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Operation Reboot: In the End, its only the beginning

Sitting on the deck chair, A young man banged his hand on the table three time, "I .. I Alexander Delano Macer.. Chairman of the committee for a better future call this meeting to order.. Mr. Secretary.. ROLL CALL!"

Several older adults came outside.. A man in a four star uniform spoke, "Son the syndicate just won.. We just caught Adam Chairman.."

A side kick connects to the Admirals face knocking him down.. ""Andros nicodemus Colt.. Secretary of the Senior Committee for a better future do hereby note for the record the CfaBF is now in session.. For the Record Admiral.. WE caught madam chairman.. Roll call.."

A well dressed woman smiles as she sits next to Alex, "Madam Vice Chairman.. Bernice Rebecca Rockefeller Present.. Mr. Secretary.."

Letting go of the woman he was holding, "Helos Uther Smithson.. Sargent At arms Present..  Mr. Secretary.."

A man in a suit walks in, "What the F#$% do you think you.."

A sixteen year old female speaks in wendigo..  Followed by giving a set of orders in klan speak speak..

Horned creatures Land on the deck Howling as the others in the house start sounding worried.. Armed men and women infatigues and gear with confederate arm bands are knocking out the private guards..

Andros speaks in an ancient language, causing some of the private guards to turn and take the people they are guarding into custody..

The Sixteen year old female sits on Alex's other side, "Rufus Henrietta Letch.. Senior Tacticle and Strategic Advisor to the Chairman and the committee at large.. Present Mr. Secretary.."

"Mr. Chairman," Andros speaks as all but three members of the syndicate are dragged in and knocked to their knees.. "The Senior Committee is accounted for.."

Another man swallows hard as he is left alone, "Mr. Ma.." 

Andros holds his hand up to stop, and the man nods.. He speaks into a mike, "Brutal to the enforcers.. Stand by.."

An ape like Creature lands on the deck, followed by a man with slime on him..

They both follow the hand instructions as the Wendigo and the LSRotC both are nervous.. The two walk up and down the group on their hands and knees..

"Son.." Admiral De'Chez is slapped by the ape, "Creyton.."

Creyton draws back his hand to hit the admiral again, but Alex looks at the woman Helos let up.

"Madam.. Madam Chairman.. Abigail Fiona Redstone.. Of the Junior committee for a better Future.. Present.."

"Mama," A blonde swallows hard.. "You.. You are.."

"Andros's daughter austin," Alex speaks.. "Madam Chairman.. Due to a failure of your leadership.. My loyal Regent.. I hereby officially take the gavel and assume the Chairmanship.."

The syndicate members are very quiet..

"Mr. chairman," Madam Chairman bows her head.. "I surrender the gavel willingly.. I have a prepared the accounting Mr. Chairman.."

A huge yeti speaks, "Mr. Chairman.." Looking at the Wendigo around him, "You have assumed command of the syndicate.. The Yeti Tribes.. We welcome the Leader of the human race in friendship.."

"I welcome my brothers and sisters of the Yeti Tribes in peace in friendship.. May our past be the building blocks for a better world.. Sh'Er'Maun, Great and wiser leader of the Yeti Tribes," Alexander speaks with passion..

Sh'Er'Maun howls as he speaks in Yeti, "The day prophesied is upon us brothers.. The human Tribes great leader is in charge.."

The Wendigo howl in response making the ones on their knees nervous..

"Mr. Chairman.." An older woman in robes removes her hood," We of the Church of science, your technomages have also awaited this day Mr. Chairman.. I pray our alliance and loyalty is remembered as we work to gether to protect our homes.."

Alex is very quiet making the older woman nervous.. 

"Mr. Chairman.. Have we offended you not meaning to," The woman was worried..

"Indeed you have.. For now I will take the fake non offer of friendship and loyalty in the spirit it was given in.." The other members of the Senior Committee look at Alex, "I invoke Chairman's Privelege for the first time at this level of power.. Under mama's rules.. Right Mrs. Admiral Hopper.."

Everyone looks at Admiral hopper as she looks down, "We understand Mr. Chairman.. Please understand.."Pausing, "Yes Your mothers rule is properly applied.. We hope you accept a second forgiveness.."

"We will talk PRIVATELY later today," Alex coldly speaks.. Looking at a weirdly standing woman, "Professor Leeta.. Of the people of the way.. When does your mother get here? Will the human race have war?"

The alien female says nothing..

"Son," Alex waves off Creyton.. "We have a peace treaty with.."

Rufus speaks, "With only the scout team on our planet not the people of the way.."

