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Unexpected Apocalypse: Dish best served cold
Quote:Day one

I.. I just do not know how to post this..

In the middle of a spell I .. I was stopped cold..

Let me put it this.. Someone had F#$%ed with me so I reached down deep and was out for blood with revenge.

You see If your reading this, I am pagan.. I know karma is a debatable subject.. Its principles are not what you think.. I have developed a few work arounds over the years to the idea.

I am in the middle of combining what I have learned in CRV with my magic..

And then I get on h3ll of a stray cat (a CRV term..)

A factory is producing some form of toy..

This toy has eyes, non moving..

well every so often down the factory assembly line comes a toy with an eye that moves..

it gets destroyed by quality control

The scene repeats with more frequency for the next few minutes as the eye appears every so often.. The eye moves to the various parts of the toy.. Each is destroyed by the QC guy.

Amd then.. QC stops the line ..

On the line itself the eye opens on the conveyor belt.. It is destroyed by QC.. Afew minutes later the line is moved to check it and out of the toy creation unit comes the eye on the line.. 

QC goes to destroy it agains and it moves out of the way.. After a short struggle the Eye is destroyed.. But a few moments later the eyes comes down the line again..

This time in the attempt to destroy the eye.. It moves onto the QC guy..

I came out of it pretty quickly with a weird vision.. It wasnt fort meade but it was a hidden facility.. I saw a man in fatigues casting a spell..

Just as quickly the image left me..

S#$%.. I wrote this down.. Because this crap is not gonna go good..

What the F#$% is the US military doing?


A teenaged girl steps outside of the house as her parents are arguing again..

"Well your my d#$% whore," A male voice yelled as the teen walked with her backpack!

Tears fell down the girls face as she sees her neighbors.. Quickly she jets across the yard.. Going under the fence, "Mrs. Craine.. Can I get a ride to the bus stop.."

A sickly looking woman smiled.. "Of Course dearie," The woman looks at her her husband.. "He wont mind.. He is just a grump this morning.."

As Mrs. Craine slowly slides to the middle, "Mrs. Craine.. How is chemo going?"

"Child.. It sucks," Mrs. Craine responds.. "Maybell.. Your father.. Are you ok?"

"He got fired again," Maybell hopped in the truck.. "Mr. Craine.. Thank you for the ride to the bus stop.."

The middle aged man waves her off as he drags from his cigarette.. Putting it out, "All right ladies lets get you to where you need to go.."

Starting the truck, Mr. Craine stopped and looked at both ladies.. Maybell put on her seat belt..

"So your daddy was out drunk whoring again," Mr. Craine got hit in the arm..

"It is ok.. He blamed mama," Maybell looked out of the window..

"Young lady.. Life throws you challenges and their is no restart button.." Mr. Craine takes a deep breath, "Have you thought about taking those college classes to improve your chances of graduating with an associates degree.."

"Now baby.. She has heard the speech.. Let her be a child.." Mrs. Craine shakes her head, "Maybell.. You dont have to worry about it till maybe next year."

Maybell looks at Mrs. Craine and sees a pentacle around her neck, "You.. You are pagan?"

"I am non denominational," Mrs. Craine smiled weakly as the truck went down the dirt road.. "My domestic partner driving.. He is religous.."

"I was curious because I could not sleep last night.."Maybell softly spoke.. "I dreamed I was stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and I was scarlet ohare in gone with the wind.."

Mr. Craine did not say anything as he kept his eyes on the road.. "Zombie apocalypse set in the US Civil war.. You should write that.." As they pulled up to the bus stop, "Keep your head down and nose to the grindstone littleone.."

Several crows flew overhead as a red bird landed on the fence..

Stopping the truck and sounding very somber, "Maybell just remember.. You have to survive the first 48 hours of any apocalypse. By what ever means.."

"Maybell," a woman spoke as two Sherriff's officers stood outside the school next to here.. "These officers want to talk with you.."

"Mama.." Maybell was concerned, "What is wrong?"

"Maybell.." A female deputy sounded kind, "Your mother was telling us you got a ride with Mr. and Mrs. Craie to the bus stop this morning.."

"Yes mam.. Mrs. Craine had Chemo .." She covered her mouth, "What happened?"

The male officer sighed, " Ms. Dawson.. Is there anything that he said that sounded off?"

"Baby.. Mrs. Craie is dead.. The sherriff's department is looking for MR. Craine.." Her mother sounded worried, "Mr. Craine has never touched you has he?"

A tear fell down her face, "What happened?"

"Cynthia we," The Sherriff's department officers radio went off.. "Another one.."

The MAle answered it..

"Lets us know if you can remember anything.. " The Female officer shook her head as she heard the report, "What the f#$% is going on?"

"Give them a card.. We got to go," The male deputy went back to the car.. "Dispatch.. We got the call next to the gas station.."

Taking the card, "My daughter will be available to speak if you need.." Cynthia watched as the officers left quickly, "Maybell.. IT is bad.."

"What happened to Mrs. Craine?"

"Honey.. She passed away during chemo or was killed.. All the officers said was that MR. Craine snapped and killed several of the doctors, nurses, and patients.."

"But dad said he was a p#$$y.. He couldnt have killed," Maybell shook her head.. "He loved her mama.."

Cynthia rubbed her dark right eye, "Baby.. Sometimes things happen.." Looking at her daughter,"I think I have enough to grab a cheeseburger or two.."

"Mama.. Mr. Craine did not kill Mrs. Craine," Maybell Dawson had tears fall.. "I can buy lunch mama.. Mrs. Craine gave me twenty to eat on.."

"Ok," Cynthia and her daughter walked to the car in the parking lot..

OK, that was different,,,,, trying a new style?  minusculethumbsup2
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(12-12-2017, 11:16 PM)guohua Wrote: OK, that was different,,,,, trying a new style?  minusculethumbsup2

horror.. but I am not liking how it is turning out..

Let me dress it up a little in edit


look a little better physically

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