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Welcome to Da Federation Comrads
Quote:This idea came from a facebook page I am a member of..

You get home one day
your are beamed aboard a Starfleet ship

because one of your descendants becomes one of the federations greatest enemies
they decide to deal with the problem

Now you are a citizen of the federation

Captains Log Supplemental:

Against my better judgement, I followed my orders. A joint operation between Star Fleet Intelligence and the Department of Temporal Investigations had information on a threat to the very existence of the Federation itself.. The only chance to save the Federation was to grab the man's great grandfather..

I got a bulls#$% explanation but, the orders to cooperate had all of SF commands major Admirals..

We have kidnapped a man from his house and home. Mr. Neil is medical now.. We are returning to the 24th century.. I will be filing my continuing objections to these orders.. Of course my crew is stuck with the cleanup..

I have a meeting with my DOTI official..


Quietly a balding man sat on the bio bed saying nothing.. He watched as the medical people walked around..

A woman with black hair frooze as she was about to walk over.. Tapping a badge, "Counselor Eros to security.. We have a problem.." 

"Counselor.. What seems to be the problem?"

"Lt. Grosler.. Our guest from the 21st century.. Mr. Neil.. He is planning to assualt," The Counselor paused, "I am not a whore.. And no I dont take it up my.. Ewe.. You.." Looking at Mr. Neil, "I am a betazoid.. What do you mean That was easy.. I did not violate your rights.." She shakes her head, "You are a pervert.. I do not make that sound during sex.. God.." as she walked out, "My A$$ is not something you will EVER see.. I am married and I.. EWE!!!"

Angry the counselor walked out making the medical personel look at Neil.. One of the men in a red command uniform tapped his badge,"Lt. Grosler.. Commander Takei.. I will deal with the prisoner.."

"What crime did I commit," Neil spoke evenly.. "Commander.. That means their is a Captain.. Why am I being held against my will.. You speak english..I want a lawyer!!"

"Son listen to me," The Commander went down from a hypo spray to his neck.

Taking what looked like a weapon off the commander.. He turned it on and set it to a middle setting, Neil fired on the doors..

The first entrance sealed shut.. Pointing it at the second door, Neil replicated the scene..

One of the men in a black and yellow uniform got hit in a leg vaporizing..

The doctor frooze as Neil pointed the phaser at her head, "Computer shut down all phasers in medical.." After a second, "Mr. Neil.. I know that.."

Neil fired at one of the other would be heros, vaporizing a leg..

"Commander Takei appears to be the type to have weapons not affected by your security.. My ray gun works.." The Doctor looked at the two on the ground, "I heard force fields.. Raise them now.."

The Doctor looked behind Neil and tooka deep breath, "Mr. Neil.."

Neil moved quickly as a vulcan female's hand missed him.. He put the phaser at the doctors head, "Force fields.. Now.. I wont kill anyone..But .." Smiling as he looked at the Doctor.. "Everyone will strip.."

The female vulcan stood straight, "Mr. Neil.." Neil raised the power level on the phaser, "I will raise the shields.. in the medical bay.."

Slowly the Vulcan female typed in a code..

Neil looked at the Vulcan Female in a red and black uniform..

"Everyone strip.."

"Commander V'Zat," The doctor took a deep breath..

"Now.. Everyone," V'Zat responded.. "Mr. Neil please turn down the weapon to the lower setting.. It should be the stun setting.."

"Clothes I want piled in the middle of the room.. The boxes, those com badges, and keep your hands where I can see them," Neil kept the phaser pointing at the Doctor as she stripped..

Several of the others in the room were red faced as their nude compatriots stood their..

The two injured men where the last stripped as everyone walked out to the bay..

"Treat them doc," Neil lowered the setting on the phaser.."You are pretty.. I see the ears.. Skin tone.. Alien.. Female with nice tits.. " Looking between the Vulcan Commander's legs, "I see a vagina.. Interesting.. Parallel Evolution with several convergant factors .. So.. Common evolutionary ancestor? Aliens with tits and a pretty.. "

"Commander V'Zat," the captains voice came over the coms.. 

"Captain Beauregard will want an answer.." V'Zat changed her stance exposing her self like she had seen several human females do..

"No commander.. On the stance.. Put more hip into it and you might catch more then flies," Neil looked to the wall and walked over.. "How did they do this.. Computer.. Can I speak with Captain Beauregard.."

"Who is this," Captain Beauregard took a deep breath.. "Our guest from the 21 century.."

"Why the F#$% have you kidnapped me," Neil yelled.. "I am three hundred years in the future.. I am a prisoner who has committed no crime.. I have F#$%ing Rights.. Specifically from what I heard.."

The Doctor started to speak but the Commander shook her head no..

"Mr. Neil may I speak," Commander V'Zat spoke..

Angrily he waived to the air, "Keep in mind no cute crap kissing my A$$.."


"Two men are missing legs.. One Commander  Takei had a weapon that was not affected by your security shut down. He got hit with a hypo sprey thingie... Two former heroes are missing legs.." Neil growled, "Your telepath invaded the privacy of my thoughts.. I was told I was a citizen of this federation.."

"Mr. Neil.. " Captain Beauregard was pissed, "John you said he was not a threat.. He.."

"Captain.. Let me talk with Mr. Neil," Commander V'Zat spoke.. "He lowered the setting on the weapon at my first request.."

Looking where the doctor's eyes went, Neil fired at the hatch as it opened.. the panel cut off a mans fingers as it crushed back in.