The Syndicate is stood on a hand signal from alex.. They start whispering to each other..

"Madam Chairman was only aware of the first peace treaty as was the world," Andros speaks in Rufus's voice..

"We must prepare for peace.. If it fails.. We must prepare for war," Alex leans back..

Helos walks over to a womans standing, "Auntie Elphelba.. Alex has asked me to speak with you over the Franklin Trust loyalty.."

Elphelba looks at the others and then at a very quiet Leeta, "They have an invasion fleet on the way.. MAdam Chairman. "

Abigail stares forward and says nothing..

"Auntie.. Alex has the Gavel.. " Helos spoke softly, "A Director of the Franklin Trust.. Do you honor your treaty with the committee? "

Seeing both enforcers behind Helos and Mr. Thomas wayne, Aka Brutal's, breath from behind her, "I.. I honor my treaty with the Chair.. I hope Mr. Macer we can continue our working relationship.."

Alex nodded as his father looked at him..

"Andros.. You will quit F#$%ing with Admiral Phillip De'Chez.." Alex quietly but forcefully let his voice be heard

"You of course wont be," A female in masked armor hit the man from behind..

Planting her foot squarely on his spine she lowered a rifle to the back of his head.. "Uncle Alex?"

"Its allright Jessica," Alex stands and walks over to the man on the ground. "Howard.. Howard.. Howard.. Jason howard asked me years ago not to kill you.. Your son was smart enough to realize this day would come.."

"Mr. Chairman we of the," Alex turns and looks at the man.. Freezing in place, "Mr. Macer.."

"Brutal.. Please feed this S#$% bag and his whole upper management to his wendigo.." Alex walks back to where he was sittng and looks oit over the balcony..

"You are not," A knife was in the man's ribs before he could finish speaking..

Brutal kicks the mans legs out from under him sending him down to the ground.. Brutal steps back as Rufus speaks in Wendigo..

Two Wendigo step forward with a hungry look..

"I.. I have a fam," The wendigo start eating the man alive..

Every member of the syndicate looks at alex's back..

"Your victims had families to Pierre," Alex manipulates the watch he is wearing..

A hologram appears, "My little.." She pauses as he blonde hair seems not to move, "Trailer Trash.."

Not turning around, "Ambassador Longshanks.."

"Mr. Chairman," The hologram swallows hard..

"I have taken the gavel Victoria.. For your loyalty you now have Pierre's seat.. Reform the Illuminati out of his middle management.. Coordinate with the STaSA...."

"Mr. Chairman," Victoria is stunned..

Rufus looks at Victoria, "I will speak with you later. For now you have a seat on the sydicate.. In recognition of your years in the wilderness and your loyalty to the CfaBF.."

"Madam Chairman.. The senior committee has other business to attend to.. Madam Vice Chairman will supervise the syndicate.." Alex circles his hand.. Stopping as he lead the other Three out, "Mr. Wayne.. Creyton.. Para.. I want thier upper management dead.. Except.. Mrs. Ugla.. REBA will have the.."

Thomas Wayne tries not to jump when his com goes off indicating a message..

"To you shortly," Alex watches as the way is parted for him.. Jessica walks out first.. "Austin Darling," Taking her arm.. "I meant what I said on December Seventh.."

"Mrs. Parker.." After they left Admiral DeChez was stunned, "Madam Charman did my son just.."

"Execute a coup," Joyce Parker shook her head.. "Madam Vice chairman Rockefeller.. How may I serve?"

Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
"My god," MAMG sat back in her chair.. "Its.. F#$% me.."

"MAMG.." Austin's face took a deep breath, "He.. He took the gavel.. I.. He said to talk with you.."

The older Asian woman sat back, "Your not.. F#$% it aint a request. He is THE boss now."

Mr. MAMG dropped his coffee cup, "Alex.. He.."

"My mother was Abigail.. This," Tears fell down Austin's face.. "They did not even blink.. The Wendigo, Templars, and Last Standing Regiment of the Confederacy.. They followed Alex's orders on the spot.. " Austin sipped a cup of green tea as MAMG held her hand up to stop her husband.. "The Yeti Tribes are happy.. The Church of science was .."

"Alex had an issue with them," Mr. MAMG spoke with a deep breath.. "He knows.. I.."

MAMG snaps her finger..

"I have no clue what is was over.. That C#$% Victoria was given this dead guy pierres seat.." Seeing MAMG's face, "The Illuminati are being reformed under Alex's command.."

"Alex sent you here darling.." MAMG narrowed her eyes, "Shut the door darling husband on your way OUT.."

Austin got nervous, "Alex said you would be able to help me.. I need to borrow about.."

