's voice seemed excited..

"Do you two tramps think I would miss my little sisters wedding.. " Gwen's voice filled the air, "I have news for you.. "

"Gwen.." An older female voice spoke, "Go ahead.."

"Mama.. Daddy has agreed to walk his other two daughters down the isle.." Gwen happily spoke, "Dont cry Diana.. He adopted you.."

"Wait," Diana's voice spoke with a tinge of happiness.. "Where is Mr. Goldberg?"

"Darlings.. What do you think my over grown bear of a husband is.." Gwen's mother spoke with a tinge of evil glee, "It is a tradition in his family.. He is having the man to man talk with Andros in San Diego.. He is going to insist on paying for his two daughters wedding. Now where is the Future Mother in law.. We have.."

"F#$% that C#$%!!!" Diana responds loudly, "Mrs. Goldberg.. It is a long story.."

"Darlings, "Mrs. Goldberg holds up a hand before Austin speaks.. "She is your mother in law to be.. I take it she is in the old house.."

Elizabeth sighs as she looks into her tea, "I have lost this battle completely havent I?"

Alex and Adel nodded their heads yes..

Sighing as she takes a drink, "At least four grand babies.." Elizabeth hugs Adel, "I.. I do not have the money for a dress.."

Mrs. Goldberg quietly walks in..

Alex grins evilly, "We wont tell them your coming till you there.. And then surprise.. You are there.."

"He has loved those two since he was a child," Elizabeth takes anther sip..

"Can we get her a dress on the downlow Mrs. Goldberg," Alex ask quietly..

"Alexander Delano Macer," Mrs. Goldberg covers her mouth for a second.. Lowering her voice, "It is Cynthia.. " Pausing, "Adel.. We will need to get Elizabeth out of here and TALK with her.. Think you can pull that off?"

"Please.." Adel stood up and raised her voice, "ELIZABETH..  CALM DOWN.. CYNTHIA.. Can you driver take us to go get a bight to eat.. We can talk in private with Elizabeth.."


"Lt. Colonel Sohtna," A man with a star on his body armor.. "I hereby transfer command of the Bonhomme Richarde- D to you.. Colonel.."

Everyone on the deck of the ship is quiet..

"Rear Admiral," Sohtna stood very still in his Army Uniform.. Andros took off his rank and pinned a silver perched Eagla, "I have never commanded a tug boat let alone a ship of the line.."

"The National guard has a new tradition.. They command the Rusty boner," Andros winks at the female four general in fatigues.. "They will not accept anything less.."

"Now wait a D@#$ minute," A four star admiral responded.. "I.."

The female General stepped forward with pride, "On behalf of the national Guard.. We approve.. I will personally ensure the paper work Rear Admiral.." The Female General proudly salutes the new Colonel, "Mark it in the deck log.. Colonel Sohtna has assumed command.."

The watch physically wrote down the information, then typed it in..

"Littleman," Sohtna looked around at the crew.. "I am not you.. I.."

"Exactly.. Admiral Letch," The four star admiral growled.. "You said Andros would not be commanding the .."

A very pregnant woman with four stars rubbed her belly, "It's ok.. He is an idiot little one.. " Letch glared at the four star, "Andros is no longer commanding the ship.. He choose someone I can work with much easier.. Admiral Mayher, you got Andros removed from the command.." Chuckling, "Just like you wanted.."

"I have an officer in mind.. We agreed to put," Admiral Mayher paused.. "You B#$%^.. You only agreed to remove Andros .. Colonel Sohtna is not qaulified to command this vessel.. IT is a joint command.."

"Colonel," Andros speaks in Sohtna's voice.. "The Rusty boner.. Her new .."

"The upgrades are being installed.. The SPAWAR science command snuck in the Experimental grav engine.. The senors have been giving problem.. The new particle weapon systems are also getting feedback by my guess," Sohtna looked over at a Chief.. "F#$% me.. chief.. You are gonna have to hold my hand on a few things.."

The Chief on ACO duty whispered, "Sir.. The Boats is.."

"He took a transfer Chief.. As did most of the staff.. We will be building the crew from the ground up.. Senior chief.." Sohtna shook his head, "General.. I have to go get to know this girl.. Rear Admiral.."

"The new drones from Wanda Cross.. "

Colonel Sohtna turned and looked at Andros.. "Littleman.. I wont make the wedding.. S#$%.."

"It is ok Colonel.. Austin and Diana understand.. Mammy on the other hand.." Andros shook his head, "Sneak in for the ceremony if you can.. I left a list if you run into problems finding crew.."

"Well I did not dismiss you Rear Admiral.." Admiral MAyher is pissed, "You may have cost my brother his career and freedom..Least I can do is make sure you do not make your wedding.."

An old well built man is walking up the plank.. "Excuse me sir.."

