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Let's Go Down the Rabbit Hole!
Here are the Dilley Drops, put together by an Anon on 8Chan. 

Thanks Anon!
Reposting.. even though yours is pretty good!
Part 1:
Dilley Drop 3/16/2018

Dilley has 3 sources. Put them together, corroborating intel paints a compelling story.
Mueller is giving the President the most public thorough proctology exam in the history of government right now.
3rd source - smartest person Dilley ever met.

3rd source had an interesting conversation with a former marine colonel - This ties directly with Q
This former marine colonel after 20 years out of the forces (currently a school superintendent) had been "recalled" or "pulled back in" for duty
Dilley then recalls when Mueller had his White House visit the DAY before he was appointed special counsel.
Dilley states "This is so much deeper than what most Americans understand, even deeper than what I previously understood"
Based on Intel given to Dilley, "Former MARINE Robert Mueller… "
They're cleaning UP the DEEP STATE & here's how they're doing it…
They're recalling military… FORMER military, OLD SCHOOL military
Guys that left that were still somebody
"I believe, based on this source, that Robert Mueller was 'RECALLED' for duty"
Objective - they are recalling former military, men of honor and rank for this OPERATION that is currently underway
To deny that there is an operation underway is SHEER ignorance
18,500 sealed indictments since Oct 30th
I believe that the conversation Robert Mueller had with President Trump the day before being appointed SPECIAL PROSECUTOR was not an interview, it was DUTY, he's a MARINE
Who is President Trump's Chief of Staff? Who has he surrounded himself with?
Mueller is NOT DEEP STATE!
Mueller is an Active Duty marine working as a Special Prosecutor to exhonerate your President so that when they drop the HAMMER on the Deep State, and 18,500 sealed indictments come out, you don't have a bunch of leftists screaming that he's the next Hitler.
You're in a spy movie.
I believe Robert Mueller is "quietly Active Duty"
There's you context for everything that is happening
Active and formerly retired military personnel are reaching out to me WAY UP, that wanna have conversation
These recalled marines are answering directly to POTUS
All this is Kabuki Theatre, Bill Mitchell YVA nailed this last summer
This is deeper than you realize. Much more global than you realize.
It's an ACTIVE BATTLE day in and day out.. RIGHT NOW - information-wise
It's for the OPTICS, that's the real battle
Deep-State Optics.
There is division within YOUR movement and it's not organic or personal… It's absolutely deliberate division, it is on purpose.
They want you disenfranchised, divided, fearful
Fearful people make stupid decisions, say stupid things and hurt people that are actually there to help them.
FEAR is a plague and it is a CONTROL APPARATUS
Mueller investigation has been one of the most well-orchestrated military ops I belive in History in combination with what else is we've got going on behind the scenes.
The purge is 100% real
Why does Mueller want more "info" - who cares? He's there to investigate EVERYTHING
And if you really wanna see a Deep State Cleanup.
If you wanna see the swamp DRAINED in its entirety, the only way you can do that without divding the country, like OVERNIGHT in civil war,
YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CHARACTER who is investigating President Trump
You have to have that exoneration ahead of time
Troll - "You need some VISIBLE wins"
Dilley responds "WHY?"
I don't know if you have to HAVE FAITH IN MUELLER to do the "right things"
You gotta be careful with certain words,
You can have faith that he is doing the job that he's is being asked to DO
And if he has IN FACT, been secretly military recalled, then HE'S FOLLOWING ORDERS
Who does the marines answer to directly?

Anonymous  03/16/18 (Fri) 05:12:16 d7a2fc No.683622>>683757

(Part 2)

