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Hillary Self Destruction
The Hillary Self Destruction:  I still have not figured out why she,
HRC, lost.  Was it the Russian's? or was it WikiLeaks? or was it
Podesta? Or Comey? or was it a sexual predator husband? or was it a
staff's husband, Wiener’s immoral pictures? was it subpoena
violations? or was it the corrupt foundation? or was it the
congressional lies? or was it the Benghazi bungle? or was it pay for
play? or was it the travel gate scandal? or was it the whitewater
scandal? or the cattle gate scandal? Or the Trooper Gate scandal? Or
was it the $15 million for Chelsea’s apt bought with foundation money?
Or Comey's investigation? Or her husband’s interference with Loretta
Lynch and the investigation? Or was it stealing debate questions? Was
it forensically deleting 30,000 emails? Was it the Seth Rich murder?
Was it calling half the USA deplorable? Was it the underhanded
treatment of Bernie Sanders? Was it the Vince Foster murder? The
Jennifer Flowers assault? The Jennifer Flowers settlement? The Paula
Jones law suit? The $800,000 Paula Jones settlement? The lie about
taking on sniper fire? The impeachment? The $6 billion she "lost" when
in charge of the state dept.? The $10 million she took for the pardon
of Marc Rich?

Gee, I just can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be right
in front of me.
It's funny, Sky, I was just going to do a thread on listing all the different reports on
Hillary Clinton's career in politics and financial dealings -(are they one and the same?!)

But I had second-thoughts when I mused on the Clintons' arkancide-list!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I still have not figured out why she, HRC, lost.

Yes, Hillary is still trying to figure it out too.  Maybe she'll see this and have her question answered. tinylaughing

(I hope her "followers" see it too.)   minusculetongue

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