"Great .. See. Rufus," Mayher pauses when Rufus waves off the marines..

"What s thi sbulls#$%.. Littleman WILL be at the wedding," The old man growled..

"Who the F#$% are you," Admiral Mayher got in the old man's face? "I will have you.."

Picking the Admiral up, he bulldogs the Admiral into the deck.. "Mr. Goldberg.. The father in law," Picking the dazed admiral up he slams him into the deck again..

"Make sure you break his his hands.. Goldberg dearie," Rufus smiles..

Colonel Sohtna coughs, "MR. Goldberg.." Seeing the old man  glare at him, "I will not have that S@#$ on my vessel.." He points to the dock, "Take the Admiral over there and finsh it there.. Watch.."

"Aye Colonel.."

"Have the deck log read Admiral Mayher departed the boat," The Colonel turned his back on th situation..

Smiling, "Mr. Admiral Man.." Goldberg tosses the Admiral over his shoulder, "Of course I will help you make it to your car!!"

Admiral Mayher lands hard on the dock..

"Careful Admiral.. " andros spke n his father in law to be's voice.. "That first step is a dosey.."


A very beautiful woman stands holding the hand of a child at the front door of the Colt farm..

"Admiral Esfers," Austin swallows hard.. "I.."

"You won Austin," The woman narrowed her eyes.. "You won.."

Lizzie walks down the stairs and freezes.. Seeing the red haired toddler, "Mammy!!" She walks the rest of the waydown stairs and speaks Esfer's voice, "Auntie.. I.. I did not.."

The little boy smiles and whispers to his mother..

"I see.." Esfers takes a deep breath as a tear fell, "We never stood a chance.."

"Esfers.. I.. I am s.. I apologize.." Swallowing hard, "You are both welcome here Esfers.. I.."

In austin's voice, "Who is she mama?"

Everyone in the house freezes..

"Nicodemus.. What did I tell you about," Esfers swallows hard.. "That is your half sister Elizabeth.. I need to speak with Littleman anyway.. "

In his own voice looking down, "Yes mam.." Looking up, "Littleman.. He.. He is my father?"

Diana's blue jeans stop moving when she walks in from the kitchen, "Esfers.."

Lizze sing songs in a language no one recognizes..

Nicodemus goes wide eyed and responds..

"Mama.. She.. She is like me.. I have a sister," Nicodemus is excited.. "She speaks that language like that lady I see in my dreams.."

"He is only five years old.." Austin narrows her eyes, "It was .. That time in.." Austin covers her mouth, "You.. you could have told us.."

Mammy speaks softly, "Ladies.. Lets have some coffee.. Esfers.. Do you mind if Elizabeth shows Mr. Esfers around the house?"

"Mama.. Can I? I have never met anyone liked me," Nicodemus excitedly ask..

"Go have fun littleone," Esfers softly speaks..

Nicodemus parkours up the side of the stairs, "Can you do that?"

Lizzie smiles and and parkours down the wall and looks up at Nicodemus, "You are little.. Be careful.."

Nicodemus chirps and then jumps on the winding rail..

As he runs down, "Nicodemus.."

"It is solid mama.. I checked it out," Nicodemus sees all the ladies covering their mouths.. "What?"

"Dad.. He made sure all the banisters and other parts where reinforced.." Lizzie smiles, "Let me show you the farm first.."

Excitedly Nicodemus makes a wierd sound, "Spiders.. I.. Dad has spiders.." He whispers where only Lizzie can hear him, "Mama will not let me have any.. After Methos got out.."

Elizabeth bolts out the door, followed by nicodemus.. Both are chirping at each other as they run..

Esfers walks past Austin and Diana, "I know my way around your kitchen Mrs. Colt.."

"I understood what Nicodemus said.." Austin looks at her sister, "The Church of science sis.."

"I scanned him.. He is very healthy and well trained in his abilities.. Esfers.. D@#$ it," Diana sits down.. 

"Two can play the game you played Austin," Esfer's looks at the blonde woman setting down..

Austin closes her eyes and swallows hard.. "Esfers that was years ago.. I.. I was jealous ok.."

"Austin.. What is she talking about," Diana looks at her sister..

Austin looks away and mumbles something..

Diana looks at her sister, "You.. Changed HISTORY!!!"

"I am not the one who got scared and left him.. That was you," Austin responds coldly.. "I just told you that you made him happy.. "

Sandra went wide eyed and dropped her coffee cup, "That.. The side of the road.. You called Esfers.." Sandra turns and storms to the door, "Sargent.. Where is my Husband? I know that little S#$% left.."

From outside, "Noel darling.." Alex is talking with Nicodemus, "I did not leave.."

"Get in here now," Sandra growls pissed off..