"Bad faith," Neil raised the setting to the middle again.. "Commander.. Why am I a hostage on this base or cship.."

Putting her hands up, "Mr. Neil.. Your record said you were former military.. In your worlds water navy.. Would a captain of the 21st century let someone take any part of his ship?"

Neil sighed, "Why did you kidnap me.. It is illegal in my time.. Unless it was the CIA.."

Commander V'Zat slowly lowered her hands, "If I took you to our lounge for food.. Would you go willingly?"

"I keep the idiots weapon," Neal lowered the weapon.. "You have to explain why you have Mammary glands and I assume a birthing canal.."

"Captain.. Request permission to escort our guest to the Lounge," Commander V'Zat spoke..

The shields went down as the door melted open.. Starfleet personnel stopped on the Captains orders..

"Is he.."

"Standing down sir," Commander V'Zat remained stoic.. "Follow me .." The commander started to head out nude..

Neil did not budge, "Commander.. Do you eat nude in your culture?"

"No.. It is," Commander V'Zat calmly walked over to the stack of clothes and picked up her uniform.. "Customary to.."

Commander V'Zat saw Neil looking at her bent over.. Standing up showing no emotion, the Commander slid into her uniform..

"Mr. Neil.. I am not interested in humans for mating reasons.. We are a logic based species.. In human understanding I am married.." Commander V'Zat respnded with Vulcan calmness, "My husband is on a five year survey mission.."

"On me honor.. You take checks right," Mr. Neil laughs confusing people.."So the cold B#$%^ demeanor is the standard issue for your people?" Neil Scratched his goatee, "So is it monogamy? Polygamy? Same sex or opposite sex? "

"Mr. Neil.. Vulcans prefer not to discuss our mating habits like some species," V'Zat coldly spoke as she raised an eyebrow at Neil. 

"So victorian era sexual mores in a space faring species.. " Neal gestured towards the door, "Uhm how do we walk down the pway per custom?"

One of the security guards chuckled, but stop cold as the Commander showed the damage Neil had done..

"Your boss is politely telling you to shut the F#$% up and stick to your duties.." Neil looked at the Commander, "Interesting your nonverbals.. " Neil laughed not finishing his statement..

As the walk into the hallway, "Your actions indicate an interest in several fields.. And an understanding not native to your time.."

"I am big science fiction fan.. Comic books to," Neil spoke as he walked next to V'Zat.. "I am not ever going home am I?"


"And you have been lying and trying to manipulate me human," The commander spoke quietly..

"Really Vulcan.. And vulcans do not lie.." Neil took a bite of his steak, "Your the one who said your species was logical.. Well your answers indicate illogic.."

Curious V'Zat raised an eyebrow, "Mr. Neal.. Explain.."

"All encounters are some form of social exercise.. You have said your species is one of a very few that are logical.. I can understand using lies very rarely but it would be illogical to never decieve in a broader sense.. Sense this is true from personal experience," Neal picked up his drink.. "Vulcans lie.. Even given counting lying by ommission.. You have a pretty face so you probably get away with it a lot.."

"My test scores were based on my ability.. I was second or third in all my placement exams on Vulcan," Commander V'Zat responded..

"Do Vulcans mate.. You said the species Vulcan produced via a similar method of reproduction to humans.." Sipping his drink holding up his hand, "Therefore a drive to reproduce is present.. "

Shaking her head, "Humans always think the universe is just like the world they come from.. Mr. Neal, vulcans have embrace logic completely.. We are not controled by our mating.." Commander V'Zat pauses hiding her thoughts..

"Let us put it in more comfortable words.." Pointing to her soup, "You eat when you are hungry.. Hunger is a base drive right?"

"So you are saying," V'Zat looks at Neil.. "That the vucans are illogical because we eat.."

"No I am saying that you are still animals.. Your society may have embraced your religion of logic, with this Surr.."

"Surak," V'Zat was very polite as several people were watching the interaction..

Your high priest.. " holding up his hands, "The numbers are the same even if the words are not.. Do you not have an efficient distribution system set up for food.. Storage backup ectra.."

"Yes. Every society at a," V'Zat paused and raised an eyebrow.. "We are still driven even with logic to prevent starvation.. Fascinating.. I ca see your point.."

"Turth is I am operating out of fear right now.. You were correct.." Neil cut another piece of steak, "Now what about conflict over resources at a personal level? "

"So you think all the species of this galay and others are driven by.. Base instincts.. Human science calls it behaviorial psychology.." Looking at Neil, "Behavioral Sociology influenced by Genetics.. Across multiple species.."

"Wow.. Dont nuke it," Neil smiles as he looks her into the eyes.. "I am not trying to seduce you.. "

"You are trying to keep me interested long enough for what you consider the effects of your ill timed escape to show up," V'Zat responded with a small hint of emotion.. "Your record indicated no knowledge of cross species behavioral understanding.. Or advanced sociology.. Now the dont nuke it?"

"KISS.. Dont over complicate things during initial runs.."

"I find this fascinating.. Based on what you see here," V'Zat motioned around the lounge.. "What does this tell you about the Federation.."

"Still having the same fate as rome," Neil looked around.. "Maybe the ancient Chinese empire, British empire, Or what the american government is .. Well was heading towards.."

"The federation is," V'Zat looks around fascinating.. "You see total failure... This is one of the most advanced.."

"History may be written by the winners but energy follows patterns.. History follows patterns," Neil looked over when someone called Captain on deck.. "Just the names and faces change.. I know this is true because.."