MAMG reached under the sink, "That evil little SOB.." Taking out an envelope hidden behind a drawer.. She counts out Three thousand dollars.. Austin goes wide eyed as Mr. MAMG leaves, "Little girl start at the begining.. You are about to eran your three grand.."

Austin is wide, "But Alex will be.."

"You are to tell me everything.." MAMG slid the cash to under the sugar container on the table, "Slick little bastard.. Austin darling.. I pay top grade for information.." Counting out five one hundred dollar bills, "This is to listen to my rules.. "

Swallowing hard, "I.. alex wont..."

"Austin.. He planned this.. You asked to borrow money.. He is having you deliver a message.." MAMG smiles politely, "If I told you that.. Bruce Lee.."

Austin shakes her head, "Killed Chuck Norris.." Austin pauses and looks at MAMG, "And that.. Well Inhumans.."

"Is better than cable guy starring.."

"Matthew and jim," Austin is confused..

"Me and a few others are with the Chairman's senior advisory committee.. You just gave the courrier codes.." MAMG shook her head, "We will be here most of the night Austin.. Get comfortable.. "

MAMG slides the cash to Austin, "Half now Half when we are done.. We will be here till about lunch tomorrow.."

"Sandra would never.. She told Alex and Helos to not," Tears fell down her face.. "Why would he.."

"TANSTAAFL Austin.. After Lunch you will sleep on my couch and then we will talk over you and that little A$$hole.." MAMG sighs, "Husband of mine.. We will need coffee and.."

Mr. Mamg opened the door and brought in little hand sandwhiches and more tea and hot water.. "Me and the boys are going to go play poker my love.." After a few seconds, "I will let them know you wont be there.."

"Tell Lucius I will take his money later.. " Kissing her husband, "Pat Patricia's pregnant A$$ for me to.."

No chuckle came from Mr. Mamg, "An interesting life indeed.."

Austin watches the exchage for a few minutes..

Mr. Mamg is at the door, "Husband of mine.. I need you to pick up pads again.."

Pausing for a second,"Yes mam.. I wont be back till about noon tomorrow.."

"It will wait till then my love," MAMG turns back towards Austin.. "When we are finished walking through everything you heard and saw.. We..We will discuss littleman.."

Austin started to object..

Holdig her hand up, "Alex sent you to me.. I will be brutally honest with you.."

"MAMG.. Alex has rules about relationships.."

"So how am I supposed to Advise him on your relationship with littleman.. All we have is this.. You F#$%ed him his first two weeks back.. You understand and speak soul speak when you get angry or excited.. "

"I fail to see how.."

"I have to make sure your relationship is slash was not rape darling.. " MAMG let her words sink in.. "I love littleman to death but my job is to analyse all the information.. Relax darling dear.. I am a professional.."

"MAMG it.. I mean," Austin has tears fall..

"What did you think about him the day you first met him?"

"God.. He was a little snot nosed punk.." Austin laughs, "But he got Diana's necklace back from some.." Austin looks at MAMG, "He was my littleman.. It is the first time I called him that.."

"Your littleman," MAMG reached into her desk and took out paper.. "I see.. Yours.. Not your sisters?"

"No.. He is not property I mean," Austin shook her head. "He was so weak and yet.."

MAMG smiled as Austin started talking, not realizing she was telling more than she should..

San Diego, California

A four star Admiral was standing on the dock with his jaw dropped.. A very advanced Sub with a pirate flag was parked in the repair dock..

"Admiral.." A black Lt. Commander held his hand, "Let me talk with him.."

An armored man with a red cross on his armor stopped when he saw the Lt. commander stepping forward..

"Templar One.. What in the F#$% have you done," The Lt. Commander shook his head.. "The Chinese chased you across the Pacific Son.. The .."

"Admiral on Deck," Templar one came to attention..

The Four star behind the Lt. Commander smiled and returned the salute, "Admiral Creast.."

The older man stopped when Templar One did not drop his salute..

"Templar One.. The Admiral Saluted you," The Lt. Commander was in Templar Ones face.. "He wants to know who ordered the mission!"

Andros held his salute..

"Captain.. It is Captain Colt isnt it," The Lt. Commander's comment drew a look.. "You are required to re..." Pausing for a second the Lt. Commander stepped back.. He saluted Andros..

Andros snapped his salute back, "Good morning Admiral Williams.. Captain Colt of the worlds most powerful Navy, reporting as ordered.."

"Son.. I.. Admiral Williams," The Four star paused and whispered something to the Lt. Commander.. The Admiral waived at the Lt. Commander with Williams on his name tag..