"Dad.. Mom is at home with your fiances? You brought me to San Diego to learn a lesson?" Nicodemus was confused as they walked into Crystal's Bar Grill, and pool hall.. "NANA!!!"

Nicodemus ran to the older attractive woman..

"My little Angel, "The old woman's face lit up as she looked at Andros.." So this little S#$% is yours after all.."

"Admiral Creast," Alex walks over and gives her a kiss on the cheek.. "Why havent me and Sandra heard from you?"

Nicodemus goes wide eyed as his Nana blushes, "Nana.. You.. You and Uncle Alex?" Nicodemus covers his mouth, "Yes.. Sir.." Admiral Creast looks surprised, "Nana De'Chez's rule!"

Admiral Creast rolls here eyes, "What are you doing here?"

"Dad said he was taking me to see a Heavy Weight Championship fight, "Nicodemus smiled..

"Their are no fights scheduled," Admiral Creast narrows her eyes..

Andros picks Nicodemus up as he points to the entrance of the bar, "We better grab our seats.." andros whispers to his son as Helos sits down..

A pregnant Rufus directs two of the Marines, "Stay in front of our seat and .." She points to a table in the corner, "This one does not get broken.."

"Alexander Delano Macer," Admiral Creast pauses and turns to the door..

"And in this corner," Nicodemus sounds like an announcer.. "The undisputed heavy weight champion of the World.. Holding the Heavy Weight Boxing Title, Reigning UFC Champion, and the MMA Heavy weight division title.. The Silver Devil.. Ricaaaardo Maxin!!!"

The big man smiled at the entrance and waves to the kid as several fans start talking with the big man..

"No.. "Admiral Creast sits down, "Alex.. You.."

Andros points outside the window.. He chirps were only Nicodemus can process it, "That lonely Sailor out there. His wife just left him.. He is on his third Jack and Coke.. He has low PT scores.. Every piece of paper states he is a loser.. He is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow morning.. Son, you are about to see a man get pushed to far.."

Nicodemus turns and looks out the window.. He chirps back, "He is crying.. He cant take the undefeated champion of the world.. Dad.. You are insane.. The Silver Devil put three of his last opponents in the hospital.. He ended four MMA challengers careers.. He is drunk and he is smoking.."

"What did you tell my Grandson," Admiral Creast looks out the window.. After a second, "You are full of .. of garbage their is.."

The little group watches as the Seaman accidently bumps into a woman wearing long sleeves..

Looking at her in the eyes, "Mam..I apologize.."

"Dad.. He," Nicodemus watches as The Silver Devil gets wide eyed with rage.. 

The Champ immediately walks over as the two come inside, "You.. I am right here.. You Whore.." Grabbing the Womans arm making her wince, "Cheat on me and you will get more of the same.."

The woman's glasses fall off revealing two black eyes..

"Excuse me," The Seaman looks at the bigger man.. "Who the F#$% do you think yo.. You are.."

Rufus whispers orders to the Marines as they stand allowing direct LOS to the scene..

The Heavyweight Champion decks the sailor knocking him to the ground, "I am the F#$%ing Champion you loser!"

Several of the champs entourage pull back the champ, "Stop.. People are recording this.. We dont need another incident!"

The champ opens his wallet and tosses a couple hundred dollars, "Go buy some class loser.. She is mine.." He turns to the woman, "When we get back to the hotel I will.."

The champs hits the bar floor as the sailor tackled him from behind.. Most of the people have their com devices out and are recording as the Sailor keeps hitting the Champ in the back..

The Champ throws off the sailor and stands up, "I am going to ki.."

The Sailor rolls up and grabs a bar stool.. He hits the Champ in the head, breaking the stool, "S#$%!.."

Shaking it off, "You F#$%ed up.. I am the heavyweight champ.. I am going to break yo.."

The sailor has grabbed another stool and swings it..

"Funny," The champ catches the stool as the Sailor kicks him in the Nuts..

"And his opponent," Andros fills the bar with his voice as the Champ goes to one knee.. "From the fighting City of Pheonix, Arizona.. Representing the pride of the US Navy.. Seaman Clatyon Dearborne!"

"Ding.. Ding," Alex calls out..

Coming up off the ground, The Silver Devil knocks the Seaman back four feet by hitting his arms..

"God D@#$," The Sailor kicks a barstool at the Champ.. "This mother F#$%er.. Who are you again?"

The Silver Devil stops, "I am.."

The Silver Devil Barely gets his hands up in time to catch the next Barstool, as the Seaman kicks the Barstool the Champ is holding knocking him to the ground.. Grabbing a shot glass, " To going out in style.. F#$% IT!" 


Dearborn had his arms blocking the blows, "Wow.. You realy dont feel this S#$% after a while.."

The Champ lands another blow on Dearborn's head knocking him back into a car..