Captain Beauregard waves off the crew and sees the Commander sitting with Neil.. The security detail keeps it eyes on Neil..

"How do you know the Federation will fall," Commander V'Zat speaks as Captain Beauregard walks up? "You have not even had a chance to read the Federations history.. Or its member worlds.."

"I know the Federation is doomed because of a simple fact," Neil looks up at the Captain.. "How did I get here?"

"Mr. Neil," Captain Beauregard sat down at the table.. "Your lucky you are not in the brig.. That little stunt in medical.."

"Commander V'Zat.. It was a pleasure," Neil stands up and turns his back on the Captain.. He sees the security guards move half a step covering the doors with hands on phasers.. "I am not a member of your crew captain.. I see I am a prisoner.. Master.."

The black man rubs his nose, "Seaman Neil of the US Navy.. Your country joined the world government then joined the federation.. By treaty all our forces merged.. And when that government joined the Federation, all military command eventually transfered to Starfleet.. I checked with Jag.. "

"I was fired from," Neil shook his head.. "S#$%.. I owed time on my contract.." Turning back around, "Well before you utter the words to me.. You are all mother F#$%ing c#$% suckers. With whom the best part of you ran down your mothers A$$!! C#$ guzzling gutter Slut.. I bet you stuck you d@#$ in your sister and your mama. No, probably your dad.. Daddy!!! Backwoods monkey F#$....."

"Ensign," Captain Beauregard stood up pissed off..

Ensign Neil was staring forward not saying a word as the Captain had much larger hands pointing in the Ensign's face..

"I meant.. "Captain Beauregard smiles, "Ensign is fine. Makes this easier..You are trying to get me to hit you son.. Nice try.. I am hereby giving you a direct order, Ensign. Any concerns being to me or the Commander.. You are not allowed to discuss your past  or how you got here.. By order of Admira.."

"I want it in writing sir.. " Ensign Neil looked Captain Neil straight in the face, "You do still give order on paper right?"

"I believe you are logging a request for a copy of signed orders.." Commander V'Zat cooly speaks, "Captain.. I studied a lot of history.. I believe it is an old earth naval tradition.."

"I will have it delivered to your quarters.." Pointing at the chair, "Sit.."

"Wuff," Ensign Neil sat down. "Sat down Captain.."

"D@#$ it son.." Captain Beauregard tried to relax, "You put me in a S#$% situation.. The two people you injured were filing charges.. SI and DoTI.. I never should have.."

"Let them charge me sir.. I will press charges for kidnapping a federation citizen.." Seeing the look on the Captain's face, "Captain you told me to bring my concerns to you.."

Beauregard Rubbed his nose bridge again,"Ensign.. I want you to know I was.. I did what I was ordered to.. Yes I filed an objection and it was over ruled."

"Do you fill better now sir," Ensign Neil shook his head. "Do not expect me to accept you actions.. Permission to carry on sir.. I think the private company here just proved a point.."

"Ensign.. Listen to me.. " Taking a deep breath, "Fine. Report to engineering with the .."

"Captain.. Might I recommend Ensign Neil to the history department of sciences.." Commander V'Zat cooly spoke, "This way they can observe him.."

"Commander V'Zat.. I want you to begin the Ensign's training.. Where he starts I trust you," Captain Beauregard stood.. "Ensign.. Even if you do not believe it.. You have my apologies for what happened.. You do have to do things in the interest of the greater good." Neil said nothing as his eyes glossed over, "A friend found your old records.. Son.. This is a second chance.. "

Neil took off a wedding ring and handed it to the Captain ,"Tell her Captain it was for the greater good.. Thats right.. You cant can you." Tossing the ring on the Table, "Where I come from our Captains are solely responsible for all actions their ships and people take.. Those injuries in medical.. On you.. My wifes overdose from the records is own you.. So four people for the greater good.. How many more sir?"

Neil left the table as everyone was quiet in the lounge.. The security guards looked at the Captain and stood aside..


Captain's log

Ensign Neil has indirectly publically filed formal charges against myself.. I know it was F#$%ing him.. He has every right to file them, but did he have to send the notes of his case to the press.. Officially the Reporter denies ever having speaking with my Ensign.. She claims a ferengi merchant sold her the files..

The SOB turned around and when question demanded a JAG representative present for formal questioning.. Perhaps the Secuirty Chief Grosler should keep a better eye on the iso chips.. Neil then gave a list of potential suspects who could have been responsible.. His JAG officer suggested perhaps we should check the station logs and the ship logs..

Ensign Neil never encountered the Ferengi on the station.. Counselor Eros was ordered by JAG to NOT read Ensign Neil's mind..

Several news agencies have tried contacting the Ensign.. He has refused to speak with any of them referring them to Starfleets office of public affairs.

I have been forced to put a formal reprimand in security Chief Grosler's file for mishandling sensitive information..

Counselor Eros has been ordered to proceed with the counseling sessions with Ensign Neil by starfleet command.. Now Counselor Eros has filed formal charges against me..

Ensign Jorel, Lt JG Kent, and Crewman Doudson have filed formal complaints against me as well..

This does not bode well for myself or the ship..


"Commander V'Zat.. You are hereby ordered to assume command of the USS Gauss.. You are further ordered to bring Ensign Neil directly to earth," A four Star Admiral shook his head.. "Captain Beauregard is confined to quarters until arrival. Upon entering earth orbit, he is to be transported to Starfleet command for court martial.."

"Admiral Henry," Captain Beauregard spoke for a second..

"God D@#$ it Javier.." Rubbing his black facial hair, "This operation has blown up in star fleets face.. Your mission is cancelled.."