"Report Captain.." Williams did not miss a beat..

"My Apologies Admiral Winters.. " Andros switches to Williams Voice, "If You dumb F#$% ever happen to be the one to go back in time.. With all yalls stupid S#$%.. Reaquisition the Mao for me, you owe me one. I want her for my first command." Andros switches to his older voice, "The Mao as ordered Admiral.. We are SO mother F#$%ing even even sir!"

"I.. " Williams looks at the sub, "Admiral Winters.. This is the Sub I.. The Mao.. This.." Looking at the sub, "They did steal her design.."

In Williams voice, "Down to the electric windows and steering wheel warmers Admiral.."

Admiral Winters is surprised when Andros does salute him, "Son.." Returning the salute, "May I ask what the favor was that got my Lt. Commander and me a new sub.."

Andros did not respond..

"Captain.. Please explain to me and Admiral Winters what .." Looking at the sub as his eyes gleamed with hope, "My first ship to command.."

"Lt. Commander Esfers sir.. I was enlisted and she.." Smiling, "Was outside my class sir.. You were in the room next to us.. She got loud.. You told me jokingly not to worry about it.. Years later.. After pendelton you told me what you would love to have.."

Admiral Winters smiled, "I see.. You were the man on the Turtle .. You.. Fourteen.. God D@#$.. Son.."

"Sir.. This has has all the BELLS and Whistles from DARPA.. China built it.. Sub surface drones, Our next gen in sonar.. "

Andros interrupts and goes down the list for three minutes as Admiral Winters goes wide eyed..

As he finishes, "My. god.. This.. Son I.."

Andros blocked the Admiral's way, "My apologies.. As Captain I cant let you on board.. I.. I have to have a signature.. Of.."

Lt. Williams was wide eyed, "Admiral.. May.. May I.."

"Do you know all these systems son," Winters looks at Williams..

"Yes Sir.."

"Then relieve that SOB.. Now!.."

"Captain Colt.. I Hereby assume command of.."

"The USS Ex-Wife," Andros smiles.. 

Both of the other men smile, "Because the USS C#$% would be frowned upon."

"I stand Relieved Commander Williams.." Andros Looks at Admiral Winters, "That is a condition sir."

"Commander Williams.. May I come Aboard.. Lets see what you traded for us.." Admiral Winters stops cold for a second, "When we are done son.. If you need any other favors Captain Colt.. Let me know.. I want a sub carrier.."

"Sir.. He was fourteen when the other incident sir.. I ," Williams pauses as both Andros and Winters glared at him..

"He makes Admiral CAPTAIN?"

"Under your watchful eye sir.." Andros looks at the new Sub Commander,"Commander.. One issue.. " Andros grinned, "Your plank owners are a group of mercs.. They need. to.. To be quietly escorted off the boat and released into San Diego.. I have made arrangements."

Andros whistles as a group of thirteen men start walking out of the vessel.. They lay down their weapons and start stripping nude, "Our deal still good Captain?"

"Admiral Winters.. Uhm.. " Andros smiles, "Their former CO and XO are in the freezer sir.."

"Blindfold them Captain.. I want them off my base in ten minutes.." Admiral winters looks over to his peer as several unscheduled armored men arrive, "SPAWAR.. "

"It will be Ten minutes sir.. Commander," Andros tosses two keys to Williams.. "Makes sure everyone forgets My ungentlemanly behavior.. Admirals.."

Both men salute Andros, As armored Marines come down the dock.. They start tossing black mask over the nude men..

"I will mark it down as one of my Captains misdeeds.." Admiral Winters narrows his eyes, "You mean for me to assign her as the XO.."

"Williams.. It is just a recommendation.. You do need a solid XO.. At your level .." Taking a deep breath, "At your level Admiral Williams.. She is a SecNav and CNO where I am from.."


"Gretchen," An old miss cheerleading uniform blew from the helicopters.. "Why are we Landing at Camp David.." 

Jets flew overhead as over the com, "Returning to defensive formation.."

"Sandra.. " Gretchen stepped off, "A F#$%ing lot has happened.."

Heavily armed SPAWAR Marines Moved very quickly, "Mrs. Smithson.."

"Gretchen.." Sandra took the hand of the female Marine Colonel, "We.. What is going on?"

Joyce Parker walked out with Creyton and Para..

"Joyce.. Mrs. Parker," Sandra noticed the look on Gretchen's face.. Looking up she saw Armored Marines Evereywhere, "Holy S#$%.."

Gretchen growled a little pissed off..