Holding a bloodied Hand, "I.. You cut my HAND up!! You F#$%ing piece of S#$%!!" The Champ came back in at the Seaman, "You will go down!!"

The Seaman took three more hits as poked the Champ in the eye..

Enrage the Champ threw him against a truck in the parking lot.. He came in to hit the Seaman again..

The Seaman fell to his left as the Champ hit the glass window, "AGH!!!!"

Dearborn came back up with an uppercut, knocking the Champ to the ground..

"I will be god D@#$%," A man in a marine fatigues and a Command Sargent Major's rank was wide eyed.. "Did that S#$%bag just knock the Champ to the .."

The Champ growls and comes up tackling the Sailor..

Before he can pinned, The Sailor head buttes the heavyweight champion..

Both men are seeing stars, as they roll on the cement in the parking lot..

"Dad.. He has Dearborne pinned.." Nicodemus stops as Dearborn counters a foot grab with a foot to Mxin's head, "Ouch.."

Both men get up shaking their heads..

Andros chirps to his son..

Nicodemus looks around and sees everyone recording the fight.. He looks back into the bar and sees the fight on the big screen, "Dad.. They are completely enraptured by this.." Nicodemus whispers, ""Even the Popo's are just watching it..

"Well World.." Andros speaks in Paul harvey voice, "Right now the champ has a problem.." 

Nicodemus looks back and realizes he is on the TV with his dad..

"Seaman Dearborn has lasted twenty minutes.. To maintain his reputation.. The Silver Devil has to knock him out cold," Andros winks at his son.. "The score card looks bad for Dearborn.. The champ has landed five blows to his one.. The Champ is low on gas and has connected with some body part...." Watching The silver devil miss, "And Seaman Dearborn has just dodged for the first time tonight.. Ending the champs unbroken connecting streak.."

The world watches as the Silver Devil misses two more times before landing one..

Seaman Dearborn hits the champ in the nose, drawing blood for the first time with a blow of his own..

"Get in there Sailor, "The Command Sargent Major growls.. "You got him.. He is out of fuel.. Now.." Seeing Dearborn shaking cobwebs, "He slept with your wife in your bed! And drank your last mt. dew!" Seeing Dearborn Dodging and falling back, The CSM looks over at a woman in a long black dress with her frinds.. With an evil smile, "He is F#$%ing Dawn.. They laugh at you behind your back!"

Out of nowhere Dearborn starts throwing punches.. The Champ staggers back trying to block..

A well manicured hand covers a mouth, as the woman in the dress is in shock.. She whispers to her friends, "He is like old!"

"That was Command Sargent Major Jackson, motivational specialist.. Senior Enlisted at MCRD San Diego," Andros laughs as the world watches the CSM yelling..

"Your the god D@#$ champ.. He is F#$%ing your Mama," A man in a suit growls.. 

The champ starts fighting back..

"He is trading blows with the heavy weight champion," Admiral Creast is wide eyed.. "Over a woman.."

"As we speak the vegas odds are now dropping.." Andros grins as he watches the fight, "Seaman Dearborn is now paying only three to one odds.."

The Champ is now missing about three out of five swings..

"End this now," The man in the Suit growls..

The champ dodges a blow and hits Dearborn with everything he has.. As his blows land Dearborn goes down..

On his down, Dearborn also threw a punch that landed on the champs right temple..

"Both men are down," Andros calls out..

Alex steps out as everyone is silent, "Ten.... Nine... Eight...."

"Dad.. this is just like a rocky movie!"

The Champs sees Dearborn try and stand up. He is up quickly, but very wobbily.. 

The man in the blacksuit raises the Champs hand, "The winner and still the heavy weight champion of the.."

The heavy weight Champion falls to his knees and falls backwards...

CSM Jackson is on the ground yelling, "Get you god D@#$ A$$ up Now you mother F#$%ing turd!! Dawn is blushing and smiling.. Come on.. Her tits popped out of her dress.. S#$%.. She is kissing her friend!!"

"Four... Three.." Alexander is counting with the seconds..

Dearborn grabs the broken window oblivous, "Tits.. " Standing up shaking his head, "Her boyfriend is a golden glove.. He is a monster.." Dearborn stumbles but does not fall down, "Hey.. Pretty lady.. can.."

Dearborn stumbles again but stops as he sees dawn blush..

"Sargent Major.. I might need help.. " Standing up straight with a stupid smile, "Just dont let her boyfriend know.. He is a bad A$$" Dearborn sounds drunk, "I want to see what her landing strip looks like!"

The man in the business suit shakes his head as EMT's start checking on the champ..

Alexander walks over to Seaman Dearborn, raising his hand into the air..

Andros motions his son..