"Captain, " Lt. Grosler called out from behind everyone.. "Sir the away team.. They have encountered hostiles.."

Beauregard pauses and closes his eyes..

"Get the away team out of there," Commander V'Zat took a deep breath.. "Admiral Henry.. Ensign Neil is the historian on the away team.. This should have been a simple mission.. A world reaching just out of its WW3."

"Commander.. I cant get a lock on the away team," Lt. Grosler shook his head.. "Commander .. We have.. That bastard.. Its on one of their radios.."

"Put him on speaker," Commander V'Zat ordered as Beauregard looked at the Admiral.. "Ensign Neil.. can you hear me.."

The sound of automatic weapons firing filled the air, "All of you Put the god D@#$ gear on.. Its called Kevlar.. Then treat Lt. JG Grosler's wounds.. Her husband will kill you if she dies crewman.." After a short pause with the sound of a hand slapping a face, "If I dont kill you first.."

"Yes.. Yes Sir," A scared male voice fills the air..

Lt. Grosler froze for half a second, "Stacy.."

"Ensign report," Commander V'Zat stood..

"Commander V'Zat.. My files.. I was reading.. last entry.. Going to be stupid.. We cant hold.." Ensign Neil's connection goes static filled..

"Commander.. " Lt. Grosler looked up as Admiral Henry's image disappeared, "A romulan ship has decloaked.. They are hailing us.."

"Captain.. You are confined to quarters," Sitting in the Captain's chair.. "Lt. Grosler.. Focus so we can retrieve stacy and the rest of the away team.. Put the Romulans on the main view screen Lt.."

A romulan commander smiled, "Acting Captain, Commander V'Zat.. What a pleasant surprise.. Commander  Malak.. Of the romulan trade delegation."

V'Zat leaned back as Captain Beauregard was escorted off the bridge..

"We have been monitoring the communications.. Does the federation require assistance," Commander Malak coldly stated..

An aide whispered something making the Commander mad, "The away team surrendered then shot the officers.." reading a pad the aide handed him. "The federation does not take hostages.." Commander Malak balled his fist, as he turned and looked at Commander V'Zat..

"Is there an issue Commander Malak," Commander V'Zat stoically spoke?

"Commander.. We are being hailed.." Lt. Grosler gets a confused look on his face, "Archon Freshik.. "

"Put it on the viewscreen," Commander V'Zat was curious..

On the screen a human looking person with four arms was wearing all black.. Moving her hair, "Commander V'Zat..  Why has the Iotian Ambassador Grosler taken my security personel hostage. At a historical site.."

"They are federation," Commander Malak was angry..

"You assured us that is was A federation away Team Commander Malak.. That their phasers and transporter technology would be usless." Archon Freshik was angry as her tongue lashed out, "You did not tell us that it was an A vacationing Ambassador.. The federation is one thing.. "

"It is a lie," Commander Malak was angry as V'Zat sat back.. "They are starfleet personnel.."

"Ensign Neil has not denied that.. His trying to negotiate with our people so the Ambassador does not have her personal Iotian guards execute our people. They have shot five hostages so far.. He is behaving just like you said the federation would.. Words and peace," Archon Freshik slammed two fist into her table.. "A planet full of gansters and criminals.. That are part of the criminal underworld.. Notorius for taking slavesvia the Orion Syndicate.. That was not part of the deal."

Lt. Grosler has to cover his mouth, "Commander V'Zat.." V'Zat looks back to the security station, "The file you requested.."

"Do you think the Romulan," Commander Malak stops when the aide phasers him..

"I assume Command of this.. this trade mission," The female romulan aide coldly looks around at the quiet crew.. "Archon.. The Romulan Trade ministry is willing to help negotiate the release of the Iotian hostages.." 

"As is the Federation.. Archon," Commander V'Zat took a moment.. "Archon.. Perhaps all parties can meet aboard my vessel.. "

"We will not be assimulated by the Federations," The Archon had one of her aides speaking.. "What do you mean that the news is running the Hostage situation.. We.." The aide whispered, "The first Committee wishes to.." Closing her two eyes, "Commander.. Of course we will negotiate on board your vessel.."

"Commander," V'Zat speaks to the quiet Romulan on the screen..

"Sub- commander Rikre.. Of Course the Trade Ministry has no problem in putting this unfortunate incident behind us.. " The Sub Commander looks at the screen ,"So the Federation has a spine. Send me the details. I suggest we allow the federation to send only medical personel."

The Archon glares, "Of course.. Accompanied by my security people.. I suggest we meet aboard the Federation Starship in two hours.."

As both females cut the screen, Lt. Grosler takes a deep breath.. Looking down at his console, "Long range Communications have been restored.. Admiral Henry is hailing us.."

"Bridge to medical," Commander V'Zat calmly speaks..

"Boyce here," The female Doctor answered..

"We have wounded on the planets surface.. Per protocol have the triage team prepared to beam down in two minutes," Commander V'Zat spoke..


"Right now put together the triage team," Commander V'Zat turned off the communication.. "Put Admiral Henry back on the view screen.."
Very, Very Well Written,,,,  minusculeclap
Now let's Kick Some Ass.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
"Captain V'Zat," Lt. Grosler spoke over to the Captain's chair. "That was a.. A very human log entry.."

"An experiment Lt.." Captain V'Zat stood as she walked over to the Galaxy Class ships helm, "A recommendation.. A social dynamics experiments.. Most of the Commanding officers above me are human.. So speak with them in their psycological field of view."