"Auntie Sandra," Joyce Parker spoke softly.. "The Chairman is waiting  for you.. The Teir one nations have been selected.. Teir Two is filling out.."

"Auntie Sandra.. Madam Chairman is," Sandra's eyes went wide.. "You.. You are F#$%ing Madam Chairman.. Wait.. The Chairman.. He.. Delano .."

"Took the Gavel nine hours ago," Joyce Parker smiled.. "Auntie Grewtin is still a little mad.."

"Took.. My god.. He.. Alex is in charge of.. Of the Syndicate," Sandra had to holds onto Gretchen for a second.. "They.. Your Abigail.."

"Auntie Sandra.. We need you to do your thing.. " Abigail/ Madam chairman smiled, "Melania Trump and several of the teir one nations wives are waiting on you.. "

"The First Lady.. Listen.. I.."

"The Empress of Japan has personally made the tea.." Abigial smiles, "Little Lucy has some of her father Antique tea set out.."

"Wait.. What.. What am I," Sandra looks around.. "Your Andros's Daughter.."

"The women of the teir one nations are waiting on you," Gretchen glares at Joyce.. "We need a first Lady.. Rosche of the science command insist.. Right now, MacCann's aunt is entertaining the ladies.."

"Wait I am in.." Sandra see's Melania and Ivanka Trump walking out, "The President's wife and daughter are here?"

"We already have issues," Abigail took a deep breath.. "Putin is a little pissed russia did not make the top teir.. Neither did the US or China.."

"What the F#$%.. Tier system.." Sandra was greeted as the two woman walked up..

"Ms. Tolliver.." Melania turned and looked at Gretchen, "We.. She is not dressed.."

"I have some dresses I packed.." Ivanka shook her head, "Ms. Tolliver.. Little Lucy has bought some time.. Alex is dealing with an issue with the NFL.."

"Roger Goodell was told the syndicate wants a twenty percent cut," Gretchen rolls her eyes.. "Alex says since they are rigging games they can either pay or .."

The NFL commisioner is tossed out of the building hard..

"You.. You cant do this to," Several rifles are leveled on on Goodell..

"Mr. Goodell.. You just lied to the wrong man.. It is now your cost of doing business. We expect our first payment in 12 hours," An eighteen year old shakes his head.. Seeing Sandra, "Thank god you are here.."

"James," Sandra was wide eyed as a black mask was tossed over the NFL Commisioner.. She saw a black body bag being brought by, "What the.."

"The emperor of Japan just beheaded the head of the Yakuza.." James shook his head, "For embarassing Japan.. He lied to the emperor.. And Alex turned his back on the Emperor.. Walked out of the room.."

Sandra sees twenty more body bags being brought from around Camp David.. She swallows hard as the sound of rifles fire, "James?"

"We have fires to put out," Melania takes Sandra's arm.. "The wives are getting restless.."

"I am not married to Alex.." Sandra looks at Ivanka and Melania..

"Next set," Rufus's voice speaks.. After a few seconds the sounds of men pleading in arabic fill the air.. "Ready.. Aim.. Fire.."

Sandra covers her mouth, "They are executing people.."

"Next set," Rufus's voice carries..

"Please.. We.. We did not do anything wrong," A woman's voice pleads.. "I have children and.."

The sound of a revolver fires..

The marines laugh after they loaded up goodell, "He pissed himself.. I am not cleaning that up.."

Sandra has a horrified look on her face as the single shot side arm barks..

Melania and Ivanka swallow hard..

"Sandra," Gretchen switches to a private language.. "Its Delano.. Your little Delano.. For now.. You have to perform the duties of the first lady of the CfaBF.."

"Gretchen," Sandra communicates in the same system.. "He.. He is having them shot?"

"Some are real," Gretchen swallows hard.. "The ones rufus is personally killing.. The female.. She deserved Sandra.. Others are being faked.. They turned CfaBF evidence for much worse people."

"What did the woman that was just shot do," Sandra returns to english?

Ivanka swallows hard, "She was found guilty of attempted genoicide of the human race.. We.. The evidence was played and made available for the Tier one nations.. The SV40 virus in the polio vacines apparently have interacted with several of herietta's cell.. The womn that was shot organized the cover up.. Mr. Macer .. The Chairman had her killed.."

Sandra responds forcably, "Delano did NOT have her killed.. I better not hear that S#$% again!" Ivanka freezes as Sandra pushes off melania, "Boys have these two removed from my prescense!!! My Delano is not a murder!! My baby would not just have someone killed.. I have the uptmost faith that unless your are present at the corner's examination, trust nothing these little magician are doing.." Looking at the first lady and daughter, " Go home.. I do not need you here!"