"And the winner by knockout.. " Nicodemus pauses, "The Desert Sidewinder.. Seaman Clayton Dearborn!!"

Applause comes from the crowd..

Putting his arm around Dearborn, "Son.. Something tells me you dont have to worry about that.. Lets get you over to doc.."

"Dont tell my wife I hit on her Friend,"Dearborn is lead to the EMT.. "S#$%.. Command Sargent Major.. I .. " Looking at his bruised hands, "My hands hurt.. I got muster in the morning.. I got to get to base.."

"GET YOUR A$$ IN THE AMBULENCE," Jackson yells in a drill instructor tone!

The man in the suit is shaking his head as Alex walks over..

"Your his manager right, Give me a call.. We will see if he is available for the official rematch.." Alexander sees the man smile..

"This wasnt offical," The manager is handed a card by Alexander.. "Say six month.. Vegas.."

"Seven months.. " Alex smiles, "Call that number to work out details.."

Andros smiled and chirped at his son..

Nicodemus grinned, "Live in seven months.. From Las Vegas Nevada.. The Rematch of the century.. The Desert Sidewinder versus the Silver Devil.."


"Who.. who are you," Clayton is in a medical suit.. "I.. Kid.. I saw you at the bar.. " Laying back, "Did I really just go about twenty five minutes with.. F#$%.. Dawn!"

"You did," Nicodemus grinned.. "Dad went down stairs to bring someone up.."

"Kid.." Taking a deep breath, "Do not be as stupid as I just.. OWE!"

An old man came in.. He had what looked like an out of date suit, "Nidodemus.. Let me check the idiot out.."

"Who.. Who are you.."

"That is Doctor Eugene Gera.." Nicodemus smiles as a female walks in with several Doctors, "Auntie Lucy?"

"You were at the fight.. I saw it young man," Lucy looked at the older man.. "Dad.."

"Just checking on the young man.." After running a scanning device over him, "Yeap.. You got a case of getting beat like a dog.. Not a very rare condition.. Treatable.."

Rolling her eyes, "Dad.. He is in a medical suit you designed.." Lucy waves her hand over the patient, "Wow.. "

"You have machines.. You.. You both are doctors," Dearborn breaths slowly..

"I see the ribs dad.. Multiple concusions.." Shaking her head, "Not to mention several vitamin deficiencies.."

Doctor Gera Takes a case out of his pocket and looks at his daughter..

"Dad.. We have pills," She shakes her head.. "Fine.."

"Is.. I mean.. " Dearborn sits up, "I could use a cigarette.. Ouch.."

"He cant light that in," The doctor freezes when lucy glares..

"He has to be taken off the cigarettes slowly.. Like any other addiction.. Not to mention.. My father's cigarettes don not contain all the poisons.. They are laced with a few things.." Seeing Dearborn pause, "For smokers.. We will be cleaning out your lungs and body for the next three weeks.."

Looking at the Cigarette, "F#$% it.. Doc.. Got a light?"

"Really Clayton, "Dawn walks in.. "You F#$%ing embarassed me in front of the world.. The Whole God D@#$ world.. " Seeing Nicodemus, "I.. My apologies young man.."

"She is hot.." Nicodemus looks at Lucy, "Not as hot as you Auntie.."

Lucy Chuckles and takes Nicodemus's hand.. "Well.. Lets go do a few rounds littleone.."

"I will supervise him," Doctor Gera smiles as he stands up..

As they leave they shut the door..

Dawn looks at Clayton ," So you think I'm hot.." She takes the cigarette as she sits on the bed.. Taking a puff, "Holy.. S#$%.." She hands it back to Clayton, "By the way.. For your knowledge.. I am completely shaved.."

Clayton narrows his eyes, "Also.. you very shallow.. And young.. What are you 20 now.."

Dawn rolls her eyes, "Oh really.. "

Command Sargent Major Jackson walks up with Andros, "Rear Admiral.." Looking in the medical room, "His base Captain tore up his discharge papers.."

"I know.. I promised him tickets to the rematch.. Two," Andros grins.. "I also had Dearborn's wife banned from the hospital.."

Looking inside the room, "You said he loses the rematch.."

"I am transferring him to MCRD San Diego.." Andros grins, "Can you get him ready..."

Dawn slaps Dearborn making him wince.. She grabs his neck and kisses him..

"You want to put him through Marine Corps bootcamp.." Jackson watches as Dawn crawls into the bed with him, "How long will he get to enjoy this?"

"At least a month.." Andros smiles, "Doctor Bach will NOT let him return before then.."

"He.. He took the Silver Devil the distance," CSM Jackson takes a deep breath.. "We will have him ready.. I.. A future Special?"