The vulcan conn officer raised an eyebrow, "Ensign Neil's recommendation?" Nodding his head in agreement, "A wise course of action."

"Lt. Syrg," Captain V'Zat was looking at the Ferengi, Romulan, Orion, Iotian, And Federation Merchant ships in orbit.. "He recommended that Vulcans train our human counterparts like Beloved pets.."

Lt. Grosler laughs for a second, "Wait.. Train us like pets.. Dogs.."

Sitting back down, "Do you want a treat Lt.. I can have one brought from my ready room.." Captain V'Zat sat back down as she manipulated the controls of her arm rest, "A new couch for you and your wifes room. For when you are in trouble."

Lt. Grosler pointed and laughed, "That is a good one mam.."

Couselor Eros looks at the captain with a smile, "You are telling a joke?"

"Vulcans do not waste our time with humor.." Captain V'Zat cooly spoke with out showing emotion,"Have our new trade partners released Ensign Neil from from their custody yet.."

Lt. Grosler was confused as he chuckled, "Mam.. He is beaming aboard in ten minutes."

"Have the Ensign escorted to my ready room," Captain V'Zat looked over at Counselor Eros. "You will join us for the conversation."

Captain V'Zat did not give any responses to the quiet crew as she worked on something..

"Lt. Grosler you have the bridge.. " Stopping at the Galaxy class star ships entrance to her ready room, "If the Ferengi attempt to make another side deal.. At least make sure we get back the golden gate bridge.."

Counselor Eros is the first to laugh at the comment, but she looks at the Captain with mild surprise.. 

After the ready room door shuts, "The Captain has developed a sense of humor.."

Lt. Syrg notes the laughter and sees the mild surprise on her face.. "Lt. Grosler.. Request permission to speak with the Captain Privately.."

"Go for it," Lt. Grosler pauses as the Counselor had also stood.. "Counselor.."

"I will discuss it with Captain V'Zat later.." 

As Syrg stands at the door, "Enter Lt."

Entering the ready room Syrg waits for the door to close, "Captain.."

"Lt. Sryg.. My mental health is fine." Captain V'Zat stands at the replicator, "Vulcan Coffee.. Authorization Voice confirmation.."

Captain V'Zat sat down in an antique vulcan chair, Smiled, and crossed her legs in her chair..

"Vulcan Coffee," Syrg raised an eyebrow..

"Would you prefer I act more Vulcan so you would be more comfortable," Captain V'Zat's smile left her face.. Sitting down her coffee, "Report Lt."

Syrg felt intimidated and almost lost his bearing, "Mam. Your behavior has become .. Erratic for a Vulcan.."

Crossing her fingers into a steeple fashion.. Sounding like an old master, "I was unaware of a regulation that required me to explain to a Lt. the reasoning for my behavior.."

Swallowing hard, "No Mam.."

"That is to vulcan an answer for starfleet.." Sipping her coffee, "You are correct in your observations.. However the conclusion is wrong.." Reaching down and taking out a data pad, "I have recieved aide from Doctor Boyce. You will find a complete medical exam Lt.."

"Mam.. I," Lt. Syrg read the file.. "All scans and evaluations are with in the standards for vulcans.."

"I have a proposal for you Syrg.. I need you to stay strictly Vulcan for this socialogical experiment.. Your concerns are over my use of humor recently, the minor changes I have made in my stance, Dinking what appears to be coffee, the use of the more informal mam.."

Turning his head slightly sideways, "You are conducting an experiment mam?" As the Captain looked at him, "You need me to participate for the control group.. I am honored mam.."

"I see a question Lt... Ask."

"I was worried that you were.. " Captain V'Zat's old school Mistress non verbals made the cool Sryg pause, "You had been suffering from some strange form of illness.."

"The rumor I am in some form of reletionship with Ensign Neil.. You are correct.. I have been mentoring him in the ways of the Vulcan people.. I also disagree with the orders we were forced to follow.." Sipping the coffee, "Ensign Neil however did admit he still pictures in his mind of me from the day he saw me nude.. He told me this so that the emotions he had did not interfere with me mentoring him."

"May I captain," Syrg pointed to the seat. "I will participate Captain.. It is more comfortable for me to refer to you by rank.. I am curious as to why you have chosen to mentor him?"

"The earlier conversations I have had with the ensign.. Have been of valuable insight into the human race.." She raises the Coffee in cheers to the Lt., "This is a nutrient drink designed to smell like coffee. We find it offensive smelling but.. The officers above me and below me all changed their interactions with me.. Over so simple an adjustment.."

"Drinking simulated coffee has that affect.."

"Let me begin in a different sequence.. I was communicating with Ensign Neil over his personal history.. As his chaotic mind flowed, I noticed a pattern.. He interrupted himself a third time.. Asking me why, if vulcans are so smart, why have they not simple used their superior intellect to govern their interactions with other non-logical humanoids.."

Syrg started to speak, instead a quizacal look crossed his face.

"I asked the Ensign why he decided to go down that avenue of thought," Captain V'Zat instinctually returned to a more vulcan set of non verbals. "His response was one of the most interesting thoughts I have ever heard a human speak.. If IDIC means what you said it was. Why have the Vulcans not been experimenting with acting like humans.. Naturalistic observation like we used to do with apes.."

"Interesting.. " Syrg was intrigued, "This prompted you to engage in changing you behavior.."

"It has worked with most of the humaniods on board.. I do not feel the emotions.. I can however wear them like clothes.. It has been.." V'Zat paused for a second, "helpful in this transition to Captain.. I have had less of the issues normally associated with command changes then expected.."