Melania And Ivanka freeze, "Ms. Tolliver.. We.."

"I said out of my prescnse.. NOW!!!" Sandra took Gretchen's arm, "Someone have Tiffany Trump Brought immedaitely to Camp David.. To represent the woman here.. I want to speak with Putin's Daughter have her brought here with his former wife!"

"Mam," An A marine Coprs Major spoke..

Another man hits the major from behind and growls.. After a few seconds, "Mam.. It will be done.. Forgive my norm nephew.. I am keeping an eye on him for my step sister.."

"Chief Warrant officer Five Remerez right.." Sandra stops buts does not turn, "Take care of the issue for me and Gretchen Darlin.. I will see about.. That leave you asked about.."

The Chief Wo stood wide eyed, "Mam.. I.. How the F#$% Alex is the one who pulls that S@#$%.. Yes mam.." Turning to his nephew, "Get them f#$%ing moving NOW!.. Of course Mr. Macer would choose someone with his near abilities.."

"I am not changing clothes'.." Sandra smiles evilly, "Not without putin's Daughters help.. With Little Lucy's aide.."

Gretchen looked at Sandra and chuckles, "Your Magesty.."

"But first Gretin," Sandra responded.. " Taking a deep breath, "The lionesses must organize the heard.. Get me an Eta for Tiffany Trump.. Chief Wo.."

Rockefeller shakes her head, "Sandra.. Thank god.."

Sandra takes her arm, "Your with me Madam Vice Chairman.. " Looking at Joyce parker, "You too Abigail.. You acted enough like me that you can fake it.."

"Sandra," Gretchen looks questionably at Sandra..

"Darling.. She was trained by us.. We will deal with personal matter later.. " With an evil smile and in their secret communication, "We have an extra in.. She can report to her father what we do.." Seeing Gretchen's face, "Darling.. The use of spies is very basic to the military.."


A female one eyed hairy creature was singing in yeti with an african woman singing in swahilli..

"Professor Leeta," Gretchen handed a glass of blue liquid to the syndicate member..

"Gretchen," Professor Leeta sniffed the drink.. "What is is this?"

"Trumps Daughter brought it.. It has some vodka in it," Gretchen spoke as the women in the room where being loud and bosterios.. "La'Ra'Ghul and .. And Hailey I think.. Are karoke.. Singing Respect by aretha franklin.."

"The men are," Leeta stops as she looks around..

"Leeta," Sandra Calls out.. Raising her hand in a V, "Girl power.."

Leeta licks the air around the cup top and smiles, "Awe.. Alex has sent the females to do the real negotiations.. He is a very devious male.. Are you sure he is not a female?"

Giggling, "Nope.. I've checked.." Gretchen points to a white woman speaking with a japanese woman.. "Putin's Daughter is talking with the Empress of Japan.." Gretchen hiccup's, "MAMG's grandaughter is making the drinks.. The spouses of the Syndicatemembers are mixing with the Tier one nations.. Several tier two spouses Sandra invited in.. "

A red headed woman walks over, "Hello Leeta.."

As the two clang glasses, "Regina.." Leeta smiles, "The wives of the syndicate are.." Leeta see's a female of her people, "My favorite was invited.."

Several females are allowed past the Female Marines.. The bring papers and pads to the women..

Sandra stands up raising her glass, "To the lionesses of the herd.."

"Here.. Here," Gretchen responds as do the females in the room..

"My nestlings lover," Leeta Addresses Regina.. Several people go wide eyed, "Did I miss speak?"

The other alien female whispers to one of the wives, causing a giggle as she stands up and walks over.. "Leeta baby.. Go back to playing with the boys I got this.."

"My apologies Leeta.. This is the spouses, lovers, and children of the Syndicate and Tier one nations.." Regina takes Leeta's arm, "I need to see if Phillip is still moaning and groaning anyway.."

"I am," Leeta starts laughing.. "So I am one of the boys in this social equation.. Fine my dear.. Dont trade away our home planet.."

Leeta and Regina leave..

"Ladies.." Sandra raises a glass, "I prepose we do this.. this once a year.." Smiling towards Tiffany, "Our host this year.. Tiffany Trump.."

The women yell loudly and applaud, Tiffany bows not spilling her drink..

"Next year.." Sandra raises a glass, "We party in Russia.. Think your father can be convinced to host the party.."

Putin's Daughter smiles as she reads something, "Dad is just a teddy bear.. He wont say no.. "

"Dad is pissed mama.." Alex walks in smiling, "Ladies.." Alex looks at Sandra, "I see you are all well.."