"Nope.. He retires from the Navy after the fight," Andros grins.. "I want you to check on him.. See how he is doing.. " 

"Rear Admiral," Jackson pauses.. "I.. Sir.. He is a friend.. At least a lower level enlisted I have kept an eye on eye on.. I have never seen him smile like that.. What if he decides not to fight.."

"Still train him.. He will not fight if he decides not to.." Andros grins, "Besides Command Sargent Major.. I never said the rematch would be actually in vegas.."

Jackson looks at him..

"The Rematch," Andros takes a moment.. "Alex thinks it is important he be ready if he decides to win.."

"They are going to go toe to toe again," Jackson looks at the TV Screen as Dawn giggles and turns it on.

"So are you really going to fight him again," Dawn ask?

"F#$% no.. This was the stupidest thing I have ever done," Dearborn replies.. "I think I am going to try and save my military career.. I met this girl and I hope she puts up with me.."

Taking a deep breath, "I will get him ready if he decides Rear Admiral.. Your boys will deal with ALL the paperwork," The Command Sargent major smiles.. "I.. He is happy for a change.. You get him assigned to me.. I will make sure he has options.."


The drill instructors froze as Clayton stood over a much larger recruit.. The recruit was crawling in fear back, "Say S#$% about my Dawn Again mother F#$%er.." Dearborn bashed his fist together..

"You.. You are .. Are not.. Not a fighter," The much larger and more muscled recruit was trying desparately to get away.. "You.. Your a pussy! You are .. Are bringing down our platoon.. I.. I am Trust.. You can.. Cant take.. Take me!"

"GET UP MOTHER F#$%ERS!! YOU WANT TO FIGHT," Dearborn glared at the the man who outweighed him by a hundred pounds of muscle.. 

Several of the others backed off, deciding it was not a good idea..

The Drill instructors took a deep breath and looked at each other as Jackson stormed in..

"RECRUIT," Command Sargent Major Jackson yelled trying not to smile!!

Dearborn crouches, but freezes in place.. "Command Sargent Major.. Recruit Burr wants to fight.. I am happy to oblige.."

A colonel walks in and sees the situation, as he signals no to the watch..

"RECRUIT DEARBORN.. ALL OF YOU DOWN INTO THE POSITION," Jackson growls! "THEY HAVE EXTRA ENERGY.. MAKE IT RAIN!" Seeing the Colonel, "The united States Navy in its infinite wisdom sent us broken equipment.. We will take the free gear.."

One of the Sargents starts calling, "One.. two.. three.. four.. Five.. six.. seven.. eight.. "

The Colonel turns on the the Tv sets hanging from the ceiling..

"The Silver Devil again wins by knockout," The announcer speaks .. The whole group looks at the screen as the crowd is silent, "His opponent was the Heavy weight muy thai champion.. He is still not moving.. My. God.. Are the Emt's doing mouth to mouth.."

Taking the microphone, "I hope you see this Dearborn.. I am coming for you.. Do you hear me!!" The Silver Devil is booed, "I will take you apart piece by piece.."

The whole division is quiet as the Drill instructors are themselves watching..

As the EMT's attempt to revive the Mui Thai champ, "The Silver Devil has been on a tear since he clearly lost the Rumble in San Deigo.. The champ has put on ten pounds of muscle. So far he has beat the top three challengers for the heavyweight boxing titles. The top five contenders for the MMA championship. And is dominating the UFC.."

The female announcer was watching as the EMT's give the Muy Thai fighter a shot of adreniline.. "Jack.. The Silver Devil has been fighting at least once a week.. He has defeated every master in Japan, Brazil, UK.. He has started showing up and offering a million dollars to any street fighter able to beat him.. Ten thousand for the fight.."

"As for Seaman Dearborn," Jack responds.. "The commandant of the Marine Corps was quoted as saying.. He will not put any pressure on Dearborn to fight.. He is now a marine corps recruit.. But if .. And I mean if the recruit in question decides to unofficially do this.. I want front row seats.. When he was asked about the Silder Devils actions.. The Commandant smiled.. We quoted him as saying, The desert Sidewinder, if he makes it through my recruit training.. He will be a weapon.. You see when the last fight occurred, he was an out of shape Sailor.. My marine will destroy him.. Remember my Marine might decide he is happy being a paper pusher.. I am fine with that.."

They all watch as the EMT shake their heads no as they bring in a stretcher..

The Silver Devil looks at the screen, "And when I am done with you.. That Dawn C#$% will suck my D#$%.. Do you hear me.. DEARBORN!!! I AM COMING FOR YOU!!"

Dearborn closes his eyes as he is in the upright push up position..

"Private Dearborn," The Colonel turns off the Television..

"On your feet, "Jackson yells!

"Colonel," Dearborn looks at the officer..