Looking at the pad, "You spoke with the artificial life form.."

"Data.. Yes.. Three days ago.. I dont use rank with him.. Instead trying to emulate friendship.." V'Zat sat regally, "Data was intrigued by my proposal.. He sent me a copy of his personal logs, all records and correspondence, and an evaluation of the results I have observed.. "

Syrg was reading the information, "Fascinating.. This is an evaluation of the human race that.. Fascinating.. The Military structure of old earth was designed to bring discipline to human soldiers.. While obvious..." Syrg was reading, "The later militaries had come down to the fact .. " Looking up at the Captain, "They were trying to bring about logical soldiers.. In effect the primative human's militaries were on a path to logic?"

"And that is what gave us today's Starfleet," V'Zat sat looking at the door.

The door chimed, "Mam.. Ensign Neil is here.."

"Come in Counselor," Captain V'Zat picked up her cup of coffee..

A clean shaven Ensign, came in behind the counselor.. "Captain.."

"Ensign Neil.. I have needed to speak with you," She waived her hand at Syrg to stand.. "Have a seat ensign?"

"Ok.. How bad is it mam," Ensign Neil sat down..

"You have F#$%ed up pretty bad Son.." Captain V'Zat sounded very human in her statements, "We are going to Earth after I feel we have finished our objectives.. I have decided to drop you off at Star Fleet Academy.. So when we get to earth.. Tuck and roll ensign.."

Neil shakes his head trying not to smile, "That is not funny Captain.."

"It is to me.. Lt. Syrg has pointed out that you lack discipline.. As your sea momma as you put so human like, I have decided to be a good mother.. You are assigned personally, to Lt. Syrg.. He will be evaluating your behavior and performance.. I am still your mentor, I.. In part thanks to you, have the additional burden as Captain.."

"Lt. Syrg.. I think I created a monster.."

"That is a highly emotional response Ensign," Syrg stood and spoke in the most vulcan way he could.. "Captain.. I will raise your pet human till we get earth.. Please not an objection in the record mam.."

Neil looked at Syrg and back to the captain..

"Counselor," Lt. Syrg responded.. "I am going to address your complaint with the Ensign directly.." Captain V'Zat raised an eyebrow, "You will participate in the counseling sessions.. Also we will be working on your unvulcan like behavior.. Human."


"Ensign Neil," A woman with grey hairs shook her head..  As she stood from her office desk, "I at first did not agree with you being assigned here.." 

"Vice Admiral Brande," Ensign Neil was in a cadet uniform..

"Till you spoke at Captain Beauregards court martial," The Vice Admiral narrowed her eyes.. Neil came to full attention, "I see the old earth navy did put discipline in there.."

Neil stood with the thousand yard stare, saying nothing in the silence..

"The Federation did fail.. You are correct.. I have reviewed the breifings from the incident at, " The door chimed interupting the Vice Admiral.. "Enter.."

A trill instructor pointed as four cadets entered.. Sloppily the native american human, a nausican female, a Reman male, A male human pygmy, and a Suliban female just stood there after the walked in.

"Ah.. Cadets Blackstone, Daylon, Vir'Sto, Rao, and Fle," Vice Admiral Brand waived her hand dismissing the instructor.. "Now.. Yes.. The reports indicated leadership abilities.. Old man.. You are now in charge of.. Of Targ Squad.."

"Great.. We get," Ensign Neil hit Cadet Blackstone in the back of the head making her shake her head..

"Cadet.. Chill.. " Blackstone went to move and to her surprise a phaser was in her face, "Be a good girl and I wont fire.."

"Ensign," The Vice Admiral spoke loudly.. "They were supposed to take that phaser from you."

Rear Admiral Brand held her hand out. In response Neil handed the phaser to the Rear Admiral, "Mam.. this is training.. "

Wide eyed Rear Admiral Brand looked at the phaser setting, "You had this on the highest setting.. It would have vaporized her.."

Blackstone swallowed hard as Neil was standing straight again staring forward..

"You would have killed me," Blackstone got a look of fear on her face..

The other Cadets swallowed hard as as Ensign Neil coughed.. Slowly they stood straight and stared forward..

"Ensign," Brand watched as Cadet Blackstone got hit quietly by the nausican female.. A smile Crossed her face.. She turned off the phaser but handed it back to Neil.. "Their will be an inspection in ten minutes Ensign.. Make sure this phaser is NOT there.."

Ensign Neil took a deep breath, "Mam.. I formally object to.."

Vice Admiral Brand turned her back on Targ Squad, "Dismissed Ensign Neil.. Take the targs with you.." Neil shoves them towards the door, "Ensign.. Your first assignment is to get them working as team.. Your record indicates you need to work on your team building exercises.. The academy is holding a capture the flag contest today.. It starts after the inspection.. You will lead them in participating.. I expect them in the top five Ensign.."

The members of the Targ squad  smile when Ensign  Neil flicks off Vice Admiral Brand behind her back, "Thank you to mam.."


Rear Admiral Brand walks out of her office, "What is going on?"

Security personell are running past the rear admiral, as sirens go off..

Grabbing one of the people, "Report.."

"Rear Admiral.. The Academy is under attack.. " The Lt. took a deep breath as the sound of phaser fire comes from outside..

Diving inside the building, A trill officer was cursing as she dropped a pad.. "Omega squad take.."

A cadet went flying forward from the entrance..

"ENSIGN NEIL," The Commander growled.. "Protect that D@#$ flag!"