The women all get very quiet, "Delano.. "

"I was told you may want to speak with me my love.." Alex calmly greets all the women with a smile, "I am letting James sink or swim.. "

Lucy walks in with several women of various countries, "And this is were the other wives, mistresses, and daughters are all misbehaving.."

Lucy holds her hand out to Alex, "Not to be rude Mr. Chairman.."

Alex reaches into his back pocket and hands Lucy a black credit card, "Dont go over littleone.."

The Black Credit card disappears as the women with lucy raise and eyebrow or two..

Lucy Grins, "Auntie Sandra.. Uncle Alex needs to speak with you for a second.. I can sit here and keep an eye on Auntie Gretchen.."Lucy walks over to a woman sitting down and crawls into her lap, "Auntie Pinson.. Elphelba.. Is ok.. She has Uncle Helos with her.." She sits a backpack down..

Mrs. Pinson's wife reaches into her purse and takes out three hundred dollars as she whispers to lucy..

Lucy whispers back as the three hundred dollars disappears into a hello kitty purse..

Sandra sees the wads of money and goes wide eyed, "Lucy.."

"Uncle Andros said charge all the traffic the crown can bear.." Lucy smiles and calls out, "Auntie Ginny.." 

An older woman smiles as she walks over, "Little Lucy.. "

She hands her purse to Ginny, "Mrs. Heinlein.. I want to invest in some of these operations.." Lucy whispers, "Auntie Rufus told me about a little venture.. I want to put down a hundred thousand into the mars venture.."

"Lucy, " Virginia Heinlein goes wide eyed as several women start whispering.. "That project is.. " Ginny sees all the women looking at her, "Lucy.. Those bastards are trying get financing.." Ginny politely takes the purse, "I assume the Black Credit.." Ginny starts looking through the purse, "This is a lot of money.. Lucy.."

A lot of the women start typing into pads with one hand holding drinking glasses with other hands..

Ginny narrows her eyes at Alex as several women walk over to Lucy.. Hundred dollar bills are slid into Lucy's hands, as they whisper to her..

"I will be right back," Lucy slides pads into her backpack.. She hops off Mrs. Pinson's lap, "What Auntie Sandra.. BB said.. Oh.." Lucy walks over to the Empress of Jaan.. She whispers into her her ear..

The Empress smiles, "Do you do COD? Tell my husband I said," The Empress smiles as she whispers to lucy..

"The Empress's word is her bond.. Just dont tell BB I did it on credit," Lucy hugs the Empress..

Sandra Watches as several women stop Lucy and rub her head.. They all whisper as various currencies disappear into Lucy's backpack with pads..

Sandra shakes her head, "They are bad influences on her.."

"No one here is gonna dare touch her let alone stop her.. She is Doctor Gera's daughter," Alex nods to one of the Female Marines..

"Yes Sir," The Female Gunny points to two of the female Lance Corporals..

They get behind Lucy..

Alex coughs making little Lucy shake her head..

She reaches into her backpack and takes out several hundred dollars.. She hands about five hundred dollars a piece to the two female MArines, "Make sure no one jacks my backpack.."

As the money disappears, one of the female Lance Corporals gets the closed door.. "Ms. Bach.. You have a deal.."

The Lance Corporals shut the doors behind themselves as the women all professionally go back to faking small talk..

"Delano.." Sandra shakes her head as she whispers in Klingon/ Vulcan/ mimbari, "The Mars Project.. And why are they in here.. This.."

Alex whispers to Sandra in the same mix, "They bribed Lucy to escort them past security.." Sandra narrows her eyes, "Noel.. This is about intelligence.. Even in the loser's bracket. I allowed it because the purpose was to test each nation's leadership's intelligence.. Carnigee hall.."

Several of the New Arrivals started mingling with the others immediately..

"They are going to try and work their way to you," Alex whispers in the same mix.. Alex nods to the Asian woman not making small talk, "Make sure you speak with her.."

"She is the wife of," Sandra sees that the woman bows her head.. "Of that little piss ant in North Korea.." Sandra hits Alex in the Arm, "This .. this is.."

"I want you at some point ti pull her aside and tell her everything that happens to her people when her husband follows through with his threats.." Alex is whispering as the woman gets nervous as more eyes turn towards her.. ""Make sure you make peace with her personally.. "

Alex is all smiles..

"Delano," Sandra covers her mouth and leans in.. "Her husband is on your list.. "

"Make sure the unofficial message you heard in pillow talk was this.. If she dies.. Kimmie boy, his whole command structure, and and officers down to major will be killed.." Alex smiles fakely again, "Helos will lead the Trust in a hunt unlike any this world has seen.. The full might of the Committee will come down like an axe on his head.."