Mueller was a "marine". And there ARE NO FORMER MARINES.
My guess is that he was recalled prior to this "Special Prosecutor" talk. That's my intuition.
Bill Mitchell and I have made this assertion since last summer…
But what I never had was that missing piece which I now have…
Which is why it makes even more sense… It is confirmation.
There are so many LEVELS to what's going on that are in different directions
The reason that you're being asked to Trust in God and Trust in the Plan is because there are people involved in this plan
They're being used deliberately
People ask "Is Sean Hannity's Outrage legit?"… Answer: Probably
You wouldn't wanna tell a guy like that what's going on if you needed him to feign outrage to keep everybody looking in this direction.
YOu need legitimate reaction and so you feed everybody different information and intelligence to keep them reacting a certain way. It keeps people safe.
The less consensus you reach during an op like this, the safer people are.
You have to keep people fighting and arguing and defending and looking all over and it keeps…
I believe it keeps th operatives involved in this situation SAFE
The only thing you can ask all of the people with their own opinion to do, is to trust in the plan and have faith in God.
That's really all you can ask the people to do.
And to continue talking and dialoging… Q drops went from 1 million ppl to 20+ million in 90 days.
My Global overseas source has direct and immediate experience dealing with the Brown Shirts and George Soros over in Europe. Not Hyperbole
There is a picture of a Senator from Illinois in the early 2000's in the Ukraine on the front page of the Kiev newspaper touring a chemical weapons plant… if you were so inclined to look (That would be Barry).
Barry has his mug probably in 2004 on the cover of a newspaper in Kiev, touring a chemical weapons plant in the Ukraine. It's out there. It exists… dig it up.
Why important? What does it have to do to today?
It ties directly into what you're seeing the media and even our own government putting the blame on Russia.
Don't have the pic… I would've tweeted it. This ties into EVERYTHING.
There is an operation in this planet right now to try and save it.
It is deeper than money, deeper than power. It is real.
Some Periscope followers already found it during the stream.
Summary: This is WHY there are so many military men involved. This is the missing piece.
2 out of Dilley's 3 sources have confirmed.
"There are no coincidences"
They're setting the stage & controlling the environment for the next.
Q says elections don't matter at this time… Dilley says he's starting to believe it.
There is about to be a "game changing move"
If you didn't believe that POTUS is in control. Or that there is a master plan being orchestrated in front of you,
how in the ABSOLUTE HELL was there not a single leak regarding North Korea?
Think about it! Nobody saw it coming.
NOT ONE LEAK leading up to to NK, SK, & US meeting.
Not 1. No sabotaging of it, no conversations about it, just BAM!
That is total control. Look at your news… how bored are you day in and day out, other than the fake news.
You only get big news when the President says "drop Big news"
Within government (today), you don't have a bunch of leaks like you did last March/April.
The only bread crumbs and stories you get are the ones Your President tees up for you!
Someone in the Periscope pointed out the President Trump mentioned that talks were going well with N.K.
And the entire Leftist controlled media all dismissed him. He was ignored.
He's leaving you the breadcrumbs right in plain sight.
If you ever want to see "what's coming" in this country, read President Trump's twitter timeline in reverse.

Anonymous  03/16/18 (Fri) 05:12:26 d7a2fc No.683624>>683757

Part 3
I think that the Q community hopefully takes the piece that I've just shared and apply it to all the other drops that you have received and maybe it'll give you more answers. I hope that that helps.
Because this missing piece, at least for me, puts so many other things into context.
And so maybe if you apply this potential knowledge into what your own investigations have shown you, because I know you're putting some sort of a map together.

Shout out to 8ch, shout out to 4ch for being willing to do what they do. Cause that's the real power of the people. It's collectively solving a problem in real time that way. IT'S BRILLIANT!
They didn't get enough credit when the election was over, but then, at the same time it wasn't an accident that the Military Intelligence world went back to Chans as a source to drop their new information.
It's kind of like a "tip of the hat" to you guys. A lot of people there get upset. "Our work is being shared elsewhere. How dare you."
I don't think you guys fully understand the fact that they're selecting YOU GUYS (and GALs) as the 1st place of release for information. That's the tip of the hat.

Think 'Seven Days In May'...

The real-life attempted coup in the US, 'The Business Plot' shows that not everything is
an idea in Hollywood.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(03-17-2018, 08:49 PM)BIAD Wrote: A prank or what...? I assume it's related to this thread.

I just had another thought about this weird alert.  Q did say in one of his posts, "Sleeper Cells Activated". 

I wonder if this has something to do with that?   And which "team" are they on?   tinysurprised

(03-18-2018, 02:58 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: ...I just had another thought about this weird alert.  Q did say in one of his posts, "Sleeper Cells Activated". 