The security teams took cover as Rear Admiral Brand turned to the sound of a transporter hum..

Two armored females open fired on the security officers stunning them. They ran grabbing the Omega Squads flag off the downed cadet..

"Good morning chancellor Martok.." Blackstones voice filled the air, "Transport Rao!"

Phaser beams went through the two as they transported out..

Rear Admiral Brand stood and wiped the dust off her.. "Commander Zund.."

"Ensign Neil claims he was directly ordered to lead the Targ Squad to victory.." Angry the Trill Commander pointed at the broken pad, "He sent a message to us that unless otherwise directed he will faithfully execute his orders.."

A deep klingon laughter filled the air as several other klingons laughed with the main voice.. "I see the Federation has started to train real warriors.."

"Chancellor Martok," Rear Admiral Brand hid her anger Quickly..

Martok hits the Superintendant on the arm ," Good Job Rear Admiral.. You made my guards nervous.." Laughing again, "An impressive display.. The Targs!"

"Andrea," Commander Zund gets the no signal from Admiral Brand..

"Targs," The Chancellor laughs as he walks down the hall.. "A targ hunt.."

The guards laugh as the Chancellor stops..

"Rear Admiral.. If they win today.. I invite the Targs," Martok laughs again.. "To come visit our Academy .. "

"If Ensign Neil does not have an unfortunate accident.." Rear Admiral Brand responded making Martok laugh as he walked away..

As soon as the Diplomatic envoy was out of sight, "Rear Admiral.."

Angry the Rear Admiral storms outside ignoring her lower Level officers..

On top of a different building she sees, an Armored figure looking down at a different angle..

"Ensign NEIL!!"

A stun Grenade goes off in the distance as several cadets are running towards safety..

Commander Zund draws a phaser and shoots up as the Squad runs..

From two different buildings return phaser fire makes Commander Zund hit the ground..

Barely able to make out the armored figure, Rear Admiral Brand watches the scene repeat its self from earlier..

Two armored cadets transport in as the Cadets stop cold.. 

The Cadets from Red squad are hit with phaser fire from the two.. They run as they move grabbing the flag..

"CADETS.. Hal," Admiral Brand is cut off by transporter beams.. She looks up as the Armored figure is making an obscene gesture, beaming away.. "I want.." An admiral is standing pointing at the Rear Admiral.."Admiral Henry.."

The black human Admiral motions come here, and points to the ground in front of him.. "I want both of you here NOW!"


Several Armed Security personnel walked into the bar, Lt. Greslor tapped his badge.. "Captain V'Zat.. We found them.. Transporter inhibitors deployed."

"F#$% you I'm Drunk," Ensign Neil was drunk as he sung with the old juke box.. "Pour my beer down the sink..."

Blackstone stumbled as she walked by, "Ensign.. The .. The law is here.. Now where is that cute man who promised me a night of my dreams?"

A nausican female was dancing on a table surrounded by several men, downing drinks..

"Cadet Daylon," Lt. Grosler growled.. "Get off the table!"

Several of the workers turn and glare ..

The starfleet security team gets nervous.. 

"Cadet Rao," The Drunk Neil calls out.. "Party Crashers!!"

"F#$%.. F#$%.." Taking out a tricorder a wobbily pygmy spoke to a bajoran waitress, "Go Poof.. "

"Please," Lt. Grosler looked at Rao.. "Ensign .. These Cadets are supposed to be.."

A transporter beam energized as the Bajoran waitress grinned, "Wow.."

Ensign Neil was wide eyed.. "Pygmy?"

Rao start singing, "Where Ill sit down and exercise my Irish pride.."

The crowd starts singing with Rao..

"Relax sir.. I beameded dim to.." Rao burps loudly, "My home land.." Drunkly Rao plays with the tricorder, "I brought back the transport inhibitors.."

"So you have never slept with a reman before? Well the vulcans and the romulans are.." Shakng his head, "Smaller cousins.."

"Vir.." The red headed woman slaps the Reman male.. "You cant be," the human female goes wide eyed.. "Ok.. " Downing a shot as her friend walks over..

"We agreed not to," The red head whispers to her Andorian female friend.. "Thats not.. WOW.."

Rao and Neil look at Vir'Sto as the Andorian female's antenea move excitedly..

"To Ensign Neil.. The best D@#$ officer in starfleet," Vir'Sto raises a shot glass into the air..

Blackstone grabs a woman and kisses her stealing her drink, "Here. Here.."

Rao and Daylon acquire glasses and raise them in the air..

Fle comes out of the back room with a cigar, "Next rounds on me.." The Suliban female tosses two strips of Latinum on the bar.. "A bunch of humaniod psuedo mathematicians bet on inside straights.."

An older Blonde female walks in wearing an all black dress.. With her purse she walks up to the bar, smiling at Ensign Neil. "I will have a chilled vodka on Ice.. What are you having starfleet?"

Ensign Neil looks at the woman, "I want your number mam.. If that aint happening .. The bottle of Tennesse's finest.."

Fle takes out two more strips and gives it to the bar tender and points at the bottle.. "Its on me sir.. This is more fun then I have ever had.."

Daylon sashays over with a smile as she pats Ensign Neil on the arm.."Sir.. Have fun.. It is what you told us..We are in deep S#$% tomorrow.."

Neil smiles evilly, "Daylon.." Pausing, "I will lead from the front.." Walkng over to a table, "My lady.."

The bartender smiled and nodded his head to the woman with short blonde hair..