"Delano," Sandra takes Alex's face in her hands.. "Listen.. I have a fiance.. I.."

Alex kisses Sandra..

"Delano," Sandra kisses alex back.. "We need to talk.. Now.."

"Prisoner Tusk," A heavily armed guard with others in a v formation calls out..

A man of mixed descent with a slight beard steps forward.. Seeing the weapons, "You should not have come into the superMax part with.."

One of the prisoners makes a move, only to go flying across the yard eighty feet into the fence..

Out of no where Helos appears and growls at the other prisoners.. They all back up and go to one knee, with palms up..

"We meant nothing by it boss, "The largest prisoner speaks as he is looking down with his head bowed..

Helos walks over and sniffs the prisoner.. He taps the big mans wrist and then picks him up by his throat, A low growl fills the air.

"I will do anything you want Mr.. Mr.. Boss.."

Helos sets the prisoner down gently and looks at Tusk with a glare..

"B-man.. You are his B#$%^ now," Tusk speaks.. Helos motions to himself and pats B-man on the head, "You are now Mr. Smithson's personal rep here at Asylum.."

Helos takes out a piece of paper and walks over to Tusk.. He hits Tusk with the paper making him go to the ground..

Helos Looks down and growls loudly..

Another prisoner walks over, "Mr. Smithson.. Tusk is doing his.."

"Nobie.. Stay," Tusk stands up.. "He is a friend.. I had to keep.. My god.." Looking at the paper, "Alex took the gavel.." 

Tusk looks down and reads the paper.. "By order of the chairman against the advice of the Senior and junior committee.. (the loudest being the StaSA) The Syndicate, and Teir one, Teir  two, and Teir three nations.. I.. I alexander delano macer here by issue a conditional pardon to Former Chronal Enforcement Division agent, Tusk.. For recognition of his service and performance in the line of duty in the faded galaxy.. CED Agent Tusk has, it has come to my attention, chose to do and not to be.." Tears fell down Tusk face as he looks at Helos, "Rufus would never.."

Helos points to the point that reads against the advice of the senior and junior committee..

"I.. Why? I havent done anything," Tusk goes back to read.. He stops cold.. "That.. Listen it was just a pointless.." looking back his eyes go wide, "The first Secretary recommended.. Faded Galaxy.. All I did was.. Those kids I covered as they escaped.. Andros wasnt.. Wait that red headed teen that could barely walk.."

Helos gets pissed and throws one of the prisoners, "Was Nico!!" Helos calms down, "You saved Andros's thirteen year old self. That explains this S#$%.. Thank you agent Tusk." Helos turns and walks off.. Going invisible, "You are hereby ordered to form the Chairman's men separate from the enforcers.. Ladies.."

Two females dressed in armor seemed to also shimmer into existance..

"Tusk," two teenaged females voices filled the air.. 

The one on the left danced as she had music coming from her armor. As who let the dogs out filled the yard, "Tusk darling.. The chairman gave his orders.. We.."

The one on the right  danced just like the other armored female, " Really like need to find you new clothes.."

"Who is the cute pleblian.. Noble right," The one on the left tilted her head at the same time the other one did..

The prisoners seemed to look up from their knees with a smile and a gleam..

"Thats right darlins," Noble watched them move..

"Noble," Tusk gets between Noble and the two females.. "Its Brutal's daughters.."

The armored guards get nervous at the mention of the name..

"Yes tusk.. Father sent us since," The one on the right spoke..

"Since Alex would not let him come.." The one on the left, "He is no fun.. We said we could help reduce Asylums over crowding.. "

"Death by snu snu," The one on the right rubs the face of the prisoner..

The prisoner fell backwards and crawled away quickly..

"Prisoner Noble.. I," the lead guard spoke.. Looking at both teenaged females, "Ladies.."

"Noble had my back in here.. Ladies.. He is," Tusk paused.. "F@#$%.. I am agent Cero of the Chairman's men.. F#$%. History never recorded his ID."

Both ladies turn their head sideways at Tusk..

"You are ordered to form," The one on the right spoke..

Left finished the point, "The Chairmans men.. You know who you are.."

"Noble had my back in here.." Looking at Noble, "F#$% you S#$%.. We leave now.."

Right looked at the gards, "Dad's boss said Tusk.."

Left spoke, "Picks his men.. Sis.. The chairman is so cute.."

"I know.." Right looks at Tusk, "We leave know.. Da big boss said you should already know everything.."


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