"Your were charged at your NJP.. You were found guilty of being late to muster," The Colonel smiles.. "The CNO overrode the NJP personally.. Said it was obviously a case of self defense.. My apologies boys.. I also have your divorce papers for you to sign.. The Commandant asked me personally for you to sign.."

The Colonel motioned for the CSM to turn around.. He handed Dearborn a pen..

"SIr," Dearborn  tiredly looked back up to the Television.. As he signed he looked down..

"Son," The colonel asked back?

"I am not married to Dawn.. But will you ask the Commandant to do a favor for me," Dearborn looked very afraid.. Everyone was quiet, "Will he escort Dawn to Vegas for me Sir.." 

The Colonel coldly responded, "Write out a request chit son.. I will pass it up.." A smile crosses the Colonel's face, "You have a long way to go.. Jackson.. Make sure I get that request chit.."

Nicoedemus walks into the locker room , "Mr. Dearborn sir.."

Dearborn opens his eyes from meditating, "You are the rear Admiral's son.. Nicodemus right.."

"Why are you doing this,"Nicodemus quietly ask? "Dawn went back to her boyfriend.. You have nothing to prove.."

Dearborn sat silently..

Nicodemus looked At Clayton, "You do not know why you are here do you?"

Andros walked in with the Commandant of the MArine corps..

Standing up in a pair of boxing shorts with USMC on them, "I dont.. I.." Dearborn laughs, "My whole problem littleone is that I have no clue why I am here?"

The commandant swallows hard and looks at the Rear Admiral, "Son.. You do NOT have to step in that ring.."

"Commandant.. I am not afraid of him.." Clayton Dearborn took a deep sigh,"I .. My heart is not in this.."

Andros smiled, "I will tell them the fight will not happen Commandant.."

The Commandant puts his hand on the Dearborn's shoulder.. He looks him in the eye, "You really do not give a S#$% about this.." The commandant laughs,"Do not worry son.. The Sec Def is against this idea.. I will claim we were ordered not to kill the Silver Devil.."

"Thank you sir.." Dearborn seems releived, "I do not see a point to this.. I understand if I am discharged Commandant.."

With a huge smile, "Son.. You are my property now.. You will return to base.. Muster is tomorrow morning son.. After muster I want you to go to psyche.." The Commandant holds up his hand, "My call son.. Pack your S#$% and go back to base.."

"Aye commandant," Dearborn stands up..

The Commandant walks to the doors, "Son.. You took the F#$%ing Champ the distance.. Untrained.. I was worried you would just gang him in the ring.. I can relax, now my marine will not go kill a man in front of the whole world.."

As he left, Nicodemus looked as his dad..

"Son.. Clayton doesnt fell like it.. It is no important to history or the world if he goes out there.." 

"Rear Admiral," Clayton frooze.. "That bar fight in San Deigo is the only fight I ever won.. That Future S#$% sir.. Even with all the training.. Who won the rematch?"

"Its Andros, Clayton.. I am here with my son," Andors shakes his head..  A few moments of silence,"You lost.. The extra was just in case.. Your instructors failed oyu.. Your heart really is not in this.."

Andros turns and looks out the door..

"Son.. I may need you to stay with Dearborn," Looking back out the door.. "I do not think the champ is going to take this well.."

Nicodemus looks at the champ, "So he is not being a coward.. He.. You have nothing to prove or.."

A loud set of boo's comes from the crowd..

Nicodemus and Andros both look out the door.. Andros takes off..

"The champ has knocked out the commandant.. He is fighting the security personell now.." Nicodemus goes wide eyed as he peaks his outside, "S#$%.. Dad having to go up to the raptors.. Dad stopped.. What.."

Dearborn sticks his head out as the champ mows through various people..

"What is dawn doing," Nicodemus ask.. "S#$5 her knocked her down."

"I am a golden glove ch.." Dawn's boyfriend goes flying out of the ring and lands wrong with his neck..

"He.. He is stripping Dawn.." Dearborn is stopped by Nicodemus, "Son F#$%ing move!!"

"Your a marine.. Act like one," Nicodemus pauses and smiles.. He chirps back to his father.. After a second in his father's voice "A Marine.. Dad said take him to the bearpit son! Like a MARINE.."

"Can you get the lights to go off," Dearborn freezes as the lights go off.. "Your dad can here me.. Can I get a distraction! I need help to the ring!"


Nicodemus chirps and then his father Chirps back..

"I can get you to the ring.. I thought," Nicodemus hears his dad Chirp..

" This is stupid.. But now," Dawn Screams as Nicodemus hears a chirp.. Dearborn takes off the gloves, "F#$% me!!"

"Put your hand on my shoulder," Nicodemus leads Dearborn through the chaos..

Music fills the Arena.. 

"You think I am afraid of," Dearborn grabs the speaking Champ and throws him hard into the Gate.. "Lights.."

