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Security Camera Video of Las Vegas Shooting Shows Spirit Orbs?
This video wasn't meant to show anything metaphysical by the person who posted it, but when I watched it, I noticed how at the beginning there were hardly any "bugs" flying around the camera.  However, when the people start running through the parking lot, the "bug" activity picks up to an astonishing pace, which leads me to wonder if these "bugs" aren't really spirit orbs?  I know SOME at the beginning WERE bugs.

(It is explained that the footage date is wrong because of the wrong date being installed when the camera was put up.  Whatever... that really doesn't have anything to do with the topic I'm discussing here.)

The parking lot footage shows just  before people  start running from the shooting at the music festival, and then as they start running through.
It is a paved parking lot, so that much dust shouldn't have been stirred up, and they don't seem to be that close to the camera.
And, as you can see by the trees in the background, the wind wasn't blowing.

You'll see the swarm around the 4:00 mark. 

As you go further along the video, the swarm of "bugs" gets to the point that it looks like a tornado or hurricane being captured on film!  tinywhat
If that many bugs were flying around, wouldn't the people be swatting them away from their face?  

Anyway, I think the fear/trauma of the people coming through the parking lot got the "spirits" all worked up into a chaotic frenzy!  As the parking lot clears, the swarm dies down, then picks up slightly as a few stragglers come through.

Also, at the 1:18:38 mark, if you notice, a bag in the parking lot moves, and at the 1:19:07 mark it slides across the parking lot, but nothing else on the ground is disturbed.   tinyhuh If it was the wind, wouldn't the smaller objects move too? 
Also, at this point when the lot is empty of people, there is hardly any activity on the camera.

Then, also notice as the vehicle drives in at the 1:19:40 mark, no "dust" appears around the camera?  If the runners were stirring up dust, wouldn't the car cause even more dust?

At the 1:21:00 mark all the "orbs" seem to have disappeared. Could it be because help has arrived, and they settled down?

Here is an article of how our own energy field affects the energy around us.

What is Energy?

Watch and let me know what you think.

I go with Bugs, not big enough for a spirit and from the Spirits I know, they moved to fast for being New in that Realm.
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(11-12-2017, 07:29 PM)guohua Wrote: I go with Bugs, not big enough for a spirit and from the Spirits I know, they moved to fast for being New in that Realm.

Lots of Earth-bound spirits around us, in my opinion.  

It being bugs simply doesn't compute for me to answer some of my questions in the OP.

Bugs in the beginning, mist composed of minute water droplets later on, like a fog. It swirls due to winds and breezes. I watched exactly these sorts of cameras for a couple years, up close and personal where I knew the exact weather conditions. It doesn't take much of a breeze to make fog swirl and dance, especially when it's close to the camera.

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