I wonder if this has something to do with that?   And which "team" are they on?   tinysurprised

It could be. There are many ways of covert messaging, but sometimes urgency demands less subtle conduits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
More Q posts since I last looked.  Here is Lisa Mei Crowley's opinion...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3391]

This is in reference to everyone asking why Hillary was allowed to travel to India if she is under "ankle bracelet arrest".  I didn't see anything on her ankle in the India pictures where she fell down the steps.  I suppose they have other ways to keep eyes on her though.

You can bet Comey and others are in panic mode!  They are next on the list.   tinysure

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Anyone... Want to play a game?

(03-18-2018, 08:20 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Anyone... Want to play a game?

Damn! I wish I'd thought of that.

Absolutely brilliant!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Dr. Corsi is live on the 24/7 live stream right now, if anyone wants to listen.

Is McCabe a part of the SES (Senior Executive Service)?  If so, that would imply he won't lose his pension.  Other bad actors are named who are a part of this corrupt organization. According to this interview, it will be next to impossible to take them down.  
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Get the popcorn ready.   tinybiggrin

ETA: Here is a great article/document on the SES that Abel Danger posted to Twitter:  LINK
Links under the video discussed in the video:

The research tools they referred to can be found here:
Read about Senior Executive Services here:

Remove the unconstitutional 9000 Senior Executive Services (SES) members . | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Quote:Mar 17 2018 20:44:01 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b02328 701978
Next week.
Mar 17 2018 20:44:59 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b02328 702000 >>701978
USMC activated.
US (3).

Wonder if Q's post from the 17th has anything to do with this?  Are they getting ready for the Booms?  tinybighuh

[Image: 355039-Capture-DMID1-5e4tg7fup-640x360.jpg]

Quote:FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Drivers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia may notice convoys of military vehicles on Interstate 95 and other highways this weekend.

The 82nd Airborne Division said on Twitter that it was moving vehicles to Joint Base Charleston that will eventually be transported to Fort Polk, Louisiana. The 82nd Airborne said it's one of the division's largest sealift deployment exercises in decades.
On Sunday, the North Carolina U.S. Army National Guard said it will be transporting Abrams Tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Fort Pickett, Virginia on Interstate 95.

They will be using massive trucks known as Heavy Equipment Transport Vehicles. The North Carolina National Guard said the massive undertaking required coordination with transportation officials along the 200-mile route.

Quote:82nd staging vehicles on @FtBraggNC to get @2BCT_FALCONS to @FortPolkPAO via @TeamCharleston in 1 of Division's largest Sealift Deployment Readiness Exercise in 30 years. Readiness = vehicles, containers, helicopters, Paratroopers moving out rapidly 2 respond 2 crisis. #ReadyNow
— All American Division (@82ndABNDiv) March 16, 2018

GREAT NEWS!  Kristine Marcy is giving herself up!  What a glorious day this is!!   smallgreenbananadancer 

This was the first post I saw when I got on Twitter this morning.  THIS IS AWESOME!!!   smallawesome

Quote:Abel Danger Global‏ @Telford_Russian

#FieldMcConnell will do a special show at 1pm central today to explain the surrender of his sister, #KristineMarcy.

Show link will be posted when available. @fieldmcc @agentdice

I hope you all can use this link to watch Field McConnell's live stream about to go live NOW!

Okay, Kristine didn't physically surrender, but Field says he knows she is. No one knows her better than he does, and he said she hasn't contacted him for the past 6 ( I think) years.  I reckon he could tell from what she put in her email that she is ready to surrender.
He also said all the people working in the SES were asking to be exonerated; they didn't know they were committing treason.  Really? 

According to Field, everyone in the SES has until April 1st to resign, or be taken down... and not in a good way. The penalty for treason is

smallmachinegun DEATH!

Hmm... this is interesting.  Are they heading to the bunkers to avoid arrests, or do they know something we don't? 

I tend to go with avoiding arrest, simply because we have heard this fear mongering thing about an EMP attack for the last several years. It's not impossible, but...   minusculethinking  With all the winning against the Cabal right now, it just makes more sense.

People are waking up, and they are losing control... time to run underground!  That's okay; we'll just hit them with a scalar beam and fry their !%#. 

