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Hand Signals Used by the Illuminati
I don't see it as a coincidence that so many of our "leaders" across the world use the same hand signals. For one thing, I don't believe in coincidences. Most hand signals can be traced back to the Illuminati, and their worship of Satan.

Where did the "satanic hand signal" originate?

[Image: goad_of_mendes.jpg]

Quote:Goat of Mendes:

[Image: ram_pentagram.jpg]The glossary in Watch Network's Be Aware! handbook defines "goathead" as "The Horned God, Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, God of the Witches, the scapegoat. It is a Satanist's way of mocking Christ as the 'lamb' who died for the sins of humanity." (SOURCE: Be Aware!: A Handbook for the Purpose of Exposing Occultic Activity, WATCH Network, pg. 8)

Alford's Occult Crimes Investigations defines "Goat Head" as "The symbol for death and is associated with Tammuz." (SOURCE: Alford, Clifford. Occult Crimes Investigations, pg. 51)

Tammuz was an Assyro-Babylonian vegetation and fertility God who appears as the lover of Ishtar in the Epic of Gilgamesh. There is no mention of goats in any myth associated to him. The animal associated to Tammuz is the boar, not the goat.

Detective Don Rimer's "Symptoms Characterizing Occult Ritual Abuse" contains a "Glossary of Occult Terms" which claims that "Satan appears as a goat."
(SOURCE: Rimer, Don. "Symptoms Characterizing Occult Ritual Abuse")

Thomas Carder's ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site has this to say about "GOATHEAD: Also known as the god of witches, the Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, and the horned god. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God and performed the only pure and sin-free sacrifice for the atonement of man's sins; past, present, and future. The goathead is a black mockery of Jesus' role as the Lamb of God. It is the Satanist's bird at Jesus.
Read More/Source

Take a look at all these people using the sign of the horns, representing Satan.

[Image: illuminati-signs-gene-simmons-kiss-devil...70&h=&zc=1]

(Sorry, Spirit Scribe; I know you love them.)

[Image: allthedevils.jpg]

Yes, even our beloved Pres. Trump is here, but I haven't found a single POTUS yet that wasn't in one of the many sects of the Illuminati.   smallnotamused
[Image: reganhand.jpg][Image: clintondevil.jpg][Image: bushsignofdevilsml.jpg][Image: obamasign1_revised.jpg]

(Some say the thumb extended out is the hand signal for "I Love You", but I came across pictures of Bill Clinton and Obama both NOT extending the thumb. However, I can't seem to find the source now.)

[Image: IMG_1692cv.jpg]  [Image: th?id=OIP.sofDgYuKcUB3KdGtLZ9TrwEsCp&pid...=318&h=180]
[Image: th?id=OIP.C9TA1Hb73bTbGS8HFMLgQQEyDM&pid...=229&h=154][Image: th?id=OIP.RYyb_UcwlBompcCTt2-XpwEsDS&pid...=237&h=167]

  See many more photos here: SATANIC/LUCIFARIAN HAND SIGN

Another interesting article about the Satan Hand signal: Illuminati Symbols A Complete Guide to Illuminati Symbols, Signs, and Meanings

And here are the top 10 hand signals used by the Illuminati:  Top 10

I can't say when the "secret covenant" in the video below was written, but it seems to be more modern to me. 
What do you think?

You may want to turn your volume down and just read this. tinyhuh

The Baphomet shown in the above video is holding up two fingers, much like this painting of Salvator Mundi

[Image: 250px-Leonardo_da_Vinci_or_Boltraffio_%2...a_1500.jpg]

Do notice how the index finger is bent slightly, but still, a similar hand gesture.  Is it important to consider that a symbol of Satan, and one of the Christ are so similar?  I would think so, but what does it mean?

Quote:The sign was originally derived from a symbol used in Roman art to indicate speaking, and first gained popularity as a Christian symbol shortly after Constantine's issue of the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, allowing Christians to practice their religion freely, without the threat of persecution. Indeed, Constantine himself converted to Christianity, and Christian art flourished. In early images of Christ, one can see an early manifestation of the sign of benediction in which the thumb is closed over the palm, rather than open.
(Highlights in red by me)


So, are we to assume the earlier paintings of Christ showed hand signals closer to that of The Baphomet?

Even the Blue Avian ET who, according to Corey Goode, is from a higher-level dimension of loving, advanced Beings, is shown with it's index and middle finger raised. However, the thumb is extended.

[Image: th?id=OIP.kGFuv25VSZiTd_r-SBcWOwEsEP&pid...=179&h=163]

We find symbolism in everything these days, but what does it mean when each side (light and dark) are using the same symbolism?
Are they one in the same?

I'll drop this little gem off here for anyone who would like to save this PDF of the Bloodlines of the Illuminati to your files.

Click here to get yours: LINKY


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