Taking both drinks to the table, "You do know those men will figure out eventually how they are being beamed away?"

From outside of the patio, laughter comes from the patrons..

"They keep getting beamed away," A voice with a country twang fills the air..

"You are that person who started all that crap with star fleet.. Ensign Neil right," The woman smiled.. "You are still all over the Vids.."

A drunk sounding Blackstone was looking at the old pictures on the wall, "Holy S#$%.. Ensign Neil.. Is this .. This is you.." Reading the picture's inscription, "Me last night in the Navy.."

The woman looked at Neil, "Now that would have to be one interesting story.."

"I ended twelve careers the next day.. Scorched earth.. God I was so young," Ensign Neil smiled.. "Tell me about yourself.. But first.." With an evil smile on his face as Fle had taken her bottle and poured shots.. "Shots.. To starfleets finest group of cadets.."

"I.." Seeing a set of other drinks brought over, "What are these.."

"Irish Car Bombs.." Pointing to the picture, "I had .." Counting on his fingers and then barefoot toes, "Enough not to remember.."

The woman hid her thoughts quickly as the bartender raises an eye, "I will try one.. Then back to my drink.."

Ensign Neil made the drinks for everyone as all the cadets stood around the table.

"The deal is you drop the shot glass into the guiness red bull mix.. and chug," Ensign Neil held the shot over the glass.. "One.. Two.."


"Ally.. I am old enough to be your.. Of Course I did what I was ordered to do.." Neil shook his head, "Yeap slammered... Completely.."

With a smile Ally sipped her now red drink, "So.. " Blinkng for a second and laughing.. "You were ordered to win the capture the flag scenario.. You used the public Transporters.." Laughing, "And these cadets did this.."

"I found in my Navy those that behave the worse have.." Counting on his hand, "About two thirds of them have a skill at a high level.. Rao is an excellent engineer in the making.. Blackstone is a natural leader.. Fle is a gopher.. Vir'Sto is a natural tactician.. Daylon is an excellent spy and info analyst, as well as medic.. Thier starfleet scores do not show this.."

Ally slowly sipps her drink, "So you .. You assualted .." She giggled, "You stole the flags from the other squads.. And then ran.."

"Ally it was a win.." Blackstone is sitting in a mans lap kissing a waitress, "She has a chip on her shoulder.. It came off today.. I put her in charge of the snatch and grab.. I teamed her with Fle, our thief..  Vir'sto is scared he will fail.. It was babysteps.. He was my spotter over seeing the whole operation.." Ally nodded her head, "Rao I had set up with Daylon.. Rao just needs time to grow.. Daylon.. My little tusk.. is a quiet one.... "

Yawning Ally took another sip, "So you retrieved the flags.. With this group?"

A song came over the jukebox, "Ally.." Standing up taking Ally's hand, "My lady.. This is an old song.."

"I have not danced in years," Ally smiled but stopped herself.. "Neil.. I.."

Neil took her hand and put another around her waist, "So what do you think.. Did I go to far?"

Ally took a deep breath, "Yes.." As the song played the two danced, "In my business.. We do risk assessments.. Yes.. You and your people may have crossed a few lines.. It is amazing what you accomplished with them Dexter."

The woman laid her head on the Ensigns chest as the two danced..

"Admiral Nechayev.. You have to give me more credit than that," Ensign Neil danced with the woman not looking back up..

"Shut up Ensign.." Admiral Nechayev growled, "I have not danced in years.. "

Starfleet security personnel beamed in, in force as the two danced..

"Yes mam.."

Blackstone stood shocked, "Admiral Nechayev.. F@#$.."

Daylon called out, "Admiral on Deck!"

The Cadets all stood at Attention, making the security personel freeze.

Singing half lit off key as she danced with the ensign, "A pretty little thing.. waiting for the king.."

An evil smile crossed Ensign Neil's face as the security officer scanned the woman in black dress.. 

The Security officer's feet came together, standing at attention.. "Its the Admiral.."

The guards came to attention as the Admiral kept dancing with the ensign..

Captain V'Zat walked in and paused as she watched with the combined security personnel..

As the song ended Admiral Nechayev sighed.. She kissed the ensign on the cheek and whispered, "Thank you for the dance old man.." Stepping back and in a command tone, "Ensign Neil.. The Targ squad has liberty until 0630 zulu.. You will report to the disciplinary review board by 0700.."

Reaching out taking her hand, "You are not in my chain of command Ally.."

Gently putting her hand over the Ensign's, "It is not appropriate Dexter.." Closing her eyes for a second, "At least not at this moment.. "

Picking up her purse, Admiral Nechayev looks at Captain V'Zat.. "Captain.. They have liberty till 0630.."

"aye Admiral," Captain V'Zat watched as the security personnel moved quickly out of the Admiral's way.. "Mam.. "

Admiral Nechayev turned and looked coldly at the Vulcan..

"I am curious as to why they get liberty.."

"Dexter.. Make sure the flags are returned by 0700," Admiral Nechayev spoke then walked out..

"Aye Admiral.."

"It is Ally Dexter.. I am not on duty," Sighing at the door.. "I will talk with you tomorrow.. Over lunch.. Captain V'Zat.. Please process my orders and inform Starfleet Academy.." A smile no one could see crossed her face, "If Rear Admiral Brand needs me I am at the reopened San Deigo Hilton.. The penthouse suite."

"Aye Admiral," Captain V'Zat repeated back the instructions.

Blackstone went wide eyed when she saw a grin pass over Ensign Neil's face for half a second.. "No way.."

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