[Image: bunker-e1521552883347.jpeg?itok=EsVqo185]

Quote:According to the Washington Examiner, a building network of backwoods doomsday camps around the country are pulling in members from affluent areas and even Washington national security officials as the threats grow from nuclear war, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), or virus attack.  Dubbed Fortitude Ranch, the outposts promise protection and a year’s supply of food for those unable to build their own bunker with preparations for a SHTF scenario. What’s more, until a crisis strikes, the doomsday camps are being used for prepper training and vacations.

One of Fortitude Ranch’s members from the Baltimore area said that he and others joined after “waking up” to the potential of a national crisis from an attack, financial meltdown, or political violence. “For most of us, something rattled our cages and woke us up,” he said.

We’re seeing members from all the three letter agencies, said Fortitude creator Drew Miller, a retired Air Force colonel, and intelligence officer, in a reference to the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and more.  Miller called an attack or even a weather-related electromagnetic pulse shutdown of the electric grid “inevitable,” and a driving force in his project.

Prepping has offered many a sense a freedom none of us have anymore.  No longer needing the government for anything, preppers can survive most scenarios that will leave many others begging for their slavery again and in return, for the government to give them abject poverty in exchange.

Quote:Through memberships and his own cryptocurrency called “Fortitudes,” Miller has raised about $400,000 and established a ranch in West Virginia and Colorado with 10 others planned. An open house at the West Virginia ranch is scheduled for April 21-23.
He said that for the West Virginia ranch, “most members are professional Washington area folks. They don’t have time to do this own their own.” The cost is about $1,000 per person per year to join. –Washington Examiner

“You’d have to be an idiot not to think it will happen,”
said Miller, author of Rohan Nation: Reinventing America After the 2020 Collapse.” Miller also said that the camps are nearly as survivable in an attack as the Mt. Weather FEMA site near Virginia’s Shenandoah River where several Washington leaders were housed after the 9/11 attacks.

Each camp has a shooting range and is equipped to handle between 50 and 500 people during any SHTF scenario. The camps will have lodges, underground bunkers, and guard towers. In the event of a social meltdown, members will be responsible for manning those towers.

With all of the high-powered government officials signing up as members at Fortitude Ranch, it’s pretty safe to say that if you are not prepping now, you should probably start. A good reference for those just beginning to tread into the realm of prepping is the book titled The Prepper’s Blueprint.

New Q posts today (so far). 

Mar 21 2018 00:21:18 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b086d2 739281
The FBI opened a case on “Q” today re: ‘Boom’ statements and now the TX bombings.
Coordinated to end comms here.
They are scared [4am].
They will fail.
We know the details.

That was a little weird how the booms coordinated with the Austin Bomber, right?  Did they know?

FBI is investigating Q. 
Report: FBI Investigating "BOOM" Comments of QAnon for Texas Bombings

959 Mar 21 2018 00:52:37 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b086d2 739690
MZ.    (MZ is Zuckerberg)
RT.     (RT is Rex Tillerson)
Big meeting.
Cell phones left at door.
5 political
1 former intel dir
Mask & Spin
IDEN friendly ‘insiders’
MSM support +talking points
Shift narrative
We hear you.
We have the algorithm.
Thank you @ Snowden.  (Apparently Snowden has flipped and become a White Hat.)
Learn chess.
Down she goes.
Nobody escapes this.

Mar 21 2018 01:32:28 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 382b95 740252 AA00D4A7-BF25-44EC-BB62-4….jpeg
[Image: df6cc03832925e1e89e0c007d918f040d4639848...68578.jpeg]
Enjoy the show.
Expect a lot more.

This is supposed to be an active week for events. So far it has been. What else will happen?


The video below is more about SES and their fall from power.  Also learn more about SERCO.

SERCO Intel Dump Page

Patriots for Truth
We are using this page to post important links on SERCO as they come in. The zip file below has hundreds of files. The file is so large that we need all white hats and patriots to help us start reviewing these files.
Please let us know what you find. For all of you who write in asking how you can help, this would be a big help if we could get lots of hands on these docs to know what we are looking at.


SERCO Document File


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