A few seconds later from the lights come back on.. With An electronic version of the Marine Hymn filling the areana, The crowd sees the now muscled Dearborn..

Hearing his father Chirp, Nicodemus grabs the mike off the ground.. In the knocked out announcers voice "Weighing in at one pound over the legal limit.. The Challenger from the mean streets of MCRD San Diego.. Branded forever a marine.. The Dessert Sidewinder!!!"

The Champ winces as he stands up, "YOU.. YOU.."

Nicodemus tosses the Mike, as the ring is clearing.. The old Commandant helps Nicodemus grab Dawn and get her out of the ring..

"Why dony you come pick on me," Dearborne picks up the mike and throws it the Champ.. 

The mike makes a weird sound when it hits the Silver Devil in the head..

The crowd goes wild as the Silver Devil charges right into the ring..


"We have complete pandemonium in Las Vegas nevada.. The Champion, The Silver devil has been pounding Dearborn again.. And," The announcer stopped when a loud crack filled the ring..

Nicodemus sitting next to the announcer as the Armed members of the national guard stood by with armed Marines, "Dearborn has broken the champs arm at the Elbow, With an arm throw.." As Nicodemus starts mimicking we will rock you, "The Champ just lost his most potent weapon.."

In pain holding, his now broken arm, The world saw a look of fear on the silver Devils face..

The crowd starts stomping and cheering, "The Champ is F#$%ed.. "

Dearborn comes in on the broken arms side as the Champ turns sideways..

Managing to block the blows, "This.. I.."

Dearborn flips the champ on his back.. He starts beating the Champ with both fist..

"The Desert sidewinder has the champ pinned and is beating him down," The announcer speaks as a tooth goes flying..

Dearborn rolls off the just before the champ can lock his legs..

"What did he sat mr. Esfers?"

In Dearborn's voice, "You aint that tough.. Get up mother F#$%er.." Nicodemus smiles and looks at Camera, "High Darla.. I am at the Heavy weight.."

The Silver devil charges Dearborn, and succeeds in tackling him.. The champ has to roll off because Dearborn cleaned his clock with an elbow to the back of the head.. 

Both men stand back up.. Dearborn has to catch a rope because his ankle doesnt seem to support his weight..

"Your hurt," The Champ smiles.. "I will kill you.."

Distracted Dearborn is almost tackled again.. At the last second, he twirls on his Good ankle and slams the champ's bridge of his nose into the ring buckle..

As the two men fall to the deck, nicodemus goes wide eyed.. "He cracked the champs skull.."

Dearborn is on the champs back pounding with all the gas he has left..

"The Champ is not moving," Nicodemus runs towards the ring.. "DAD.. The champ is not breathing.."

A loud ring bell comes from Andros, " Get in there and pull him off boys.."

The Marines Are quickly in the ring.. Command Sargent Major is wide eyed  as he locks up Dearborn, "You.. you killed him?"

Dearborn has to be dragged backed as he keeps stomping the Champ..

"God D@#$.. Some help here," The Command Sargent Major is surprised as the Commandant of the Marine Corps grabs Dearborn's other side..

"Grab his god D@#n feet.. Locker room now," The Commandant is struggling himself as Dearborn kicks off one of the Marines grabbing his feet..

A gutteral Scream comes from Dearborn as he tries to break free..

A short Red headed man in a suit garbs Dearborn by the waist, and takes over the arm locks..

As the two go down ," Dearborn.. List to me.."

Dearborn is enraged and tries to roll helos off..

"Its ok.. It's uncle Helos," Nicodemus calls out..

Several of the Armed marines get between The commandant and Helos..

One puts his hand on the Commandants chest, "Sir.. Mr. Smithson has this.. Let's clear a space out for the EMT's.."

Nicodemus walks back over to the announcer area, "The champ is with one of his mentors.. He is getting him calmed down.."

The other Announcer takes a deep breath, "He.. Kid is the champ breathing.."

Doctor Gera has the ropes cleared for him and his daughter..

"That is Doctor Gera.. And Auntie Lucy," Nicodemus pauses as Doc is chaecking on the patient..

A beautiful woman walks over to the corner and whispers to Nicodemus..

Looking down, "Yes mam.. I have been instructed that the Champs condition will be released.."

Lucy walks over to Dearborn, "Calm down.. Its over marine.. You won.." Lucy points to the isle as Dawn slowly walks down, "Dawn is ok.. Just some bruised ribs and sprained arm.. You can let him go Helos.."

Dearborn sits up in the middle of the ring..

Doctor Gera turns, "Lucy darling.. I am going to need your help.. Dearborn sent pieces of the champs skull into his brain.."

"S@#$," Lucy kneel next to her father.. "We will have to perform surgery.. S#$%.." Scanning the champ, "It will have to be right here.."


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